Preschool Tap Dancer goes Rogue
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I love nothing more than a maniac, especially when that maniac decides to go fully rogue at a ballet recital in front of an audience of adoring parents, especially especially when that maniac is an adorable pre-schooler who I can only hope will one day be the model citizen for my own child.

The music begins and this girl leaps out of the starting gate like it’s the Kentucky Derby, waving her arms and flapping her legs like she’s Shirley Temple hopped up on sugar from her own eponymous drink. (Whoever was in charge of filming this recital knows what’s up, btw, and hit that zoom lens ASAP like a pro. They probably missed their own kid’s boring tap-tap-kick but it was worth it. “Sorry, Maisie, I wasn’t able to film you because your classmate Sandra was reenacting the opening scene of STOMP.”)

Our girl can’t stop won’t stop and doesn’t stop. Even when the music ends and she’s blown kisses to her fans, this two-stepping toddler starts krumping like she’s the last act of Step Up.

I’m going to stop talking now so you can see the magic that is…my future child:

Sometimes it takes a preschooler in a tutu to remind us all that it’s okay to get weird every now and then.

[Little Girl Says ‘F*ck This’ To Her Preschool Tap Routine And Goes Rogue]

  • thebloginista

    This is amazing.

    • steve

      Yes amazing…AMAZINGLY STUPID…Her parents should have a good talking to her about proper behavior.

      • KeroseneDreams

        dude. she’s like 4 years old.

        • Pahtrisha

          dude – like so are all the others who deserved some attention for their self discipline. This is not cute.

          • TheBB

            She was dancing and she wasn’t hurting anyone. No fit was being thrown, no hitting, screaming, running around and the other girls COULDN’T CARE LESS; so there was no distraction(to them). Honestly, the girl had bigger plans than a boring tap dance. Do you blame her?

          • Pahtrisha

            How do you know they could not care less? The girl may be incapable of carrying out bigger plans. After all she is only 4 years old.

          • Elli(e)

            “this girl may be incapable of carrying out bigger plans” What is that even supposed to mean? Because it comes across as you’re saying this child is mentally incompetent.
            And as for the “hours” the teacher and students spent training. I’ve done this kind of choreography with students this age before. This took maybe a total of 4 hours for them to learn the dance. All of the other time they’ve spent learning was technique learning which probably didn’t feature in in most of the dance and, regardless, would have been more aimed at setting them up to be successful dancers in the future.
            Dancing teachers are expecting this kind of thing from their youngest dancers. In fact, most teachers will tell the dancers this age to go out and have fun and if they forget or mess up the choreography it’s not big deal. Because at this age it is for fun, not for work.
            The only person here who thinks this recital was ruined is you. The kid had the time of her life, the parents thought it was great, and except for the girl on the right who is obviously terrified just being on stage, the other dancers don’t really even seem to notice or react.
            And as for all the rehearsals and costumes and venues. If this is a dance class, those costumes are probably reused. They almost always are when kids are this young. The venue? Probably a high school auditorium that they were able to hire for very cheap, if they had to pay for it at all. And this probably wasn’t the only group preforming, so it’s not as if one “ruined” dance ruins the whole event. And the rehearsals? I already addressed those.
            Discipline can be taught at a young age, yes. That age is not 4. Four is the age at which children should be having fun and being themselves, not worrying about whether or not they’re acting like mature individuals. Not make them grow up too fast, because it sucks. And don’t ask them to fit into a box they have no desire to fit into because it will just make them miserable.

          • genann59

            From all the laughter, everyone was having very good time. Not quite as boring as most of these recitals are. Precious baby, had a damn good time and more power to her. Even as a kid I hated having to do that crap, this kid made the most of it. I would have been more like the kid next to her, too terrified to move.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            She ruined it by taking the spotlight in an inappropriate way. The girl on the end does look terrified, as most 4 year olds would be of someone so out of control.

          • Steve McIntosh

            Ruined it? Seems to me everyone enjoyed every minute of it including the child!

          • Yoni Mayeri

            I didn’t enjoy it and we have no way of knowing that everyone enjoyed it. The voice of the person recording her enjoyed it (most likely related to the girl, as the recording focused on her).
            If you enjoyed it that’s nice, but it made me very uncomfortable and I did relate more to the poor child next to her who was being intimidated by her “behavior”.
            I hope the spotlight girl keeps dancing, because its a good way to learn self control and discipline that will serve her throughout her life.

          • Vivaswan Tejas Shetty

            you probably didn’t enjoy it, because of that stick you have wedged so far up your ass.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            so nasty, quite shetty!

          • Yoni Mayeri

            What a rude shetty answer!

          • Osowoofy
          • Jazmine Williams

            Get a grip and take the stick out of your ass. Its a little four year old. You are the type of person that when people see you coming they hide because you are always complaining about the most petty of things. Take a drink or smoke something because it’s not that serious. Seriously

          • Yoni Mayeri

            rude comments will be ignored

          • Kate

            pretty sure no normal person is concerned about the “spotlight” at a preschool dance recital, The fact that you are, makes me think you’re one of those psycho pageant parents who sabotage the competition by chopping off their pig tails. Oh, and describing a 4 year old as “out of control” like shes some maniac, frothing at the mouth… seriously what kind of kids have you been around? Even the most generally “well behaved” child, will occasionally burst out into fits of dance when they hear music. And these girls are being told to dance!! God forbid a child enjoy any innocent fun. The second a baby has developed any motor skills – put them to work!! AND make sure they do it perfect every time…but not too perfect, no one likes a show off.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            I’m normal, i’m not and don’t like the stereotyped pageant parents, and don’t consider a 4 yr old a baby. The author called the child a manic who went full rogue at a preschool recital.

            I’ve been around thousands of children and my sense is that this child will give her parents and teachers endless joy and many visits to the principal’s office. I hope her folks have the patience, time, knowledge and love to advocate for her.

          • Kimmy

            And according to which expert would you be considered normal? Anyone can claim normalcy. For their age group it was dry as toast.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            @Kimmy (no last name) all experts; not the strangers with no names that put people down on public forums.

          • Anna Savage

            crikey… loosen up… “going rogue”. . it’s like, a kind of a joke… you know.. a joke?

          • Yoni Mayeri

            Yes, I’m laughing at all the comments it evoked.

          • Live, Love, Laugh

            There is NOTHING normal about you. Shame on you. I hope you don’t have children – for their sake.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            You have no idea Live, Love, Laugh. Nice name btw

          • MaryRS

            She far from ruined it. She MADE the show. We need more like her. I have a 4 year old, and I have had four year olds before her. No, 4 year olds aren’t frightened of children who go all out, like this litter girl was. They are frightened of angry and hateful behaviour.

          • nyasha levy

            Im SO glad my kids are grown because parents like you are a pain in the ass when it comes to activities for kids!! MOST outgoing kids tend to HELP introverted kids by EXAMPLE. Instead yoursN will learn to shame others for trying so they can get ahead!

          • lacy gary

            That comment was ignorant she didnt ruin anythign and if any of the other kids wanted spotlight guess they should have stepped out and did their own thing too REMEMBER THEY ARE 4 THEY ARE STILL BABIES IF anyones stupid its the people who are commenting on this thing like she should have known better give me a break

          • maryparksmith

            Exactly. she’s 4.

          • chefacec

            Here, hear!

          • Pauline Contois

            I was in dance school from 4 until 14 and I never cared about someone else “messing up” everyone can tell who is off and to be good you still need to be on point. I guess if you have the dumb parents forcing you to be uptight about anything you or anyone does wrong ruin you it would matter but most kids are not so anal and neither or most parents. If she made it through all practices changes are the people made her nervous and you are told if you make error just keep going=and that is what she did….forgot to get back to where everyone was until end. She is 4 and it was cute mess up for a 4 year old. So try and take the stick out and enjoy the fun she had! That simple.

          • Moses

            Woman, shut the hell up and get a life. She is only a kid. Thank God she is not negative minded as you are. To be honest, you are much worse than her. At least she did her best of coming and entertaining the folks that were present. The people obviously had fun, which means, you have no reason to open your mouth or oscillate your fingers to type as if you have typing sickness. Good enough, all but a few are not like you.

          • Pahtrisha

            Such language is unbecoming and, to be brutally honest, I didn’t really understand your strange comment. Could you please rewrite it in English.

          • Steve McIntosh

            I pray you NEVER have a child or are allowed around 1!

          • Saekink

            Pahtrisha… are the one who is incapable. Incapable of being normal. You must not have a child of your own. Get over yourself. She’s a little girl having fun!

          • Franklin

            Pahtrisha Pahtrisha, I feel sorry for your parents and for anyone who has to associate with you. I hope to god that you do not have children of your own because they are doomed to a life of SHIT. You have a horrible attitude and have no idea what you are talking about. You must be one of those people who love to hear themselves talk even though you have no idea what is coming out of your disgusting mouth. Just take a look at all of the posts that are bashing you. GET A CLUE lady.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            the girls on the end next to her was distracted, how could you not be with all that spaz-ing going on next to you?! Bigger plans? She’s 4 years old, this is the biggest thing in her year.

          • Andrea

            Plus, we never know who she will become when she’s older, still a funny video to look back to and I agree she was not doing anything wrong
            If she was twerking or thrusting I would have an issue
            But harmless goofing off?

          • maryparksmith

            Come on, she’s 4..

          • Guest

            Sweetie, just because you’re used to your child being upstaged doesn’t mean it’s other children’s fault.

          • Steve McIntosh

            you wouldn’t know cute if it slapped you dead in the face…you’re just an uptight btch with out a clue!

        • Yoni Mayeri

          so are the other girls

          • Steve McIntosh

            Guess what? This wasn’t for your enjoyment or anyone elses other than those children so who gives 2 hoots if you enjoyed like a couple others here are just a few uptight btchs that do not need to be around children! If it were up to you and Pahtrisha we would have nothing but robots for children!

          • Yoni Mayeri

            Last time I checked, dance performances are meant for the enjoyment of their audiences. It’s unfortunate that you have to resort to nastiness in name calling on a public forum and that you can’t accept the opinions of others that are different from yours.

          • ARI

            As someone who isn’t a parent YET, I personally enjoyed this. This is the age where we harbor our children’s differences and imagination. She took the routine and had fun with it. What you are implying is that every child on that stage should take this dance seriously as if this was an audition tape. If you don’t agree with her behavior, that’s fine but thank goodness you are not her parent. I would hate to be the older sister who had to listen to you chastise that child on the way home and frankly, I would speak up for her. That’s the issue with our society. We’re forcing these children to grow up too damn fast and are surprised they suffer from sort of stress to be the perfect child even at 4. It’s sickening. Let them be KIDS, they’re freaking ALLOWED to spaz out and should be able to have a LITTLE fun about it without negative reinforcement.

          • ARI

            Oh and by the way, for everyone who keeps saying the girl on the right was “uncomfortable” did you even watch the end? She was obviously laughing as the girl began to “spaz” towards her. You all just sound like Negative Nancies. :/ it’s sad.

          • Omar

            Yoni Mayeri you are insanely uptight, the kid made the best out of a normally boring dance routine. Get that stick out of your ass and learn to appreciate a great moment!

          • Yoni Mayeri

            Omar no last name, so nasty

          • Rachael

            they’re actually not for the enjoyment of the audience. Their purpose is to give the child the experience of dancing on stage and to show the kids’ parents their progress. Maybe the little girl on the end looked terrified but you have no way of knowing it was due to the girl dancing. It could just be due to stage fright. Chances are, this is how the girl performed the dance in class when learning the routine. If the teacher had a problem with it, she would have stopped her from the beginning. Dance teachers aren’t concerned if a child that young ruins choreography, they expect it. I actually think she did very well for someone her age. Most little girls understandably just stand in place and look around, occasionally shuffling their feet. This little girl didn’t stop dancing once, even if she didn’t know the choreography. That’s the job of a dancer, to not just stand there, and to not try to blend in with the crowd. You see this as a sign of behavioral issues, when it could actually be the mark of a confident professional dancer

          • Osowoofy

            It certainly says more about YOU than the little girl in question.

            Edited to add:
            Don’t get all butthurt when others critique your opinions, Snookums.

          • Avram Cohen

            Steve your a asswipe! She distracted every other girl up there that was trying to do their routine!

          • rider526

            It’s all about the, “Look at me”, and will carry on into her later yrs…That’s just how “they” roll.

          • Anna

            So are you implying that every four year old girl should act the same way? If you are then I’m sorry but youre wrong. Every child is different. You cant expect them all to act the same way just because they are the same age. Most kids can fully talk by the age of 5 but Einstein didn’t untill he was 9. Was there something wrong with him? Would you comment on his intellegence or maturety because all the kids around him talked but he didnt? How can you look at a little girl and judge her saying she should fit in? Many people have to work hard to gain the confidence to put themselves out there and express themselves. If you really do work with kids then you should understand that building confidence once its broken is extremely difficult. Putting down a four year old girl and saying that she ruined the performance just because she danced differently and more energeticly than the other girls? How do you not feel ashamed to say this?
            On a side note i would also like to add that a dance recital at this age is put together in order to show the skill of the performers and show off what has been learned. That what the audience is meant to enjoy. I don’t think you are a performer otherwise you would understand this.

          • M

            Just a quick heads up, since it seems that you may have been worried about the parents on the right of the other little girl – if you took the time to do some research (click on the youtube link), you’ll notice the videographer is the parent of the girl on the right. And they were laughing, so at least at the end of the day everyone had a good time – which is not a bad thing.

        • Avram Cohen

          Dude,, she ruined it for all the other kids and threw them off?!

        • rider526

          Good age for learning…

      • DoTheTalking

        you’re a loser saying this is amazingly stupid. Get a life, try being a happy person. She didn’t harm anyone or anything. Simple. Adorable.

        • Ray Kunkle

          yeah and honeybooboo is adorable to….until she turn 13 years old with diabetes and is 300 lbs, then you’ll be one of the people blaming the parents for it. This kid is out of line and yeah its cute cuz shes pretty much still a little baby, wait till shes an adult…..wont be cute anymore.

          • Andy Carnegie Cotton Jr.

            lol listen to yourself.. if a four year old acts silly then they will grow up to be out of control? this was funny and that kid has character.. get over yourself.

          • fag time

            I hope you die all bad.

        • Pahtrisha

          It is amazingly stupid. Selfish little girl ruining the recital for all of the other little girls, their parents and the teacher who had likely dedicated many hours to TEACHING them.

          • Tash Rich

            ^LOL.. shut up

          • Pahtrisha

            Please behave in a civilized manner, Tash. ‘Shut up’? No doubt you think that is ‘cute’ as well?

          • Tash Rich

            Please behave in a civilized manner? Do you see me not behaving in a civilized manner. I think the word Shut up is very appropriate for people like you.

          • Pahtrisha

            Tell me about ‘people like me’? You know me? ‘Shut up’ is uncivilized and downright rude. More so to a stranger. My comments addressed the issue until such time as I had to respond to your rudeness and that of another commenter. Study up on some etiquette before you dare to address me again. You told me to ‘shut up’. I understand you are American, but even that is no excuse.

          • Tash Rich

            I sure did, and I will tell you the same again. Here is etiquette for you.. PLEASE, shut your trap door. Only a FOOL gets on a site and belittles a child by calling them stupid, selfish and immature. Wondering if you are that clueless in knowing that this video is about a 4 year old? Apparently being 70 yrs old, has not taught you anything. You could learn a lesson from this child being that you are still yet breathing: Lightening up and LIVE a little! I’ve always been taught to respect my elder’s but you’ll get nothing of the sort from me. Also, you didn’t stoop to Eric’s level, he actually came down to where you were to address your asinine comments. Have a great day Ms. granny of discipline!

          • anastasia

            hi tash i think its totally obvious that she had to go onstage with a bunch of caucasion girls in caucasion girl tights so not only is she the only black girl, she has no legs!!!she made the best of it well aware of the pressure cooker of injustice and great tradition of entertainers that is her birthright!

          • Nastassja

            THANK YOU! you are spot on. also, the man repeller should not have written “maniac” about a 4 year old especially when race is sensitive in a video like this one…

          • Osowoofy

            Ugh, she’s 70 years old? Then there’s no excuse….obviously a lifetime of bitterness.

          • Tash Rich

            Yes, she is 70. She said so herself… exactly.

          • Pauline Contois

            I understand that most people who see the hate you showed for a child is proud they are not of your culture upbringing and I still question that tea bagger mentality guess other countries have it, but working and friends with diverse people I find few who do not find this cute (not for a 8 year old but for a pre-schooler) @ Tash I think we all wanted to say wow, how can Pahtrisha be so unhappy that she find anything but her own comments uncivilized and rude, ruin of others and she is perfect in only her mind maybe….they can label that also can’t they, but then she may had been unstaged and never go over it. Maybe the immature (and we are not talking 4 year old here are we) is best to describe Pahtrish attitude-that or need of testing. @pahtrisha you don’t like it but you are dishing it to a 4 year old.,now we all judge your performance of etiquette!

          • penguin08

            What’s rude is YOU saying this child was acting out of control! You have serious issues and need to reevaluate if you are this concerned and upset over a person under the age of 5 and how they act haha seriously this kid is probably(more than likely) going to grow up to be a happier, kinder and more positive person than you obviously are. I feel bad for people like you. And no, I do not know you but, judging from your comments and a 4 year-old being selfish, I would say you have some real issues. SHE. IS. A. Child. Do you honestly think the other girls in the video went home and cried because their friend in class started dancing? Do you really think they understand what you are even complaining about? No! They don’t even know what a recital is! They don’t know if their dance was ruined or not because they don’t even understand what a group-choreographed dance is haha jeeze. People like you, yes I’m saying it again, PEOPLE LIKE YOU need to find something else to worry about because WHO SERIOUSLY CARES that a four year old was having the time of her life? No one except for unhappy, cynical, pessimistic PEOPLE LIKE YOU. If you can’t enjoy a video of an adorable girl having fun without getting this serious about the situation, then you need to look at what your worries in life are. I feel bad for you, it must be stressful getting so concerned over a situation that doesn’t even warrant a reaction like yours. Dude, go somewhere else with your negative waves

          • starsky

            You’re nuts lady!!! You must be ridiculously uptight – I used to be at the central school of ballet in london and the youngest performers werent expected to behave – just have fun- not that that matters – SHE’S FOUR!! Having fun and making a crowd laugh – I know some entertainers who couldn’t do that as an adult…Who ARE you???? You’re clearly mental.

          • anastasia

            its the teachers fault, she has on the wrong tights!

          • Dwyke Jay Phifer

            I don’t think your statement is meant to be unintelligent or rude. To some degree I would understand your point …for older children. I think your statement is a result of not understanding the stages of development or peoples expectations at a performance like this. Go to a few. This is completely expected BECAUSE SHE’S 4! What the teacher and crowd want to see most is kids having fun and enjoying the art of dance, not performing at peak effeciency like child robots.

          • 葛道真

            Thank you for both echoing my sentiments and also responding to the OP, Pahtrisha, in a decent manner. It is hard for anyone to hear the other side of an argument when people who disagree with them disparage their character at the same time rather than having a rational and reasoned discussion.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            Thank you, I whole heartedly agree!

          • Mike

            Kids having fun with a routine they learned, not acting out of control!

          • raquel

            you must not have a child

          • Pahtrisha

            Raquel – Please allow me to thank you for making a comment which is honest and without malice. Whilst you are wrong, it is of no consequence. You are one of the few who has made a rational statement. I wish you peace and happiness in your day.

          • Key

            WOW!! You have a child? I am a mother, professional dancer and choreographer and I still will never belittle a child. Look… I have a child with autism and I would be ecstatic if my daughter danced and gave her all like this young baby. What do you honestly have to prove by saying such nasty things about a 4 year old? In my opinion… your words are not only rude but I believe it shows that you had very little love in your own childhood.

          • Steve McIntosh

            rude is berating a child for having are beyond rude!

          • Uncivilized American

            Shut up! and I mean that in the most “uncivilized” way possible.

          • Luc

            Pat ! Cool down and relax ! Children must have fun . They cant be like robots in these soooooo boring presentations ! Fun is important to OUR SELF WELL BEING . Start thinking out the box and BE HAPPY AS WELL !

          • Steve McIntosh

            she is a 4 year old child, my lord do you expect children to act like robots? AND yes I’m telling you to shut your pie hole…a child at that age is suppose to be having fun not acting like adults!

          • Mike

            I didn’t see anyone say anything about acting like a robot, but she sure should listen to her teacher and dance like the rest of the girls.

          • Rashida Be

            She was.

          • ImPahtrishaImDUMB

            you’re dumb dumb dumb.. And i bet your kid(if you have one) has NEVER done anything silly and acted like A KID SHOULD(silly).. Being a kid is about having fun.. It’s dumb people like you that take a kids childhood away little by little with stupid comments like this. Congrats, nearly everyone thinks your outlook is moronic, you ought to be proud 🙂

          • Pahtrisha

            Kids? Yes, I have them, have grandchildren in fact and I have taught and directed many children and adults. In my productions I insist on discipline. Working together to achieve a goal is something which can be taught from early childhood. Of course kids should have fun. Everyone should have fun, but there is a time and place and aNd that is not at a recital in which teacher and other parents have invested time and energy. There would have been rehearsals, costumes to be made, venue to be hired. Much work went into making that event happen and one little girl ruined it. She needs to be taught how to behave and that ‘going rogue’ should be reserved for when she does not adversely impact the experience of others.

          • Susana Gonzalez

            I do not think she ruined the spectacle, as a mother I would rather share the Joy of this little child! She was happy and having fun.
            If a child of 7-and up would have behaved like this I would agree with you that the kid needs discipline. But at this age, this is not the case. Let us the children to be children, not robots.

          • d

            Well, let me be the first to say how incredibly thankful I am that you aren’t my mother or grandmother. Imagine how bummed your children and grandchildren must be when it is time to visit the wicked witch during the holidays.

          • Chrissy

            Do you not have anything better to do than defend yourself on an article online for your ridiculous frustration with one little girl that was having fun? Get a life, PLEASE! You’re embarrassing yourself.

          • Chris

            Pahtrisha….the Nazi’s were all about discipline. They insisted on it as well. Does it make it right? Absolutely not. Neither is berating someone so young for embracing something that they clearly enjoy. Something that they can’t mentally attach more than happy energy to because they are so young. No need to be so rude. If you’re going to negatively comment to someone, have the balls to do it to someone who can actually defend themselves.

          • Hm.

            You’re bringing up Nazi’s in this conversation? …

          • lorre

            SHE’S FOUR! four years old!!!! your hateful…I’m glad my kids were never around you!!!

          • mamabear

            what’s consistent with “proper behavior” anyway in a dance recital? dance is a creative outlet, and telling one to be like all the others just shows a culture of lemmings who can’t distinguish where proper behavior ends and a sense of self begins. it’s a shame everyone in the audience focused on her and not the other equally cute dancers, but that’s how the world works–we LOOK for those who stand out, where standing out IS called for. another thing, SHE’S 4. discipline, respect and humility are all complex emotions she WILL eventually learn, but at that age, learning to express oneself is primarily what we seek and reward in all young children. it’s not like she was encouraged to “act out”–that’s your perspective. her perspective was to enjoy the dance and emote her feelings. you tamp down individuality that young and then you end up with another, well…you. three cheers for the boring and mediocre! it just makes those of us who do stand out shine all the brighter 🙂

          • Steve McIntosh

            oh stuff it you old bag..very little work went into that recital but you can bet your bottom dollar a lot of fun went into it and the end result was everyone enjoyed it but YOU!

          • Key

            I do not agree… but I realize from your commentary that you are definitely old school. I can respect that but I still do not agree. Teachers like you made it difficult to love dance because of your rigid “discipline” at inappropriate ages. I am not saying you cannot teach a child discipline but if you can sit here and roast this child for her expression at the age of 4, if you were in her life you would definitely hinder her growth with your negativity.

          • Pahtrisha

            Good response, Key. I was not ‘hating’ or ‘roasting’ – I critiqued. In fact, I was that child :once ) That was me although I was six, not four. Look at what I became? 😉 But, the fact is that this was a rehearsed recital. All those children were onstage and each of them doing what they had been taught to do and doing it beautifully. But her behavior distracted both them and the audience. Many comments applaud her actions and dismiss the little girls who performed as they had been taught. That is such a shame as they should be applauded for being very good. You see, this was team work and in any production, stage play, movie, football game, basketball game, its good teamwork which wins the day. Even at four years of age, children can learn to work together as a team. That the others did so is a measure of their worth. So I give the others a standing ovation because they kept going and doing what they had been taught to do for a recital in the face of great distraction.

          • Jon

            You are nuts lady. wow. just wow.

