The Secret To Invisible Eyeliner

Last week I wrote about my favorite mascara its magical ability to make me look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This week, it’s all about eyeliner.

While I’m weirdly proficient at the cat eye technique (what can I say, I’m blessed with a steady hand and superior motor skills) — I never mastered the art of natural-looking liner. I either drew on Brigitte Bardot wing-tips or skipped eyeliner completely and just coated my lashes. There was no in-between zone, no way to enhance my eyes and then run errands without feeling like I was headed to a nightclub after buying new razors.

The sneaky Cut, though — they figured out a trick. It’s called “tightlining,” and if done right, celeb makeup artist Beau Nelson said it “shouldn’t look like you are wearing any eyeliner at all.” It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for. The post goes on to teach you how via the best way possible: GIFS!

To get started, Nelson suggests a flat, angled brush and a pot of liquid liner. I just bought this Estee Lauder option because it has both, and once it arrives I’m going to practice until I get it right. Then I’ll go run a bunch of errands with true eyeball pride and listen as people in the grocery story whisper, “Maybe she’s born with it…

…when they’re not, you know, asking if I’m related to Liz Taylor.

[GIF Tutorial: How to ‘Tightline’ Your Eyes via The Cut], Image above via The Cut

  • Qchop

    Great post! The world needs to know about invisible eyeliner, it is the best! I’ve sworn by this method for years because I like a “natural” makeup look. I have light eyes and nearly blonde lashes so mascara and “regular” liner look unnatural on me. Definitely make sure to invest in eyeliner that it’s too waterbased (such that it bleeds) but doesn’t dry so hard as to flake off chips onto your eye ball (which besides being painful also weirds people out). I like clinique brush on cream liner (and it comes with it’s own brush) – but might check out the estee lauder one in the future…

  • brunetteletters

    OMGG!! I’ve tried soo long to have a natural look when it comes to eyeliner, yet I have never mastered it. I will try to learn as well. Thanks for the tip!

  • runway2street

    Love tightlining because it doesn’t look made up. But prefer using an eyeliner pencil that is soft like Laura Mercier.

  • AGH! I can’t even look at the picture, let alone the video! I have an irrational fear of seeing things touching eyes. I guess I will never learn the secret 🙁

  • Devin

    I love doing this. It works. I even do this with lots of liner, it fills in the gaps.

  • Nataliya

    I read the same post on the Cut and immediately ran to the store for supplies! It turned out really easy. As per the suggestion I followed it with the lash curler (don’t those things look like something out of the gyno’s office?) and mascara. Really awesome. “natural” 🙂