Rosie Assoulin on Moda Operandi
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She’s beauty! She’s grace! She’s — I know — a really close friend of mine.

But that doesn’t detract from Rosie Assoulin‘s incredible talent and her dexterity to put clothes on a woman and make her feel like the most special human in the room/world as evidenced by having borrowed a pair of her pants during fashion week last season and having felt like, you guessed it, the most special human in the room (/world).

What’s more? Her spring/summer collection is currently available for pre-order on Moda Operandi and though the prices are steeper than Mount Everest, you can’t plummet to your death by falling off a dress. No. As a matter of fact, if you fall into it, it might actually even cushion the bang.

Furthermore (and seriously), these are likely the very “investments” people talk about when considering that which is appropriate to spend bounteous dollar bills on vs. that which is not. Why? Because like an evergreen story, Assoulin’s clothes never go out of style nor do they lose their ability to make you feel like The Only Person Worth Looking At.

So even if you can’t literally afford the clothes, go over there and take a look anyway. They’re worth getting lost in and feeling that brief, slight sense of ownership that only a digital shopping cart could provide if only for 30 minutes.

[Rosie Assoulin trunk show via Moda Operandi]

  • Grace Kelly would wear these clothes. THAT is saying something about their timelessness and elegance.