Stuck in the ’80s

“Mullets are awesome but they don’t work with my hairline,” you are probably lamenting as you glance at the gauzy glamour shot / family portrait above from the 1980s. You may also be sad that you cannot grow a mustache.

And you may ALSO be interested to know that this portrait is actually not from the 1980s.

You read that right. The above is NOT a relic from the age of Molly Ringwald and Cabbage Patch. Rather, it’s a current photo of the McMillan family who decided that life was much simpler and sweeter in 1986.  So they opted to keep it that way, at least for a year.

They put their computers, tablets, cell phones, flat screen TVs into storage.  Blair McMillan said, “Instead we bought an old wooden TV, a radio, a rotary phone and a Nintendo!”

The family has only seen a positive outcome thus far. The kids are finding creative ways to entertain themselves and play outside more frequently than they did when they lived in a modern household.

We think this whole idea is fascinating… though impossible to implement since uhh, we’re a website. But what do you guys think?  Could you unglue yourself from your screen and live this way? It may seem impractical, but they certainly have a point about face-to-face communication…

You know the drill: hit us with your best thoughts.

[Parenting like it’s 1986: Couple bans modern tech to inspire kids]

  • Isa

    I think it’s actually a healthy attitude!The kids will find amazing and creative ways of entertain themselves: reading, painting, playing OUTSIDE, meeting up with friends, creating their own world and basically enjoying the magic of being a kid. the thing is that I was able to enjoy all that and that I also had the opportunity to experiment the technologic boom: I switched stealing my moms magazines to checking them online Still, I buy some in paper.
    To me, this idea is amazing and I think it’s a real good way to estimulate kids, since it’s very difficult to see a kid without a telephone from a very tender age.

    I think I’m really “weird” to say all that beacause I’m 18 to 19 (next week!) and I’m the only from my friend group to buy cd, dvd and all that kind of stuff. I’m sure that if I ever have kids I will totally encourage them to stay away as posible from cell phones, tablets, etc.. Because, who REALLY needs that at 13??

    I don’t know if what I say makes any sense or maybe it’s because English it’s not my maternal language that it makes it too bad written.

    • Isa

      having said that: down with those haircuts!!

  • Hm, maybe we can just live in the John Hughes movie we always dreamed of. Just that though. Let’s leave the hair behind.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Shari Britt

    I could’ve told you that hideous “Polo” shirt is not vintage but sadly available in stores today.

  • Lisa Thomson

    Kudos to the McMillan family!

  • Well, since I was actually young in the 80s: Yes, we spent a lot of time outdoors and I was alcessa from the block and had many friends and we were inventive as hell. I still function that way (if water heater stops working, heat some water in a pot, mix it with cold water and wash your hair in your bathroom basin. No complaining, pleaz, you’ve come a long way). There were those things called libraries and they satisfied my every other need I still might have.
    But … the world was so much narrower back in the day. Not only because we had this thing called socialism (in Yugoslavia, of all places), it was because … it was OK to be narrow. You were not exposed to the global village and not forced, from time to time, to put a question mark behind your local behaviour, ways, beliefs … I don’t think the dragon from the library would have forbidden me nowadays to take out the Forsythe Saga, just because I was visibly young 🙁
    And then the internet … as a woman, you were supposed to be that impossible thing: a good cook, a magical cleaner, a perfect mother, not too clever and not outdoing your betters too auspiciously, but still: a good member of your local community (and before we got connected globally, local community was everything). Nowadays, I google the procedure of making bread, make it, and if someone doesn’t like it, I don’t care. The same goes for every other thing I may not know: instead of asking and making certain people happy because it gives them the feeling of superiority, I just google and do. Make. Carry out. (This is just an example of why I wouldn’t want to do the “lovely” 80s again. No way. And the hairstyles were horrible!)

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Wanting to spend quality time with your family does not give you an excuse to look this way. You don’t have to look like a child molestor to stop watching TV.
    I think the question is… why do mullets/rat-tails always look so unhygienic? EW!

  • I feel like I would have chosen a better year. Like 1970s California or something. Something sort of Joan Didion-y. The clothes would be more aesthetically appealing, too.
    This is why I’ve grown to like camping, etc because it feels so good to get away from all the fluff on technology. After an hour or so I completely forget about the “duties” of maintaining a cyber presence or the thumb taps I used to reply to a really mundane message.

  • Costume De Rigueur

    Will be Studio 54 reopen??


  • With the exception of my job (a lot of which is done online), I think this would be great to try. Alas, I also write a blog, so that would have to go on hiatus…but I think in small doses, this would be great to start doing regularly.

    It would sure as shit get me out of the house more. No more internet shopping…gotta go straight to the source!

  • When I was growing up, we didn’t even have a reliable TV. I get on by just fine without a cell phone, and my land line is here to stay, baby.

  • Oh gosh, I watched the McMillan family on The social ( Canadian show ) and I have to give them credit for ditching today’s technology and going back to the eighties.
    I love that they have a “phone box” for their friends and family to put cell phones in when they come for a visit. Oh and the before and after pictures…priceless. I think this is a great lesson for the kids…
    I’m a child of the eighties ( born in 1976)… so all we did was play outside and use our imagination. If we wanted to read a book it was off to the library or watch a movie at home…no dvd or Apple tv. Nope, just the good old betamax or vhs and wooden tv box! lol
    I’m pretty sure I could give up some of my tech gadgets but I couldn’t give up my cell phone… honest I would be lost without it. Since I’m being honest aside from my jelly shoes I don’t miss the 80’s fashion. Ha!

    xo, Jackie

  • Maike

    well… my hairdresser made layers in my hair… I bought myself a vintage levis with cuts on my knees… and I am feeling really good with it. But porbably I dont invest in plastic earrings like in my teenie time anymore :o)