The Birds, the Bees and the Snoop Dogg TBTs

In 2015, Snoop Dogg confirmed that animals are confusing when he began narrating Planet Earth. He had a hard time telling frogs from geckos, goats from reindeer and pigeons from a wide assortment of birds. Perhaps most notably, he didn’t know whether or not these were beavers.

And honestly, who does?

No one. Animals proved further confusing when I came across my new favorite Twitter account, We Rate Dogs.

The judges are pretty fair and tend to rate higher/more positively than your average Yelp user…

But sometimes it seems that they don’t always know what is and isn’t a dog.

But it also begs the question: do we really have to be so limiting? When it comes to canines and canaries, aren’t we all a part of the same animal kingdom?

Was it not Carrie Bradshaw herself who came up with the “some women aren’t meant to be tamed” thing while standing next to an appaloosa carriage horse?

Did this post just waste the exact amount of time that you were hoping for?

Don’t some sentences just read better as questions?

Do you remember this song?

Do you miss this fashion-animal-themed slideshow? (It’s so good)

Do you need to kill me because I’m still going, or do you need to kill a few more minutes in your procrastination break? Whatever opportunity arises first? Cool, same. (To the latter.) Let’s shop.

Feature image of Snoop Dogg via Dour Festival 2015


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  • LOL thanks for these!

  • I was obsessed with bad touch and when I got my first ever cell (flip) phone in freshman year of high school I made the song my ring tone. Kind of weird whenever Mom called tho.

    I nominate Leaf Wizard for 2016 #goals

    • Amelia Diamond

      I agree, Leaf Wizard is a true gem.

  • Aydan

    That video of Snoop narrating has to be one of my fave videos of recent weeks!!!

  • kellymcd

    Just wasted approx. 30 mins scrolling through “we rate dogs”. Shared with coworkers as we’re a dog friendly office. We have now all wasted time. Today is wonderful thanks to Man Repeller