Suddenly All I Want Are Pink Clothes

I am floored by the consistency with which I am forced to prove myself wrong every time a trend trots along and I think to myself, “Yeah, I’ll sit this one out.” It started prematurely with Uggs when I was in high school, escalated with wedge sneakers when I was 20 and writing this blog from a bedroom inside my parents’ apartment and has taken a turn for the dramatic with a very genuine — albeit quizzical — interest in understanding whether Crocs are the next big thing.

Of course, the trend we’re talking about (pink stuff) is slightly more elusive than the Ugg, the Wedge, the Croc. But for someone who was positive she’d sworn off bubblegum pink with the termination of her relationship with Lisa Frank stickers, I am curiously enamored. Nothing looks right if there isn’t a tinge of the vaguely offensive color somewhere in near sight. Look no further than the g-dang shoes I designed as far back as last February. February!

And I am not alone, okay? Chanel tangoed with pink in its Cuba-inspired resort collection. Ditto that for Rosie Assoulin. Céline’s Spring 2017 collection was practically an art-school lesson in color-mixing with pink at the epicenter. WSJ Magazine just launched an entire spread dedicated to the magical hue (I’m running out of ways to say pink) and did you know Longchamp does clothes? They do. And they’re pink.

So, what’s in my cart and on my radar?

This “Thank You T-shirt,” to wear with these pink jeans that are on sale, which have nothing to do with this dress, but whatever, it’s on sale and I’m shopping again, so YOLO.

And lest I forget the most important and necessary second part: accessories. The aforementioned Man Repeller loafers. Gucci sandals I will eventually make a case for. This pink Chanel bag from The RealReal and look! Charlie Brown is hopping on board too!

So many things, so little time. SOS. I’m definitely buying the dress, TBD on everything else.

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  • Julie May

    If you get the dress you need the shoes and purse… just sayin.

    • Leandra Medine

      This is the no.1 problem with shopping, right?

      • Julie May

        That’s not a problem… More like an opportunity.

  • Mariana

    Excluding that time when I was all glitter and pink (a.k.a. > 10y.o.) I never identify with pink. I like colour is summer but love me some denim, black, grey and white in daily basis and I’m good. But then I have some moments where, like this photo at my sister’s wedding, when I went full Barbie look lol.
    But that pink from Rachel Comey trousers is gorgeous, is almost nude. I am all in for that!!

  • Jasmin

    Buying a bubble gum pink bike last fall started my obsession and now I want pink for everything! It is so strange because I’ve never been a pink person but it seems so appealing now.

  • Faz

    This title had me written all over it, I just HAD to read it! Usually black is my go-to, but I’m really feeling pink at the moment, too! I bought a pastel pink biker jacket, because I need to feel like a princess when I’m being all tough & what not, obviously…
    Bisous, Faz

  • Cynthia Schoonover

    I have always liked pink, and I wear pink all year. There are many shades of pink besides bubblegum. I also like purple, and at one time, I found my self buying or making a lot of purple clothes, so I cut back on the purple. The dress is beautiful, and will look great on you, Leandra.

  • fleetwoodwhack

    i am having big pink cravings, and — hear me out– i think it is a response to the political climate right now. i feel like so much of the current administration’s actions have been centered around keeping women shut out, and retrenching our country in deep white-supremacist patriarchy… so i’m kind of like fuck you, i’m going to shout my brain out, resist, call my senators, donate money, take. you. out. AAAAAND i’m going to do it in a pink mohair sweater, pink gel manicure and vans. how you like me now, president ivanka’s dad!?!?!?!?!

