The Aviator
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I’m constantly conflicted with the internal debate of cool versus uncool when it comes to fashion. However, the debate isn’t tethered to specific items but rather my attitude toward an item. I often find myself asking, “Do I like this bag/shoe/jacket just because it’s ‘cool’?” And to that, “Should I not like this particular style because it’s now become ‘uncool’?”

Isn’t the very foundation of Man Repeller set on the principle that if you like it, “cool” doesn’t matter?

It sure is. But then again, it’s hard to deny that things come and go in the realm of what’s fashionable.

Take aviators, for example. I would argue (though please feel free to counter) that aviators are not exactly considered “fashionable” or “cool” if we’re talking about what’s new and fresh. If I were to don a pair of aviators during fashion week, I wouldn’t be shunned by my peers, but I don’t think I’d be asked, “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE” in capital screaming letters either.

A more sarcastic friend might ask if I bought them for Coachella, because the style has also become so popular that they seem almost…boring. Or expected, perhaps. The thing is — I still really like them. They flatter the face and go with everything, plus they tend to be lightweight and not pinch the spot behind my ears all day.

I’ve been vacillating for a few weeks now on whether or not I should buy a pair — are they uncool now? do I care? — and when I came across these ombre variety by Cutler and Gross I decided that no, I do not care. They look like a friggen’ Instagram sunset, and that, I’m pretty sure, is cool.

Grool. You’re turn.

  • Steph

    Hmmm sometimes I find that there are some pieces of clothing (or accessories) out there that are never too in style but are “classic” in a sense. They’ve been around for ever, and they’ve never been too hip therefore they can never be passe, and I feel like aviators sort of fit in that category. Like Ray Ban aviators Top Gun style.

  • Gene

    File these under timeless classic. Like Ray Ban Wayfarers. Who cares if they’re “cool” if they’re flattering, comfortable and you love them?

  • AVIATORS ROCK!!! enjoy them my dear.

    “Florals With An Edge” Blog post on:

  • Leandra Medine

    they look like a desert

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Specifically, the desert effect on word art.

      • Amelia Diamond

        they look cool you assholez

  • I’ve got a pair of Marc Jacobs I bought years ago and wear all the time!even my brother in law wants them! 😉

  • Dancingcheektocheek

    I had a great pair of Mosley Tribe aviator-esque sunglasses that I liked very much that disappeared. More than a year later, the sun seems much less blinding.

  • Being an optometrist and fashion blogger I’ve seen the whole spectrum in eyewear year after year at conventions and what not. The aviators are a classic much like a classic Chanel. It doesn’t make your heart race, isn’t the statement maker upon entering a room, but will be in your eyewear wardrobe as long as you shall live! So allow yourself to relish in the comfort of a classic. There’s nothing worse than a glasses induced headache when it pinches the back of your ears no matter how fashionable the sunglasses may be.


  • me

    Off topic: Is this the only new content posted today? I dont see any new posts in the main posts section.

    OR, is it just ME & my crappy computer ?!

    (p.s. thanks for taking down the April Fool’s banner: it was hurting my peepers !)

  • girlinmenswear

    Love those Cutler and Gross glasses. Reflective glass updates them so therefore cool, but tis the trend to not care whether or not you look cool (isn’t that what normcore is all about?) so chuck them on and look like you don’t give a shit…

  • I never liked aviators. And then I found purple mirrored ones. I love them because they’re not blue!

  • Deborah

    I recently went through the same internal conflict when I was trying to decide whether I should buy myself the Ray-Ban Aviators. I ended up buying it and have been happy about my decision since. I completely understand the overthinking part of what is fashionable versus what isn’t, I think most people do the same. I think you should go for it and get yourself the sunglasses. If the sunglasses look great on you and are comfortable, then you can’t go wrong. Sometimes what is fashionable doesn’t always suit us anyway, so cool or uncool, if it doesn’t make you look and feel great, it’s not worth buying. Get the sunglasses!

  • christine spielmann

    I feel an odd connection to this blog, with your sarcasm, your “man repeller” title and that I to have written about sunglasses on my blog. With one small difference, you do everything much better than me. Hmmmm oh and people actually read yours. Keep it up!

  • Yvette

    Totally agree, classic. But your affection for them should be the only thing that matters. For example, I almost missed out on the birkenstock revival for fear of trying to look cool makes me uncool, but now my feet thank me every time I wear them!

  • Know the problem – I totally agree. They DO flatter the face and go with everything. The thing is just: It depends on the rest of the styling. For example, if you took Victoria Beckham anno 2005 vs VB anno 2014, current Victoria would make the aviators look classy.

  • Lynda

    do we like something because we really like it, or because it is “in” right now? and so what if we don’t dress “in”? my husband actually got a lot of crap from his friends because he doesn’t dress hipster like the rest of them (he loves his t-shirt and basketball shorts/cargo shorts). i mean c’mon!