The Boater Hat & My Head
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I think I can be the kind of woman whose traipses through New York City in not a cap, or a layman topper but a straw boater hat that has, until just forty five minutes ago evoked the images of both high octane belting Gondola steerers and the kind of men who loiter around Central Park at noon on Tuesdays in May.

Fine, that’s not entirely true.

For about a month one time in 2010, I was what seemed like irrevocably set on acquiring a boater hat after having come across an image on a platform that was effectively Pinterest before Pinterest was (Pinterest). It was of a woman wearing one with small, Lennon-esque round framed plastic sunglasses, a burnt grey graphic tee and high waist denim shorts.

Don’t forget now, this was 2010 so that entire outfit was not at all a textbook example of the kind of woman you will now find in a Free People catalogue. It didn’t evince the spirit of Coachella or fresh and unseasoned part-time New Yorkers. It was completely and utterly devoid of all its current implications and so maybe, JUST MAYBE, in trying to get that feeling — the one of new but old and modern but retro — back, here I am, toying with the imaginings of a flat top and my head.

Or, you know, maybe I just want to go where the boats go.

[Straw Boater via Net-a-Porter]

  • pixelhazard

    Do it! It’d look strangely cute and the oar might come in handy and look less obscure should anyone beat you at a dance battle or some such battle I imagine you might face

  • Do you think you could somehow resurrect that image for us to take a gander? Sounds divine.

  • I hope you got the hat!!! I am a huge fan of great hats and this would be totally adorable!!!

    Meghan xo

  • Alyssa Lyon

    I like this hat but I would prefer it with a neutral toned ribbon (brown, gray, cream, maybe a navy). You can definitely pull this off. I think it depends mostly on your head size though. Women (like me) who have large heads tend to look silly in these kinds of hats. I think you should try it.


  • swashi

    I had a serious hankering to wear a boater hat with my wedding dress. I was so close. The searing regret of not having worn a boater hat with that dress is mitigated only by the knowledge that said dress can be converted into a formal dress that does not look like a wedding dress and is currently hanging on the back of a door in my apartment, just waiting for a boater hat and the right occasion to come along…