Shoshi Games

It was probably around the thousandth time during fashion week that I heard Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” (mid-car ride, sadly not on the runway) and was still so enthusiastic about it that I thought Shoshanna and I are not so different. Reality hit when Charlotte showed me a Tumblr dedicated to excellence in photoshop, combining Shosh’s face with the bodies of Olympic athletes mid-competition and that’s when I realized that, as much as I hate to say this, we’re actually quite different.

You see, if I were put in a bobsled with the Canadian bobsled team, I’d probably be arrested. When Shoshanna does it, she makes a Cool Runnings joke and everything turns out just fine.

If I were to don a hot pink ice skating body suit, I’d look like I was heading to an EDM concert. When Shoshanna does it, she finds herself suspended in air with perfect form, balancing on the single hand of her skating partner.

The list goes on because Shosh can do anything: ice skating, curling, skiing…her limitations know no bounds, except those only within the confines of this great respite for fashion week in the form of a timely — and hilarious — Tumblr.

I will say that I still stand behind the fact that Fashion Week is Sochi — if not more — (we get more snow, colder temperatures) so maybe she and I can at least have that in common?



[Shoshi Games Tumblr]

  • Jourdin

    Hahahaha I saw this last night. So hilarious!

  • Ana González

    I litteraly love this. (Did you read it like Shosh?)


  • misssophisticate

    Hahaha too funny!