The Rules of Style by the Gilligan’s Island Castaways

Let’s play a game reminiscent of the SAT Verbal Reasoning section. Each related pair below expresses a relationship that is best described as weird. Select the one that encompasses all the options most thoroughly, and keep in mind that option A is completely irrelevant.

A) Trout crudo, pluot confit and bone marrow dumplings in creepy broth; farm-to-table bistro.
B) Pleats, tropical prints and rainbow stripes; Resort 2016.
C) High jinx, high style and shipwrecks; Gilligan’s Island.

If you chose A, your test taking style is like mine and you forgot to read the directions. If you chose C, you’re correct, but if you think about it, the combo’s not that weird. Of course being stranded on an island results in great fashion — you’re not bogged down with superfluous wardrobe choices. You’re forced to make do and get creative with what you have and as such, strengthen your personal style.

You know, we could learn a lot from the characters of Gilligan’s Island. Cast? Take it away!

Pointers from Gilligan

1) Though bucket hats are questionable, wide brim toppers are necessary.

2) Cropped flares should always be worn with red polos.

3) Sneakers may come in and out of fashion, but white tennis shoes are a mainstay.

Pointers from Mary Ann

1) Go gingham or go home.

2) Swimsuits are just outerwear without the arm holes.

3) She implied it, and then Weezy rapped about it: keep things as low maintenance as possible because life is beach and you’re just playing in the sand.

Pointers from Ginger

1) Scrap that: trade in low maintenance for gowns and stilettos because being castaway doesn’t mean you have to start talking to a volleyball. (But if you insist on taking it easy, do it in a swimsuit that dresses up the beach and sunglasses that go “meow.”)

2) Pack a Bumpit, then stick a flower in it.

3) Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Pointers from The Professor

1) Be resourceful. If he can conduct lab experiments with dirty seashells and tree bark, you can get creative with a pair of khakis.

2) Pre-wreck, the Prof was a botany inclined biology teacher…which can only mean one thing: he lives for florals.

3) Although no one is sure how the professor got so many degrees at such a young age, his reliable button down and navy Keds combo says anything is possible with a little sensibility.

The best part? You can do all this sans shipwreck or sand.

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All images are stills from the series.