In My Cart: Rainy Day Gear to Brighten Your Mood

The only reason I know that cats aren’t psychopaths is because they dislike the rain. Thank you.

I hate the rain. I distrust anyone who says she enjoys it.

“But it’s romantic!”

So are a plethora of dry activities.

“But it’s perfect for getting cozy in your bed and listening to music!”

So are hangovers.

The only things the rain is good for besides nourishing crops and general terrestrial hydration are: ruining hair, ruining suede, ruining commutes, ruining moods, ruining days.

But not anymore, Eeyore! Not when you have a few key pieces that make you excited for a little precipitation.

Swipe through the above like we’re playing Hot or Not and I’ll explain why you should thank the sky instead of cry and no it does not include Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Collages by Giulia Scalese of The Collecteur. Check out her Instagram @thecollecteur.


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