Your Bag Conundrum, Solved

There is a marginal, albeit obnoxious conundrum that comes up for a select few twenty-something female New Yorkers when Memorial Day Weekend swings around to formally inaugurate the beginning of summer and it goes like this:

You’ve been here long enough to accrue a group of friends that is large enough for you to conceivably rent a share house with at a reasonable weekly-cost. This house will function as your respite from the city’s heat. Every Friday, you will take an overnight bag to work and as you shimmy into your office, you will count down the seconds until you can yell, “summer Friday hits me where it hurts so good,” once again.

At that point, you will lift your over-night bag, which you hate passionately, over your shoulders and head toward a train station that will indubitably shave years off your life span and once you finally get on that train, you will think to yourself, man, I wish this over-night bag was cooler.

Am I right?


Not even a little?

Come on!


Well, in any case, I have finally found the solution and it is a green suede rectangular tote from Roztayger, an e-comm site that prides itself on boasting a selection of handbags and accessories that are otherwise difficult to acquire in the U.S.

And like a good pair of jeans, the bag in question works whenever you need it to. Take it away on weekends. Use it as a work bag. Keep your computer in it, or don’t. Take it to the gym. Throw wallets (I’m keen on these cardholders by Abitax) and a smaller clutch, full of tampons, in it. Fill it with organic green juice if you want to or do none of the above — just love it.


…Still no?

Okay, okay.

[Simple Suede Tote by Clare V, $330 via Roztayger]

Part of a collaboration with Roztayger

  • lavieenliz

    that bag is soo cute

  • monkeyshines
  • GapToothedGirl

    Brilliant lace shirt, and great use of layers.
    Love this outfit, Gap.

  • Rose

    Chronic overpacker over here could never fit everything in a bag that small, ha! It’s cute for the workday, though 🙂

    Blonde in this City

  • Alicia Palma-Espinoza

    And so begins my new obsession – sifting through Roztayger’s bag collection. There goes another hour of work!

  • Anna

    Is this shirt by Chloe?

    • Leandra Medine

      It is!

  • carriebwc

    Oh, goodness, I wish I didn’t know about that website.

  • That green is such a fun color. I love multipurpose bags! I’m a self proclaimed bag lady (meaning: I pack way too much on any given day), and a bag of that size alone would do me no good for an overnight trip. But, it would be great for all of my other unnecessary things that I find to be extremely necessary when packing. Great find!



  • Sarah

    Fabulous bag! Love the color.

  • Arebeekay

    You think that bag is the most perfect weekender? You HAVE to see some of the bags from Love, Alex!! The Ornella is “totes” my favorite! HAH

  • Maria

    Sooo cute! I absolute love that bag and Roztayger.

  • Tracy Watts

    Love Roztayer! Amazing bag selection.

  • HATE THE OVERNIGHT BAG, especially because the only ones I like I dont want to spend money on because im like id rather an everyday celine! DUH. So here i am stuck with this ugly overnight bag on the LIRR while my mother convinces me that i am going to get lice of the train and i should take a car service. a car service? mom, my blog hasnt even launched yet, im lucky if I afford soul cycle this week!

  • I love every one of your outfit posts you blooming genuis women.


    Oh yes! The only thing missing is a TRUFFLE pouch or two.

  • That Chloe top is perfection – awesome post!

  • Irene Laura

    just A MA ZING

    Like and greetings from

  • Colleen

    This spoke DIRECTLY TO ME. I just returned what I thought was the perfect bag because I can’t seem to find the right one. This is it.

  • Charmystique

    I probably shouldn’t, but I stuff everything into a LV Neverfull or my hugeass Celine Phantom in large, and use either as my overnight bag.

  • The color of that bag is so hideous that it kinda works…in a strange, mossy way.

  • Kate Wilson