The Spoils of Babylon: Kristin Wiig’s New Show
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So good it’s evil? Monday mornings are only as good as the Kristin Wiig scoops you can accrue, and even though this particular nugget comes care of Friday, it still makes the Huffington Post this week’s heavyweight champion. The thing is, I don’t know how to feel about IFC’s new miniseries, created by Will Ferrell and starring, you guessed it, Kristin Wiig.

Namely because, and tell me if you can sympathize with this, sometimes, when I’m watching SNL and a commercial comes on between show takes, my ha-ha funny blinders are so deep in action that there I sit, ready to LOL while a mother in blue jeans and a navy henley holds a wicker basket full of laundry, winks at her youngest son, and kicks her leg up to shut the oven door with the only limb unoccupied at the moment. It’s always then that I learn I’m watching a real Bounty commercial, not to be confused with any stretch of the imagination’s perception of a spoof.

So, are my blinders on? The show is modeled after fictional Eric Jonrosh’s fictional book, The Spoils of Babylon, but maybe it’s so far from my cosmos that my blinders are failing me.

Are you going to watch the show? Hmm? Are you?

[The Spoils of Babylon Trailer via The Huffington Post]

  • Paulette R. Gerkovich

    mmmmm. No. I don’t need that much ambiguity in my life.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    This was so confusing. I kept expecting it to be funny, or ironic, or something, but it doesn’t look funny and I’m SO confused. UGH.