          • Gabriel

            Calling a 4 year old child a “stupid, spoilt little brat” is a critique? Quite the euphemism in your attempt to save face. I agree that it was rude of her to upstage the others, but you have to consider that she is 4 years old, so it is unreasonable to expect her to have a strong conception of consideration for others yet. She is just having fun, which at that age should be encouraged. In my opinion, insulting her and calling her names for lacking a maturity not to be expected of her age, is morally reprehensible.

          • Saddening

            For many reasons behind what you say, I agree, and we seem to be coming at it from different angles. I am a 23 year old teacher in an inner city placement with at-risk poverty students. I’ve always seen each student as an individual and loved them for all they are. Are there students that stand out due to behavior problems? Absolutely, and I love them with all of my heart. Are they expected to follow the rules as well and show their creativity through outlets that are appropriate? WITHOUT A DOUBT. Her age definitely makes this difficult to address, but I am stuck between both sides. Yes, she is a young little girl….I understand that. However, she could be the future young little girl in a classroom struggling to read at level because there wasn’t an importance placed on appropriate times for being the “center of the show”.

            I understand your point completely, however I do understand the other sides as well. I did enjoy this video, and suppose I find it disheartening that people use these opportunities to fuel ignorant, hateful remarks towards anyone, no matter what their opinion.

          • picadilly

            I’m sure you’d be much more sympathetic if it was a little blonde girl.

          • Oy vey

            Please allow me to be your guide to the internet for a brief moment. Pahtrisha is what we call a troll. Here we see her, in her native environment, feeding on the only thing a troll does, drama. The troll is an easy beast to take down, all that is needed to stop a troll in it’s tracks is to starve it of attention. Therefore, dear friends, I beg you. While it is safe to observe the troll, we ask that you do not feed it. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

          • Pahtrisha

            How very presumptuous. You are the troll. I have offered my opinion in this case, drawn from vast experience. I will continue to post, Tweet, blog and write whenever I feel compelled to do so. Your immaturity and lack of breeding is well evidenced in your puerile comment.

          • anonisan

            You’re retarded

          • Melissa Richard

            Can you just let me know where you “teach” and “direct” so I can make positively CERTAIN none of my children are in any of your “productions”? Please and thanks. I personally don’t want my children anywhere near someone like you.

          • Pahtrisha

            Whilst I doubt this will ever be a problem as your children would not be of the calibre accepted into our classes, here are my details, just in case. Patrica Woodgate, Children’s NSW Initiative, C/- The Australian Ballet, 5/2 Kavanagh Street, Southbank, Vic 3006

          • Melissa Richard

            Ways I can tell you’re nothing more than a classic troll:
            1) While this article is more than a month old, I just saw it for the first time and commented. You, however, are “trolling” over thirty days after your initial comment to continue to badger and insult anyone who disagrees with your opinion.
            2) My son has been in Les Miserables. I don’t have to doubt his “caliber”…however, this leads me to #3…
            3) I don’t use words like “caliber” when talking about children, mine or otherwise. That’s disgusting, and you are a pretty disgusting human being to refer to children that way AND to stoop immediately to insulting my children. My children are of the HIGHEST character, moral fiber, and this is what makes their “caliber” beyond question in my mind, regardless of if they can dance in step or choose to follow the beat of a different drum. But while we’re on the subject of “caliber”…you tear down children’s precious egos and self-esteem while I work for an organization that provides residential therapy treatment for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues and spend every day giving them back precious self-worth and mental and emotional stability.
            Your personal compass guiding your behavior and your words is so askew, it’s more sad than anything. Your mind is firmly closed to the very thought of unscripted, unrehearsed FUN that you can think of no other recourse than to attack, belittle, and toss down icy insults from your ivory tower. You’re pathetic. That is all.

          • Pahtrisha

            You are wrong. I only keep posting because of the bullying which ensued. So, I shall continue to post as and when I wish. You are not worthy of another…..

          • Guest

            Melissa, You really a stupid woman and completely out of line. I have given you my name and you continue with your odious American bashing. Now, if you persist in bullying I shall report you.

          • Pahtrisha

   more sentence. Cease and desist the puerile bullying of a non American or I shall report you.

          • Melissa Richard

            Also, I find it interesting that apparently you’re not important enough to make it on the roster of staff at said institution….even the PIANISTS are listed, but not you. Strange, hm? It seems someone has a bit of an inferiority complex…..

          • Pahtrisha

            I did, in fact, provide my contact details but the comment was removed. I doubt very much your children are of the calibre necessary for acceptance into our classes so the likelihood of any contact is beyond remote. However, as a gesture of good faith, I did provide my contact information. My name is Patricia Woodbridge and you can reach me via the Sydney Children’s Initiative or Children’s NSW Initiative care of The Australian Ballet in Melbourne, Vic.

          • Osowoofy

            Wow, glad you’re not my grandmother. What a stick in the mud.

          • Pahtrisha

            No, not everybody. Also, ‘dumb’ is a silly word and out of place in adult conversation.

          • Kflure

            Really…dumb is a silly word. This whole thread is DUMB and SILLY! Here is a nice lesson. “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all”. Watch the video, if you think it is cute leave a nice comment. The child and her parents are more then likely checking this out. If you for some reason did not think it was cute then move on. Just because you can leave a comment does not mean you have to. I thought it was cute and she was adorable! Gave me a very welcomed chuckle!!

          • Kflure

            This is for everyone in this silly thread, not just Pahtrisha.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            Your name, lol – get real! If you are going to put people down, at least be brave enough to post at your real name.

          • Lynne Underwood

            as if as a 4 year old had any evil intentions ,,, ever heard of Fanny Brice she made a living doing things like that

          • Barbara

            Oh yeah.. I’m sure she woke up that morning, and in her four-year-old head, said, “I’m going to ruin today’s recital! It’s all about me! Screw those other kids and their parents!”

            Seriously, get a life. It’s a freakin’ children’s recital, not the New York Ballet.

          • Chrissy

            You must have been a parent there or something, because you’re clearly bitter. Or maybe had some traumatizing incident happen when you were a child in a tap show. Calm down, it was funny, and you’re an ass.

          • catie

            She is four years old and no doubt she has no comprehension at this time what the word or actions of “selfish” means.

          • Pauline Contois

            You tea bag is showing sweetie. You are the ones teaching the this horrible behavior that people are ruining stuff. Making it easier to blame everyone for anything wrong – instead of this is life and go on with your thing, You are teaching all wrong and guess what I bet the teacher was fine with it. On top of that the video show laughter and joy watching her do her thing. I believe all teachers of pre-school expect errors wither shock and not able to move hardly, forget of steps or going on your own for a reason that may just be you want to be a star

          • zoe

            Learn to speak english before you slag on others.

          • Pauline Contois

            Why don’t YOU learn to have any compassion. Seems you want to be a nit picker but never see that your own issues are much harder for other to forgive. I was born in America, so were my parents and their parents, so Zoe so fast to have English (which by the way I did get a’s in) what is you issues with slang or is slag a word I am have no knowledge of? Or could you use an English helper? I am sorry to be so mean spirited but I don’t see your point in pointing out English errors when you make them yourself. and I do not really care if you do have issues with my English because smart knowledge people can read what is said even spelt wrong or not phased correct so I will try and be more careful for everyone else who can’t but oh well! My goal is to get people to see children as such not want them to act 40, but those who do want them to act all grown up at 4 are the ones who point all errors on everyone because of their illusions of being “superior” (which of course is never the case).

          • FOX

            U r prbly just racist …. loser … ppl like u shouldnt hav kids so that a childhood is not ruined by hitler’s butthole

          • Peggy

            You are an idiot !! Get a life as the other people have said !!!!

          • Pahtrisha

            Why don’t you address the comment instead of the person. Engaging in personal insults is incredibly immature and indicative of deep seated insecurities. #flick

          • porkchopexpress

            Pahtrisha… the ultimate troll.

          • Carpenter

            haha…someone finally gets it…been scrolling down to see a mention of it…took a while LOLZ

          • Michael S Rivette


          • Hector

            I think we need to stop feeding the troll. It seems she doesn’t have anything better to do than just try to convince us all that this is not the way a small child will act. We need to put them into marching formations and…hell can we send them to the army already?

            Pahtrisha you need to go try and remember what being a kid feels like. I feel bad for your kids because you clearly seem to have a stick up your ass. Although it seems that being strict is awesome and your children grew up successful, this leads to certain problems later on in life (speaking from experience, because of strict parenting). Also please don’t tell people that certain words are inappropriate. This is the internet not your house. The child was expressing her creativity and we should not beat her down because we(mainly just you apparently) cannot fathom how beautiful her expression was.

          • Marie

            Considering i see you had countless hours to reply it is evident that you are missing the opportunity to taint the minds of your children and grandchildren. my prayers are with them. i hope they have realized that your judgmental ways are not the footsteps to follow

          • Judy

            Pahtrisha, you are not right in the head. I’m sorry but you have no frame of reference and do not know what you are talking about. Negative people as yourself should be shunned from normal society. It’s people as yourself that make this world negative. Your glass is always half empty isn’t it???!!!!

          • Samantha

            I feel absolutely, terribly, horribly sorry for your children and grandchildren. May they grow up and see that you are a negative sociopath that which you are. I’m sorry for my negativity and I do not usually post to threads like this, but your are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Have a nice day Pahtrisha.

          • For.Crying.Out.Loud.

            Good grief people. Let a lady speak her mind. You act as though she’s calling the child bad little names. She’s just stating some points. And yes, it’s possible for four year olds to dance to a choreographed routine (look at the rest of them!).

          • Samantha

            Hey, Guest B…We ARE letting her speak her mind and her mind is demented. And I understand where she is coming from but in this case she is out of line and wrong. It’s not like they are professional dancers in a competition, this sweet, cute little girl is simply being a little kid. Children this young do not understand what they are even doing. In fact the other little girls are more like robots and are just doing what they are told and don’t know why. The little girl is the only one is isn’t afraid to let loose and be who she wants to be because they are FOUR years old!! GET OVER IT. The world would be a better place if it didn’t have humans like yourself and Pahtrisha bringing down the human race with your negativity and criticisms of young little children. WTF is wrong with you.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            For.Crying.Out.Loud agreed!

          • Mega

            If the teachers and parents spent many hours teaching the kids, literally 2 dance steps then i hope it was all volunteer…that girl wasnt selfish she was having fun and the girl next to her did look terrified but it probably had more to do with performing in front of a bunch of people than her classmate, who according to you shes spent multiple hours with in class…youre an idiot

          • anastasia

            she has on the wrong tights its the teachers fault

        • Yoni Mayeri

          No adorable, it looks spastic to me.

      • It’s just me

        Your comment is AMAZINGLY STUPID.

      • Lila

        I guess you want your kid’s recital to be like your life…..boring and an exercise in obligation. Good luck with all that gray in your ho-hum life.

      • LAHips

        WOW! Really I hope you don’t have any kids!

      • DME

        Wait, you’re (what I assume is) an ADULT calling a pre-schooler stupid???? Yeah, that’s a glaring indicator of the stellar job your parents did raising you, buddy. This isn’t ironic at all.

      • Kat

        I agree. I’m sure the other little girls practiced and practiced to try and get it just right. And, this little girl gets up there, acts like a fool, and gets all the applause and attention!

        • john w

          Have you ever been to a 4-year old’s dance recital? No matter how much practice, they still don’t ever remember the moves. Most of them stand up there looking like a deer in the headlights until the song is over. BECAUSE THEY’RE FOUR.

          • Lisa
          • Oprah.W. – FaithHopeLove

            The children of North Korea are sleep deprived, starved, beaten, and prostituted to save/earn money for their families. These children do not enjoy what they do, nor do they think about what they’re doing. At that young of an age, with that type of treatment, they have become brainwashed, not taught. If you are a parent that condones this treatment, or simply accepts it as “the competition”, then you need to reassess your life and your morals with concern towards humanity and humane treatment. Parents like you should not put the pressure on your children to accomplish what you failed to achieve in your life. Especially if they do not want to pursue the same dreams.



          • Lisa

            Oprah. Nothing you said changes the fact that there are four year olds all around the world (including in this girls dance class) that somehow are able to show more control over their behavior than this girl. The comments on this site are all like “she’s four! It’s impossible for four years olds to do anything!” That is simply not true. So go ahead and spew out tangents about parenting techniques, falsely assume again that Im a parent and then lecture me all you want, but that doesn’t change the truth of what I said. I suggest you calm the F down.

          • Hm.

            I agree with Lisa. It’s really, quite honestly, idiotic to suggest “She’s only four!” How about the rest of the girls, or girls everywhere who can appropriately dance to a routine? I’m not saying she did it on purpose, but it’s sad when all those little girls practice hard, their parents spend a lot of money on lessons and costumes, and one kid ends up doing this.

          • Lisa

            Also, I’d like to point out that there is a stronger correlation between a child’s self-control abilities and their future success as an adult than any other indicator (even IQ).
            Children who exhibit a lack of self control are more likely to be poor, suffer from obesity and poor health, and have other issues when they are older. Self control is also something that can be taught. It needs to be developed through training just like a muscle needs to be worked out. ENDURING (as in enduring into adulthood) differences in self control are exhibited as early as pre-school years.
            So Oprah. I guess what I’m saying here is that our culture is only hurting itself by not expecting young children to exhibit self control in their behavior and awarding young children with attention when they act out. I’m not saying we should mimic North Korea, but in the increasingly global world we live in, the US will only fall further behind the rest of the world with this attitude and belief that children are not capable of self control.

        • kladinvt

          Uh oh…another “stage-parent”!

      • b1311

        I completely agree. My mom finds that type of behavior obnoxious. My parents would have spanked me if I acted like that. Dance classes aren’t cheap and you’re not there to do anything you want like you would at home. And to the below comment- being 4 years old isn’t an excuse. Clearly her personality wasn’t ready for a coordinated routine at that age. Yes it was funny; but embarrassing.

        • kladinvt

          And your “inoperative-word” is “fun”. Don’t have fun kids…it’s all about the competition!

        • Hm.

          Thank you, b1311 for speaking some sense.

      • dinah

        I reckon she has ADHD or something… most kids that age would want to try to fit in with the other kids and would be mortified to behave like that.

        • kladinvt

          OY….better fit in & be a comformist…a good little clone.

        • Jayvon

          What they didnt know is that this little girl got into her mom’s crack stash before the recital

        • Alex

          Please don’t insult children with ADHD. This child is nothing more than an obnoxious, spoiled, self-centered, attention-grabbing little bitch. Yeah, yeah, she’s only 4. And next year she’ll be 5. In 10 years 14, and she’ll still be an obnoxious, spoiled, self-centered, attention-grabbing little bitch, only nobody will think she’s cute any more.

          • Pauline Contois

            compared to greedy selfish adults who hate anything not as “good as them”? Well, I guess that we have name for those also don’t we. wow, what jerk these sad opinions show.

        • Ceal

          If she doesn’t fit into ur mold she has ADHD???? Sorry but she is 4 yrs old & I for one am happy she has some spirit. Some adults should step out of their mold & experience the pure joy of living.

      • Lynne Underwood

        Oh BS she was fantastic ,ever heard of Fanny Brice ,Ziegfeld star, this kid had the moves and she made a boring recital fun

      • Ruby Stephens

        shut up Steve

      • Cassi Haggard

        I 100% did something like this as a kid (it was a Flintstone themed dance and I thought I should keep saying Yabba dabba doo when it was not my turn to do so. Not quite as amazing but disruptive). I have amazing parents who raised me well. I am a well-rounded, educated adult with a full time job that I am good at. Misbehaving in a pre-school dance recital in no way indicated what kind of child I was (aside from high energy) or what kind of parents I had. Some people are naturally hams and when put on stage they relish the attention. The little girl was mostly doing the dance, just putting her own spin on it and having fun. When you put kids in dance classes or sports it should be about fun, not about doing the dance or the sport well. This girl was having fun.

      • mamabear

        what’s consistent with “proper behavior”? dance is a creative outlet, and telling one to be like all the others just shows a culture of lemmings who can’t distinguish where proper behavior ends and a sense of self begins. it’s a shame everyone in the audience focused on her and not the other equally cute dancers, but that’s how the world works–we LOOK for those who stand out, where standing out another thing, SHE’S 4. you tamp down individuality that young and then you end up with another, well…you. three cheers for the boring and mediocre!

      • Steve’s Gf’s booty call


      • indielokimin

        Back to your cave, troll

      • Jack Fields

        You’re just jealous because you don’t have her talent. Or the ability to enjoy hers.

      • lyriclove22

        Yeah, Steve and Pahtrisha, she is a child. A very YOUNG one at that. For all we know, she may have thought she was doing it right. Not everyone is born with dancing skills and rhythm. ESPECIALLY well-developed skills at that age. I doubt it wa a behavior thing. if you look closely, she is still following the steps in an exaggerated way. She is just being herself, which is bold. This is why the majority of the viewers seem to like it. It shows personality, not lack of discipline. Don’t jump to conclusions so fast without knowing that much about others.

      • Susan Hunsecker

        I think she is cute at first but she took away from the other girls who worked hard to learn this routine.

      • Steve McIntosh

        Can you be any more ignorant? She is a small child not a robot! I’m happy she enjoyed every minute of it!

      • Brittany

        Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is exactly why artists today struggle–because artistically constipated fucks like you try to put a cap on creative expression. This little girl did everything right. She felt the music, and she went with it. She didn’t do what everyone else did, she did what she FELT, and it was perfect. As an adult, I wish I had half the courage it takes to break outside of the box and act organically, from deep inside me, without thinking in the back of my mind whether I am doing the right thing, or if people will judge me. She needs to be encouraged. She will learn discipline as she grows, but NEVER TRY TO STIFLE CREATIVE TALENT IN CHILDREN. Otherwise, they will grow up and walk around with sticks up their asses like you. If this girl gets encouragement, she could be the next Beyonce, but without it, she could be…you, in an office.

      • Think.For.Once.

        Though a little cute, I find it annoying as well. All the girls worked very hard (and their parents paid a lot for lessons and costumes), so it’s sad when one little girl steals the show because they’re not following the routine.

        • Think.For.Once.

          And, what if all the little girls did that? I would bet all of them would be reprimanded in some form or another (there’s no point in a dance routine, if, well, there’s no routine to it). Again, cute, but I don’t think kids should be patted on the back for behavior like this.

      • Tori

        I would watch your tongue. It will be your kid that acts this way at some event and you will have to eat your words.

      • Bill Macre

        @Steve: Your comment was AMAZINGLY STUPID and you should have a good talking to. I liked her…I think this little girl shown an unharnessed engery that the others do not show. She needs to be reeled in somewhat but I give her an A+ for effort.

      • RD

        The child was dancing. It was a dance recital. What’s the problem?

      • Mike

        I agree…the teacher should also let the parents know if she cannot follow direction, she should not be in class.

      • Curtain2

        That is what is wrong with your country today… one can just smile or laugh anymore, you have to find a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE in everything…even a 4 year old’s dance routine. Do you for one minute think the teacher doesn’t know that this is the way this child is? Or that this is what the child wold have done?. If she/he is indeed their teacher, he/she knew this would happen. Go to bed sir you need a rest.

      • Freddie A. Stare

        Wow dude. You are so wrong. That little girl is the gifted one in the group. Eff talking to her about good behavior. She is the einstein in that group who is capable of creating original work doing it with JOY that’s what dance is all about mofo

      • Rashida Be

        She was actually doing the dance Steve. You could see her looking at the front (where her teacher probably was doing the dance). I am I dance teacher and could tell. She was just excited. You could see that she was following what the other girls were doing, but was just a little more excited. She was probably just recalling what she has seen when watching the older kids in class and is a natural performer. Getting lost in the music. I would be SUPER proud if that was my child and completely proud if I was her teacher. My next job would be working on how to mould all her energy into a uniformed performance. True star and free spirit if you ask me! We could all do with being less self conscious!

        • carling*laoac

          Most comments reflect the lack of appreciation of the spontaneous entertainment value of the little girl’s act. She was great!!
          We,love her. She will be a great entertainer, mark my word. And relax, please.

      • Steve has issues

        Steve your an ass.

      • Paureta Johnson-Teage

        My gawd, u are ignorant.

      • Will Havertape

        Fuck off ya twat. This little girl has got the right idea

      • anastasia

        she has on the wrong tights

      • AbbyLeeKiller

        lol you’ve been watching too much dance moms. Go to most dance schools that cater for this age groups, you barley expect them to remember the steps, and as a dance teacher i prefer students like that with confidence and character.

      • RareE

        You must not have any children. For if you did, you would know that this happens. ALL THE TIME. It was harmless. Please don’t have any children of your own.

      • lol

        You are amanzingly stupid yo self! SHES A **** KID!!!

      • Diana Zurbriggen

        she didn’t do anthing wrong, she took t hat song and dance and made it her own. Folks I believe we have witnessed a future star

      • Avram Cohen

        Totally agree, yeah she’s a kid but she ruined it for all the other little girls that trained for this!

      • Happygirl

        Her proper behavior? She was dancing!! She didn’t hurt anyone and yes, she is like 4. Do you have children? I am thinking no.

      • Teacher2014

        I totally agree!ll she’ll be the same way in the classroom ant your child will not get the education your tax dollars paid for because she will keep the teacher from teaching.

      • Omar

        Steve I feel sorry for your kids if you have any. This little girl did nothing wrong. The people in this world that make a difference do not run with the pack. Bravo to her parents for raising a star.

      • Gail Perry

        Ya big Scrooge. I hope someone gives you a sense of humor for Xmas!

      • Vivaswan Tejas Shetty

        maybe your parents should’ve talked to you less..

      • MaryRS

        Excuse me? This isn’t stupid. She’s a toddler. She did an incredible job and she should keep it up! She is thinking out of the box. It’s GOOD that she is able to show such wonderful creativity. Her expressions and her dancing were wonderful. She is going to go places. We need more people who aren’t afraid to be themselves. You sir, are short sighted.

      • Justin Robert

        Steve. Clearly you are not a dancer or dance teacher because thst was INCREDIBLE.

    • Pahtrisha

      Really? A rehearsed recital? Let her be cute alone, let her be cute and present her as a solo performer – she would be great.

      • Eric East

        Get over it, you act like she ruined every other girls chances for a dance career. Like they and the teacher all conditioned trained really hard for this like it was the Olympics or something.

        It is generally conservatives who do not like this kind of behavior, because…
        1. Conservatives are boring and want everyone else to be as boring as they are so they love words like self control and restraint.
        2. Half the time they are either closet racists or they are outright in your face racists.

        • Pahtrisha

          No, I said she ruined that performance for the other little preschoolers who looked so cute and tried so very hard. Eric, you will learn as you go through life….well, maybe my assumption is as flawed as your ability to comprehend. Not sure what all that ‘conservative’ garbage is all about. If I were not intelligent life I might find it insulting. BTW, what was racist about my comment?

          • JRM

            On another comment you talked down to another individual because they told you to shut up and was, in my opinion, very rude to you. She needed to be called on her inappropriate comment. Eric also makes assumption about you as a person which again I find to be unfair and un-grounded. HOWEVER, your response is not respectful either. I think you should be able to defend yourself but fighting unfair statements with diminutive language is just as harmful to your position/opinion.

            Respectful dialogue is always helpful no matter the context. I do think we are all being a little hypercritical of four year olds. Either in stating that she should be highly commended for her originality/”going rogue” or for reprimanding her for her behavior. I agree with a statement you made that she should have been given a solo, BUT insinuating that should replace her being in the group number does read as racist. I am not saying that was your intent but I am letting you know that is how your position is coming across. Which is, unfortunately what everyone will pick up on instead of your clear desire to have everyone involved with the dance recital be proud of the finished product. I would also hazard a guess that this behavior would have been unexpected by the dance teacher.

            Just my thoughts…

          • Pahtrisha

            True 🙂 I lowered myself to Eric’s level. Thank you for your measured response. However, I did not suggest she should be replaced? My inference should have read that she should be taught by her parents…even at that age. My own daughter at age 5 stood center stage with her tongue hanging out while she found her step during a recital. It was cute and did not distract from the excellent performance of the other dances, but her teacher talked gently to her afterwards. Rest assured, I am not racist and that was never my intent. My comments would have been as strong no matter gender, culture, colour or creed.

          • Si

            I guarantee you’ve spent more time flapping about this girl ane one-upping everyone with your condescending tone on this forum than any of the parents at the recital did debating wether it was ruined.
            They all will have gone up to their respective child and said, “Did you have fun honey? You did great up there.” then taken them for a treat to celebrate, and then they will all have gotten on with their lives, If you spent so long trolling comment sections of videos of four year old girls thinking you will in any way affect that single child then the world really has become a desperate place. You might have corrected your child but it doesn’t mean you can tell other adults that their opinion that it was “cute” or “adorable” is incorrect because it’s not your view.

