Suddenly All I Want Are Pink Clothes

I am floored by the consistency with which I am forced to prove myself wrong every time a trend trots along and I think to myself, “Yeah, I’ll sit this one out.” It started prematurely with Uggs when I was in high school, escalated with wedge sneakers when I was 20 and writing this blog from a bedroom inside my parents’ apartment and has taken a turn for the dramatic with a very genuine — albeit quizzical — interest in understanding whether Crocs are the next big thing.

Of course, the trend we’re talking about (pink stuff) is slightly more elusive than the Ugg, the Wedge, the Croc. But for someone who was positive she’d sworn off bubblegum pink with the termination of her relationship with Lisa Frank stickers, I am curiously enamored. Nothing looks right if there isn’t a tinge of the vaguely offensive color somewhere in near sight. Look no further than the g-dang shoes I designed as far back as last February. February!

And I am not alone, okay? Chanel tangoed with pink in its Cuba-inspired resort collection. Ditto that for Rosie Assoulin. Céline’s Spring 2017 collection was practically an art-school lesson in color-mixing with pink at the epicenter. WSJ Magazine just launched an entire spread dedicated to the magical hue (I’m running out of ways to say pink) and did you know Longchamp does clothes? They do. And they’re pink.

So, what’s in my cart and on my radar?

This “Thank You T-shirt,” to wear with these pink jeans that are on sale, which have nothing to do with this dress, but whatever, it’s on sale and I’m shopping again, so YOLO.

And lest I forget the most important and necessary second part: accessories. The aforementioned Man Repeller loafers. Gucci sandals I will eventually make a case for. This pink Chanel bag from The RealReal and look! Charlie Brown is hopping on board too!

So many things, so little time. SOS. I’m definitely buying the dress, TBD on everything else.

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