Moda Operandi is 50% Off and My Shopping Cart is 100% Full

Pull out your wallet while you read this because sizes are going fast: Moda Operandi is having a semi-sneaky sale (it doesn’t appear to be immediately obvious on the homepage) featuring 50% off Spring/Summer collections with the code “FRIENDS.”

Unlike Ross and Rachel, who will likely appear in reruns for eternity, this sale only lasts until the end of the week. Like I am wasting time AS WE SPEAK, so enough chit-chat. Let’s shop:

+ This party-perfect, one-shoulder Stella Jean dress ($555 – 50% off = $277.50) that I plan to wear to every ambiguously dress-coded fete.

+ This Apiece Apart midi skirt in marigold to relive the bat scene from Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” music video ($495 – 50% off = $247.50).

+ This MDS Stripes wrap top ($275 – 50% off = $137.50) to pair with every bottom known to my wardrobe.

+ These washed-out pink pants because when things are on sale ($295 – 50% off = $147.50), I am a braver woman.

+ Talk about brave: look at these extra wide-leg, warm-weather jeans! ($375 – 50% off = $187.50)

+ This Missoni hooded bathrobe ($377 – 50% off = $188.50) because ever since this styling story I’ve been on the hunt for on-sale Missoni.

+ This funfetti blouse ($395 – 50% off = $197.50).

+ This skirt ($415 – 50% = $207.50) that is the literal representation of sunshine.

+ These millennial pink Mari Guidicelli mules ($555 – 50% off = $277.50 = way, way more affordable than usual).

+ Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll scrap all of the above and take a major hit on a pair of rainbow clogs I’ve had my heart and eye set on all year long: These Rosetta Getty babies, normally priced at $1,100 (shh, I know, my brain is not the one driving my internet browsing, k?), on sale for $550 with the 50% off.

…I don’t even know why you’re still here hanging out with me! Get after this, and tell me what you wind up with!

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  • Gwyn

    i can’t even afford moda operandi when they’re 50% off, let alone full price!! ugh

    • ihaveacooch

      lmao came here to comment this!

    • Kaylan Waterman


  • Coco

    Whyyy did I start a “no shopping challenge week” for myself just last night!?! This is painful.

    • Amelia Diamond

      try again next week?

    • ReadER451

      Don’t do it! Spring sales are imminent, if not fully upon us!

  • chouette

    Augh I hate their return policy though… sale merch only good for store credit. How am I supposed to commit?

  • Elizabeth

    I bought the stripe top!!! Thank you for making my day!!!

  • beccamu

    the stella jean dress gives me zendaya-at-the-met vibes, which, as of last week is my inspo for summer 2017/life in perpetuity

    • Kaylan Waterman

      YESSS. she really brought it last week.

      • beccamu

        right?? shook.

  • xtyb

    I had some Proenza Schouler mules in my cart already and the code worked on them thank youuuuuuuu!

  • Kaylan Waterman

    Am I the only one living and working in a midwestern city making midwestern money with no hope of purchasing a 50% off handkerchief from this place?
    Love MR, but this has always confused me a bit.

    Love that wrap top though!

    • Elizabeth

      Nope, I always wonder the same exact thing! I’m superrr curious how/and if everyone can afford all these expensive items, esp with living in NYC?? It boggles my mind..but I sure enjoy dreaming about these amazing clothes!

    • ihaveacooch

      nah girl, i’m in the same financial boat. i do live in nyc but there is no way you’ll catch me dropping $600 on a blouse. i love higher quality fashion but i simply cannot afford to drop hundreds of dollars on a single item AND pay my rent, feed myself, etc.