    • prairie dogs

      ooh this makes me want pink slide on vans. I’d been all set to get white canvas ones but the image you painted is SO kickass that I’m rethinking 🙂

      • personally also feelin the pink fuzzy sweater/ checkerboard slide on combo

  • I’ve been feeling this too! I want my life filled with pink at all times! I’m not happy unless it’s in sight or on my body! Maybe it’s just the lovely act in embracing and claiming this symbol of classic and simple femininity in these trying times…

  • the yellow vigilante

    same craving I’m having! maybe what @disqus_gpqWTJTbXw:disqus said in her comment below is kind of true, def the political climate plays its role in the subconscious. I also agree with an article I read a few weeks ago, that said there is a new wave of women that are “reclaiming pink” – taking pink back. It resonated. AND yes yes buy that dress – simply wow! Hah and the intro, so spot on – Uggs, wedge sneakers, Crocs (debatable, as I currently want to buy a pair of semi-ugly shoes and develop a love relationship with them after purchase… well) and the bubblegum pink/Lisa Frank stickers, love that sentence!

  • snakehissken

    I bought a light pink blazer on sale at Zara a few weeks ago, and I’m planning on wearing it instead of white this year. I wear a lot of colors like blue and grey, and I think it’s going to set them off really nicely and balance the masculinity in my accessories.

  • Rae

    I literally own not a single piece of pink clothing (save for a breast cancer awareness T) and yet lately EVERYTHING I want is that pale pinkinsh-peach shade of pink! I don’t know what’s happening but I’m kind of here for it.

  • Lanatria Brackett Ellis

    I have been buying more pink and red as of late.I just want to feel like I am getting dressed for Valentine’s day, EVERDAY.Is that bad?

  • prairie dogs

    NY Magazine had a good post about this– “millennial pink.” Thanks to Glossier and The Wing for this trend. I’m down for it! In fact I just pre-ordered a pale pink madewell flightsuit.

  • I have the the pink bug too! It’s pretty much the only colour I want, because I’m otherwise all black and grey

    – Natalie

  • Kaylyn

    what a coincidence this was published on Sharsheret pink day! viva la pink! 🙂

  • Amy Mills

    yea when I read pandora skye’s diary from copenhagen fashion week (ate that whole thing up) I basically read it as: if you wanna be cool like danish girls, get thyself something pink and furry ASAP

    psa am now on the hunt for a pink furry coat (I have never wanted anything pink in my life up until yesterday)!

  • Lea

    Pink everything makes life worth living. Pink wine, pink sneakers, pink hair, glittery pink mock neck sweaters! I painted a wall in my kitchen baby pink last summer and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. Also, Lisa Frank gives me LIFE.

    • Miss J

      Pink was always fabulous, and always will be. I think some women don’t appreciate it as much because growing up we’re told that we’re supposed to like it; it’s the only thing society expects from 5-10 year olf girls- to like pink. I bought a pink sheer lace dress a couple of weeks ago, to wear over black leggings and under a leather jacket. My husband thought it was sleepwear.

  • smillipede

    the dress is amazing good call

  • Bree


  • Krista Anna Lewis

    I have these pants in blue and THEY ARE THE BEST. Plz get the pink Leandra.

  • Hellbetty666

    Pink has always given me a headache, but goddammit Leandra if I don’t want that frock. And those trousers. Wonderful.

  • Jessica

    me too! since last fall!

  • I am a social media influencer under the persona Rosé Season (@roseseason), and I have always said it’s more than wine, it’s a lifestyle. It’s being proven more and more with pink EVERYWHERE. And of course I love it!! 🙂 #roséseason

    – Sarah

  • L Winfree

    I’m glad I’m not the only one craving pink this season. It’s normally a color I avoid, but I just purchased a fuchsia off the shoulder blouse and have been wearing hot pink lipstick. I was starting to think I was going crazy. Give me all the pink things!

  • M See Hammer

    I too am feeling the pink. I thought my thirst for pink culminated with the purchase of some pink Moxi roller skates but it has just snow-balled from there. And do not get me started on all the pink velvet garments that are available to buy! <3

  • Jade

    omg I thought this was just happening to me! My craving for pink extends to interior design so I have been obsessively Googling pink home decor items. However, there seems to be a gap (niche?) in the market: pink home decor is almost exclusively designed with baby nurseries and toddler girls in mind. Where is the interior decorating pink palette for adults? Do they just assume that anyone over the age of 11 who wants a pink rug is mentally unhinged? Where can I turn?