Human Disco Balls in Paris

If there’s one thing I ask myself every single day without fail, it’s how to be a better human disco ball.

The perks of being a human disco ball include, but are not limited to:

– Light infraction, aka science

– Excellent distraction techniques

– Unicorn baiting capabilities

– The power to cause momentary blindness in the same way that someone who is wearing a watch while hand-writing an essay ferociously by a sunny window can, times a billion

– On-the-Go Saturday Night Fever


If that’s not enough to sell you on a matter that should, ultimately, be priceless, then may I remind you that Raf Simons believed his Dior woman to be no one if she wasn’t glittering up a dang storm in Pre-Fall 2015. (I know it seems like he showed these mere weeks ago, but when you’re considering fashion, weeks can feel like years apart.)

This past week in Paris, amid the Fall ’15 brouhaha and what-I-wore-grams, a few brave women took on Raf’s sequins challenge and reminded the world that glitter is not just a shimmering condiment to ship to your enemies. Why, in the form of neck gear, it’s practically couture.

But in Dior’s iteration, it’s both expensive and impossible to find. So, you have a few options, sparkle beard. One includes smashing a disco ball, covering yourself in glue, and then carefully rolling around in the shards. You’ll note that this is a less convenient glue activity than Leandra and Charlotte’s boa buffet.

Or two, you can satiate your inner magpie by embracing the Next Best Things.

And if someone tells you that all of this sequined crap was supposed to be left behind in your Vegas hotel room after New Year’s Eve?

Allow #FuneralCore Lorde to set the record straight.


Or, get like Kanye and embrace your inner 14-year-old-who-only-agreed-to-go-to-the-mall-to-check-out-Hot-Topic and join me in a large, collective, no-one-understands-me, “UGH.”

Now shine on, you crazy diamonds.

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  • Andrea Raymer

    After spending time in my hometown suburban mall this weekend, I have to say that description of Kanye is spot on.

    • Amelia Diamond

      It is also an accurate description of me, age 26, when I get roped into errands when I visit my parents.

      • Andrea Raymer

        My life this weekend

  • Sequins for daytime = yassssssss

  • I am a sequin addict, and wear them on the daily (nearly) so this trend is something I can get behind, and STAY behind! I love how well written this piece is, Amelia.

  • Jia Wertz

    Hilariously funny every time! Love stopping by and catching up on your blog!. <3


  • PAAR

    Brilliant! Big fan of sequin.

  • Just proceeded to text my best friend that photo of Kanye and Lorde..


  • Anytime I hear disco ball, the song “Shiny disco ball” starts playing in my head. :/

  • ola

    I love the text it’s hillarious haha, perks of a disco man – i’m dead -unicorn baiting and causing momentary blindness

  • Ask Socratic

    Oh no, totally won’t be buying into this trend.

  • I love the comeback of sequin! It remembers me of my adolescence, now i’m wearing it everytime I can!