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It can be very easy to adapt the belief that whatever city you reside in is surely the cultural center of the world. At least, it feels that way when you live in Manhattan.’s Style Map, however, quickly opens that world back up. It acts as a global window into the various projects, lifestyles, interests and miscellanea of creative people both directly in the industry and those slightly outside of it — which, if you ask me, is exactly what makes this business of fashion all the more interesting.

Enjoy as musician Theophilus London opens up his home in Palm Springs, California, then click over to Stockholm where Spotify founder Daniel Ek shares his own playlist. You can find designer Olympia Le-Tan talking about the Tate Britain, and then a short human interest piece on card players in a Shanghai park written by chef Austin Hu.

Each city exposes a different little story, and no matter which one one click you’re sure to walk away feeling even a teeny bit more worldly.

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  • Celeste

    I live in New Zealand and I was going to click on the little pop up number. Sadly it was absent.

    • Lucy Korn

      Yep me too. I feel like this happens a lot.