Shark Week: The Period Rap
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Leandra forwarded me the greatest music video ever called “Shark Week,” a rap about everyone’s favorite time-o-the-month.

“It’s not just about periods. It’s about owning your period,” said the brilliantly rap-monikered Ash Wednesday in a recent interview with The Cut. She’s a school teacher by day and one-third of the band Hand Job by night. The other two members of my new favorite crew include Lil T, a.k.a. Meg Skaff (a 23-year-old filmmaker who also directed the “Shark Week” video), and Clara Bizna$$, a.k.a. Claire Beaudreault (a professional nail artist).

The Cut interviewed the trio about comedy, rapping, and misogyny which you can read here, but it is Hand Job’s NSFW and not-for-the-faint-of-heart music video that really deserves all the attention.

According to the article it was pulled from YouTube, which kind of makes sense considering the intensely graphic nature of this video. Vimeo, on the other hand, agrees that “Shark Week” is something that demands to be seen.

The gratuitous use of blood aside, it’s fantastic to see three strong women owning their periods which are — news flash — not just a part of life but one of the most important parts of life considering we can’t procreate if we don’t menstruate, and if we aren’t making babies then who the heck is a. going to smell like babies and b. populate the world? It’s also nice to see these ladies not taking the whole thing too seriously.

I know men are squeamish about the idea of us bleeding for five days without dying and it’s been rumored our periods attract bears. I even know some women who are embarrassed to buy tampons or feel “caught” if a pad falls out of their purse. Believe me, I would often rather sleep on an army of poisonous porcupines than surf the crimson wave but the fact of the matter is that periods are a fact of life. You take the good, you take the bad, you put it together and what do you have? How about an awesome, empowering music video that if nothing else will make you laugh.

Click here to watch then let us know your thoughts.

[Meet Hand Job: Three Women Rapping About Periods via The Cut]

  • Elli

    i’m a girl and I felt sick just watching this video. i can only imagine how a guy would react !

  • Juliana

    Love it!

  • Emily

    It’s amazing! Five stars!

  • Mloo


  • Mxa

    amazeballs! love!

  • bloomaglow

    It was kind of gross, but very realistic. I had to send it to my friends

  • Lust Covet Desire

    This post will stay in my mind forever.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I tried, but sadly couldn’t even handle the still shot of the dolls w/ blood all over them without extreme nausea. Wish I wasn’t such a squeamish wimp:-(

  • Barbara

    I love it! Women my age were taught, (I.e. shamed) into being embarrased about our bodies. Yes, it is graphic…you go girls!

  • Ingvild

    Bloody fantastic!

  • Ingvild

    Probably most obvious pun ever..

  • I laughed out loud when she said “I got the Midol, the chocolate, and the Kraft mac and cheese.”

    These women GET ME!