The Pajama Sandal

I fell in love last summer. I mean really, really in love with a pair of simple Maiyet sandals. Our future was laid out in a series of outfits that required a lot of linen and Row-like caftans. We’d get married on a sandy beach and wear halos of orchids (the shoes and I, that is), and a hundred guests would release a hundred paper balloons into the sky, their little basket bellies burning to keep flight.

But I never went through with it. We went on a couple of dates on the floor at Barneys and things were going really well, it’s just that I have a mouth to feed and rent to pay and I didn’t trust myself with white leather sandals in a city this messy.

My friends tried setting me up on various dates with some really great shoes, like a minimalistic pair from ASOS, and these green leather Marni wrap-ankles that were blessedly within my budget. I really liked them — we had fun! They just weren’t the ones.

Eventually I moved on. Winter helped, seeing as my footwear focus became more about avoiding hypothermia than anything else.

And then, on the first nice day in the longest time I could remember (I didn’t even wear a COAT!), I happened upon a new brand called Trademark and its perfect pajama sandal. They’re uncomplicated, weird-in-a-good way, but also elegant and refreshingly mature.

We’re taking things slow. We haven’t DTRd by way of an actual purchase yet, but we’re in that really sweet phase where I check on them every day to make sure they’re still in my shopping cart and haven’t sold out of my size yet. I feel really good about this pair.

It might be love.