          • Pahtrisha

            Absolutely. When someone is rude to me I am known to respond. ‘flapping’? forgiven me I don’t understand that word.

            If you go back in chronological order, you will see how I started my contribution to this thread. No apology is needed, thank you.

            Have a great day – but first translate your colloquialism

          • Andy Gerken

            Did you say “forgiven me”? What kind of English is that? You might want to correct your own English before you try to correct someone else.

          • Pahtrisha

            It was a typo, Andy. Yes, I should have corrected it. 🙂

          • Tash Rich

            FYI, I told her to shut her trap door again. 🙂

          • Pahtrisha

            You do that well, Tash. You have told me at least twice and I notice you told another poster, also.

          • Tash Rich

            Wrong. I was informing them that I told you to.

          • Pauline Contois

            Maybe the others are sick of people calling down little children. You would be wrong on dance teacher unless it is the top ring ones that parents force children to be perfect…most understand this is the start 1st time on stage is hardest and a couple like the 2 younger ones on the end, one was scared and one did her own thing. You can even call them, so maybe it is just people who never dealt with dance at young age, next year she could be best dancer ever! She has no fear of people.

          • Eric East

            As I will learn through life? What? Am I 15 years old again? Sweet heart I turn 39 in a few days and served in Afghanistan as a marine directly after 9/11. She did not ruin anything, she is 4! I bring up the conservative thing because this reminds me of every movie about upper class society teaching your girls proper etiquette. I did not say what you said was racist, I am saying about half the people that have a problem with this are uptight conservative types, half of which are usually racist.

          • Pahtrisha

            Eric, thank you for your service. I am a liberal and almost 70 years old. So, I pull rank, darling. 😉

          • Ruby Stephens

            Pahtrisha your strange

          • Pahtrisha

            That would be ‘you’re’.

            I made a comment and was the recipient of much derision. That is not ‘strange’.

          • Chrissy

            I’m sorry you don’t have anything better to do than talk about a 4 year old’s actions that have absolutely no effect on your life on anyone’s around you. You should find something better to do than be online talking about crap like this. That’s also awful that you just told a marine that you pull rank over him just because you’re old. I’m sorry but THAT was stupid. Get a life, because like you said, you’re 70… don’t waste the time you have left stating your ridiculous and harsh opinions on an article.

          • Lilflyer1

            You being a 70 year old, slightly bitter liberal gives you more rank than the 39 year old man that fought for the freedom of speech you are exercising right now? I think not.

        • Saturday

          I’m a liberal, Eric East, and I didn’t like that behavior. She’s undisciplined in an environment that is teaching discipline and self-control to children.

          • Eric East

            Discipline and self-control? This isn’t a military school and it is not like the crowd wasn’t encouraging her laughing their asses off.

        • Milo Minderbinder

          So not liking this type of behavior is racist now? Good to know.

          • Eric East

            I am stating a fact, you are the one misconstruing what I said. Half the people upset with this video are uptight conservative types. Half of uptight conservative types are racist. If you do not believe me look through the rest of these comments. Over half are supportive of the girl, the rest do not care for the lack of self-control of a 4 year old girl. I would say at least 60% are supportive, 40% disagree and of that 40%, half or 20% are racist. 1 in 5 commentators on here are saying racist shit. Are you saying that is not the case? So yes, if you do not like this behavior, then there is a 50% chance you are an uptight conservative and another 25% chance you are racist. That figure is pretty much on the mark whether you choose to admit it to yourself or not.

          • Pahtrisha

            Arohanui, Eric.

          • Eric East

            Arohanui Pahtrisha 🙂

          • kladinvt

            It does make one wonder, if the same people would express these the vociferous objections, if the little girl looked more like the others. A lot of the objections seem to have the stench of telling this little girl to “mind her place”.

          • I.

            I really don’t understand how this is turning into a racist argument. Had the child been any other race and acting in a similar manner, her behavior would still display similar issues. Children at that age are extremely malleable to the world surrounding them, and this is a key phase of development, which affects them for the rest of their lives. Children, of all races, whose parents engage in the “concerted cultivation” method of child-rearing, in which they provide structure and discipline for the child’s environment, as opposed to children of parents who engage in the “natural growth” approach, using which they allow their children to cross lines, as exhibited in the video, out of belief that this benefits their natural personal growth, have been shown by longitudinal and cross-sectional studies to have better health, longer life-spans, higher levels of education, higher lifetime incomes, and higher lifetime employment, which, in turn, is correlated back to decreased stress levels and improved quality of life. Thus, while the little girl is providing entertainment to her spectators, it is rather sad to think that, should she continue to be permitted to act like this, she might not be smiling in the spot light in the long run.

      • kladinvt

        You need to have a conversation with yourself in the bathroom mirror to find out why you are so OBSESSED with this little girl???

        • Pahtrisha

          What a sad, immature comment.

    • Pahtrisha

      I don’t agree with you but do like your hat. Very stylish.

  • This is precisely the opposite of who I was in my first dance recital– and yet, all the applause goes to this one!
    Your Friend, Jess

  • Is this the beginning of the end of “Man Repeller”?

    • Leandra Medine

      Why would you say a silly thing like that!

      • Unstructuredme

        Attention… smh.

      • I miss the clothes. And the original voice. Re-hashing videos from other aggregators (not to mention The View) seems to signal the end of an era for a style blog.

        There’s not even a mention of how the person who made the video removed it from his YouTube channel and the current link is from someone who wasn’t at the performance.

        • Leandra Medine

          Three style posts went up this week, though! I’m so sorry/sad you feel like the original voice is dissipating but this particular section of the site (Best of the Internet) is built on the pretense that we want to share with you all the really special stuff that we comb through daily. The main posts are always fairly long form, as are the Minor Cogitations (which are also typically fictional freak rants) and take a lot of time, brain power and editing to construct.

          To be honest, we didn’t know that the video was taken down and then replaced. We just found it so incredibly cute and endearing and therefore wanted to share. Hope we can change your mind and bring you back on board!

          • moldub

            Does this little girl not encompass everything that “man repeller” stands for? F*ck blending into the group and following rules. I do what I want and don’t care!

          • Guest

            What is she 5 at the most? Is she even concerned with attracting men? Perv looking at children as if she’s should be a man magnet. Did your mom and dad not show you enough love as a child thus you must show hate towards children.

          • findapenny

            Guest above, I don’t think you quite understand… no one is discussing this young girl being attractive to any man. Rather, Bike Pretty is talking about this blog site, which is named “Man Repeller”, and referring to the lack of fashion focused posts they have seen lately.

          • goldenarmz976

            You should try and get out of the house at lease a little bit. You’re on a blog called Man Repeller. You must have known that…unless you just blindly follow links without regard to the site. Bike Pretty has a point. It may be pointless to care, b/c the net is the Wild-West when it comes to most viral content.

          • Guest

            Hmmm, I did not notice the name of the blog either. I clicked on a link posted on Facebook. The screen took me directly to the video and without scrolling up, the top of the page was not visible.

          • J S

            Blindly following links that were embedded into other sites is actually very common practice. Give our misguided guest a break, y’all.

          • guest

            omggg please tell me you aren’t serious!? “man repeller” is the name of this website….learn to read

          • Iga Gawronska

            I love it! I don’t think posting this takes away from the value or the voice of the blog. Instead, as usual you made me smile!

  • kristina


  • Melissa

    I feel like she was taught this routine by Bill Cosby, no?

    • Balunino

      I felt the same…so adorable!

    • marge

      I don’t think this can be taught. Maybe she was showing off her dancing skills, all of them. It was wonderful to watch, 3 times.

    • Kadydid

      Bill Cosby only wishes he could move this well! She was absolutely adorable! We have funny little kids like this at our dance studio. Our teacher wants the children to learn technique – yes, but have fun first! She says if children are having fun then they are learning!

  • Candace

    This makes my heart smile lol

  • Bree Taylor

    that is possibly the best thing I have ever seen!

  • Stefania Aronin

    Amazing. Totally hilarious.

  • Ohhh…. sorry, I’ll be back when I stop laughing …. mmmmm ohhhh sweet like hell

  • Tasha Hinde

    Hahahahaha that is pure brilliance right there.

  • LineHarbak

    Hahahhahahaaaaa ooooh hhaah, I can’t stop laughing! Thank you for sharing and for being amazing!

  • What’s almost better is the fact that Blondie Becky to her right has no idea what to do with herself! Dying.

    • Fran

      Disagree with you….. Blondie Becky was doing the dance like she was taught, and I was giving her credit for being able to do as well as she did with the out of control little hyperactive off her meds ….. wasn’t funny at all to me.

      • Annie Cargirl

        You’re either Blondie Becky’s mom, or the person with the least sense of humor ever.

        • Jbro

          I didn’t like it, either, and I have a great sense of humor. This was a child out of control, what’s funny about that?

          • Guest21

            She was having fun. Did the other girls look like they were having fun? They probably wish they could have done that too.

          • Bobs

            Their just little girls! But… its even sillier to ridicule the other little girls for dancing the way they rehearsed. Far more props should go to cooperation than attention seeking alienation.

          • Mac Clair

            How about if it’s just not that big of a deal?

          • Stella

            thank you. All those other little girls who worked hard at learning the routine and worked together, paid attention in class, and practiced, were overlooked and ignored.

          • Ray Kunkle

            the other girls weren’t having fun because they were trying to do the moves that they had been practicing days and weeks for, that their little young brains were training for. Then were caught off guard by lil honeybooboo going insane and could barely keep the routine going. Night ruined for 5 or more little girls but at least the one acting out had fun and was applauded for it.

          • Pahtrisha

            Totally agree with you. Little miss upstaged everyone else. Not a good look. Definitely not ‘cute’.

          • Tash Rich

            No one would have even watched this video, nor would it had been uploaded and made the headlines if as you say little “honey-booboo” ..wouldn’t have been in it. … 😉

          • Barb Pearson

            Amen to that Jbro. I felt she pretty much ruined the number for the other little girls.

          • Leah

            Completely agree! Being out of control and simply rude should not be something we applaud. Especially not at that young of an age. She will be a “problem” child in 10 years and I would be one very angry mom of one of the other dancers.

          • debbie

            Leah… gonna have to disagree, because. isn’t it is the ‘problem child’ that is more likely than not, the inventors and entrepreneurs that ‘change our world? or the artists that step out of the box , explore, and bring back their gifts. We need those people..As far as this predicting 10 years from now? Why do we always live in a time off into the distance and predict what will be??

          • Abc123

            debbie, I’m pretty sure that the people who “change out world” are those who have the self discipline to work their butt off in order to achieve a goal, who respect their peers, who work as a team when the circumstances require it, and who produce excellent results at the end. I see none of those things here. This is only a little girl, so I certainly wouldn’t fault her for acting out the way she did and I think it’s wonderful that she is enthusiastic, but she needs to understand how to properly channel this enthusiasm, such as a solo performance, or perhaps a more athletic activity like gymnastics. I would not applaud it in a group dance recital like this, because all it shows is a lack of self discipline and it takes away all the attention from the little girls who did as they were told and who must have had a really hard time sticking to the routine with this distraction. Is that the message we want to sent to our children, that the girls who gets the most attention will be praised more than the ones who do a great job at something?

          • Nene

            Totally disagree! Most, if not all, the great thinkers, creatives and innovators of our generation were free thinkers and free radicals. The focus and discipline you speak of are handled by the people they hire who believe in their vision. So don’t worry about those other little girls, they’ll be ok developing someone else’s vision. That little girl won’t. I can tell….I was her!

          • Connie Kuramoto

            Totally agree Nene! totally agree!

          • Abc123

            well, I’m certainly glad you took the time to post, since you must be very busy leading this country with all that free spirit. in the end, success requires both: Innovation/creativity AND hard work/discipline.

          • Jenne M

            And we say the same to you, glad you took the time to post, since you could be out helping people with your *amazing* life-coaching skills. Spend some more time around kids, so you’ll be less likely to judge them.

          • Stella

            narcissism at its finest

          • Jenne M

            It seems to me that she did put work into it. She wasn’t lost at all, through the entire performance; you can see her performing specific dance moves, just like the other girls. She just put her own creative spin on it. Also, children rarely act like this out of nowhere, after being a complete introvert all the time, so more than likely she’s an extreme extrovert who was probably heart and mind out of control at being able to dance for all those people… and her classmates and teacher already know that if they’ve spent that much time around her.
            “Women who behave rarely make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

            Looks like she’s on a good strong path already. – j.

          • Abc123

            If you had taken the time to read my comment, you would see that I was not judging her and that I welcomed her enthusiasm, but was merely criticizing people’s reactions to it. I wasn’t saying she should be punished or judged, I just didn’t see why this thing warranted the conclusion that she was going to do bigger and better things than any of the other girls. I appreciate innovation just like the anyone else, but I don’t think that just because someone has a free spirit they will necessarily do better in the real world – sometimes it can simply be a sign that they need a more appropriate activity to channel their energy. To me this girl looks like tap dancing does not provide her with the physical outlet she is craving. Luckily I am not the one raising your kids, so we can just agree to disagree.

          • stella

            So those other little girls are somehow “less” and less deserving of praise and attention? And should be taught now that they will forever be followers and not leaders?

          • lulu

            no, they will be inspired to be themselves and be creative.

          • Ricardo Powellardo

            Do you 2 even consider the fact that both of you can be right and you can come to some compromise to appease you both? How about a good parent taking her aside at the right moment after the performance, commend her on her performance and tell her how proud you were to see her so exuberant and do your best to tell her she did great in taking a chance. But soon after this, in the most delicate way possible, explain to her that she could be at her best if she could stay close to the routine and act like a group. And maybe start planting the seed in her to help others become better because she has more natural talent at this skill. And then next recital, sign her up for non-group projects to let her express herself in the way she would like too. And always encourage and leave the door open for group activity as well.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            This was a chorus line, they were all supposed to be doing the same thing. A chorus line is dance is not the time to be unique, creative, innovative, think outside the box, or be entrepreneurial.

          • Don

            Amen to that Debbie.

          • Ray Kunkle

            so according to Debbie in order for out society to progress the best thing to do that night would have been for all the little girls to just do whatever they wanted and danced however they wanted cuz that makes them better people? Why practice for a recital if the best thing to do is to ignore all instruction and act out. I feel bad for all of you peoples kids if you as parents believe in your hearts that disobeying your instructions from you teacher is not only the right thing to do but is funny also. I feel bad for the girls that were trying to do the right thing and show their parent how much they learned and how hard they worked just to have the show ruined by one girl.

          • Vernelle Massey

            Most of my degree is in Child Development. This is a wonderful expression of personal creativity that so many children lose by the time they finish 3rd grade. Great parents to encourage this and nurture a happy child! The other children did not have their day ruined. At this age, they will only remember how they felt or how their teacher and parents responded.

          • Yoni Mayeri

            No way, every parent there recorded it on some device and most of the girls will have a copy of it to view forever.

          • Leah

            I own a self built successful business. I was always disciplined, made exceptional grades, received a full ride to college and now employ 7 people not including myself. I agree with Abc123. We all need to be different, it is what makes the world go ’round. I was once that young tap dancer, I know how hard we all worked for that, and I would be upset to have someone ruin it for me. There is a time and a place to step out of the box and challenge “the man.” I chose those times in my life to be times that would make a difference rather than a distraction, as I will encourage my children to do the same. The child above is merely a nuisance.

          • Pahtrisha

            Well, stepping out of the box shouldn’t impact negatively on others. Why on earth is she in a class? She should be solo.

          • Giselle Williams-Thomas

            Wow. Thank you Ms. Cleo for bringing us back to the future. You’re willing a CHILD, who by the way is innocently dancing at a dance recital, into a life of problems just because she danced to her own beat? They’re all but 3yrs max. Who does a routine to perfection at that age? This is not that TLC reality show. This is real life. Innovators rarely stay in line and conform with the masses. In 10 years time, she will be GREAT!

          • Don

            Agreed Giselle. She’ll probably be running her won dance school.

          • Life

            It was so terrible it made so many people die get sick ruined lives!!! what the hell is wrong with you people!!! she is a little girl who decided to have fun….listen the audience was laughing what could that mean????

          • StillStacy

            Have you ever even been around children? This young, they often march to their own beat.

          • Meghan

            I agree with you, although I would go one step further and say that all children march to their own beat…. that beat just gets standardized out of them in schools and different group organizations that expect kids to fall in line, follow the rules, do what they’re told and discipline themselves. It’s crazy that people here are chastising a 2-year old for not doing those things instead of celebrating her uniqueness.

            And before anyone jumps on me about blaming schools for this…. I’ll throw it out there that I’m an elementary school principal.

          • Vernelle Massey

            Meghan, we need more principals that think like you!

          • Gloria S McFadden

            I felt this kid was marching to her own beat. I thought she may be on the autism spectrum because she clearly had a routine of her own. It was not a spur of the moment show boating thing. So, I decided to look-up the words to the song. When she turned and did the finger thing to the little girl, I knew she was choreographing. Turns out, the song was fitting for this little girl’s personality and she was feeling the music and responding to the words! That’s called a gift! I hope she doen’t encounter people in her life that will force her to be anything but herself.

          • Mac Clair

            Ridiculous. Uptight. That you odd people can read — and bring– so much negativity into this video is appalling to me. I’ll bet you don’t like dancing (even in your own living room) OR playing non-competitive sports or sex because it’s all just too messy and you get sweaty and stuff and what’s the point. Yes — I just stereotyped you alI; at least I have your own words to use against you. The “out of control” girl danced enthusiastically and was condemned to a life “out of control” and problematic.
            I was so shocked to see these comments, which I found by accident. “I liked” the video posted by a friend on her wall because SHE liked it (and had no idea these negative comments were here).

          • Connie Kuramoto

            Oh come on…out of control and rude? really? problem child in ten years? really, you are sure? or maybe just a creative genius. Why be angry if you were another mom? What is this, a Broadway performance or just an elementary school dance recital….get a life Leah!

          • Dijeridoo

            Anyone who has ever worked with a truly creative person knows that though they work hard, and to my mind this little girl did, they work on their own terms. Not only were the audience enjoying it but I notice a huge smile from the little blonde girl next to her at the end of the performance. Sad that others have to bring it down, maybe they are the ones who are craving the attention!

          • Mrs. K

            Well, speaking as a kindergarten teacher, I would hope that this is not they type of behavior she would exhibit during one of our performances. And if she did, look out first grade teachers…

          • dinah

            I think she is probably a special needs child

          • Tash Rich

            One of the most ignorant comments on this post! I’m pretty sure ALL girls were applauded. Don’t be mad because the “entertainer” got extra applause.

          • Life

            Get a life kill joy!!

          • Mac Clair

            And so we should just go ahead and assume that the other students were miffed and express anger (and worse), because it makes more sense than enjoying the video? I refuse to cooperate with you. I insist on enjoying the video.

          • dinah

            nothing funny; its sad she was being laughed at by everyone too.

        • Brian

          It’s going to be really funny 20 years from now when LaQueshia there is on the six-o’clock news for not having any self-control and committing a crime.

          • Rikki Welter

            Wow. That got racist even faster than I expected!

          • Brian

            Sure, if you don’t have a counter-argument, call me a racist, by all means. Don’t let a lack of pattern recognition or statistical knowledge stop you.

          • JJ PuffnStuff

            You referred to her as LaQueshia and referenced she’d be likely to commit a crime in the future because of her exuberant dance performance. Brian, you’ve made a racist comment. Own it, Archie Bunker.

          • Brian

            No, I said she’s at higher risk for crime because she lacks parental discipline, and I know where that tends to lead…I have seen it play out this way time after time. And I have observed that black parents who don’t provide that discipline are much more likely to give their kids names like LaQueshia. (Bad white parents who don’t provide discipline also tend to give their kids very distinctive names.) Are you going to tell me how I’m wrong about these two things, or just call me names and call it a day?

          • cheryl

            this is a child I am A Early Childhood Teacher I am black most of my 4-5 year olds are white they as well as the diverse group I have act like children as we did, why is this an issue, of her being a criminal and her parents did not discipline her, should I judge my white toddlers, and their parents, when they have tantrums, run out the room fall, kick, and scream while the other toddlers follow directions. are should I become partial and say oh they didn’t take their medicine. no way they are CHILDREN, not future criminals because they did not follow a routine that an adult set these are children that’s sad that hate and stereotyping of a black child doing something different then the others she is doing what children do she is a child how did her future get involved and her parents when white parents put on you tube something different that their children do it’s cute but a black child they are on medicine are have bad parents are criminals the child is a child

          • Brian

            If you’re a teacher you ought to know that a sentence ends with a period.

          • cheryl

            at this point writing back to you, you would surely understand, a run on sentence, and, I could care less, where I should have put the period it’s not my character in question, as to me being a criminal later on in life, and not disciplined, and I find in communicating with some I can leave out professional jargon when they are at the less level of rational reasoning are logic they won’t understand proper grammar, or grammatical errors, or punctuation or periods anyway they are to focused on the mistake of others, and no I am not going to leave a period in it’s proper place I am not communicating with a professional. so I don’t need to be careful of my writing skills and being so critical of children leads me to wonder just my own thought ,what is on a mans mind to watch that closely a child if he is not in the field of education with children hum ? thank you have a good morning.

          • Brian

            I have an interest as a citizen who wants to be surrounded by functional adults, not people who are selfish, out of control and narcissistic.

            Is English your first language? Seriously, your writing is so bad it’s hard even to tell what your point is.

          • Jae

            Incredible. Brian is defensive when people call him racist (in response to him making a racist comment) and yet, unbelievably, he launches an ad hominem attack on Cheryl. Brian, come on. You’re better than that. Belittling another person over poor grammar is the equivalent of someone calling you names instead of addressing the content of your argument. For e.g. there is no need to act like an intolerant, negative and surprisingly nasty bully who has a superiority complex, when expressing your POV. Your comments on here are NOT of the respectful nature that I would expect from a ‘functional adult’. Ironically, they appear to be authored by a selfish and out of control internet troll with narcissistic tendencies. If you don’t like a video on the internet, fine. Don’t like it. Express your opinion respectfully. There is simply no need for you to attempt to rip shreds from others who have an opinion that differs from yours. Walk away from your computer and spend some quality time with your well behaved kids. Perhaps you could model some respect, compassion and tolerance for them, so they don’t grow up to become relentless and hateful internet trolls.

          • Brian

            I don’t nitpick minor grammatical flaws, but pointing out that a teacher of children has atrocious writing skills, so bad that the point can barely be determined is fair game.

            The fact that you don’t like what I’m saying does not make me a bully or troll, but yes, I’m intolerant and negative toward bad behavior, which is also fair game.

            If someone accuses you of being a troll, bully, racist, liar, or even a pedophile, how polite and respectful are you going to be? How am I even a racist? I called the girl LaQueshia. So what? I have met at least two dozen women with some variation on that name. Two other people called one of the girls ‘blonde Becky’…also a racial reference. Are you upset by that as well?

          • Jae

            You’re 100% right, Brian. The fact that I don’t like what you are saying is not what makes you a bully or a troll. The way in which you express your opinion and demean others, is what makes your actions epitomise the very definition of a bully and a troll.
            Reread Cheryl’s original comment. She did not once make a personal attack on you. You threw the first stone. We both know you understood what she wrote too, please don’t imply that you could barely determine the point due to the lack of ‘periods’. If the grammar of a teacher is fair game, a controversial comment in an open forum is also fair game. You dish it out ruthlessly, perhaps take the inevitable angry responses with a touch more grace.
            I’m intolerant and negative towards bad behaviour too. That’s why I’m calling you out on yours. The young girl in the video was dancing at her dance concert. I’m not sure why it hit such a deep, deep nerve in you, but what’s your excuse for your behaviour? She’s just a child so we can blame her parents, her genes and her presumed ‘lack of father.’ Statistics don’t lie, just like you said. However, I’m hesitant to blame your parents for your behaviour because I don’t know them, or you, and I’m not a child psychologist. As for asking me if I found the use of ‘blonde Becky’ to be racist and offensive. It wasn’t used in a derogatory way and I’m unaware of any issues Caucasians would have with this phrase. So, my only response is- Bitch, please. Let’s not use reverse racism clichés and I’m sure your intellect could have come up with something of more substance. I need to go and mark some exams now (instead of being sucked into internet debates). Take some deep breaths in and work on exhaling some of that negativity and hate. Your intelligence could be used for good, elsewhere.

          • Brian

            ‘leads me to wonder just my own thought ,what is on a mans mind to watch that closely a child if he is not in the field of education with children hum ?’

            She did not once make a personal attack on you. You threw the first stone.

            She implied I am a pedophile. I don’t know where you come from, but in my neighborhood, that’s a personal attack.

            please don’t imply that you could barely determine the point due to the lack of ‘periods’.

