Do You Ever Use Your Shopping Cart to Pretend You’re Someone Else?

Do you ever use your shopping cart to pretend you’re someone else? Sometimes I’ll pile in an expensive pencil skirt that I know I’ll never wear thinking that if it sits there long enough, it might actually become me. Or maybe it already is me, just a dreamed-up version that doesn’t actually exist. But could exist if I pushed hard enough. You know?

There’s a silk blouse I’d 100% wear with it if I didn’t know that I’ve never eaten without getting my top dirty (and that taking button-downs from my brother’s, or husband’s, closet is much $$cheaper$$). I’d wear sandals with patent-leather socks built into them, probably under any circumstance, but I’m also most likely not going to buy any of this stuff.

Instead I’d probably opt for an orange slip dress from Topshop. It’s got a dramatic slit down the front and would look so festive, in theme for a party called Life on a Boat, with these raffia mules. I’d add a monster brooch, which I’m really pushing on you lately, and sheer-lens sunglasses with black frames to make me feel like an art director. Yeah. I have to find a cheaper alternative to that brooch, which is so big it is practically a top.

And then there’s this look:

A trench suit! House slippers, but for outdoors! A little clutch with a lemon attached to it.

I probably won’t get any of it (except maybe those house slippers) and instead just cut my losses/stick to leggings. At least until the sun comes back out.

Collages by Maria Jia Ling Pitt.

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  • Senka

    Putting things in a shopping card without clear intention to purchase, might be better than actually buying, even when items in question don’t carry a hefty price tag. Letting it sit there for a while, to see is it the fantasy me or it has a potential of eventually being incorporated into the real every day me. Much, much better than piling up impulse buys in real life. I’d say a pretty good solution.

  • Abby

    Right now, I am perusing Free People and pretending to be a person with any sort of disposable income.

  • diane

    Back in the brick-and-mortar days, I used to leave things on hold in departments stores overnight; if I thought about something all night long and it would actually work with the rest of my wardrobe, I could go back the next day and buy it. I use a similar strategy when shopping online; I keep stuff in my cart, go away for a day or two, then only buy it if I can’t get it off my mind and I can justify it is worth living in my closet.

    • Miss J

      Me too. If I can’t get it off my mind by the end of the week, that means I should buy it.

  • Eleanor

    This is my life!!!

  • Amelia Diamond

    ughhh i love these outfits

  • Rachel Dlugatch

    It’d be fun to do this having a specific person in mind (film/book character, celebrity, friend)… hmm… might give that a go actually 🙂

  • Rachel Dlugatch

    Actually as a follow up to my last comment.. it’d be fun if you did a post where you all pretend to shop for each other. What would you put in your shopping bag if you were shopping for (so-and-so) from MR?