Slimane to do Couture?
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In a recent interview with Vogue, Saint Laurent Creative Director Hedi Slimane announced that reinstating couture for the French house may be in the pipeline.  However in an earlier interview with the magazine’s Parisian counterpart he stated, “The priority today is to revamp and redeploy the luxury ready-to-wear.”

We know we’ve already massaged your brains with in depth discussions about Slimane’s new spin on ready-to-wear, but this onion seems to lack a core so we’re going to continue peeling back it’s layers.

Slimane has managed to create his ready-to-wear collections with the similar sensibility and precious attention to detail one would put into a couture collection. He has even stated, “What people didn’t see in the grunge was that literally 40 percent of the pieces were handmade in the old atelier.”

So we’re asking, do you thing it’s even necessary to revive the couture division of Saint Laurent considering Slimane’s current approach? (A baby-doll dress from the Fall 2013 collection sports a price-tag of $68k.)

And furthermore, what do you think a Slimanian iteration of couture would look like? A lot of black leather a la Resort 2014? More floppy hats? Grunge?!

We don’t know. But judging by what he’s pulled out of his sleeve thus far we sure want to find out.

-Charlotte Fassler

[Hedi Slimane Thrills and Scandalizes as Creative Director of Saint Laurent via Vogue]

  • Alice

    to spend that much time and effort at the “atelier” to create a dress which looks of the same quality as Forever 21… Too bad

  • Alejandra

    Now I need real answers… How can I become his BFF to be the model of his ss 2014 ads???

    • Alejandra

      I don’t even want to be a model! I just know I’m going to want to wear it all and I have yet to have a first born child to sell and be able to afford if..