Rolling with Heckerling’s Homies

Vulture has been doing this awesome thing this month where they “memorialize iconic slices of pop-culture” with Micro Oral Histories. They initiated the series with a conversation that dissected an episode of Sex and The City called “Splat!” among the episode’s makers, which include: Cindy Chupack and Jenny Bicks (writers), Michael Patrick King (producer), Candace Bushnell (duh), Kristen Johnston (who appeared on the episode as Lexi Featherston — you remember the one, don’t you? “New York is over. O.V.E.”–splat!) and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The conversations are informative if not incredibly revealing. Additional histories have included Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anchorman and Beverly Hills 90210. On Wednesday, they published their Oral History chronicling a scene from Clueless that has become deeply emblematic of the film: the Valley party. In the retelling of the scene, Amy Heckerling (writer/director), Breckin Meyer (Travis Birkenstock!), Alicia Silverstone (duh), Donald Faison (Murray of keepin’-it-real fame), Jeremy Sisto (Elton) and Coolio — yes, Coolio discuss the scene, the movie, Brittany Murphy and Coolio’s 90s hit, “Rollin’ With My Homies.”

Do yourself a favor and read it, eh?

[Suck and Blow: The Oral History of the Clueless Party Scene via Vulture]

  • Susannah

    Wait the girl who played Tai died?! That’s horrible. Clueless will forever be my favorite movie.