            If you don’t know her writing is more flawed than just that, you should be ashamed. (Read the first sentence of hers I quoted above. My third-grader writes better than that.) A woman who is barely literate, as she is, has no business teaching children anything. And you, as a fellow teacher, defend this? Unreal.

            You dish it out ruthlessly, perhaps take the inevitable angry responses with a touch more grace. What’s your excuse for your behavior?

            You’re tone-trolling me for making too good of an argument. SMDH.

          • B

            i dont find your comments racist at all. i know a bunch of black girls named Laquisha and i know a bunch of white girls named Brittany. just because you used a name that is common to the race of the girl does not make you racist, lol. i would have done the same thing, and if it was a white child i would have called her Brittany or another common white girl name. People are so quick to pull the race card for everything, its ANNOYING.

          • Wow

            “the race card” only people who don’t have to worry about their race impacting their lives say things like “race card”

          • Brian

            If you think there is any group in the US whose life is not deeply impacted by racial considerations, you need to wake up.

          • Jae

            Hi again. I think my comments are overly long and this is leading to details being missed completely. I was referring to Cheryl’s first comment to which you replied with, ‘If you’re a teacher you ought to know that a sentence ends with a period.’ It was with this comment that the first of the personal attacks between you and Cheryl was launched. Predictably, there was a natural escalation from there. If you make a personal attack on someone, expect them to retaliate (this is evident in Cheryl’s second comment which you have referenced above).
            You’re right. You don’t know where I come from. I’m an Australian and I enjoy living in a multicultural country. There are members of my family who are from various parts of the world and I have friends, colleagues and clients who are of many different ethnicities. I don’t even notice their ethnicity though, because once you get to know someone you see them as an individual and not as a ‘stereotype’ or a ‘statistic’. Unlike you, I truly appreciate diversity and our country is better off for it. Sure, you’ll meet the occasional bigot but I’ve travelled the world and you get that everywhere. Come to think of it, the people were genuinely friendly in the States. I’ve spent time there on 3 separate occasions and I loved it. Maybe Americans are nicer to Australians than they are to each other.
            I’m not ashamed of anything or anyone I’ve defended. I’ve noticed you’re extremely lightning-quick to assume things about people…
            Someone marking exams is a teacher. Or are they a health care professional who occasionally works at a university?
            An African American pre-schooler dancing exuberantly on stage is a future criminal with bad parents. Wtf? At least with me you were making an inference, with the little girl you were extrapolating wildly. Some of the comments of people like AK-47 and elkiewoods, pretty much sum up how I feel about your assumptions.
            Also, yes, I am tone-trolling you. Not for making ‘too good of an argument’ though. We are both trolls and can put that on our business cards. I’m fairly new (2 days in) but I assume you have a PhD in the professional trolling of blogs targeted at woman. When I called you a, ‘negative, intolerant and surprisingly nasty bully with a superiority complex’ (yes! I got to type it again!) I prefaced it with for e.g. because I was using it as an example of an ad hominem attack
            Finally, there are no sides. I don’t see the world in black and white (no pun intended) I see all of the interesting shades of grey. I like the complexity of the world and of people, because it is real. Groups of people are not defined by a stereotype (although they are sometimes judged by people like you because of it) and statistics are fine to quote but don’t forget the context of each and every individual that you are judging despite never having crossed paths with them. I don’t mean to wax poetic, I’m just expressing my values so you can understand where I am coming from.
            Thanks for the fun debate, Brian. There will never be a winner though. To quote a friend, ‘The problem is that if the people involved cannot agree what conditions cause one idea to win over another then the benefit of the date is lessened.’ We can go around and around in circles until your 3rd grader is graduating from college and we STILL WON’T get anywhere. We have different opinions, values and perspectives. I think we both know that we are NEVER going to change the mind of the other! At least we are about as geographically far apart as two people can be.

          • Brian

            You live in Australia and have visited the US three times. I have lived among black Americans all my life, often in majority-black areas. I would submit to you that the specific details of our experiences with ‘diversity/multiculturalism’ are very different, and mine is quite a bit more relevant to the situation we’ve been talking about here. If we see a video of an aboriginal Australian girl dancing, I will defer to your judgment.

          • Jae

            I’m sorry, Brian. I was unaware that you would dismiss the opinions of anyone who doesn’t live in a majority-black area of the US. My mistake. I am obviously ill-equipped to form a worthwhile opinion over this video that has struck such a deep chord within you. I’ll retract my comments regarding the video due to the fact that I live in Australia and therefore might not know what I am talking about. Just be careful that you are not simply dismissing my perspective based on your assumptions.
            However, and far more importantly, I still stand by my personal opinions regarding the way in which you (and a couple of other trolls) have conducted themselves in this forum. Despite the fact I’ve only visited the States 3 times, I think it might still be ok for me to comment on your behaviour as I am a respectful adult of the same species as you. I think some of your comments have been appallingly disrespectful and hurtful towards some of the other contributors. This disturbing hatred is unfortunately a universal theme that is present throughout the world. Atlanta does not have a monopoly on issues steeped in prejudice. I’m sure you’ll claim you’ve been respectful of all and you’re a victim (not to mention a phenomenal statistician) so we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Again. Just like before. I’ve accepted that we will possibly never see eye to eye and I’m fine with that. Although disturbed by some of the hate that has filtered through these 518 comments (and counting), I have been relieved and proud of the majority of contributors who have reinforced my faith in humanity.
            I wish you the very best of luck in your professional trolling career.
            PS. Out of curiosity, did you delete some of your previous comments or did the site?

          • Brian

            I have been disrespectful (intentionally, toward those viciously addressing me) and hurtful (mostly unintentional, in the way that telling a child the truth about Santa Claus can be hurtful). I am no victim. I have not been hateful. I see that little girl (representative of many others) walking toward a possible cliff and I say that someone needs to guide her in a different direction. Others here see no danger, blinded by their egalitarian smugness and lack of attention to detail…and so they celebrate her march toward danger.

            Atlanta does not have a monopoly on ‘prejudice’ (what I would call paying careful attention to patterns and using deduction and induction), but it does have social and demographics much closer to those at work in the situation we’ve been discussing here. Your fellow status as a human on planet earth does not quite cut the mustard in terms of familiarity with this specific type of case.

            I don’t know why you keep referring to me as a troll. You are aware that that word has an actual meaning, beyond ‘someone saying something I don’t agree with’, or ‘someone who cares about an issue more than I think they should’. It’s not just a bludgeon to shut someone up. I have been trying to engage with people here, not just hit-and-run snark.

            I did not delete anything; I suppose they did. And with that, I bid thee farewell and best of luck in all your endeavors.

          • Kit

            The argument you’re making, to me, sounds like every child should follow orders without question or they’re on a bad path. This girl was obviously in the dance class for fun, not because her mom forced her to be. She was -loving- it. The other kids seemed unsure and more interested in following direction to please their parents/teacher. I’ve been a kid, I’ve been there.

          • Denise Ann Gill

            Your evidence was your random anecdotal information about how you’ve “seen it play out time after time.”You have no expertise, no data, nothing but, “I’ve seen it.” Well, we’ve all seen stuff. Some of which contradicts what you have seen. Many of us have drawn incorrect assumptions about what we’ve seen because we don’t know more than a tiny bit of the story. You say “not to let a slack of pattern recognition or statistical knowledge stop you.” Strangely, though, you don’t include a reference to some sort of valid and reliable study that would show that an overly-exuberant 3-and-a-half year-old is destined to a life of criminal activity. You somehow have determined through a video of a dance recital that you know this small child’s overall behavior, name, and parental involvement. (Except, of course, what you’ve “seen.”) So, yeah, I’d call that a weak argument.

            People who take exception to what this child did are missing what most experts refer to as age appropriate behavior. If these children were 8, 9, or 10 we would be having a completely different conversation. I think it is horrifying that people have drawn all kinds of conclusions, including even the title of the video–which I’m sure the folks who wrote it think is cute–implying that this was some sort of willful defiance. It is obvious that she *is* trying to follow the routine, but she is so excited she can’t help but add in all the other stuff–which is completely age appropriate. The other girls in the video are also showing age appropriate behaviors. They are completely genuine, and they don’t have the sort of perception and self-control to behave otherwise. I’m a teacher, and I’ve SEEN plenty of age inappropriate behaviors before, and I don’t think you could find a respected early childhood expert who would say that this was age inappropriate. (The “blonde Becky” comment did not strike me as racist, but it did seem inappropriate, rude, and a bit cruel to the child.)

            Racism in this country is very rarely a case of: “I hate this race of people;” it is much more likely to be a case of: “Let me pass a judgement on this person, not recognizing that I wouldn’t draw the same conclusions about a person of a different race.” So when based on a brief dance performance video you decide: what a young child’s name is, the parenting style of her parents, and that she is doomed to a criminal life, some people are going to conclude you hold a racial bias. If, however, you still don’t think that is fair or true to say about you, know that I am happy to also conclude that anyone who would draw such conclusions and write such things about a small child on the internet is an ignorant asshole, regardless of whether or not he is racist.

          • Vernelle Massey

            I sooooo agree with you, Denise Ann Gill. Another good teacher that we need more of!

          • WriterLady

            Brian, I am as white as you can get and possess a master’s degree in English. Clearly, you have racially stigmatized the black community, as evidenced by your vitriolic critiques of both the innocent, fun-loving girl in the video and the poster who eloquently stated the truth—that all kids are prone to showing a rambunctious side at the toddler/preschooler age. A sentence doesn’t have to be perfectly punctuated to convey these sentiments. However, your crude, baseless statements and defensive, yet arrogant tone are highly embarrassing. I am embarrassed for you. Understand that as this video is shared over and over again on various social media sites, people will read the comments. And guess whose comments will stick out? Yours. And that, sir, is not to be taken in a good way. You will be mocked and vilified, just as you have done to this little girl and another poster. Karma, sweet karma. 🙂

          • Brian

            Of course all five-year-olds are prone to loss of self-control from time to time. The question is what response there will be from the parents, teachers and other adults. Will it be one of discipline and correction, or a celebration of misbehavior? Are you perhaps one of those parents who lets their kids run wild at a restaurant while making excuses?


          • WriterLady

            My husband and I have a 3-year-old son. He is smart, funny, polite, and well-mannered. Furthermore, he is often praised at preschool for being attentive and patient, yet gregarious and creative enough to engage in spontaneous acts of play. At restaurants, he sits and colors while we all enjoy dinner. Sorry to break the news to you, as I know you were hoping that I had a wild, cussing, misbehaving child.

            When I said that I’m a writer, I failed to mention that I write textbooks and digital content for the educational publishing industry. You are incorrect in believing that children this young are supposed to act and react in the same way as older children and adults. It’s not in their nature.

            And while I am opposed to allowing temper tantrums to go on unabated, the girl in this video is just channeling her creative energy the best way she knows how. In other words, she is not throwing a fit or acting uncontrollably. Did you notice how people in the audience are laughing throughout the performance? It’s because her enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air. The only person who is extremely salty about the ordeal is you.

            Since it’s blatantly obvious that you either don’t have children or utilize a cold and militant parent style (again, assuming that you even do have kids, which is doubtful), your false sense of superiority on the subject is laughable.

            And let’s not forget that you are backing down from the original problem here: The fact that you are a racist who has failed to apologize.

          • Brian

            The only person who is extremely salty about the ordeal is you.

            Perhaps you missed other people’s comments in the thread?

            Since it’s blatantly obvious that you either don’t have children or
            utilize a cold and militant parent style (again, assuming that you even do have kids, which is doubtful), your false sense of superiority on the subject is laughable.

            Why is it doubtful? As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have a boy and a girl. You can believe that or not, as it suits your narrative.

            And let’s not forget that you are backing down from the original problem here: The fact that you are a racist who has failed to apologize.

            Apologize to whom?

            One more thing: Stop posting the useless, nonsensical links. The vast majority of them have no bearing on the conversation at hand, making you look even more like a fool whose ego has been injured.

            I will post what I want. You can skip ahead if you like.

          • WriterLady

            Okay. Post whatever you like, although I see that you did heed my advice with the obnoxious and useless links. And, no, I didn’t read every single one of your posts, because undertaking that task would be both time-consuming and nauseating.

            Anyway, perhaps you are a good father. Since I don’t know you personally, I can’t make a definitive judgment call. However, I think it’s rather telling that you have gone out of your way to criticize every single person who has simply pointed out the obvious bigotry in some of your earlier posts. If you want to lead a bitter life (and one that is full of misconceptions about other people), that’s your prerogative.

            Carry on…

          • Lane

            Brian, I have no problem with you being a racist (and you are by the way) but at least have the balls to own it. There’s nothing worse than a person who wears white sheets by night and claims to be racially tolerant and a lover of diversity by day.

          • Brian

            I bet you I live in a more racially diverse neighborhood than you do. Shall we compare zip codes? Also, I do try to be racially tolerant, but I do not claim to ‘love diversity’. (You are inventing that to increase your smugness.) But I tolerate it. If what I’ve said here is all it takes for you to think I’m a Klansman, then that tells me we’ve just about licked racism, and you can turn your crusading instinct elsewhere. Try saving the whales perhaps.

          • Hi

            youre really comparing him to a klansman because he used the name Laquisha? That is a common black girl name (at least in my area.) i dont understand why EVERYTHING has to be turned into a huge racist deal that equates every white person to a klansman.

          • Wow

            Really? Laquisha is a common black girl name where you’re from? They must all live in your neighborhood then because I’ve never heard it.

          • Tamika Wilson

            Oh for the love of all that is good and holy in the world. He was not called a racist because of the use of the name Laquisha. Can we use context and subject recognition SOMETIMES. It always amuses me when people try to defend a racist and use one portion of a statement to justify saying that the person is not a racist. By the way Brian, I am a black mother and I live in Atlanta. I’ve seen far more white children out of control here than black. More often than not I hear and see white children act a fool in public. Stealing, cursing, and generally being insufferable little brats, while my own children look at them like they have two heads because I don’t allow that behavior. And I’ve been here for 13 years. I’ve seen my fair share. But continue with your generalizations. They are entertaining when compared with the truth. And for the records, statistics are often skewed to the bias of the person who initiated the inquiry in the first place. So maybe you shouldn’t rely to heavily on them. This is a little girl who was having fun. I danced for nearly a decade of my life. I saw babies in their first recital act like this all the time. It did not ruin the time for the other girls on stage who were probably too nervous or excited to care about what that little girl was doing.

          • Brian

            I don’t like it when white or hispanic parents let kids run wild either. I’m glad your kids are well-behaved. I’m not saying my generalization applies to everyone. But the generalization is true, per capita.

            Tell me if you think this sort of thing happens at white schools:


          • smh

            No if it were a white school, it would be a gun brought to school and the school shot up because they’re so distraught over mommy and daddy not paying them any attention or, an actual bomb brought, not just a threat- that’s how the white kids do it.

          • Brian

            Yeah, how many times a year does that happen? Get a sense of proportionality. The number of deaths from all mass shootings in the US over the last 30 years is lower than the number of homicides in Chicago just in the last year.

          • smh

            And yet, all of the homicides in Chicago weren’t done by blacks- get a sense of common sense and actuality.

          • Brian

            1st half 2011

            OFFENDERS- BLACK= 61.1%
            HISPANIC= 35.2%
            WHITE= 3.7%

            WHITE- 42%
            BLACK- 36.8 %
            HISPANIC- 26%
            ASIAN- 4.4%

          • smarter than you

            you, “Hi” are an idiot. Go to college.

          • politicalgrandma

            Are is a verb. Or is the conjunction you needed above in your first


          • afs

            This was a little girl doing her interpretation of the dance – I have done a million recitals like this as I was blond Becky (although not blond) I wanted to follow and be the best tap dancer (and I would become one later) but put me in modern dance and I’m an epic failure – this girl might someday be the best modern dancer you’ve ever seen. But in the meantime, try to appreciate the fun she had, the love of being in front of an audience and the focus the other little girls had in spite of everything else going on and smile.

          • beth

            Cheryl…I found it hard to read your post with no proper sentence structure or capitalization. If you are truly an educator then you seriously need to up your game. This is appalling.

          • Jae

            Hi Beth, have you met Brian? I think he might be your soul mate 🙂 PS. The grammar Nazi attacks are SO last week! Perhaps try a more original angle?

          • Connie Kuramoto

            Amen Cheryl!

          • Vernelle Massey

            You said it very well, Cheryl! We need more teachers like you!

          • elkiewoods

            i get that some people feel bad for the other little girls, and i get that some people think this girl is desperate for attention. it’s a reasonable conclusion. what is NOT a reasonable conclusion is to attribute her behavior to bad parenting and further extrapolate that to a sweeping generalization about black parents in general. i’m sorry your brother got held up at gunpoint by two 14 year olds. were they troubled? probably. did they have bad parents? maybe. does that give you the right to turn your dislike for a video into a critique of black parents in general? nope. stop being a bitter old white dude — you started out ahead of most people in the world, so just enjoy that this 5 year old is doing the damn thing (or don’t enjoy it, whatever).

          • Brian

            1. She is behaving inappropriately, not doing what she was taught, stealing the other kids’ limelight, risking hitting the other kids and diminishing the value of the work the others put in.
            2. This is something that probably didn’t surface for the first time at this event. She probably acts out, like a prima donna or brat, regularly.
            3. Some kids do this more than others. It can be corrected with proper parental discipline. Obviously, that has not been applied here.
            4. Kids who are not disciplined continue to be disruptive as they grow up, causing problems in school, bullying, ruining the enjoyment of others in restaurants, airplanes, theaters, churches, and everywhere else.
            5. Kids without discipline have a much higher likelihood of getting into trouble as adults too: drugs, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, criminal records, etc.
            6. Kids without fathers in the home, born out of wedlock, are at much greater risk for these problems, and yes, black kids have, by far, the highest rate of single-parent households: 67% single-parent, 72% out of wedlock births. There is a real pattern of cause and effect here.

            Which one of these am I wrong about? Please be specific. Or are you just operating on inchoate emotion and think I’m being ‘mean’?

          • Nina

            Brian you are a pathetic victim, hateful and clearly jealous of the fact that you cannot express yourself as clearly as a little girl can. In absolute joy and happiness. Grow Up.

          • Brian

            Aren’t you going to call me a pedophile too? Don’t hold back!

          • Brians Lame

            Get a life and stop monitoring a blog for women highlighting a preschool ballet just to make comebacks at people. That’s about the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard a man do.

          • Brian

            Not quite as lame as creating the username ‘Brians Lame’ so you can insult me.

          • nene

            1. I have lived among Black people most of my life and have NEVER met a LaQueisha…ever.
            2. In public, at the mall, the grocery store, at the drug store, in the parking lot, at the movies and pretty much every where i only see little White kids throwing tantrums and cursing out their parents. I again have NEVER seen it from a Black child. Again your “facts” are based on lack of scope.

          • Brian
          • Ellen

            Did you read the part where Urban Dictionary defined it as “A stereotypical name for a ghetto black girl/woman”? Your stereotyping by referring to the one little girl whose skin was darker than the rest as “Laquisha” is racist. Perhaps your assumption that she was going to be a criminal was based on her behavior and not on the color of her skin, but you are going to have a difficult time convincing anyone of that when you preface your arguments with stereotypes. I am an elementary art teacher in a very poor neighborhood. I have over 800 students with a very high diversity rate. Not a single child is named Laquisha. Yes, there are a lot of unique and distinctive names, but many of them are the sweetest kids I have ever met. Out of my 800+ students we have a lot of high risk kids, but approximately 8 kids who are true behavior problems and heading down a bad path. Every single one of them has an outside problem that is leading them down that path. One boy was physically abused by his parents and suffered brain damage. Thankfully his foster parents show him a lot of love and we have seen some improvement in his behavior. Another child’s mother abandoned him, leaving him behind with his stepfather, who was good enough to adopt him. He is technically homeless and extremely angry a lot of the time (and I don’t blame him). How is a 7 year old supposed to understand his situation and cope with it? Those two are the kids with the worst behavioral issues and not that it matters, but they are both white and have normal names. Kids who display behavioral issues at a young age can often grow up and commit far greater crimes. They also can grow up and look back and think, “Wow, I was a brat!” The ones with serious issues like a lot of my Perhaps that little girl is hyperactive, but that doesn’t mean she lacks parental discipline. Some kids simply march to the beat of their own drum and as previous commenters have stated, those are the kids that grow up to think outside the box and bring the world amazing new innovations. Your assumption that she lacks parental discipline also appears to be based on the color of her skin. Maybe it wasn’t, maybe your based your opinion (yes, opinion) purely on the fact that she was dancing wildly. Again, the initial racist stereotype is immediately going to negate any argument that follows. I personally think that it is safe to assume that the little girl is performing in a dance recital. It costs money to take dance classes, buy the tutus, hair bows, and tap shoes. It is my opinion that this little girl has some form of a loving parental figure in her life to sign her up for dance classes. Therefore it is statistically less probable that she is headed for a life a crime. Perhaps not impossible, but (in my opinion) improbable. Brian, you are entitled to your opinion, but you should be well aware that not everyone will agree with you. Arguments that attack will never change that, they will only spread hate, anger, and fear. There is enough of that in the world. I understand that you were reacting to people attacking you as well, but you can’t control their reactions. You can control yours and it is possible to share your opinion without hate. I don’t know what has happened in your life that causes you to make a negative comment when you watch a video that brings others joy, but I hope good things come your way to help you see the brighter side. You still don’t have to find this video cute and funny, but maybe you’ll surprise yourself and feel less inclined to rain on the parade for others.

          • Brian

            Not a single child is named Laquisha. Yes, there are a lot of unique and distinctive names, but many of them are the sweetest kids I have ever met.

            So they do have ethnically distinctive names. LQ is a metonym for all of them. And I was mainly pushing back at the earlier use other people made of calling the white girl ‘Becky’, which is also a metonym. If blacks get to say ‘Becky’ as a stand-in/shorthand for white girls, then I get to say LaQuisha to refer to a black girl. Get it?

            Kids who display behavioral issues at a young age can often grow up and commit far greater crimes.

            Yes, that was kind of my whole point. I’m not trying to attack that girl; I want it recognized that how she’s acting is a POSSIBLE warning sign of things to come, and should be corrected rather than applauded as many here are doing. That’s all.

          • Ellen

            I understand that you were using LQ as a metonym, but even doing so as a push back is counter-racist and therefore still racist.

            Also, I was well aware that your whole point was what I summed up in my above statement about behavioral issues…that is why I chose to share my experience in the matter. You completely disregarded my follow up sentence about how the many kids who demonstrate behavior issues at a young age grow up and look back to think they were a brat. I don’t know how much time you spend around kids, but as someone who spends every day with hundreds of them, I can tell you the difference between a warning sign and a little girl simply having a great time singing and dancing.

          • Jamar

            I think it is ridiculous how this “Brian” character single handily change this conversation into a
            racial one. I love how he tries to pull up random statistical data,
            without first even dissecting where these problems come from. Also, just
            because this little girl danced her own dance doesn’t mean that she is
            ill behaved and will automatically grow up or have a higher chance of
            growing up to be a problem child. Stop being an internet troll, stop with your ignorant racial comments, and please get a life.

          • Ava

            Its not BS at all. I’ve lived in Detroit my entire live and still have never met a LaQueisha. The name is usually used my racist people stereotyping an African American girl.

          • Troy Ounce

            Brian is 100% correct.

          • Michelle

            How is it that everyone is missing the fact that this little girl is doing the EXACT same dance as the others? Her moves are just more exaggerated and she is a little girl who is probably really, really excited about her (possibly first ever) dance recital. You can even see her looking in the direction of their teacher for cues, the same as the other girls.

            I say Bravo! to her for having energy and for enjoying herself. That’s what dancing is supposed to be about.

          • sandibeach

            Totally agree and I raised two fantastic daughters one who would do the dance with the same joy

          • AK-47

            You are assuming a child at a tap dance recital is born out of wedlock and without a father, will commit crimes later in life, has acted out before, and is the child of (a) negligent parent(s) because of her skin color. That was the only thing you took away from this video. Her skin color and her gestures.
            These are preschoolers and ALL preschoolers will act out. That is just how it is. However, I would not necessarily consider this a situation of acting out. Like previously stated, she is conducting the movements, and looks very excited over the performance and the crowd. She is not directly disobeying anyone, nor is she attempting to steal anyone else’s thunder (She’s really young, she probably doesn’t even realize it’s a bad thing). I bet she does have quite a lot of energy at home, though! But what kid doesn’t?
            Perhaps the parents were trying to find something more structured for her to do, perhaps to bleed some of that energy off. Who knows? Who are we to assume or judge? Plus, last time I checked, tap dancing wasn’t exactly something “troubled girls” did normally. Just saying.

            We don’t know anything about this girl and should not assume anything, either. It’s just not right.

            However, what I do know is she is an excellent dancer and would be a much better solo performer!(:


          • Brian

            What I’m saying is much more subtle that how you are portraying it. Read my response to Erin above.

