Looking for a New Bag?

GOOD! I have just the bag, but first, a theory:

Gone are the days of handbags for the purpose of utilitarianism. Sure, you might still need to carry things around — but there is almost nothing you can’t improvise with the swift, compact use of just a wallet (or more aptly, a card holder), a cell phone (need a notebook? Got one there, a map? There’s an app for that. A protein bar? Advise Post Mates), and chapstick (or lipstick, or whatever).

No brands understand this better than Olympia Le-Tan and Charlotte Olympia but there is a caveat when considering book-shaped containers and hard-shell plastic pineapples: if you can’t spend upward of $1,000 on a feckless “handbag,” how do you engage?


Why, by turning your attention to Kate Spade, of course! You can get a lemon for $248, a book clutch for $328, a wicker car for $398 and any number of plebe purses if you’re not yet convinced that to be cool is to be ironic and to be ironic is to tote a picnic basket cock full of zero picnic ingredients. I’d advise against that last purchase but then again, it’s your life, so rock out with your wock* out.

*Wock = wallet.

  • Liz

    “Picnic basket cock full…” Yes.

  • Almost picked up a book clutch the other day…love the whimsical vibe. But how long do you think this trend will be cool for? So I put it back down!


  • Sophie


  • Shelby Louise

    Just picked up a Kate Spade book cluth this weekend, aptly titled “Paris and the Single Girl.” This is accurate because I am indeed single-as-F, and also will soon be in Paris.