The Man Repeller Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter egg — other than the kind that you discover by stepping on it in pair of new suede shoes two months past Easter, ew — is a fun little secret hidden within websites.

For example, in Google Hangouts, if you type /ponystream in the chat box then hit “enter,” a bunch of My Little Ponies trot around and make your day better.

We have a few hidden throughout Man Repeller, you know. They aren’t code-related, but they are really odd and completely unrelated to the content at hand.

Leandra and I went through a phase where we threw in this picture of a couple wearing track pants while balancing on one another like stacked tables literally any chance we got. As with actual Easter eggs, of course, we forgot where we hid them. They are probably starting to smell. Their arms also must be tired.

But! Since it’s Friday and you don’t feel like working and maybe you’re a little bit mad because you’re pretty sure your own mom decided you were of the age that no longer required an Easter basket (Cadbury Eggs and fake strips of grass are nondenominational, btw!), we created a bit of an Easter egg hunt of our own.

Hidden inside 15 stories are 15 Easter eggs. It would be aggressively easy and zero fun if we just went ahead and told you what those stories were, so below are some hints. Your girl Harling Ross on the social media mic — think Snapchat (man_repeller)/Twitter/Facebook/Insta — will be dropping hints and tweeting links (for those who still want to play but have given up, check the hashtag #MReasteregghunt) from now through Sunday. Your goal will be like that of the Pokémon theme song: to collect them all.

A random person chosen from those who have found all 15 will win…what else? AN EASTER BASKET.

And that means Cadbury Eggs.

Ready? Get set…Go!

There’s a yolk-filled surprise hidden inside…

That time we endured the worst diet of all time/every child’s ultimate dream?

That time Helga G Pataki walked in a Prada show

That time Zac Efron wore a weird shredded crop top

That time Carrie Bradshaw was so annoying over text and wouldn’t shut up

That time Leandra wrote, “If it’s true that good artists copy and great artists steal, then when it comes to fashion, effortless dressing is at the crux of this saying.”

That time Shiona Turini was determined to expose Leandra’s belly button and/or side-nipple

That time Amelia tried to encourage a website-wide face mask selfie session

That time two deejays (not Jenny and Isaac, hello, too easy) fell in love

That time a certain someone gave away the only kind of pants they wear

That time dating apps finally got some wheels

That time Instagram tricked us all into buying shit

That time three women showed up camera ready in the same pair of workout trousers by total accident.

That time you thought of the Instagram caption before you even took the picture

That time Wes Anderson should have won the Pantone award

And finally, that time your grandma asked you what the hell Man Repeller was, and you were like, “Uhhhhh….”

Think you did it? Send all your finds in one email to with the subject line “FUZZY BUNNIES LAY EGGS” by Monday, March 28 and send your proof. We’ll name the winner on Friday, April 1, because no candy-filled basket in the history of ever has been on time if sent via mail, and we like to keep tradition.

Gif illustrated by Emily Zirimis.


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  • Omg, I can’t believe I didn’t know about the hangout codes!!! I just made my family group chat turn purple, and then unleashed a stream of ponies on everyone.

    • Emily Brandow

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  • guess i won’t be working today

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      technically you SHOULD be doing this as it’s Good Friday (before Easter!!).

    • Productivity:

  • Lola

    what do i do when i find one?

    • Amelia Diamond

      you should save them all up and email to ! Send all your finds in one email to with the subject line “FUZZY BUNNIES LAY EGGS” by Monday, March 28 and send your proof

  • Lola

    I cannot seem to figure out the one about the workout pants….

  • Living Paula Blog

    This will be fun!

  • I love this hunt and I love what I’m finding.