The Hunt for a Beanie

Apparently our heads are like open skylights in a building on fire; all the heat rises up and escapes right through them, possibly straight out of our ears as though we’re human tea kettles. But according to the cold weather grandmother contingent, you can trick the heat from leaving by trapping it with a hat.

While cool hats are one thing, and Crazy-Hat-Lady-hats another, if my body is a freezing temple and my head its wide open chimney, then I need something substantial to shove it all back in. Something cozy. I need a beanie. And help deciding on one.

Will I look like Steve Zissou if I go with this men’s red one?

Or am I better off going with something muted, and fuzzy?

Do I want one with a pom pom so I feel festive and wintry?

Or should I follow the KISS Principle, aka “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” and go with classic, simple, and black?

You tell me, because I can’t keep stealing my roommate’s.

  • Quinn Halman

    When I was in the 212 I actually got this really nice one from Topshop. Also, Aritizia is Canadian so trust me when I say they have got the toque game down.

    • Quinn Halman

      And the blue would go nicely with your eyes aka one of the only body parts that is not covered by the winter bundle o’ clothes!

      • Amelia Diamond

        ooooo! thanks quinn!!!

  • CDJ

    I saw a hat yesterday that said “CRAY” on the fold. You should get that one. It would be cray.