Tabitoms for Everyone

If yesterday our sense of what’s Best of the Internet was dominated by Rita Ora’s inspiration on a couplet of faux and proper fur scarves, today, tomorrow and Sunday will be about continuing to praise the fusion of Blake Mycoskie’s admirably philanthropic and style savvy TOMS utilitarian footwear with Tabitha Simmons, stylist-cum-designer, who as far as I’m concerned maintains a position as one of the most exciting things happening in footwear right now.

Other than, you know, Ped Eggs.

The shoes remain very true to the TOMS style, appearing in a variety of slip ons, non-lace-ups and one pair of wedges, all festooned in a striped pattern highly indicative of Tabitha Simmons’ best-selling Dolly Cricket flats. And that’s it — that’s the whole thing. No tricks, no surprises, just good looking, comfortable shoes.

The prices start at $42 for baby shoes (which will more likely than not fit my tiny-ass feet) and end at $168 for the Desert Wedges which I kind want to call Dessert Wedges.

[Tabitha Simmons x TOMS for Holiday via TOMS]

  • 25highClothing

    Love love love it! I just saw someone in something similar to this. Same style, but the color was all grey. I thought, I have to get those!My only other pair of Toms are a wedge heel, but strappy, open toed, and its 30 degrees here in Ohio. So Yea, Must have!

  • MQ

    Honestly the top wedge is reminiscent of this season’s Dries collection that I’m obsessed about, too bad I’m a guy and can’t fit in a thing but their coats…