The Rick Owens Sneakers are IN.

Hey! Guys! Remember last October when Rick Owens had his Spring/Summer 2014 show in a far away venue tucked into the outskirts of Paris?

Of course you do.

How could you not?

He now-famously employed three troupes of female step-dancers, who looked nothing like the prototypical fashion models of the aforementioned’s corresponding weeks, and allowed them to free style all the while dressed in clothes from his most recent collection.

Press wise, fashion yelled “yeah!”, while naysayers tried to call his cheap-marketing-ploy bluff and the rest of humanity, divorced from the inside of this industry, thought: finally.

As far as I’m concerned, it was genius. The man’s aesthetic rarely changes so to have a performance where the clothes are more or less overlooked stand in place of a presentation that would highlight them likely made no profound difference in the grand scheme of sales.

Case in point: his white rubber sole and leather sneakers, which bare a vague semblance to pilgrim wear if pilgrims had special shoes that they allocated toward their athletic endeavors. They are available for purchase right now. This means that if you want to own a piece of fashion history, the capability is there.

When I set out to write this, owning the shoes didn’t so much as cross my mind but the longer time I spend looking at them and picturing them worn idiosyncratically with little floral mini dresses or casually with ripped, peg leg straight jeans, I am frustratingly compelled to bite the $690 bullet and chalk it up to purposeful art in the form of hideous comfort.

[Rick Owens sneakers via SSENSE]