          • elkiewoods

            here are the flaws in your argument:
            1) i disagree with this assertion. i watched the video again, and i don’t think she has any idea people are laughing at her. she’s on a stage, there are lights in her face, and she’s not grinning at the audience reaction. she’s just doin’ her thing.

            as for the rest of your argument, i don’t disagree with any of your claims. but there are exceptions to every rule. plenty of kids are emotionally troubled despite having good parents. plenty of bad parents beget good kids. my real point is that a video of a three year old doing her choreography wrong (and hilariously) is not a good excuse to make assumptions about her as a person (or her parents) by giving her an offensive, stereotypical name and mapping out a bleak future based on racial/socioecomomic generalizations.

          • Brian

            What is that name offensive? I bet you I can go into any grocery store within 10 miles of me and find a girl named LaQueishia, or some spelling variant. Maybe you should tell their mothers it’s offensive?

          • junior

            It’s offensive because that could be used as a stereotype. It’s like assuming a white girl’s name is becky because she is white.

          • annoying

            i dont see anything wrong with that. every becky i know is white, every laquisha i know is black. its pathetic how offended everyone gets so easily.

          • Dad

            All I saw was an exuberant little girl who made me laugh. As a father, I encouraged that exuberance for life while maintaining a respect/fear for authority in my children. They are turning out great.

          • Get a real life

            This website is called Man Repeller for a reason. Please be repelled, for the love.

          • sandibeach

            So go do it then

          • lady beetle

            Yup, the dude is being extremely narrow and racist in view.. but… hes allowed to. Its not my choice at all, though and not my view either.
            Any of you seen political and social cartoonist Lunig on the one where the all the ‘nice’ kids at christmas received a book on ‘how to beat depression’?? hmmmm… something to be said for a little dance anarchy.. If you look at the descriptions people have of the shooting spree killers its more often than not, something along the lines of “they were quiet, kept to themselves, wouldnt hurt a fly”. Usually quite supressed people.. I think mr, get off your judgemental horse and go dance up a storm in whatever fashion you choose. It wont kill anyone and might loosen you up a little… its more important to have fun ‘looking’ like a fool than it is to be one i say 🙂
            ive left my typos and spelling mistakes in dude.. its not about the bike.. 😉 have a great day all!

          • Sabrina Shahmir

            I completely agree.

          • Lane

            You must not have children or have ever been near one, which is probably a good thing.

          • Dae

            Brian –

            You live in a cold, dark, sad box. Try to get out of it one day, it’s actually rather nice out here.

            Till then.

          • sandibeach

            You are totally full of yourself aren’t you

          • Erin

            Brian, you extrapolate no less than six judgments about the core of who this child is based on a five-minute dance video and the color of her skin. Every child has acted out. Every child has had their moment of not going with the program. Yet you chose this moment, because this child is black, to paint a toddler with having a broken home and with the eventuality of having a broken life. I understand that you see no problem with this, but you can understand why any rational person would find your argument less than credible at best.

          • Brian

            You’re caricaturizing and oversimplifying to fit your own narrative. (Tell me, please, how item #5 is derived from this video clip, instead of a whole raft of statistics and life experience.) I’m dealing in probabilistic indicators, not certainty, but you want me to be a villain so you can be Defender of Right.

            I know that about 25% of Americans are Catholic. But if I see a person whose hair and facial features (or surname) make me think he’s of Italian or Irish extraction, I would raise the odds of him being Catholic to more like 70%. If I see another man whose features and accent make me think he’s a recent immigrant from Ethiopia, or if I go into his shop and see a wall calendar with writing in Amharic/Ge’ez language, I would drop the odds of him being Catholic to maybe 2%. Do you see how this works? Perhaps you go through life oblivious to this kind of information, unable to see beyond a simple black/white binary…I don’t. I notice things, make correlations, and formulate odds and patterns. Yet you want to paint me as some bigoted idiot. Get off your high horse.

          • idiots

            i think it is hilarious when people generalize white people into always being ahead of everyone else BECAUSE THEYRE WHITE. there are white people born into extreme poverty in extremely sickening conditions as well..idiots.

          • Levedi

            You know there have been studies done that repeatedly show that Americans shown pictures of black children behaving in slightly inappropriate ways that are normal for their age elicit the assumption that the child is badly parented and headed straight for jail, while pictures of white children doing the exact same thing elicits amusement and responses like “little rascal” and “boys will be boys.” So yes, that comment does probably come from racism. Furthermore, if you look at the other children in the show this girl IS doing the choreography and is following directions. She misses her cues a couple of times, but she’s actually more focused on the teacher (paying attention to authority) and more responsive in her actions than the girl to her left. What makes her stand out isn’t that she does the routine wrong, but that she actually tries to put on a big old show with gestures that can be seen from the balcony. As a true performer should do! Unlike some of the other kids whose gestures are teeny tiny and stage fright based, she’s caught what good dance teachers teach about engaging with the audience. So I say good for her!

          • Tommy DiMassimo

            I live in Cobb County. My name is not Jamal, or Jerome, but right now I am feeling likely to commit a hate crime against a fellow white brother. Any statistical data for that you ignorant asshole? Names: George Bush vs. George Washington. Ted Kasynsci vs. Ted Williams. Same names different story next. You assume she acts this way because of parental discipline. What type of parents would put their kid in one of the most difficult and expensive extra curricular activities, that specializes in creating discipline. MAYBE THAT’S WHY THEY STUCK HER THERE! Lord, stay hidden in your Old Atlanta, I prefer Grady’s new south, that lead to a stronger economy, and better sports teams. Should we discuss the physical discipline of black athletes versus whites. Is there a reason black children’s back grounds don’t matter in that instance. Honestly you are pathetic.

          • Brian

            Next time try to assemble something coherent instead of a rambling mess. And by the way, there is no prize awarded for white-knighting.

          • Andy

            Personally I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. And I doubt that anyone is saying you are not entitled to you own. What is a big shame is that you felt the need to introduce race into this thread. We can all find stats to support and justify our position and perspective. Hitler did. And so did the Spanish Inquisitors. Both left millions of dead in their wake and created uncountable suffering of millions more. Now, I’m not suggesting you are a ‘Hitler’ or anything like that. But what I am saying is what you have communicated here (yes – I have read through all your posts) suggest you have an underlying perspective in regards to race that causes you to focus on those things that support your view of the world. And as a result, use that to support your actions, regardless of the impact. Hence the stereotypical predictions and ‘naming’ you decided to give to a young black child. That’s on you – but then again, maybe it’s not if in your world you think that’s ok. As black man who’s a married, loving father of 3 young children (and before you ask; yes all 3 are for the same woman; my wife) it doesn’t anger me when people adopt the stance that you have. If anything, I just feel sorry for them because they fail to realise that sometimes life has the habit of revisiting our worst nightmares on us as a result of the things we do and/or say. I hope that you do not take such a rigid approach to raising your children, nor condition them with such views. And I hope also that you do not find out the hard way that even children from ‘good’ homes, raised by both parents, given all the opportunities in life sometimes end up in jail, on drugs and a drain on society. Good luck.

          • Brian


            I appreciate your thoughtful tone here. I’ve been called everything but the devil by folks here so that is a nice change. I don’t think I actually introduced race into this though. One of the first things I saw on this thread was a reference to ‘blonde Beckys’, and we both know Becky is a slang term for white girls. And does anyone really need to mention race anyway? We also both know we are not living in a post-racial society; race is in the atmosphere, immersed in everything we see and do. I doubt if a day goes by when you are not aware of it in the back of your mind at least. I live on a street that’s about half-black, half-white, and it tends to be hovering at the edge of my consciousness too. When the video is focused on one black girl surrounded by white girls, who here is not going to be thinking about that aspect of it?

            As for my ‘underlying perspective in regards to race that causes you to focus on those things that support your view of the world’, isn’t that true of everyone? My perspective is more blunt and honest than some. Most whites I know are infected with White Liberal Guilt, wearing a mask and bending over backwards not to say anything negative about black people, no matter what– what they fear more than anything is being called a racist. I am not like that. Honestly, I think many of the white liberals, deep down, are true racists themselves, in that they don’t think blacks as a group can ever step up to white or Asian standards of achievement or behavior (crime, school performance, etc), and so they patronizingly treat black people as pets who constantly have to be excused and propped up. They will deny this vehemently, of course. They also claim to love diversity while living as far away from it as they can afford. I live in downtown ATL. You may think I’m an asshole, and I wouldn’t deny it, but you can at least know where I stand, with no mask. I am an equal-opportunity asshole.

            My attitude is that I expect everyone to meet high standards. When I see someone acting the fool, I don’t let it slide, no matter who they are, because in the long run it doesn’t do anyone a favor to have ‘the soft bigotry of low expectations’. Everyone deserves the same opportunity, but also carries the same responsibility. And I think facts are more important than polite illusions. I do not pretend not to notice things simply because the conclusion is unpleasant. You can call some of what I say ‘hurtful stereotypes’– what you call stereotypes I call ‘paying attention to real patterns and statistical indicators, to improve the accuracy of my predictions beyond mere guesswork’. General trends don’t disappear simply because some exceptions exist.

            As a harsh example, I freely admit I would discourage my daughter from dating a black man. Because a white woman who marries a black man instead of a white man is 12.5 times as likely to be murdered by her spouse, and more likely to be beaten, or impregnated and abandoned. And I see the white women with mixed-race kids, with no man around, using that EBT card, all the GD time. I see it. I only have one daughter; I have to guide and protect her any way I can, even if that makes you curse my name. If she does marry a black man, I will wish them the best– I won’t disown her or hate the man–but I am aware of statistical odds. Unlike some here, I prefer to face the facts instead of going through life drinking the Kumbayah Koolaid.

            You may think it odd that I have these particular stats memorized; trust me, it’s not just this stuff. I have the value of pi memorized to 28 decimal places. I read a lot and have a good memory. It often happens that I know some information that someone else might not, and they think I’m unfairly prejudiced. Perhaps so, or perhaps I am operating on additional information which forms the basis of my bias. I know that a black man in America is 7 times as likely as a white man to commit murder. That makes me more wary around black men. Someone who isn’t aware of this disparity (and perhaps chalks up the preponderance of black faces on the tv news crime segment to ‘media bias’) doesn’t share this wariness, and sees that I have it…and assumes I am just a bigot for no reason. I am operating on additional information. I would be willing to bet that you have some biases about whites, or any other group.

            I’m curious what your issue is with me referring to the girl as LaQueshia. As I said, two black women referred to a white girl as Becky. If they have the right to do that, then I do too. LaQueshia is an actual name, exclusively used for black girls, and fairly common. It’s more than that though– it’s also a somewhat ‘ghetto-ish’ lower-class name. I thought of that because what I see in this video strikes me as ghetto-ish behavior I see in Atlanta regularly…loud, boisterous, uncontrolled, no concern for anyone else in the vicinity. How many times have I heard blacks refer to whites as ‘uptight’? I consider ‘uptight’ to be normal, and that other way to be rude and annoying. Whites from the trailer park act differently from middle class whites, and a black man named Andy and a man named LeCarpetron tend to be different as well. Are you offended by this name because you also consider it to be ghetto-ish, and thus perceive it as an insult?

            You mentioned your wife and kids– sounds like a good, strong family and I’m glad to hear that. As you said, your kids or mine could end up in jail or on drugs, despite our best efforts. That is true. But we train them a certain way, with punishment and rewards…eat your vegetables, don’t touch the hot stove, be home by 10pm, don’t hang out with that kid because he’s a bad influence, study instead of watching tv, etc., because we understand patterns of how A often leads to B, and it’s easier to change things early on when the kids are malleable. And I do not harbor any dislike of the girl in this video. She is five years old and innocent. I am angry at her parent(s) who do not seem to be correcting what I consider to be bad behavior, that does not take into account the impact on others, and I cannot believe this is the first time she’s acted this way. I also see no evidence that she has ADHD or is autistic or some other mitigating factor. I am angry at the white adults in the crowd there, and those here, who are bending over backwards and wearing the mask to make excuses. They are not helping that girl, just trying to protect their own image and not making a stir. I’m angry because I see other children acting like that, in my own life, and I see how it develops over time into real trouble. It’s cute now but it won’t be in 10 years. Someone needs to step in and show her a different way, for her benefit. And yes, that girl needs a father. Maybe she has one in her life, but the odds are she doesn’t. And things fall through the cracks that way. If he ran off and isn’t fulfilling his sacred duty as a father to a child, then I am angry at him for that. I love my kids and would die to protect them. They are my blood, my legacy…and the best thing I will ever be a part of. I don’t understand how a man could not feel that way, and just run off.

            Well that’s it. Eric Holder said we should have a conversation on race, so there it is.

          • Andy

            If nothing else, I totally respect your
            honesty. Like you said, many people who hold the same views as you do, hide

            You come across as an intelligent man –
            and your use of stats are very interesting. You’re statement ‘I expect everyone
            to meet high standards’ suggest you are a progressive individual – and if that
            assumption is right, then we have something in common. And because you read a
            lot, I wondered if you ever did any research into the stats, which lie at the
            root of some of the stats you provided.

            For example, here in the UK a black
            person is 6 times more likely to be convicted, sent to jail and receive a
            longer sentence for the same crime committed by a white person; young black boys are top of the UK education table when
            they leave nursery, but fall to the bottom by the end of primary school
            (elementary school in the states); a black person in the UK has to be (at
            least) twice as good as a white counterpart in order to get a job they are both
            competing for; someone with an African or Caribbean name is 8 times less likely
            to get offered a job interview in the UK than someone with a European sounding
            name (BBC did a study into this and I also replicated it)

            You seem to form your picture of Black
            people as a race based on your limited exposure to those African Americans you
            have either been exposed to through personal
            experience or the media. The reason I say this is because as a learned person
            you would know that black people outside of the diaspora do not conform to the
            stats or stereotypes you hold – for example, in Africa, there
            are very few ‘fatherless’ families, murder rates are low (as a proportion of
            country population) and educational attainment is high.

            In regards to the stats you provide for
            African-Americans you also seem to ignore (or not be aware) of the
            socio-economic, historical background; for example, during 400 years of
            slavery, if slaves had children together, the father would get sold off – over
            time this led to a matriarch society
            of absent dads.

            Fearing a surplus of labour in the form
            of freed slaves, you’ll also know that the 13th amendment
            includes the following statement ‘”There
            shall be neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in the said territory,
            otherwise than in punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall have been duly
            convicted.’ And since you are heavily into stats, I am sure you know
            that post slavery in America, a highly disproportionate number of black men have
            been incarcerated in prison where they are forced to due cheap labour (do you
            guys still have chain gangs?). Hence another reason why the ‘black father’
            might be absent in the diaspora. There
            have been many studies into this in America – and since you read a lot, you
            might be interested in reading this:

            There’s also the
            socio-economic barriers many black men in the states have had to deal with –
            which have only got slightly better in the last 60 years or so. And as you and
            I both know, when a man does not have access to the things that define us as
            men and are needed to maintain our position as head of the family, some men rather
            run than stay in that situation.

            I share this with you not as
            an excuse for those who underperform, or do not take advantage of the
            opportunities they have been given. I agree – that is not acceptable. Neither
            do I offer this as justification for ‘acting the fool’. I give you this because
            I assume you are a progressive person who wants the best for yourself, your family,
            society and maybe even the human race as a whole. I give you a bigger picture
            which you can choose to research further so you have more stats, if indeed you
            are seeking true knowledge on matters you are obviously so passionate about.
            However, if you’re the type who fears true knowledge because it might cause you
            to revisit your current beliefs in regards to race, society and all things
            great, then disregard what I have given you here.

            P.S: In the UK we are not
            aware of the term ‘Blonde Becky’ as slang for ‘white girl’. If that is the case
            then I do not support its use in this context either

          • Guest

            I have read almost all of Brian’s comments and I agree with him on ALL matters including his witty comebacks. Nobody bats an eye when a little white girl is called Becky but when he says LaQueshia, an stereotypical ghetto name, he’s now associated with the KKK. By the way, I’m not white. He brought up race, but it was not a racist comment. The little girl’s performance was not cute, nor was it her fault. Her parents need to teach her the proper way to act in a group performance. She needs to channel that energy into something more appropriate for her, maybe hip hop or martial arts. Lack of self control and discipline is not something that should be celebrated or encouraged. The crowd was not laughing WITH her. They were laughing AT her.

          • Uchenna Osegbu

            Your joke was in poor taste. Let’s leave it at that.

          • MeShun Vann

            Brian, with her being one of two brown girls on stage, I’m going to assume her name is not LaQueshia – We don’t know her parents so we can’t even blame them. Sometimes bad parents have bad kids, sometimes good parents have bad kids etc .. I do think she’s marching to her own drum in this routine – not because of lack of discipline, because she’s black or bad and surely not because in 10-20 yrs she’ll be committing a crime. She was singing as much as dancing maybe she liked the song. Whether we think this is funny or not we can all agree she had happy feet.
            Naming has become a creative thing more than being undisciplined, how many ways can I spell one name to be different, combining names, Again, not knowing people personally some of the celeb kids parent’s have named them distinctive names… Apple, Blue, Jett, etc No name calling here Brian!!

          • Lover

            Brian, your “facts” are clearly based on lack of cultural exposure and education. I am not calling you names or bashing you for being a racist. You’re free to be a racist in America, especially behind the safety of the Internet. However, remember that this is a child, and if you and your husband ever decide to be parents please keep in mind that your child will be harshly judged daily for having a gay bigot as a dad!

          • Mac Clair

            I’m afraid of you, not that little girl or her parents, Brian and the rest of you like-minded narrow-minded humans. I am afraid of you. I’ll bet you’re sitting alone, where you sit all the time all alone, for hours on end, searching for places like this to type as much asmuch as you can, looking for attention and angry at the world for whatever slights to your “good taste” and “reason” you feel have been flung at you.
            I hope that you stay wherever you are and have no children of your own.

          • Gina

            who are you to say she lacks “parental discipline” because she cut up during a dance routine…. WOW !!! your ignorance is bliss to you I see…

          • amy

            I used to know a girl named Latasha…a stereotypical “black name”. She was kind of a crazy kid and now she’s a successful/hardworking young adult. You’re a moron.

          • Brian

            I know a woman who’s over six feet tall, and a man who’s 5’3″. Therefore women are taller than men. Morons who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

          • doug

            Those who are committing mass killings and other crimes are not Black, check your statistics. What does that say for child rearing practices and predictions about the behavior of children into adulthood behavior? Again, look at the statistics, don’t trust what you believe or are told; it’s insulting to those of us who know better.

          • Brian

            How do you ‘know better’, if you don’t trust what you believe or are told? Does God whisper the facts in your ear? Mass killings are insignificant compared to ordinary street crime.

          • Connie Kuramoto

            Lacks parental discipline? so what were the parents of this child supposed to do. go up on stage and beat her? sucks to be your kids.

          • AC

            Brian you didn’t say any of used a stereotypical black name to describe her. It was clear as day what you mean. Stop trying to defend just sound more stupid.. smh

          • Brian

            If I referred to a white redneck by calling him Billy Bob, would you object to that? There is no need for me to ‘defend’ myself. There’s nothing wrong with using a shorthand name. Yes, it’s a stereotype/shortcut. So what?

          • gottaluv

            maybe little REBECCA was doing the very best she could. Maybe she heard music that touched her heart, made her move, and made her happy. Maybe they all did the best they could. Maybe they moved the way the music made them feel and that’s a beautiful thing. I don’t think it ruined the performance it showed individuality, tolerance and creativity. I wish more of us adults had some of those qualities. I loved it. Children are great.

          • Archie Bunker was funny. This guy is just rude.

          • David Guess

            In my life I seen stage stealers, both male,and both amounted to nothing. except for being Bully’s ,abusers , druggies, and homeless ,living off the system or whoever will help them out…all the hard work put into the dance by the teacher and the other girls was totally thrown out the window by the disruption , The inability to follow orders wont get you very far in the worklace, military, sports and many other aspects of life. doing it the me, myself and I way can be done successfully ,but not when purely acting out

          • Joe Nathan

            Yeah, you guys give this little girl too much credit. While I don’t take it too seriously, it is obvious that she wasn’t made to learn the routine and that she only conformed when she remembered, and otherwise just did as she wished. This wasn’t experienced improvisation that we should be applauding, but it also wasn’t a big deal, as she is a kid….and we could certainly do without the racism.

          • tom

            She was out of control. but don’t bring race in this argument. The “Becky” comment was rude and the childish rebuttal “laQuiesha” was also rude. Obviously her parents can afford to put her in the tap dance ballet class. And for you morons out there who think crime is about race…wake up..class status is the most common predictor of violence. She did steal the show which wasn’t fair, but it was entertaining and all of the parents whose daughter had the “vanilla” flavor dance (not race, rather plain) laughed at the charming little girl. Blacks are always taught to stay in line with the rest of society… stop trying to censor black people..haven’t you done that for the past 300 years.

          • Robert

            So I guess if she were white it would be ok? Lets not forget about Columbine or countless other murders committed by white kids with guns shooting and killing innocent people in this country dumb ass. Your so-called statistical data has no merit whatsoever. Get a fucking life you loser!

          • Brian

            Getting hysterical does not improve the quality of your ‘argument’.

          • MexMe

            So back up your comments with some facts. Have any real data that a child who enjoys herself at a recital is more prone to criminal behavior than a child who is stressed by the pressure of memorizing the routine? Who will you use as examples? Charles Manson acting out at preschool? Timothy McVeigh being a ham at the preschool Christmas recital? Data, please.

          • Brian

            That’s a cute rhetorical twist…naming a psychopathic mass murderer and a terrorist. You’re aware though, I’m sure (do I need to provide data on this too?) that most crime is rather more ordinary…burglary, assault, et al. I’m suggesting two things: 1) Childhood behavior is a likely indicator of adult behavior; 2) Lack of impulse control is correlated with crime. I was not aware these were controversial positions.

            And there is data:



          • Monique

            Hell, that escalated quickly. How about this for a hypothesis, based on the only evidence before us, she wont grow up to be a “criminal”, and she wont grow up to be “great.” Based on the evidence of this child being silly, exuberant, joyful, confused, and yes, attention seeking, I hypothesize that she will grow up.

          • cleva

            right because stats say that little black girls in dance rituals out of step rob banks at 13. dude…hush.

          • Brian

            I guess you missed the reference to ‘blonde Becky’? In case you did, ‘Becky’ is what hoodrats call preppy white girls.

          • Starr Frazier

            Indeed, two thumbs up !!!

          • Giselle Williams-Thomas

            This is so sad. This was never the intent of this post.

          • Carmen

            Wow buddy LaQueshia as you so called her is above the established perfection we want from our kids. Let that beautiful baby dance. I work with all the Laqueshias of my community and that baby was placed in that dance line and by God she did not want to confirm to the little perfect routine. How dare you form an opinion of a little girl based on pure joy of life. The hell she will be on the six o’clock news selling her best seller “How to Live perfect without Perfection” Amen little girls you all did an amazing Job and Baby girl you are a STAR. Brian come by my Outreach center ministry and let me give you a heads up about never judge a book by its cover.

          • Brian

            Not wanting to conform to routine, just doing whatever strikes your fancy in the moment while fools cheer you on…_is how people become criminals_. And no, I’m not forming an opinion of her; I’m forming an opinion of her parent(s) and the larger community who let this foolishness slide. And then years later when she commits the crime because no one gave her discipline and respect for others, those same fools can’t make the connection. They’ll say the crime is ‘random’ and ‘senseless’. Undo your rectal-cranial inversion and quit making excuses for bad behavior.

          • Jen

            You go right ahead and conform, Brian. Let the fun people of the world have their fun. How dare you boring people get on here and immediately jump to the conclusion that this precious child will someday be an out-of-control criminal. This isn’t “bad behavior.” It’s a child with a lot of energy being creative. Next recital, I bet she gets her own number. When you suppress creativity and energy, it has nowhere to go but someplace bad. Let the child dance!

          • Brian

            How dare I indeed. Not all of us go traipsing through life with blinders on. Boo hoo, I’m such a square, with my ‘restraint’ and ‘respect for others’ personal space’.

          • Maxine

            It is very obvious that she wasn’t having “fun” or “being cute”, this is a little girl crying for attention. Little kids are not that oblivious.

          • Meh

            Your pent up energy from your so called ‘restraint’ and ‘respect for others’ personal space’ has led you to become an internet troll, Brian.

          • Brian

            Clearly you have a different definition of ‘personal space’ than I do.

          • Starr Frazier

            Clap, clap, clap

          • Levedi

            Amen, Jen! I wish all my students brought this much energy and engagement to the classroom. I hope nobody tries to squash the life and energy out of her.

