Shoesday PSA: Man Repeller Makes Shoes

Well, technically, I make shoes under the Man Repeller name, only they’re actually called “MR” because it sounds better (to my ears, at least) than Man Repeller does in the context of luxury footwear. And hey! You can buy them right now if you’d like to. As a matter of fact, you’ve had, like, six days to buy them because they dropped last week with our exclusive partner, Net-a-Porter, and to my chagrin but hopefully your delight, there are still pink velvet loafers left!

It started like this: Last year in January, a licensing group called Six London asked me if I wanted to make shoes under my own name. I laughed much in the way someone would if they were asked whether they wanted a 5,000-square-foot loft in TriBeCa to live in, free of charge, for the price of free ninety free. Only they weren’t kidding, so I did what any respectable creature of the Internet would and hightailed it the fuck over to my browser where I began a Google search entitled, “what are my favorite shoes?”


Sometimes I really do believe that Google knows me better than I know myself but I am always wrong in that assertion. After failing that search, I started to archive photos of some of my favorite shoes of all time. I’m talking Prada throwbacks from 2009, Manolo Blahnik flat mules that have only ever, as far as I’m concerned, existed on the feet of an Olsen twin. And then I asked myself, self, what do the perfect loafers look like? How about boots? What resulted was a pair of (pun intended!) fairly blasé silhouettes: loafers chunky enough to feel masculine, but refined enough to also maintain a sort of femininity, a narrow square toe on boots that aren’t quite knee-high, but aren’t ankle-length, either (so helpful for cropped jeans, and much more interesting with skirts, don’t you think?).


Both shoes requested — nay, demanded! — unconventional fabric choices, like pink velvet paisley.


And a combo platter of gold, red and orange metallic.

There are also sandals, which are called the LOL If You Think I’m Walking sandals, even though they are actually quite comfortable.


The velvet version is going to do such great things to your ankles because they are chunky enough to trick your legs into thinking your feet are trucks, and that is a great look with tights.


The Olsen-inspired mules come with lace ups that are removable through a gold, star-shaped slit on the side of this shoe.


If I had to pick a favorite, I’d be torn between both renderings of the loafer, and if I had to pick a least favorite, I would simply opt out.


Before I entice you to shop, I’ll leave on this note: shoes have always been my favorite element of the fashion experience. They retain an incredibly escapist quality. By simple virtue of looking down at your feet on a hard day, you can feel a tinge better. Your shoes will never judge or shame you, but most importantly, they are fantastic because it’s like Carolina Herrera always says: without them, you can’t leave your house.

All photos shot by Emily Malan for Net-a-Porter

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