Shopper’s Delight

Of all the newsletters I’ve been lured into signing up for, there’s only one that I consistently open, and that’s J. Crew. Why, you might ask? Because every so often those emails contain the key to knitwear heaven —  an extra 40% off current sale prices. Once that gem hits my inbox, I stock up on linen v-neck pocket tees and debate shamelessly buying the little Boys’ “Courage” sweatshirt I’ve been eyeing for two months (sizing tip: Boys’ 14 = Womens’ small, more or less). All cashmere is evaluated and special attention is showered on the “In Good Company” section. Frankly, I shop with the zest of a soccer mom at Costco. It’s fantastic.

And guess what? Today is one of those magical days. Until 11:59 ET tonight we’re looking at an extra 40% off sale styles with the code: NEWSTYLE. Here’s what we’re eyeing:

Last thing: if you’re going anywhere this winter, now’s the time to check out swimwear. K, that’s all I got. Happy shopping!

  • lavieenliz

    the new balance!

    giveaway on blog!

  • Kandeel


  • Leandra Medine

    Aaaaaaand now I can’t think about anything but obtaining a fire engine red turtleneck to wear under denim shirts and plaid flannels.

    • Lou

      Me toooooo. Which red turtleneck is she wearing?! It’s the perfect shade of red, but it doesn’t say.

      • Leandra Medine

        I bought it yesterday! the plain red cotton one from j.crew. retails for $38 then special 25% off promo

  • Amelia Diamond

    those shoes and that blazer 4 me, plz

  • Boys 14 = women’s small. Thank you.

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  • I need to learn to wait for sales because I am such an impulse shopper!


  • Psst… 55% off with a student discount! Holla!!! That’s the only way I shop at J.Crew!

    • Amelia Diamond

      man i miss my student discount and the student ID i used for way too long after not being a student 🙁