Talk to Yourself at Lunch Today

Between the worldwide Ebola scare and bedbugs on the NYC subway, it might be a good idea to cancel your lunch plans today. I think we should all agree to lock our doors and stay inside until September. Don’t worry, we can still talk, but call me/beep me/Skype me to be safe. Or just talk to yourself instead, that’s cool too. Here’s some “me time” material:

1. Imagine if da Vinci Wore Dolce 

Ever wonder what Venus would look like in a Nasty Gal swimsuit? Or which designer bag rested on Jesus’s lap underneath the Last Supper tablecloth? The answers to these pressing questions come in the form of @copylab, an amazing new Instagram account that combines fashion and art history. [Vogue]

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.26.19 AM

2. Even Bears are Scared of Justin Bieber

This week, a Russian fisherman named Igor was violently attacked by a bear — but by some bizarre, divine intervention, his Justin Bieber “Baby” ringtone went off and scared it away. I’ll give you a moment to take that all in. This story raises a lot of questions, but I can’t get over the fact that even Russian fishermen are Beliebers. If only Orlando Bloom knew this tactic when he decided to start a fight with Bieber. [Austrian Times]

3. Talk to the Hand, Literally

Speaking of weird ringtones, there’s now a “fashionable” ring that doubles as a miniature smartphone. Because people don’t look weird enough already when they talk to themselves using headphones and/or Bluetooth. [Jezebel]

4. Writer Pens Novel Using Yelp Reviews

There are a lot of people out there who unfortunately treat their Yelp reviews like novels, but there’s only one Yelp book worth reading and it’s by comedian Gregg Gethard, who writes under the name “Karl G.” Grub Street goes as far as saying that this character embodies “a sort of David Foster Wallace–style.” [Grub Street]

5. St. Vincent Makes Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List

The Vanity Fair International Best Dressed list came out Wednesday and it includes the usual cast of characters ranging from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty. On a cooler note, St. Vincent was included this year. If you want to see her badass style for yourself, head over to the Prospect Park Bandshell on Saturday, August 9. [Vanity Fair]


Lastly, if you really MUST leave your house today and brave the horrors of the world, at least have some fun with your route like this one genius Nike+ runner.

Illustration by Charlotte FasslerImages via @copylab and Renata Raksha