Looking for Sunshine? There’s Plenty in My Shopping Cart

I have been wearing hot-pink zinc on my nose since March. I’ve taken to carrying a parasol in the rain rather than an umbrella. I packed my coats away at the beginning of April, put my boots in storage and am back in the habit of wearing bikinis instead of bras, because let me tell you all something: I AM COMMITTED TO THE SEASON OF SUN.

Screw weather forecasts; my face has a blank space that is ready for cranberry-lensed sunglasses and we cannot be swayed!

If we wait around for the perfect temperature, no clothes will get worn. No outdoor drinks will be consumed. No Instagram accounts will be updated, and the last photo on everyone’s feeds will be a sad, stale shot of snow. I am ready and here for the overzealous declaration of spring by way of full-sunshine looks. I am ready to start shopping for swimsuits and wearing sundresses. In fact, here’s what I’m thinking:

A sunny bikini by Jade Swim (new line, check it out, minimalistic, so good)

A rainbow Mara Hoffman dress (oh yes — we’ll talk about this later but she’s been on it lately)

This yellow Vivetta seersucker midi skirt that I will wear with a boxy white tee.

Suede sandals just to be like, “I DARE YOU TO DRIZZLE, SKY.”

“But I will not defy you, stars!” (Then get these teeny dangle earrings.)

I’m also thinking about getting this Tabula Rasa two-piece because the top is streetwear-ready.

…Don’t judge me but I’m a sucker for the rose-quartz trend going on. And I like the thought of one clean, dangly necklace that I don’t take off all summer.

I’ll need some non-denim shorts that I can slip off just in case there’s a pool around.

AND! A bag I can stuff all the stuff in.

Is that a new freckle I see? Man. The power of positive thinking.

Meanwhile, Leandra is dreaming up new personas for her spring wardrobe.

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

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