An Inside Look at the Proenza Show

With New York’s street style situation back on lock, the case was made for venue style at Proenza Schouler. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez showed their FW16 collection inside the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, a welcome change from the week’s run-around loop between Moynihan Station (where it all began), Milk Studios, Pier 59, Spring Studios and Washington Street. But even without location fatigue, the synergy between the Whitney and Proenza is clear: this is modern art.

And if you’ve ever been to a gallery opening, then you know that half the fun is about the patrons and what they wear.

Hari Nef refused the winter blues in red boots and a jacket covered in giant teal flowers. Meanwhile, System Magazine founder Elizabeth von Guttman was *Hava-ing a good time in a white coat tied up in black ribbons.

*The “Hava” is the Proenza bag that at least 5 other guests were sporting and the pun just begged to be written.

Liya Kebede will inspire your round-2 hunt for gigantic flares (especially because now they feel like new, as opposed to making you panic at the disco)…although if we’re talking moderate flares, I do believe Laura Love has found the pitch-perfect crop:

The perfect-pant-height nirvana

Stylist and founder of The Line, Vanessa Traina, proved that simple doesn’t mean boring and that wearing your coat off the shoulders (indoors, since it’s assumedly warm) is back in action.

Once inside-inside, Grace Coddington sat in her usual seat: front row with team Vogue. (That’s for anyone who was concerned about her move). Natasha Lyonne (who has made quite the fashion week rounds this season) sat next to the aforementioned von Guttman, and nearby: Liv Tyler close-teeth-smiled with Karen Elson.

Also, sidebar: can we all agree that this whole week was one giant shout out to the neck bow?

As for the official Indoor Venue Winner of Great Hat Game:



More in the slideshow above, including a photo of a model who will show you the proper and polite way to sneeze.

Havat it!

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


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