She’s Back — Ja’mie: Private School Girl

Ja’mie King — that’s J-A-apostrophe-M-I-E — returned to our television sets once again last night by way of her new eponymous show on HBO. Ja’mie: Private School Girl follows the most popular girl at Hillford throughout her daily life, and though she’s back at her usual academy and away from Summer Heights High she’s still, like, so random.

A whole series dedicated to one of my favorite Chris Lilley characters just may be the perfect remedy for Sunday Scaries…but did anyone else keep hoping Mr. G would make a cameo?

No offense, Ja’mie.

[Ja’mie: Private School Girl via HBO]

  • Jeanne Canto

    Oh lord haha, loved summer heights high

  • Rach

    Have you watched We Can Be Heroes? That’s the first incarnation of Ja’mie and probably my favourite. I feel like the series (I’m in Australia and have seen a bit more) relies too much on easy punch lines and not enough on plot/ character development… Like Angry Boys, it’s nowhere near as nuanced as his earlier work. Chris Lilley is incredibly talented and from all reports, very controlling about all aspects of his shows which is why it has been so brilliant – and maybe why it is somewhat less brilliant when he produces more, more often. I love him, and I love this character- but I feel like the show could be a lot better.

  • Laura Mitchell

    The first episode was funny but I’m wondering where he’ll go with it. SHH was nice because the characters balanced each other out. Curious what Ja’mie will do for one season

  • Rachel

    as a big summer heights high fan, i have to say–i thought the first episode of ja’mie was terrible (even though there were a couple of funny one-liners). so disappointed.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Oh my gosh, as a big Summer Heights High fan, I cannot wait to watch this spin-off! I had no idea it even existed until right now. Monday morning made.