          • David Guess

            I believe that little girl flunked the class, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, can we say attention deficit disorder may be the problem ,group activity isn’t what she needs at this point of her young life, one on one type things would be more appropriate….even though I’m 51 years old and the parent’s of these children are much younger,….Todays generation is based on attitude and respect or disrespect . I can only speculate but it appears to me she lives in a house hold full of attitude ,,,,none of us know the real circumstance’s It could be the grandparents are the ones flipping the bill too give this little girl a chance of a normal life ,,,,,once again I’m only spectulating as we all are since the first reply to this Blog, In my heart,I do believe all of us hope this girl has a bright future…..

          • Lisa Peatt Cook


          • ttcany

            Brian you are an A$$…..Because she danced like no one was watching, you have her committing crimes….Man get some counselling, please!!!! I could imagine how repressed and tight a$$ you and your family are.

          • Brian

            Is that so? My brother was mugged at gunpoint a few years ago by two 14-year-olds. I’m guessing they didn’t have any parental discipline either, and everyone thought their selfish misbehavior was cute, until it wasn’t. How do you think the progression goes here? Kids are going to act foolish, but it’s the job of the adults to train them to think about other people rather than just themselves. This girl’s parents don’t seem to be doing that. And it’s not going to get better by itself.

          • JJ PuffnStuff

            Don’t lie about your brother, Archie. No one believes you.

          • Brian

            Goodbye troll.

          • Alegra Franziska

            Brian is a dick…I mean stick in the mud.

          • jimmy

            what the hell does this fabricated story have to do with a pre-schooler at a ballet dance? the sad part is you’re story is most likely bogus in an attempt to substantiate a stereotypical point of view about black people in general. you don’t realize your condemning a child for child-like behavior because that behavior happens to come from a black child. Suddenly you don’t believe, i guess, that a white child can behave the same way. I guess white pre-schoolers don’t do childish things. You can’t picture a white child doing this? Are you going to start thinking, “oh well, we got another criminal on our hands?” You know it’s wrong to do, but so what? it’s just a black kid, right? what an ignoramus like you doesn’t realize is that you give credence to another stereotype – the belief that all white people believe themselves to be superior to other people. You’re over here bashing a baby girl and you don’t see how sad that is.

          • Brian

            1. I’m bashing the adults in the room, not the girl. I thought I made that clear.
            2. I have not claimed that white kids don’t ever act this way. Of course some do. And all my criticism applies to them as well. Why are you attacking a strawman?
            3. My brother was mugged, whether that fits into your narrative or not. I’m not sure why you find it so hard to believe. Mugging is a thing that happens in America pretty regularly. By the way, I didn’t say the perps were black– you are the one making that assumption.

          • District15parent

            I’m guessing the kids who mugged your brother did NOT have parents who enrolled them in dance classes or other healthy outlets. And I’m guessing their “selfish misbehavior as children” most likely took the form of hitting other children, throwing tantrums, taking things that didn’t belong to them, etc. I SERIOUSLY doubt that their criminal behavior got its start from dancing too exuberantly!

          • Brian

            It gets its start from parents who don’t provide discipline. Or maybe you think this kid is a perfect angel in every other way, and this clip here is the lone exception? That doesn’t seem likely.

          • District15parent

            No, I think this child is likely exuberant, full of energy, and over-enthusiastic in other parts of her life too. That doesn’t mean she’s BAD or disobedient. In this clip, she was NOT disobedient. She was not running around the stage, or screaming, or pushing other kids. She was DANCING, which is exactly what she was there for! She stayed in her place in line. Her only “crime” is dancing too exuberantly and not following the choreography exactly. Big deal!

            I would imagine that in school, she’s the first one to eagerly answer the teacher’s question, the first one to play a game. She may indeed be one of those kids who needs to be gently reminded to raise her hand and wait to be called on, rather than eagerly calling out the answer. That’s common at age 4, and I’m sure she’ll settle down as she gets older. But to equate over-exuberant dancing at age 4 with lack of discipline and criminal behavior is, again, ridiculous! Again, kids who grow up to become criminals are NOT kids who take dance classes and show enthusiasm and joy in life as this little girl does.

          • Giselle Williams-Thomas

            She’s a kid. who danced the same routine (just with more energy). Simple. Can you just take if for what it is. What would you say for a child who throws a tantrum in a grocery (of any race)? Would that child be destined for a life of crime and hell? Or are some more destined than others because of their race? All these judgements from a little girl dancing!!! Come on!!!

          • Ava

            I’m just trying to get an understanding of why your angry and decided to take it out under a ballet video. So, your brother was mugged by young teen, I’m guessing they were African American?Was your brother killed? Correct me if I am wrong, but you feel that they wouldn’t have done that if their parents disciplined them? A few questions I have is, how does a mugging compare to a dance recital? You say that you have a daughter and say discipline is important so, how would you react if she was to be overly dramatic to you? Would you take her off the stage or discipline her when you got home because you feel like she was not performing to your level making her feel as though she’s not good enough for dad?Which could result in her acting inappropriately, but you know you were a good parent. I don’t know the lives of those two boys who mugged your brother, but it does not mean their parents did not discipline them or show them right from wrong. They were of the age to make their own decisions and have their own minds and decided to do something very wrong, but it has nothing to do with race because it can be done by any child or adult including yours. But my last question to you would have to be, can you honestly say that some things you posted here have not been racist? I don’t know if you started looking at African Americans differently after your brother was mugged, but I can tell from a few of your post that you are hurt by it and from it you have some hostility or hatred towards African American people.

          • Brian

            A few questions I have is, how does a mugging compare to a dance recital?
            Because if poor behavior is not corrected early on, it increases the odds of even poorer behavior in the teen years, and on through life.

            Would you take her off the stage or discipline her when you got home because you feel like she was not performing to your level making her feel as though she’s not good enough for dad?
            It has nothing to do with her not performing well enough, or not being good enough for me. The problem is she’s getting in the personal space of the other kids, swinging around and risking hitting the others, and being an attention hog, which makes the work the other kids put in, learning the moves and listening to the teacher, pointless. It’s really about learning the lesson of being considerate to your peers.

            I don’t know the lives of those two boys who mugged your brother, but it does not mean their parents did not discipline them or show them right from wrong. They were of the age to make their own decisions and have their own minds.
            You have got to be kidding. What drives 14-year-olds to rob strangers on the street at gunpoint? Their parents FAILED, in every conceivable way, in imparting discipline and morality.

            But my last question to you would have to be, can you honestly say that some things you posted here have not been racist?
            It’s not racist to point out that black kids are more likely to be without a father in the home, to get suspended or expelled from school, and to have a much higher crime rate. These are facts.

          • Ava

            You have got to be kidding. What drives 14-year-olds to rob strangers on the street at gunpoint? Their parents FAILED, in every conceivable way, in imparting discipline and morality.

            Anything can drive anyone to do anything, but once they are of age to make up their own mind it’s not the parents fault. Their parents could have been ministers for all I know, so it does not mean they have not been taught how to act but that they did not choose to act how they have been taught. If your daughter or son was to do something like mug someone after you know you have instilled good morals, values, and have disciplined them when necessary, would you feel like your a failure?

            It’s not racist to point out that black kids are more likely to be without a father in the home, to get suspended or expelled from school, and to have a much higher crime rate. These are facts.

            Can you say that pointing out these “facts” under a dance recital video are not racist? Stating facts such as the ones you have under an innocent recital video because the girl is African American are racist statement. If this was to be a Caucasian girl and statements were said about she will probably be pregnant and on welfare(because welfare was originally started to help Caucasian), She’s probably going to end up making bombs in her garage, or she’s going to end up killing her parents because these are facts of Caucasians. That would be racist, just as you are doing. So, has your brother’s mugging made you feel differently or hatred towards African Americans?

          • Brian

            once they are of age to make up their own mind it’s not the parents fault.
            14 does not qualify– they are considered juveniles legally, and they are living at home under parental supervision.

            Can you say that pointing out these “facts” under a dance recital video are not racist?
            The conversation here has touched on a lot of ancillary topics, including this. I am not saying that her race has any direct bearing on the video.

            So, has your brother’s mugging made you feel differently or hatred towards African Americans?
            No. As I’ve stated on here repeatedly, I live in a majority black neighborhood, in a majority black city. I recognize that most people, of any group, are not criminals.

          • Judge Not…

            Are we forgetting the fact that these kids are maybe four years old?

          • Brian

            How old are the parents? And the other adults laughing at this?

          • Judge Not…

            Good call – I guess they’re probably older than four. My bad.

          • Infinite wisdom

            Brian, I think we can all agree that some parents make poor parenting decisions. I am referring to the fact that your father should have jerked off out the window rather than impregnating your mother 9 months before she shit you out.

          • District15parent

            Are you serious? Dancing in her own way instead of following choreography “is how people become criminals”? Seriously? She wasn’t hitting other children, she wasn’t screaming obscenities, she wasn’t breaking anything. She was DANCING, but doing it her own way. It means she may not grow up to be a ballerina, which requires precision and conformity, but she might grow up to be Madonna or Lady GaGa, expressing herself artistically in her own unique way. Good for her. OR, given that she’s only 4 YEARS OLD, she may very well settle down and follow routines better as she matures. She’s a little kid, for crying out loud! But to equate joyful non-conforming dancing with violent, criminal behavior is simply ridiculous.

          • margaret33

            In case anyone was curious about what makes creeps like our friend Brian tick….


            Although judging by how much time he spends being a pathetic, narcissistic internet bully, I would be surprised if he has a job to get fired from in the first place.

            Taylor Swift put it well: all you are is mean, and a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life, and mean.

          • Brian

            “Taylor Swift put it well”. Wow, that’s the first time those words have even been in a sentence together.

          • Serena

            When I first saw this video I just saw a budding artist. But like many non-conformists, it could go either way depending on nurturing. Seems like if her parents have her enrolled in a nice dance class that would put on a show like this, they are on the right path to encouraging her natural abilities to captivate and entertain. It doesn’t mean she’s out of control in other areas of her life. She is trying to follow the cues, but like that other viral video of the baby moved to tears by a mother’s voice, some people are just more moved to express themselves than others. If we tamped them all down and refused to let their individual gifts out, we would have a lot less great works of art. I do sympathize with the points of view expressed that she ruined it for the other girls, but in a show like this, everyone is sort of watching their own kid, filming their own kid, praising their own kid, so I really doubt any of the other children were damaged. You also have to consider that the y rehearsed this many times, so if the teacher let the little rouge dancer through, the girl either didn’t behave like this in rehearsal or the class thought it was fine. If she didn’t behave like this in rehearsal, then I think the case that it’s budding artistry over budding crime is stronger. She was just overcome by the moment, the lights, the sound of applause. She definitely reacts to the crowd at a couple parts of this.

          • sandibeach

            It is a shame you have no idea of what you are talking about

          • Starr Frazier

            And, Brian, be careful what comes out of your mouth because it could come back to bite you in some of your progeny.

          • Michelle


          • debbie

            20 years from now ? Hmmm… you must be a powerful seer Brian..
            See my above comment about inventors, entrepreneurs and artists
            that walk a road less traveled, including Mr. Zuckerburg , Steve Jobs Howard Hughes, The Wright Brothers ( you know, the airplane guys ) and a gazillion others… maybe La Queshia may join their ranks… just sayin’ … it’s always two sides of a coin ..

          • Brian

            Anything is possible, of course, and I wish the best for that girl. I merely see some warning signs for trouble ahead. You could smoke your whole life and not get lung cancer, or not smoke and yet you get it. But smoking raises the odds. It does not require psychic powers to discern that, merely observation.

          • debbie

            20 years from now ? Hmmm… you must be a powerful seer
            See my above comment about inventors, entrepreneurs and
            artiststhat walk a road less traveled, including Mr. Zuckerburg ,
            Steve Jobs Howard Hughes, The Wright Brothers ( you know, the airplane guys )
            and a gazillion others… maybe La Queshia may join their ranks… just sayin’
            … it’s always two sides to a coin

          • Giselle Williams-Thomas

            We do not need to go there Brian!!! Your ignorance is all the way real! This is a dance recital for kids. Children. under the age of 4. Since when does one’s dancing style dictate one’s future? STOP IT!!!

          • Life

            Racist comment!! grow up

          • Brian


          • Robert

            Go kill yourself Brian!!!!!!

          • Brian

            Another tolerant lover of diversity, I see. Try adding a few more exclamation points and I’ll consider your suggestion.

          • Princess Di

            So in other words if she’s black she’s a criminal if she’s blue eyed blonde it’s adorable? Good to know. Just to recap:
            1. She wasn’t attacking anyone.
            2. The girl is under the age of 5
            3. Marching to the beat of your own drum does not mean a life of violence and/ or crime…er..unless your black then it means you’re going straight to jail. LOL

          • Brian

            I love how you understand everything exactly as I meant with no oversimplification or distortion. SMH.

          • Hahahahahaha

            Yep….as Becky is sucking Trayshawn’s dick in a corner at school somewhere…”)

          • Tammy

            You can’t be serious.

          • Gina

            “LaQueshia” really….. thank you for showing your true colors…. WOW the ignorance of some people is still astonishing to me

          • Connie Kuramoto

            OMG you have got to be kidding…self control at her age? I guess there are hundreds of studies you based your comment on….hundreds of studies on how little girls who dance funny end up committing crimes. give me a break…

          • If you weren’t being racist then why did you use the name LaQueshia? Her name could be Jennifer, Angela, Summer…but you said LaQueshia and said she would be committing a crime. That is totally racist and shameful to put your hatred on an innocent child. Don’t throw a racist comment then be surprised when someone calls you on it.

          • Brian

            Such a heavy cross it must be for you to bear, sniffing out racism and hatred under every mossy rock and spreading tree. The world is fortunate indeed to have white knights like yourself charging into battle on behalf of the downtrodden.

            Yeah, I called her LaQueshia– BFD. The two black women who referred to the white girl on the end as ‘Becky’… be my guest and ‘call them on it’ too.

          • cleva

            you went racist. this little girl enjoyed herself. I’ve been to recitals and children do this all the time. her being black has nothing to do with anything. she obviously had parents that keep her involved. black children need more of us celebrating them and not pushing them to a jail cell for just being themselves. there’s a lot of follow the leader folks on this thread. she will be on Ellen soon….being free and a child. dave your racism for another day.

          • Brian


          • JK

            You should be ashamed of yourself…..

        • Starr Frazier

          Kudos! Bleep that hater

          • S

            “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds us that we have one.” If we can’t let go when dancing because some guy (Brian) was denied a creative/emotional outlet as a child then where does this repressed emotion and frustration go? Oh, I know. Depression and VIOLENCE. Just because her parents taught her to be free and silly and to have fun does not mean that she will resort to crime when she’s older, that actually makes no sense. Stop pretending like you’re an expert in child development psychology because you’re so incredibly wrong. You know nothing about this child or her parents or the context of the situation.

          • Brian

            And you don’t know anything about me. ‘I was denied a creative and emotional outlet as a child’– I am a professional musician, Einstein. And guess what? No one likes a prima donna.

          • jimmy

            No Brian, your a professional idiot. No musician I know would say the ridiculous things your saying. Sounds like no one ever really thought you were a good musician. You don’t have the confidence and self-respect to feel rather silly bashing a 4 year old girl. No one loves you Brian. Your parents, if they are worth a damn, think you’re a loser. If you have a girlfriend, unless she’s anything like you, she realizes what a jerk you are and is on her way out the door the moment she gets a chance. You sibling(s), if they are worth their weight on this earth, may care about you, but they know you’re a loser too and horrible wanna-be musician. They wish you were a better person, but have doubts about whether they’re happy to be related to you. why do I know this? what parent or sibling would be proud of a grown man bashing a 4yr old girl? You’re probably a pedophile – why else would you have such a strong reaction to a baby girl dancing. It’s a great deal of hate that you have for a child that is completely innocent and only temporarily free from the weight judgement like yours. Get help Brian.

          • Brian

            Thank you Miss Cleo, for that free psychic reading. Brilliant analysis and worth every penny I paid for it! Perhaps you should consider a career as an FBI profiler– you really have a knack for figuring people out. Well, not me, but I’m sure this description fits someone.

        • Pahtrisha

          Annie, what a sad comment. This little girl was in a recital as part of a team. She ruined it for all the others.

      • Lady Dee

        maybe, just maybe she was being a child! they are meant to be free willed little ones and with and frontal lobe of her brain still being developed children her age lack impulse control. that is biology, and is completely normal no need for meds God designed it that way. that’s the problem with society today medicating everything then wondering where things went wrong.

        • Brian

          Didn’t ‘God’ also say ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’? And ‘train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it’? That child needs some training from adults, not medication.

          • eliz77

            You would beat that child for joining in the feeling of the song and being creative within the format of the dance? All of those little girls were so cute and charming. She was original and creative. I’d be proud to be her momma, or any of those babies momma. And that quote from the bible is from a rural, nomadic culture where the rod was used to guide the livestock to good grazing and away from danger and to protect it from predators. No good shepherd beats his sheep.

          • Brian

            ‘spoil the CHILD’ refers to livestock?

          • Rae

            Have you ever performed on stage? There is an adrenaline rush and a lot comes out really exaggerated and improvised – even in the professional circuits. The child could have had stage fright that made her forget, to which most teachers TEACH just keep dancing and don’t freeze. This, or any of these children, could have special needs mentally, emotionally, physically…the camera does not catch all. The theory of the child’s parents not providing discipline – take a look what environment this child is in…a structured, extra-curricular class. At a young age. Check yourself…I’m sure you weren’t much better at that age controlling your impulse to eat your own booger. See past the color of her skin…I implore you. I doubt you would have these words for a white child, or asian, indian, etc etc. You are a dangerous pit of half thoughts…you see only one side. Statistics are such for a reason, but they clearly are not applicable based on a baby girl soaking up life.

          • Brian

            Yes, I was a child once and acted up sometimes. My parents put a stop to it, and I’m grateful to them for that. That’s the issue here. As for her ethnicity, I don’t hold that against her. But of course I’ve noticed that black kids are less likely to have a father in the home to provide instruction, and so they tend to act up more, and as they get older it stops being cute and becomes a problem. But perhaps you think I have no right to criticize a black person because I’m white? Forget it. Bad behavior is bad behavior, and making excuses and pointing the finger at me is not doing this girl any favors. For her to grow up and have a good life, someone needs to lay down the law for her.

          • Cheyenne

            Brian I completely agree. I saw nothing cute about this “performance” and if I were the parent of the little girl on the right I would be royally pissed. Even children don’t like someone in their face and only by sheer luck did this kid not smack one of the girls in the face with her flailing arms.

          • jimmy

            Brian clearly needs help. you just need to shut up. I don’t see anything about what your saying that would suggest you willing to condemn the childs entire future, but agreeing with a person like brian would make a person like him believe that you also agree that the child is destined to be a loser and even at 4 years old she isn’t anybody’s time. If i’m mistaken, and you agree with him that she’s just going to grow up to be a problem because some childish behavior when she was four, then don’t expect me to apologize. In that case, you can go to hell with Brian where you both belong.

          • Brian

            I did not say she is a loser or not worth anyone’s time. Stop lying about me. I am critical of the adults in the room, especially her parents, for not providing discipline. Come back when you sober up.

          • jimmy

            But Brian, stop lying. You don’t have a good life. You’re over-crediting yourself and your parent or parents (cause you’re parents probably divorced when you were a kid if they were ever married). You’re making it seem like you had a ideal upbringing or your parents manner of raising you is beneficial to everyone’s kids. And suddenly black kids are the problem, and you know this because you read some statistic somewhere. You’re going on and on, unable to find a graceful way to say that you’re wrong and I’m being generous with you. Maybe you are really unable to see what’s wrong with what you’re saying about a child or what you’re saying about black people in general because a black child dancing. You are not good musician. You know why? great musicians also know other great musicians that are black! So they know better than to come to some silly conclusions about how black children are going to turn out. Also, you might feel a little better about yourself if people thought you were a good musician instead of trying to force your so-called “superiority” on everyone by foolishly comparing the obviously poor upbringing you already had to the future upbringing of this black child. You’re crazy.

          • Brian

            Boy, you like making assumptions don’t you? Is that part of your ‘generosity’, like telling me to go to hell, or that I’m crazy and need to shut up? 1. My parents were married 25 years, and divorced when I was 21. 2. I play with black musicians every day (I live in DOWNTOWN ATLANTA, genius). Why on earth would you think I hate blacks, or don’t know black musicians? You do realize that it’s legal for a white man to criticize a black person’s behavior, right?

          • cheryl

            why are you so critical of this child, is this something to do with her being black, and again I am assuming you are not a P you are looking at this child very hard is it something you are covering up because from your messages as a man you seem to be very detailed about a child hum?

          • Brian

            So I, and all the other people who didn’t like this, are child molesters? Don’t quit your day job, Sherlock.

          • K

            Me thinks Brian is a troll, “some of his best friends are black”, and hasn’t spent any appreciable time with children. Just guessing!

          • sandibeach

            First race now God really……………..

          • Brian

            I’m responding to the previous commenter’s claim about God’s supposed wishes.

          • Lady Dee

            You missed the whole point about biology. Children are impulsive by nature we have a culture of medicating/over medicating our children by they are too “hyperactive”. I’m not for that. Not saying she shouldnt be corrected by an adult but medication really?

          • Brian

            I said she she NOT be medicated.

      • Kevin D. Brown

        Actually, if you notice, she was doing most of the same moves as her classmates, only in a more exaggerated style, and her timing was off. It’s hardly “rogue,” just untrained. And for all the flailing, she did a great job of staying in line. I’m sure their teacher told them all to be loose and to try not to be stiff. It’s obvious to me that the little girl was confident she was doing what she was supposed to. She only looked hyperactive becasue the others around her were scared stiff.

        • momof4

          I so agree with you. She was confident and enjoying herself. Why must people criticize children. She was not trying to get attention she was just being herself and having fun doing it.

      • ramubay

        FYI: The father of the little girl to the right is filming and posted this video. The two are best friends in the class and the dance that preceded this is posted as well. The parents enjoyed the recital and enjoy that millions of people are watching the video they posted.

      • sam

        Thanks for sharing your opinion and making rude, unsubstantiated comments about a child

      • Serena6

        A child behaves like a child and you think to medicate?? Some of the people on here are extremely ignorant… I’m assuming you don’t have kids smh… I think you are annoyed that the little girl stole the show. If you didn’t like don’t comment! Seriously who thinks to talk about a innocent child smh.. No life

        • Brian

          Those of us with kids know she’s going to be the one running around the restaurant out of control, screaming. And the one on the airplane kicking seats and pitching a fit while the parents smile and do nothing. Later on she’ll be texting and yakking in the movie theater too.

          • susan_oconnell

            Bullshit, Brian. Those of us who have kids should be able to recognize the difference between joy and lack of discipline.

          • Brian

            What I know is that my kids are well-behaved, because I don’t put up with foolishness. They will not be the ones acting up in school or bullying other kids, or making a scene like a bunch of heathens. You’re welcome!

          • Serena6

            I have a 1 1/2 year old and a 8 year old, both of my kids are well behaved! Children act as children the little girl added alot of spunk to her show she didn’t run around screaming disrupting the audience. I really would like to know how you came up with all of this off of a video of a recital…. smh

          • Brian

            Do you think this video is my only exposure to the different ways that children behave? Do you think I can’t notice patterns and trends? You can call me whatever name you want– that has nothing to do with the facts of life, and it doesn’t intimidate me in the least. I call it like I see it. And no, I would not like a white girl acting the fool either. I don’t like bad, slack parenting, from anyone. Children need discipline and structure, not to run wild and be cheered for it.

            The only racial element I see is that black kids are more likely to act boisterously like this, because 72% of black kids are born out of wedlock and there’s often no father in the home. Boo hoo, is it ‘racist’ to state that fact? If it is, I don’t give a tinker’s damn. I am a FATHER, MARRIED to my kids’ mother, not a baby-daddy, and my kids would never act like this.

          • S

            “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds us that we have one.” If we can’t let go when dancing because some guy (Brian) was denied a creative/emotional outlet as a child then where does this repressed emotion and frustration go? Oh, I know. Depression and VIOLENCE. Just because her parents taught her to be free and silly and to have fun does not mean that she will resort to crime when she’s older, that actually makes no sense. Stop pretending like you’re an expert in child development psychology because you’re so incredibly wrong. You know nothing about this child or her parents or the context of the situation. It’s not her fault that those other girls were scared or didn’t know what to do or like blending in (they are also adorable and brave for getting up there) but those other girls also had the choice to be full of energy and dance how they wanted, but they didn’t. Stop blaming her for being free.

