Why Don’t You…Text Your Ex Random Drake Lyrics?

Hey! I have a fun Friday activity!

Let’s all bust out our cellphones and text our exes non sequitur lyrics off of Drake’s new album and see how they react!

Or actually let’s not. That sounds like a terrible idea, one that will probably elicit replies by way of such questions as, “are you drunk,” or, “why are you texting me Drake lyrics?”

The musically inclined pigeons and planes over at Pigeons & Planes, however, actually played this game. They Drexted* their exes. The responses that followed read like the tired words of weary ex-lovers who have been on the receiving end of one too many cryptic texts from these individuals of their pasts.

Here’s my personal favorite:


┬áThis is art, people. I’m going to frame the above and call it, “Fire.”

The best part of this new texting strategy is that if you’re trying to end things in a casual way with someone you’re just hanging out with (and other strategies have failed), convincing them you’re insane by way of Drake lyrics just might do the job.

*Drext = A text comprised solely of Drake lyrics

[Here’s What Happens When You Text Drake Lyrics to Your Ex]

  • Amatoria Clothing

    what happens if you text lyrics from various Little Mermaid songs?