The PERIODic Table

How much do you remember from 10th grade chemistry? Nothing? Nice. Me neither. What do I remember, though? That there was a very important table discussed almost daily and it was called Periodic. Much to my dismay and even in spite of the pretty shades of red, it had nothing to do with my vagina. Nothing. Wussup with that? Am I right?

Of course I’m right.

And yesterday I learned that this question has been echoed by I Heart Guts (man that’s a great name) simply by virtue of their creating the Periodic Table of, finally!, Your Period:


I’m not really sure what purpose it serves other than to make you smile, but isn’t that a good enough reason to do anything?

Here’s a close up in case you, like me, have the eyesight of an underdeveloped mole:


My favorite ones are all of them, and then after that I really enjoy Bm, Cv, and Bb. I will admit I learned some interesting stuff care of this chart. Just take a look at Cl for moment. Initially, it confused me. Is that a scrunchie? An old school telephone chord? A French Cruller doughnut? It is none of the above.

I took to google to learn that “corpus luteum,” according to the ‘Pedia is a “temporary endocrine structure in female mammals that is involved in the production of relatively high levels of progesterone and moderate levels of estradiol and inhibin A.”

See? Smarter already.

[The Periodic Table of Periods via I Heart Guts]

  • Aubrey Green

    :). I love this, thanks Amelia!