          • Alisha

            I don’t mind others having differing opinions but acting like some self-proclaimed developmental psychologist who specializes in child rearing is taking it a bit far. What gives you the right to praise yourself as if you’re the perfect model parent and criticize another’s parenting skills as well as the future of their child based on a 3 minute video? What kind of grown man and father has to get his point across by referring to a child as
            LaQuiesha?? How were you raised to be that immature?

            Following your logic, I have a friend (and have seen many) whose parents remind me of lot of the “patterns” you show in reference to discipline as a parent and guess what? Because of this, she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to be honest with her parents and sneaks around behind their backs to avoid their criticisms. Judging by that, I conclude that your children “Priscilla” and “Theodore” will play nice to your face but will end up doing drugs and having unprotected sex behind your back.

            It’s not racist to repeat a statistic but it’s not very impressive that all you did was do a quick Google search to try and support your argument. Please, go into detail about it. What factors play into this statistic and explain to us how it affects the child’s up bringing? I want sources/references or your own personal research. I have yet to hear these “facts” which you speak of. Clearly you’ve done studies on this subject, especially with your collection of child behavior videos.

            Lastly, congratulations on being married. That serves as zero proof of anything. You could be a terrible father and husband who beats their wife and children and still be married. I’m going
            to need you to step down from your soapbox. If you’re so concerned about the future generation then why don’t you actually go do something proactive and start a non-profit organization or campaign to help rectify the bad parenting
            epidemic at hand instead of making overly aggressive comments on a 3 minute YouTube video of a little girl dancing?

          • Brian

            Please, go into detail about it. What factors play into this statistic
            and explain to us how it affects the child’s up bringing? I want
            sources/references or your own personal research. I have yet to hear these “facts” which you speak of.

            Since you need me to spoonfeed this to you, fine:



            If you’re so concerned about the future generation then why don’t you actually go do something proactive

            I am doing something proactive for the next generation: raising my kids the best I can. Your kids, if you have any, are your responsibility. And if you can’t take care of them properly, you shouldn’t have them in the first place. I know, I know, I’m being ‘mean’ again.

          • District15parent

            What on earth does a link about fatherless children have to do with this video? There is NO INDICATION that this little girl is fatherless! The fact that you ASSUME she must be fatherless is, indeed, racist.

          • Brian

            Someone asked me to provide that link. Children who do not have a father in the home are more likely to misbehave. And the fact is that 67% of black kids are raised in single-parent homes. That is a FACT, not my opinion. You understand that 67% is greater than 50%, correct? That means I can say that she PROBABLY (>50%) does not have a father at home. Is it racist to have an elementary understanding of statistical probability now?

          • District15parent

            67% nationwide? That may not be true in this little girl’s state, city, or neighborhood, so it’s a useless statistic. Here’s one: what percentage of black girls enrolled in dance classes are fatherless, hmm?

            Besides, 67% is two-thirds, which is FAR from close to a certainty. It’s not 99.99%. For you to assume that she’s probably fatherless just because she’s black, and then to assume that she gets no parental discipline, is just as ridiculous as the people making insulting assumptions about YOUR personal life based solely on your opinions on this forum. They don’t know you…and YOU don’t know this little girl. Therefore, it is completely inappropriate to jump to conclusions about her home life.

          • Brian

            You aren’t very good at math, are you? And you still don’t grasp what ‘probably’ means.

          • District15parent

            My math is fine, thank you. Two-thirds of something is 66.66666666%. So 67% is, indeed, approximately two-thirds. Do you deny it? As for “probably,” 67% is not NEARLY enough of a “probability” to make sweeping assumptions about the home life of a little girl you know nothing about other than that she’s black and danced exuberantly at a recital..

          • Brian


          • District15parent

            You really don’t get my point at all, do you? The fact that statistically, something has a “greater than 50% chance of being true” of a particular population nationwide does NOT make it appropriate or correct to make sweeping assumptions about an individual!

          • Brian

            I understand what you’re saying. It’s just completely wrong, that’s all. When the weatherman says there’s a 60% chance of rain, that allows me to make ‘sweeping assumptions’, like I need to carry an umbrella, move the picnic indoors, dress for cooler temperatures, roll up my car windows, etc. There’s no need for 99.9% certainty. _It’s probably going to rain._

            Or consider that you’re walking to your car after working late at an office, and you hear footsteps behind you. Based on what you know about crime statistics, would you prefer that the person behind you is a man or a woman? Are you going to ask ‘what state/neighborhood is he or she from?’ ‘Is this person currently enrolled in dance classes? Are you going to say ‘I can’t make sweeping assumptions?’ You’re going to hope it’s a woman rather than a man, based on the simple probability that a man is much more likely to commit a crime against you. Does that mean you hate men?

          • District15parent

            But the fact that more crimes are committed by men than women doesn’t mean that if I see a man, I’m going to think “That man is PROBABLY a criminal.” Being aware of the possibility of criminals doesn’t mean making assumptions or snap
            judgments that a particular person is very LIKELY to be one. Particularly when you’re just looking at a video of a child on the Internet, so you’re not personally involved in any way.

            And your use of “mathematical probability” is inappropriate, because the word “probable” has a different connotation in verbal communications. In math, “probable” simply means “a greater than 50 percent chance.” But in conversation,
            when people say something is “probably” true, they mean that it is VERY likely and they are presuming it to be true – not simply that there is a greater-than-50 percent chance.

            In the case of the weather report, if the weatherman says there’s a 67% chance of rain, I’ll bring an umbrella just in case, but I won’t ASSUME it will rain, nor will I be surprised at all if it DOESN’T rain. But in your case, not ONLY did you assume this little girl was fatherless, but you then jumped to conclusions about lack of parental discipline based on that assumption, ignoring the fact that it WAS just an assumption on your part and you have NO IDEA if it’s even true or not.

          • Brian

            But the fact that more crimes are committed by men than women doesn’t mean that if I see a man, I’m going to think “That man is PROBABLY a criminal.”

            Because most men are not criminals. If most men were criminals, and you saw a man, you would think he’s probably a criminal.

            And your use of “mathematical probability” is inappropriate, because the word “probable” has a different connotation in verbal communications. In math, “probable” simply means “a greater than 50 percent chance.” But in conversation,
            when people say something is “probably” true, they
            mean that it is VERY likely to be true and they’re presuming it IS true until they find out otherwise – not simply that there is a
            greater-than-50 percent chance.

            Wasn’t it clear that I’m using the mathematical definition, since I’m referring to mathematical statistics? I explained this. I’m not claiming any certainty, merely a 67% chance, which being >50%, fits the definition of probably. What are you continuing to argue against something you know I didn’t mean?

          • District15parent

            But the mathematical definition of “greater than 50%” is not appropriate for drawing unfounded conclusions about a little girl’s family life and then extrapolating from that unfounded conclusion.

          • sandibeach

            I hope you have money for therapy for your children.

          • Brian

            No one I know has ever needed it, but thanks for the concern.

          • Tammy

            If you think the little girl in the video is misbehaving, then I feel sorry for your children.

          • JJ PuffnStuff

            Brian, don’t lie about having kids. And we all know you only drive thru fast food restaurants. Stop it Archie Bunker. Stop lying to try and make a racist point of view have some validity. Read a book or something. Go for a walk. Get off the couch and turn off Fox News.

          • Brian

            Do you have an actual argument to make, or do you think mudslinging counts as one?

          • Cheyenne

            How DARE you not find this “adorable”. How DARE you have an opinion.

          • Barry

            As the father of an autistic 4 year old, I have to say something. I used to make the same baseless, un-informed kind of judgements that Brian is making. My feelings are now a little different however.
            While, I understand that this child in the video is probably not Autistic, I understand all too well how it feels when someone passes judgement on my daughter without fully understanding who she is as a person or what she struggles with.
            Outwardly, my daughter appears to be like any other four year old. But she does not function like other kids her age, and would probably behave very badly in a setting like the one in this video. It pains me to see the mud-slinging comments on here from people who know nothing about this little girl. What if I want to post a video of my daughter being her cute little self one day? All the people in her life understand what she has been through, and will appreciate the video. I bet there would be another Brian out there, who will quickly dismiss my daughters bad behavior and lack of social skills as bad parenting or lack of discipline. Your comments are really hurtful to me Brian.
            How can you assume that this is a result of bad parenting? Do you know this little girl? Do you know her parents? For all you know, she was taken aside when she left the stage, and her parents corrected her behavior promptly but sternly. There’s been times where my other daughter (the one who IS just like every other kid) has done something completely silly, yet inappropriate. She’s two, she does not have the same social “filter” as I do. While, trying hard not to laugh, I have to correct her gently, and help her understand what is appropriate and what is not. Afterward though, I can definatley laugh about it. Get the log out of your eye before trying to help your neighbor get rid of a speck in his eye Brian.

          • Brian

            You said you don’t think the girl here is autistic. So it’s fair to criticize the parenting. If there was some indication that she was autistic I would have a very different attitude toward this, as both my sister’s kids are autistic. Besides, a lot of my irritation is at people here who have this entitled attitude of ‘do anything you want anytime with no concern for others and no consequences’. That’s how brats are made. As for the supposed log in my eye, I do discipline my kids just like I’m suggesting for others.

          • Andy

            Personally I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. And I doubt that anyone is saying you are not entitled to you own. What is a big shame is that you felt the need to introduce race into this thread. We can all find stats to support and justify our position and perspective. Hitler did. And so did the Spanish Inquisitors. Both left millions of dead in their wake and created uncountable suffering fro millions more. Now, I’m not suggesting you are a ‘Hitler’ or anything like that. But what I am saying is what you have communicated here (yes – I have read through all your posts) suggest you have an underlying perspective in regards to race that causes you to focus on those things that support your view of the world. Hence the stereotypical predictions and naming you decided to give to a young black girl. That’s on you – but then again, maybe it’s not if in your world you think that is ok. As black man who is a married, loving father of 3 young children (and before you ask; yes all 3 are for the same woman; my wife) it doesn’t anger me when people adopt the stance that you have. If anything, I just feel sorry for them because they fail to realise that sometimes life has the habit of revisiting our worst nightmares on us as a result of the things we do and/or say. I hope that you do not take such a rigid approach to raising your children, nor condition them with such views. And I hope also that you do not find out the hard way that even children from ‘good’ homes, raised by both parents, given all the opportunities in life sometimes end up in jail, on drugs
            and a drain on society. Good luck.

          • Barry

            Exactly, I said that I don’t think that the girl is Autistic. If this were my daughter, I’d be so proud to see her do all of this because it would be leaps and bounds beyond where she is now (developmentally). Do you know for sure that she is not Autistic? Do you know this girl? Her family?

          • Brian

            I do not know that she is autistic. I’m not saying I know she isn’t. But you’re right, if she is then I will eat crow.

          • guest

            Hello Brian, my name is Ally and I am a senior in college. I danced for 15 years and understand that you are frustrated with her behavior, and that is your opinion. I was a quiet dancer at first but would have loved to have someone like her on stage with me. As would my mother. She would have helped me break out of my shell, I’m sure. And that is my opinion.
            However, the phrasing of your comments and responses to others are causing these negative reactions. You should have just left it with disagreeing with her behavior. Being a parent, I know you would be overly upset with another parent critiquing your parenting skills.
            My mother loved this video. Does that mean she is an awful parent and raised brats? I will tell you, I’m not perfect, but my mother (who again enjoyed this video) raised two “well-behaved kids”. My brother and I have both done mission work, graduated with 4.0 and above averages, and worked and continue to work hard. We try to be better people everyday. My mother is my best friend, as is my father, and both of them are supportive and nurturing. Never, ever, judge how a parent raises their kids based off of their reactions to a video. It can be insulting and hurtful. Have your opinion and then move on. This is just an article.

          • Brian

            Part of my negativity here is due to the things people have said to me. Whether am I bothered by someone critiquing my parenting depends on who is doing it, and why. Maybe I am in the wrong and deserve a critique. No your mom is not awful for liking this. But watching the video is different from if your kid is on that stage and gets shortchanged by another kid acting that way…I’m trying to look at it from that perspective. My own kids have had their classes disrupted, little league games, parties, you name it, by some other kid acting up and the parent not doing anything. That is the root of my irritation. It reminds me of those personal experiences.

          • guest

            I’m sure if you had said it like that originally, just as you have stated it to me. People would have left you alone. That is a fair opinion based off of your experience. I can respect that. But, let’s leave it at that. We don’t know what really is going on in this video, so who are we to judge whether it is right or not? I look at things with a non-biased perspective, which can be a huge downfall at times. But, this video only took a portion of the whole out into the universe. So I don’t know if it is wrong or not. So, I just enjoy it for what it is and don’t worry about anything else. Thank you for respecting my mother. I do love her very much.

          • guest

            Boy, that was awful grammar, but you get the point.

          • Brian

            Thanks for that. You are a lot nicer than some people here, including me, no doubt. The strength of my reaction to all this is not even about the silly video at this point. I see some behavior that ought to be addressed by adults, and then I see many here denying that there is anything amiss, making excuses, etc. And I see what happens in my life and my kids’ lives when people, not in this video, but in my life, do the same thing. My opinion is that in this country we used to have a lot more emphasis on good behavior from children and respecting authority, and now the pendulum has swung toward this anything-goes, self-esteem-is-everything mentality. And those kids are suffering for it. I don’t think they are being adequately prepared for adulthood.

          • sandibeach

            Having your life/classes/lunch disrupted will prepare you for the real world….. Best to be prepared in how to handle life, than to think you are going into a we are all the same, well-behaved world.

          • District15parent

            Since she was NOT running around the recital “screaming”, nor was she “pitching a fit,” you are way off-base to assume she would act that way in other locations. I think with her energy and enthusiasm, she’d be the child on the airplane eagerly looking out the window and saying “Wow! Look how high up we are!”, and trying out the headphones to listen to all the channels, and excitedly watching all the luggage move around on the baggage carousel, and just generally embracing life with eagerness and enthusiasm.

      • JD

        I agree Fran. This was ridiculous and the only positive thing was that the other girls stayed the course. What is amusing on the internet is not so amusing in real life.

        • Barb Pearson

          I’m with you, JD. I was a teacher for 35 years and encountered this form of “creativity” on a daily basis. Not funny. We are raising an entitled generation of kids who grow up to do whatever they wish.

          • mikesbosox

            I agree, she totally lacks discipline, I’m surprised she was allowed to perform since I’m guessing that she acted similarly in rehearsals too.

          • Jessica

            I agree. The teacher was totally aware that this could happen and allowed it. I think it took away from those who were trying to follow the routine. But some people think life is all fun and games. I bet they don’t pay mortgages or put kids through college. Discipline goes a long way in the real world. Teachers who insist on discipline are getting harder to find. We move to school districts with “good” schools looking for teachers who care.

          • k

            Barb, if this is true, you were really not a great teacher. My sons have all had wonderful ones and not a one would have been bothered by this. Clearly you were ready to retire.

          • Barb Pearson

            I did retire. Eight years ago. Long before this type of behavior was accepted. Worked out for all of us, didn’t it?

        • sandibeach

          Wow lighten up

      • Lisa Peatt Cook

        Totally AGREE with you Fran! Feel bad for the other little girls.

      • Sunshine777

        It’s called having enthusiasm and a personality you miserable twat! She’s a kid for God’s sake!

      • Guest1

        Laughed so hard! “Blondie Becky” sweet little child was so distracted. I gave her credit also because that was so crazy lol

      • winterh3

        YES, I agree. the others obviously worked very hard rehearsing over and over, listening to the instructor, and worked as a dance TEAM. THE Dance, when more than one is dancing, is all about discipline, self-control, team work and dedication. Amazing the other girls did so well with such a distraction!

        • Giselle Williams-Thomas

          I’m sure this is how she danced in rehearsals. I’m sure her dancing skills did not simply appear when the bright lights flashed. If it was a problem to her teachers, I’m sure this would have been addressed. Clearly, it wasn’t an issue for them because she is there. The other kids are concentrating on doing their own thing as well despite the ‘distraction.’ #thebattlegoesonandon

      • Guest

        “Blondie Becky”… Well, that’s rather racist.

      • Me la la

        I agree that the child lacks discipline. I think people who work with a group of children on a daily basis can see the warning signs. And, while she is cute, promoting this behavior will lead to problems. It’s OK to act crazy and have fun, but children need to know when and where. I think that it what a lot of people up here are trying to say.

      • Frau Holle

        Moms on edge!!! Unbelievable!! Stop making her (your daughter?) a little puppet!! It’s supposed to be fun…..I am glad people like this little girl exist in this world full of naggers!!

      • OKay

        Oh, please. She’s a preschooler! And good for her, because that choreography is completely inappropriate for girls at that age. She’s a cutie, and there’s plenty of time yet for society and killjoys like you to beat her into submission.

      • Yvonne Haldane-smith

        Never had to use the term before “tight ass” Have a sense of humor. Laugh, for once in your life It was simply funny.

      • PaisleyB

        I’m glad it’s a little black girl this time. I wouldn’t call her out of control however. Every time I go to the grocery store or the mall, I see little white children who are truly out of control! Knocking items off of shelves, screaming at their parents, running around, throwing tantrums in the middle of aisles, opening items and eating them right there. I even once saw an elementary aged girl tell her mom to shut the f**ck up! I ‘m always so embarrassed when other parents shake their heads at the parents and give my son and I the look of death as if all of our children are ill mannered deviants. Although a great majority of them are since our people tend to not discipline and be more of a friend than a parent. Good to see it’s not just us for a change!

      • Gloria S McFadden

        I applaud all the little girls in this video. They all performed in their own way. “Blonde Becky” was awesome. She danced well and didn’t let the very different girl next to her change that.
        And, when I first saw the video, there was a comment from “Blonde Becky’s” parents who shot the video. It said something to the effect that she was zooming in to capture the moment and was impressed by her daughter’s reaction to the very different girl next to her.

      • LAHips

        How can you talk so negative about a little girl who is so full of life and energy. Maybe you are the one who is off their meds. You are entitled to your opinion even though you are an “ASS” for saying that and I hope you don’t have any kids at all. You are probably raising serial killers with that attitude and don’t even know it.

      • Pahtrisha

        We are in the minority. What about the others? This selfish little girl upstaged them. I hope she is taught how to behave.

      • Pauline Contois

        The girl who did her thing must have done ok at dance class or they would have told the mom to give her private lesson. She will maybe one day be a huge star. She saw an room of people and just enjoyed herself. Dance like no one else is around is a wonderful gift, can any of the people who disliked her do it? Stop teaching hate. I find those that can’t constraint if someone is messing up or interrupt so pitiful. How can you not focus on more than one thing? The world does not stop for you to be the only one to do your thing-so it is a learning lesson.

    • candace6

      Blondie Becky, as you call her, appeared to be the youngest and yet managed to carry on with an obnoxious kid in her face. Little “Becky” may grow up to be a ballerina. This one won’t.

      • tk

        Boo hoo. The world doesn’t end if you don’t become a ballerina.

    • Michelle Province

      “Blondie Becky”… nice racist remark, against a child as well.

    • smadge100

      “Blondie Becky”? OK, you’re either a white person who thinks he or she is so “cool” or “liberal” by being condescending towards those of their own race (that we see so much of now), or you are not white and just being a racist ass. Had “Blondie Becky” been “Blackie Becky”, you would’ve never made such a stupid, unnecessary reference, would you?

  • Karla Amado

    I just peed in ma pants

  • Grace

    this made my morning. Thanks MR!

  • Angela Elyse Allston

    This is beyond cute!!! like I want to enroll my girls in dance so they can truly express themselves as such!!

  • StylePoise

    LMBO…OMG I love it! This just made my day 🙂

  • Mackenzie Mancuso


    xoxo, Kenzie

  • Beautyand TheBeach

    SO GOOD! Actually laughing out loud.

  • Erika

    That little girl’s facial expressions are everything. Also, anyone else get the impression that the other little girl next to her was supposed to go rogue as well and then chickened out?

    • Ken Boe

      The little girls next to her were great, didn’t let the ADHD marvel distract them as much as you would think. As a child I was kicked out of choir and was refused the opportunity to learn an instrument for the same condition, which there was no diagnosis for back then. I hope they stick with her and she continues to learn dance, music, etc. because in the end she will be the one to become a master, but it will be a very difficult journey getting there.

      • sandibeach

        ADHD diagnosis is overused and abused, just stick kids on meds if they show any creative ability…. I think not

  • Laura E

    That’s awesome!

  • Perfect way to start off my morning. This girl serves as a reminder to us all that it’s cool to go rogue now and then. She looks like she’s having the best time!

  • Clint Williams


    • JulesO

      Typical of what, exactly?

  • Nile

    Amazing! She’s a shining example of what it’s taken me a lifetime to learn. Never be the one doing the same song and dance as the others!

  • DanceMomof1

    I guess I’m not impressed. While she stole the show, what about the other girls? I think she ruined it for them. Dancing with a company isn’t about one person or one person’s kid. Not saying she wasn’t cute or funny, but glad she doesn’t dance at my daughter’s studio.

    • Raquel

      Are you freaking kidding me? these girls are like 5 years old, LIGHTEN THE F UP

      • puapuapua

        Nice mouth…. not.

    • Guest321

      4 embittered, self important hags like this comment.

      • GeorgiaGirl88


      • Cunning Linguist (Har har!)

        47 and counting.

      • JD

        81 and counting, most on anyone’s so far. Obviously you are the one out of touch.

    • GeorgiaGirl88

      You sound like a dance mom.

    • Angela Nunez

      Some parents have their kids in dance for excersice and fun. Give me a break. This performance made a nation laugh in the midst of the uncertainty of our country’s state right now. It will long be remembered fondly over a mundane choreographed perfect “dance mom” routine.

      • jbro

        Fondly? That poor child has a problem. Either with hyperactivity/food allergies or a handicap. She wasn’t dancing, and she is plenty old enough to dance the routine she was taught.

        • Guest21

          I think she could probably dance a more complicated routine than the one she was taught.

        • Handicap? It’s called “having a disability” and to assume that of this girl because she was enjoying the music is ableist and disgusting. The child doesn’t have a problem. The child loves dancing and music and performance. If that’s a problem to you, then your life must be very dull indeed.

          • STFU

            How is “Handicap” and “having a disability” different from each other. Is it to be better to the kid? Cause honestly both sound awful and I would have hated myself as a kid if I was cold one or the other…. Ohhh Wait… I did cause I was told I was both. The truth of the matter is using “Words” to cover up things is why we live in a world where being BETTER and THE WINNER is important. We have religious people who post “I thank God every day that I don’t have what they have or my children don’t” instead of saying things of comfort to those they are thanking god over not being. Or we have people who do things not because you should just do it but then post on facebook or twitter “Look what I did it’s the giving season pass it along.” People like you disgust me. I got over the fact that it was a handicap and so will any kid you tell that too it’s just their too young to really understand. Something is wrong and it may not be their fault but sugar coating it or finding better “words” (which don’t work) is kinda like acting like it’s not there.

          • Brian

            Thank you, language police. ‘Ableist’? Who comes up with this nonsense?

        • It’sNotThatSerious

          Actually, just like some other comment said, she was doing the same steps as the other girls. She was just more exaggerated and a little late on timing. It is hardly considered a “problem” if a child is having fun with a dance performance. You do know what the word “fun” means, right?

        • seriously

          i’m sorry, where did you get your md from?

    • evil6s

      yea your an idiot she’s 5 man… only in america

      • Cait

        Only in America? No. In any other country that little girl would have been beaten for acting like a clown and ruining the show and her parents would be ashamed…. Only in America do people defend and justify the behavior.

        • District15parent

          Wow. So you think a 4-year-old girl should be BEATEN for dancing too exuberantly at a dance recital??? Please, please do not EVER have children!!!!!!!!!

        • evil6s

          there is something seriously mentally wrong with you man. and thats why we live in the USA where its illegal to beat a child under the age of mental stability or over it for that matter. Once again… only in america

        • sandibeach

          I do believe we live in America, thank God

    • JustWhatIThink

      I agree. She is cute and funny and adorable but the kids work so hard to do this, I would have probably been upset if my girls couldn’t show off their own hard work. They all have amazing humor and silliness but I just think that this wasn’t the best time.

      • jean

        work so hard? most of them are there because their parents sign them up for it. I did dance for years when i was younger, and i can tell you it’s really not that serious.

        • Emmie

          Also did dance at that age. It was like, an hour after school each day or something like that, and none of it was taken seriously. My first dance recital the teacher actually told us to make it up if we forgot what to do.

    • sam

      lol wow, she’s a child. You’re speaking as if she’s if purposefully trying to ruin the show for the other girls…and you’re a mother?

    • CK10

      Couldn’t agree more…I found it hard to watch. How is being ridiculously unprepared cute?

    • CHill Out

      Kay so here are the facts. They’re pre-schoolers. They’re not about to get hired into a pro dance company anytime soon, obviously. So chill out. I would understand if they were a bit older.

