That Time Beyonce Proved She is Your Halo

Hey. I was just going to ask how your holiday has been going and then maybe tell you about the plentiful nothing-but-reading-and-picking-my-eyebrows-and-eating-cupcakes that I’ve done with mine but I feel discouraged now. Just as I was getting ready to put this post in queue, BuzzFeed showed me how 750 other people spent the thick of their holidays in Tweksbury, Massachusetts. It was then that I figured it’d probably be best if I kept my inquiries and feckless confessions to myself. Why?



The woman showed up at a local Walmart and hugged babies and spoke — not sang — into the megaphone (fine, she more accurately read a pretty layman sentence off a piece of paper into a megaphone) that usually only tells of price checks and clean ups, most typically in aisle 9, and informed everyone at the Walmart in which she stood that the first $50 of each and every one of their purchases were on her. Gratis! On da Yoncé!


When she sang she can be your halo, she really, really meant it.

[Beyoncé Stopped By A Local Walmart And Paid For The First $50 Of Everyone’s Purchases via BuzzFeed]

  • I don’t understand beyonce haters she is such a great person AND a great vocalist AND a beautiful mother : ) i’m a fan.

  • Tiana

    No, Beyoncé proved she can pull of a good publicity stunt. She sold the exclusive rights to iTunes to sell her album first. Target got upset and refused to stock her album in stores. So Beyoncé did what any sharp buisness woman would do, she went to their competitors. Walmart. And sold everyone a slice of humble pie as a fire back at Target. Not saying Beyoncé is a bad person, but with the timing of everything, this seems a bit skeptical.

    • Astrid

      It’s publicity for sure, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t give a lot of people a great day and that’s nice I think : )

  • Mariam

    i love her so much. she’s a role model! plus, her album is complete perfection. art !

  • I’m a fan of hers, but I hate that she went to Walmart.

  • My favorite part is when she throws a few pink, plastic toys/into her cart for her daughter and doesn’t flinch to look at the price. Doesn’t have to at all, I suppose, but imagine not having to.

  • Say what!? I loved Beyonce even before, but this takes it to a whole new level! I didn’t think it was possible for her to be more fierce than she already is!

  • Oliver Lips

    This woman is just incredible!

  • mfashionfreak
  • CDJ

    I hate Walmart. I love Beyonce. Tewksbury is such a random town.