Best of the Intern-et

This week was a particularly bad one for interns. If you’ve ever been an intern, you know that when you fall, you’ve got to pick yourself back up, straighten your temporary badge, and laugh at other interns so you don’t cry. (As a Man Repeller intern though, I get to do a lot more laughing.) Here are five links to soften the blow of your current employment status:

1. A White House intern fainted during her first day on the job. And no, it wasn’t because she wasn’t that happy to hear press secretary Josh Earnest speak. She regained consciousness when someone gave her a box of M&M’s, but her dignity is irretrievable. [Daily Intel]


2. Click Hole, our favorite new ironic parody of an already-ironic website, suggests “8 Simple Tricks That Will Help You Ace A Job Interview But Rob You Of Your Innocence.” Read it and weep. [Click Hole]

3. You may be an intern, but at least you’re not technically unemployed. Jessica Goldstein wrote a disparaging, step-by-step guide called “When You’re Unemployed,” to navigate the harsh unemployment waters. [Hairpin]

4. If you’re a masochist currently looking for an internship, Soulja Boy is hiring this summer (and it’s possible the position hasn’t been filled yet). Tell ’em. [Twitter]

5. Finally, when you’re feeling like you can’t take it anymore, just remember two simple words: SNACK ROOM. (It doesn’t actually exist.)


Emilia Petrarca