The Holiday Party That is Your Couch and What to Wear


So put on knits (at least two layers of them) to sit on your couch and watch that program called “Yule Log” on one of those indiscriminate channels in the low 120s while you sip on eggnog and swear to your Jewish mother that it’s actually kosher wine. Then sparkle the shit out of your comfort clothes up because you have Joan Didion-fostered self respect and because when you look into the mirror, you want to see your reflection reflecting another reflection. It’s all very meta and you are very important.

Zara knit suit (the unofficial Alaskan tuxedo?), Dannijo necklaces and earrings, Gucci boots, Roger Vivier clutch (I know you’re at home but maybe you can store chestnuts or twizzlers in here).

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  • D12

    You look beautiful!

  • Eve Barauskaite

    Yes to snacking in style! brb, filling clutch with candy and nuts

  • This all makes me so happy

  • Janine

    You are so lovely! I love what you’re wearing.

  • andrea raymer

    Love this. This is the sort of party that I go to. I have taken to sitting on my couch with only my christmas lights on sipping hot chocolate and playing the Christmas Pandora station on my phone.

  • Quinoa Duval, author of “Ayahuasca Awakening: My Year in the Andes,” sits on her couch in her Hollywood Hills home, 1976.”

    • axb1406


    • 扬子

      look at the same mouse!

  • Kelsey Moody

    those are the fanciest sweaty p’s ive ever seen! <3

  • I love what you are wearing!

  • Julie Meowmeows

    Couch parties are the best parties. Like, my entire apartment can be neat as a pin, and the recliner/side table be an absolute sty of old mail and crumbs and half-finished projects.

  • Um, after a week of finals, this is the correct approximation of the plans I have this holiday season.

  • Schoolrunstyle

    Yes, yes!! Can there be a better outfit for Christmas eating in style?!

  • Lua Jane

    I love, love, love that knit suit! It’s knit it’s comfy, it’s gray. It’s my dream! I plan to spend holidays season on my couch too, chestnuts and eggnog optional.

  • Abigail

    We call this the high-low. Mixing elements of glamour and comfort in order to both look and feel good. Spot on. I feel like I should throw away all my slippers and only lounge in metallic boots going forward.

  • CFlow

    The boots are glorious. Wishing I could spend my rent to look like a mod space cowgirl.

  • Jenna Isaacman

    Love this u r awesome

  • Poppy’s Style

    My favorite type of party wear – it’s all ready to help me nestle in the sofa next week x

  • John Law

    she’s ready to quickly run out the door to a fashion show

  • After reading this I can totally picture a satisfying evening spent in matching knits, sparkly jewelry and silver heels. The only question is when. And what kind of food will be involved.

  • My couch is my favorite activity


  • Dawn

    Love the simplicity of the knit, the color, and then bling. Awesome!

  • Those boots almost made me cry because they’re SO GOOD. I have to find me some silver boots straight away

  • I like this – and since I have no New Year’s plans (and probably no Christmas eve ones either), I might have to try this.

    Now…what would you recommend for snacks? 🙂

  • Desperate Zara-holic

    Why can’t I find this outfit anywhere on Zara’s website?? Desperately searching #helpme