    • sandibeach

      In life there are creative, joyous people, the rest of us should sit back and enjoy them and enjoy our lives as we chose to live them. Dancing with a company, really is this the Bolshoi? Let creativity shine….

  • Uh Oh Pasghettio

    Love her style!

  • Guest

    Another spoiled brat being applauded for “acting out”. It’s all about “me” & “look at me” as this video so clearly indicates. Misbehaving and stealing all the attention by misbehaving and getting into the face of the girl next to her on a couple occasions. Disgusting.

    • Eva Goicochea

      Guest, apparently you didn’t get enough attention growing up. You have an overwhelming animosity for a 5 year old. I’ll remind you, we’ll-behaved women rarely make history, so if you want to make up for those lost years…start “acting out” stat.

      • Brian

        No one is mad at the kid, dummy. It’s the adults’ fault– the parents for not correcting the diva’s behavior, and the other adults for approving of it.

    • Dan

      Misbehaving and getting in that girls face!?? You’re an idiot. She was the only one moving around having a good time!!

      • jbro

        But this isn’t the time, nor the place, for her to be “having a good time!!”. This is the time for her to dance the routine she was taught. Just because you are a child doesn’t mean you don’t have to be responsible for your actions! If she acted like this in school, would that be ok?

    • Eva

      And that’s well-behaved, not we’ll. excuse my iPhone.

  • Matt

    Tears, literal tears! 🙂

  • Chris Hall

    I really don’t understand why everyone thinks this is so sweet and cute
    this little girl really needs to be disciplined. I’m all for standing
    out and being yourself but this is just obnoxious.

    • How DARE young children express themselves! NO! They must all act *exactly* the same or something’s wrong! Screw that. This little girl is SO filled with joy from that music, from performing, from being alive, that she can’t contain it and it spills from her in a dance straight from her own heart. And none of you can take that away from her.

      • csno1

        Yes, I mean, everyone should be free to express themselves. For example, I believe in the right to copulate with animals. Let’s see your free mind get around that one, open-minded, liberal faggot.

        • District15parent

          Wow, so dancing too exuberantly at a dance recital is EXACTLY the same thing as bestiality. Thanks for clarifying that!

          • csno1

            Of course it isn’t. One is dancing; the other bestiality.

            The person I responded to talked about ‘expressing oneself’, alluding it to some sort of freedom (a freedom which isn’t free at all), which should be accepted by all. Therefore, bestiality is my way of ‘expressing’ myself. Disagree?

            In other words, I don’t care if the girl was expressing ‘herself’, she, in my opinion, ruined the show. If her type of expression is what rocks your boat then fair enough.

          • District15parent

            “Bestiality is my way of ‘expressing’ myself. Disagree?”

            Yes, I disagree, because bestiality is ANIMAL ABUSE! Causing physical harm to others is not an acceptable way of expressing oneself. But this little girl was NOT hurting anyone. She wasn’t pushing other kids, or screaming, or running around the stage. She was DANCING, which is exactly what she was there for, and she stayed in her spot in line too. Her only “crime” was not following the choreography exactly. Big deal!

            If you feel she ruined the show, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. But do NOT make a false analogy by claiming that supporting people “expressing themselves” is the same as supporting bestiality. That’s a specious argument.

          • csno1

            You say bestiality is animal abuse, yet what if the animal physically consented to having sex i.e. engaged in the act. If that were the case, then, going by your reasoning, it would be acceptable, no?

            You see, bestiality for some people is a way of expressing themselves. Surely, you’re not against people expressing themselves. I mean, considering how “supposedly” open minded the person whom I replied purports to be, I’m sure he wouldn’t be against it.

            I didn’t particularly like the way the girl expressed herself. Others claim that her act of expression was a breathe of fresh air, breaking barriers and crystallising a form of individual expression so badly needed in this horrid, conservative, rule ridden world.

            Therefore, taking that line of reasoning, I thought I would see how far these people were willing to allow freedom of expression to go, but quite obviously, the only ones they permit are expressions which fall under the constraints of politically-correct acceptability. In other words, they’re not open to the prospect of free expression, at all.

          • District15parent

            An animal does not have the high-order cognitive ability to understand a proposition, consider the consequences, and give informed consent. So saying the animal “consented” to bestiality is not valid.

            HOWEVER, if you wanted to “express yourself” by engaging in sadomasochistic acts with a consenting human adult, that would be totally fine by me. I AM open-minded about how consenting adults express themselves – but not if it means abusing others without their consent.

            It has nothing at all to do with being “politically correct” – it simply means you can express yourself as long as you’re not causing harm to others. What’s so hard to understand about that?

          • csno1

            If an animal mounts you and engages in sex, that would suggest consent. Considering this, you would be fine with that?

            How do you define ‘harm’?

          • District15parent

            I don’t care if it “suggests” consent. It does not meet the legal definition of consent.

            I really don’t see what this has to do with a 4-year-old girl’s dancing! You seem to think that because you personally don’t like how this little girl danced, it’s reasonable to equate that to ANY behavior, no matter HOW extreme — which is a ridiculous argument!

            Your argument is equivalent to me saying “So, you
            think it’s wrong for a 4-year-old not to follow assigned
            choreography? Therefore you MUST think Nazi soldiers were right to follow orders unquestioningly!” It’s apples and oranges. But to you, if someone believes one thing, they must believe something a million times MORE extreme, even if it’s not even related.

            Let me ask YOU a question: do you believe that 4-year-olds should be held to the EXACT same standards of behavior as 30-year-olds?

          • District15parent

            Instead of bestiality (which is unrelated to little girls dancing), why not use a more relevant example? I think the fact that a little 4-year-old girl got overly excited at her recital and danced too exuberantly is NOT a horrible thing. I think it’s cute and perfectly normal at that age.

            However, I DON’T think it would be right for a professional ballerina at the Bolshoi to do that. In fact, it wouldn’t even be right for a 12-year-old in a dance class to do that. Why, you ask? Because at age 12, the girls ARE serious about dance and genuinely working hard to learn this very difficult artistic form. So at THAT point, real discipline IS expected.

            At age 4, that is most assuredly NOT the case. My own daughter took dance from age 4 to 13. At the 4-year-old recital performance, my daughter was one of the ones focusing and trying to follow the routine correctly. However, at least a third of the kids just stood there cluelessly, moving occasionally but not really knowing what to do. One kid just wandered around the stage. Were people upset? NO! They understood that these are LITTLE KIDS, and that while the idea of a dance class to get them to start being exposed to the very rudiments of dance, and to start to learn to listen and follow directions, they are very young children, and often don’t have the attention span, focus, or maturity to follow choreography perfectly yet. And that’s OKAY. Everyone at the recital knows that and thinks it’s cute. As they get older, the kids do become more mature and focused and able to follow choreography.

            So saying that if someone thinks it’s cute that this little 4-year-old expressed herself with her own dance, that MUST mean they approve of bestiality or any other extreme behavior, is a very specious argument. The REAL point is that a 4-year-old “doing her own thing” in this situation is developmentally NORMAL at that age.

          • csno1

            I don’t think we’re getting along.

  • Chris

    That precious child at the end of the line showed remarkable composure. To continue following the routine with that ridiculously flambouyant distraction going on next to her is certainly to her credit. Good job, parents of the little blond! Not so, to the parents of the wild child. This is my opinion. I allow you your opinion, please allow me mine!

    • Guest21

      If you watch the video to the end, you see the “little blond” smiling at the girl beside her.

      • For the win

        Actually, she told her she did it wrong!

  • Danielle

    Disgusting… this is why we have such a problem with children acting out. She can’t even hold her composure long enough to allow all these precious angels shine. What a spoiled brat and her parents should be ashamed and embarrassed.


    Yes, not very impressed here either. It’s an adorable video but there is a time and place for such behavior, and I am not of the opinion that teamwork and self-control are beyond the reach of young children. I’m amazed that the audience behaved in such a manner too – laughing and hooting like a pack of idiots. Those girls look so embarrassed!

  • I love EVERYTHING about this kid!

    • Liddell

      Yes, I’m sure you do. I’m also sure that if you had to live with her, you’d probably throttle her after a few weeks.

  • Liddell

    How adorable! Throwing herself around in other people’s personal space. This is how violence starts. The parameters are tested, weakness discovered, and the violence ensues. Also, well done on reinforcing negative stereotypes of Blacks, which liberals perversely love. She did actually behave like a baboon in a tutu.

    • I feel sorry for you.

    • Annie Cargirl

      Pretty sure you’re the only one reinforcing negative stereotypes. Nice mouth on ya, you kiss your kids with that mouth?

      And how on earth you make the leap from a cute little girl rocking out and having a good time to violence ensuing says a lot more about your state of mind than about some delusional social paradigm you seem to believe in.

      You don’t really like having to be around other humans much, do you?

    • That is some straight-up racist crap right there. You should be ashamed of yourself. She is not the animal here.

      • Liddell

        Yes, it’s racist. It’s racist against stupid, over-tolerant Whites who are so scared of holding Blacks to the same standards as White people because they racistly think they are incapable of meeting those standards, an attitude that just encourages more fuck-ups by Blacks and crap like Detroit.

    • Shawn Smiley

      I was agreeing with you until you made it political. pathetic.

    • srsly

      you are literally disgusting. wow…a 5 year old doesn’t know what hard work means but she knows what fun is…you’re horrible

  • anglnsun

    She was adorable!! She was having fun and really feeling the song. I loved it!!!

    • Brian

      It looked like the other kids were going to ‘really feel’ her arm and leg-swinging.

  • Guest2

    To all you idiots who are talking about this girl ‘acting out’ and ‘needing discipline’ don’t you understand that this dance company is ‘inclusive’ – I didn’t laugh through this because I have seen it onstage before: exactly this where the child is enjoying themself, trying to keep up with the moves but often slow without a great deal of control over their body/finesse, for the most part unaware of the people around them.. The child was autistic – I am certain that this gorgeous little girl is also autistic. Yes, it was probably difficult and even embarrassing for the other little girls onstage, though I believe that being in dance troupe together they would have become friends with this girl who was different to them, they would have developed their tolerance and understanding for people who have differences. I’ll bet that they were surprised to see so many adults laughing when they had probably learnt themselves that being different isn’t something to laugh about. I hope that this girl, her family and friends aren’t embarrassed to have had this video posted on the internet and her efforts at functioning in society as an equal be ridiculed.

  • Guest

    I don’t find it funny either, I thought I was the only one. I teach preschool and I know how frustrating it is to deal with misbehaved children who ruin fun things for everyone else. I would be pissed if I was the parent of one of the other girls who was doing the right thing. Looks like she has ADHD and forgot to take the meds that day.

    • Guest21

      Nice, a 5 year old who forgot to take her meds. Do you seriously work with kids?

    • Emaggs

      I’ve taught children with special needs(for 7 years), as well as children without- and no. This girl obviously loves dance, has a lot of energy, and could’ve been bounced up a class. She is the only one actually utilizing those tap shoes. Anyone take tap? Like ever? These girls aren’t really moving, she is. Just a natural performer. May annoy you (stop teaching. Really). Also, the other kids don’t mind, because they are like, what 5? Ugh. She hasn’t learned to fall in line yet. The people on here ranting about punishment and medication are horrible. A 5 year old…

      • CJinPA

        “She hasn’t learned to fall in line yet.”
        You mean, to “behave” and “be courteous”…? #teachingfail

  • cooperkidmatt

    Gotta say, I’m super disturbed by the “correct” choreography. That’s a lot of adult “look at my boobs, look at my ass” moves for preschoolers. Rogue girl is much more age appropriate, as well as being awesome.

    • Guest

      Um, what dance routine were you watching, because it definitely wasn’t the one above.

  • Guest21

    That kid is so much win. She looked like the only one who was having fun too. They all should have jumped in!

  • linddalu

    Leandra, check the definition of the word pretense.

  • tamara

    To everyone who thinks the girl is annoying and was just seeking attention: I am pretty sure that was not the case. A similar thing happened to me when I was 3 or 4 years old – on my first day of kindergarden, I performed a similar “hyperactive” dance in front of everyone, not because I was seeking attention, but in complete forgetfulness and because, well, it felt good. I was so unaware of myself that only when the music stopped did I realize that everyone was laughing at me, what back then felt like in a malicious way (even if it wasn’t meant to be that way, you know, I was a kid, and coming from a home that never labelled me “silly” it was hard to witness all the fingers pointing at me). For weeks everyone talked about that, including the employees in the kindergarden, and I was not included in the mother day’s show because they were worried I would “spoil” the event. Silly as it sounds, it was a pretty traumatizing experience, and I became an extremely self-conscious and shy child – surely not just because of that, but it felt and still feels pretty symbolic. Throughout my childhood and teenage-hood, I never danced again.

    I am 31 now, and I love dancing. But I also have a beautiful child who is 2 now, and reading some of the comments, I get worried. That she’ll go through something similar, that people will label her hyperactive, attention-seeking, handicapped (!), just because she hasn’t managed to internalize the controlled, rational, mature way of behaving some people here seem to display. For the love of god, let children be children and thrive, dance, be silly! You might be surprised what a transformative power that has once you chill out for a second. 🙂

    • Honestly, it makes me want to have a dance troop of kids who don’t follow a set routine, and it doesn’t matter how they look, as long as they love the music. That kid loved the music, and I loved that about her. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I remember making a dance teacher shake his head in despair because I couldn’t do a particular leap correctly. I stopped dancing after that point myself. Just a week before, I was feeling fit, happy and was enjoying the dance lessons. So, you know, critical dance-moms can go blow themselves.

      • CJinPA

        What your describing is not a ‘dance troupe’ but kids doing whatever they want, when they want. They don’t need you for that. They could be raised by apes and get the same opportunity. Adults are supposed to provide the things that DO NOT come naturally. Structure. Discipline. In limited doses. It takes maturity to shape the next generation. The number of commenters here who are trapped in a state of adolescence is amazing.

    • CJinPA

      You don’t really think there is something wrong with encouraging a child to suppress their natural urge to act up for 120 seconds do you? Your spontaneous dance on the first day of school is completely different from a dance recital in which a minimum amount of control is encouraged. I find it hard to believe that you’re blaming that incident for your shyness (speaking as someone who was shy myself.)
      It’s a cheap shot to simply tell everyone who disagrees to “chill out.” It’s not popular sticking up for the children who actually practiced and tried, and their parents. Ignoring them is not an example of “letting children be children” or chilling out, it’s just cowardly.

      • M

        Wow. You’re just an asshole.
        You don’t know this person, you have no idea who they are what they’ve been through. So you don’t get to tell them that one event in their life can’t have had an effect in how they turned out. I was an odd kid and often told to grow up and be more mature and made fun of and I have a huge amount of social anxiety now that I can directly trace back to moments like that.

        • CJinPA

          Asshole? With a charming personality like that I can’t believe you have trouble making friends!
          Trying to equate this little dancer acting up with shyness or normal immaturity is ridiculous. This lame attempt to say “she’s just like I was, leave her alone!” is bull. It’s just a kid acting up, ruining a little time on stage that other children had practiced for. But the Internet declared her a Free Spirit Above Criticism so everybody follows along and makes it personal when someone disagrees with the Mandated Response. Heck with that. Go rogue and think for yourself.

  • Ceepea


  • Susie Powers

    This girl should be glad she was not from the Abby Lee dance studio,because Abby Lee would have went on stage and jerked this girl from the line. I felt sorry for the little blond girl whom was doing her routine and appeared to know the dance and this “little star” as alot of people are saying was jumping in her face and waving about wildly. This was a group dance not a free for all. I did not think this was funny at all.

  • Susie Powers

    This girl should be glad she was not from the Abby Lee dance
    studio,because Abby Lee would have went on stage and jerked this girl
    from the line. I felt sorry for the little blond girl whom was doing her
    routine and appeared to know the dance and this “little star” as alot
    of people are saying was jumping in her face and waving about wildly.
    This was a group dance not a free for all. I did not think this was
    funny at all.chose one star because there was no 0

  • Cunning Linguist (Har har!)

    I guess it makes an amusing video, but if that’s her normal behavior I’m afraid she’s probably going to have a rough time in life unless her parents get her some help.

    • Brian

      She’s going to be the one in line at the bank, loudly talking on her cellphone and cursing up a storm, without a care in the world.

  • Marla Neusel

    It’s unfortunate that this child had to do everything she wasn’t supposed to do, making a spectacle of herself. I didn’t find it amusing and felt bad for the other children who were trying to do what they were taught by their instructor despite the distraction from the rowdy one. Dance takes being able to follow instructions and maintain a certain amount of discipline. I also have a good sense of humor but did not find this amusing or funny.

    • Guest

      Yeah reminds me of Miley Cyrus. Being rewarded with the spot light because she is extreme and can only get noticed if she acts out.

  • LD

    she even has cooler shoes than the other girls.

  • Karen

    I kind of wish internet sites didn’t all have a comments section…so much bickering and calling of names. I guess I’ll just stop reading other people’s “comments” ~ it’s disheartening to see the animosity that’s generated over a video of a preschool recital!

    • CriticalThinking77

      There’s a lot of hate directed towards a 5 year old.
      A 5 year old “acting up”? – Normal.
      Adults being hateful towards a 5 year old? – Very disturbing.

  • Horreurs Musicales

    Only Blacks have rhythm

  • Belinda Henry

    Looks like she didn’t know her routine.

  • Shawn Smiley

    So, if she was acting like this in a classroom and disrupting the other kids, it would still be considered cute? There is a time and a place, and this girl is being rewarded for bad behavior. smh…

  • Guest

    She reminds me of Happy Feet.

  • L. Rose

    My favorite is actually the little girl on the far right who keeps getting distracted by the little scene stealer – only to valiantly attempt to regain her steps throughout. That’s right honey, keep tapping no matter what!

  • njbrennan

    Someone should send this to Ellen !! She will love it!!

  • Biff_Maliboo



    Even the little ones seem to know that “we iz prez’dint now” and just dare you to call them on their behavior.

    • robotbrain23

      I’m calling you on your behavior. Get a hobby, Mr. Troll.

  • ramubay

    Actually the father of the little girl to the right is filming and captured her for the entire recital. The two are best friends in the class and they posted the dance that preceded this as well.

    • Cheyenne

      You keep posting that. Provide a link to your claim or just stop it.

  • Anastasia

    so beautiful to see this… all the innocence and pure joy for life, instead of conforming to what is “right”, “expected” or “socially accepted”…

    • Brian

      Not all of us think we’re the center of the universe.

      • susan_oconnell

        Brian needs a hug. Poor thing.

  • Dave Travis

    People that on here that do anything but enjoy this video need to look in the mirror and ask themselves…”what is wrong with me”. Quite honestly, you have some issues in your life that will not allow you to enjoy the gift of a child’s free spirit. Say what want, justify all you want, rationalize all you want….but you have a problem.

    • CJinPA

      Really? Anyone who sees this differently is so awfully wrong that they “have a problem”…? There is only one acceptable way to react? So much for the joy of going rogue.

    • Regin Tyrsmund

      Is there anything less tolerant than a roomful of liberals? “Our way is the only way to see this;” “You may speak freely, if you agree with us;” etc.
      Yes, we have a problem: we can see the imminent collapse of the society that we built, but we can’t seem to prevent it.

      • robotbrain23

        He’s a liberal in the same way that you’re a nazi.

  • Patwise

    developmental brain damage? she can’t focus and her temperament is a bit off

    • Emaggs

      she’s a kid! You are aware the childhood brain does not fully develop until age 8, yes? Motor skills are developing, hand eye coordination, all that? Kids in kindergarten sometimes have to work for weeks to write their names simply because their hands have to be trained to hold a pencil? and then is moves toward hormonal development (beginnings of puberty)… Are you truly this awful, or honestly ignorant?

      • Brian

        Explain all the other kids.

  • Max Schreck

    The inadvertent “star” is obviously undisciplined, unfocused, and was never taught self-control. Typical of her kind. The other little girls, meanwhile, are obviously trying to do the steps they were taught. Not too long ago the “rogue” dancer would’ve been merely pitied. Today she’s a show stealer.

    • robotbrain23

      I wish your daddy showed you some self control when it came to teaching you about posting on the internet.

      • Guest

        I don’t see what is wrong with the post. This is ballet, a place to demonstrate poise and discipline. She obviously missed that lesson because it is not like she just forgot her lines and is pulling an Ashley Simpson, but rather she is acting out, getting in other’s space and just using random acts to get fame instead of working hard. It’s her parent’s fault that they don’t discipline her. Working hard for achievements is no longer what our society is about. Rather it has become a place where acting out earns you front pages. Miley Cyrus is a perfect example.

        • Rainy

          How about the sentence “Typical of her kind”?

          Max Schreck is an unapologetic racist.

  • Max Schreck

    what struck me, when I wasted five minutes of my life to check out what all the fuss was about, was just how implicitly aggressive her actions actually were. During her little ‘dance’ routine, she throws herself about in the personal space of the other kids and hardly watches where she swings her arms and legs. It’s only down to luck she didn’t actually smack one of them in the face.

    This kind of testing or ignoring of other people’s personal space is often a key stage in the run up to Black-on-White violence. OK, the kid’s not a thug (at least not yet), but anyone familiar with the way racial attacks and bullying happen must feel slightly uncomfortable watching these moves.

    Not content with stealing the show with her over-the-top antics, she also takes time out to mock and leer at the other little dancers, almost crowing at how much they are in her shadow before an indulgent audience that she can feel responding mainly to her.

    Yup, she’s just discovered ‘privilege,’ that by being (a) a tot in a tutu and (b) Black she can do no wrong. People, especially polite, racially-conflicted Whites, will clap n’ cheer whatever stupid moves she makes. Welcome to the modern West, where these infantilist strategies and the indulgence they elicit are exploited by entire adult groups – Blacks, other ethnics, feminists, and gays, some of whom even don the tutus – in order to hitch a free ride on a society that nervously cheers and applauds as they act up, chimp out, goof around, and do encores.

    This little scene is the microcosm of the macrocosm. When the truth is universal, you can find it even in a grain of sand.

    • Emaggs

      You are awful. There are so many holes in your half-cooked “logic,” but basically I find it adorable that you basically state rich white men make up society. This is your truth. How lucky were you to be born white & male? I’m sure that was all according to your superior plan as well, being as smart as you are.

      I hope you enjoy watching your self- created world collapse around you. Pop some popcorn. Enjoy.

      • Regin Tyrsmund

        What you don’t get, Ms. Maggs, is that this world was created by discipline and order, not chaos and idiocy. Yes, the world is collapsing around us, because of our tolerance of behavior just like this.

    • Rainy

      Ah, and there’s the racist comment. I knew I’d find it eventually.

      Grow up and get to know black people in real life so you can lose this obvious racial complex you have.

    • This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever read. You are a racist asshole.

  • That was hilurious

    Grace Slick did the same thing as a young girl. Then she went on to become a Rock n’ Roll idol, along with Janis Joplin. What. Will the future hold for this girl?

    • chrismalllory

      Welfare, 10 illegitimate kids, and crack?

      • medthatkid

        Looks like she’s already on crack.

  • Chris Hall

    I really don’t understand why everyone thinks this is so sweet and cute
    this little girl really needs to be disciplined. I’m all for standing
    out and being yourself but this is just obnoxious.

  • CJinPA

    Everyone cheering her passion for “going rogue” is careful to craft a reaction that will be deemed acceptable by society. Thinking outside the box – sympathy for the children who practiced and for the parents who wanted to witness their child experience the joy of earned achievement – is not on display. Come on, folks, draw outside the lines!

  • Kaitlyn

    Am I the only one who found this child disrespectful to her peers? It was not funny to me at all.

  • robotbrain23

    This kid is actually focused on performing. Working the crowd and going for the laugh. The others are just mimicking their teacher. Keep pushing back against authority kids!

    • Guest

      That’s the exact pitch that Miley Cyrus’s managers gave her. She is working the crowd for wrong reasons. This is ballet, a place for poise, not a play where it’s okay to improvise. She was getting in other children’s space and it’s obvious they were annoyed. She doesn’t doesn’t know how to control herself. Not her problem, but her parents and if they don’t stop it she will be handful when older.

      • It isn’t ballet. It’s tap. Frankly, she was tapping her feet more than any other kids on stage. She’s a four year old. Honestly, no wonder we have so many kids slapped on drugs.

    • Brian

      Sure, why do they need a teacher at all? They could all act like buffoons without one. How dare five-year-olds have any authority over them?!


    this isn’t “cute” or “intelligent” behavior… this is a bad kid acting up, fucking smack the little shit. she isnt “showing us the way” or “acting in a special way that separates her from other kids” this is JUST a bad kid. Ballet is a form of discipline and grace, she hops around twerking and disrupting the entire performance, and the writer of the article says ” I can only hope will one day be the model citizen for my own child.” Keep drinking and smoking cigarettes, and you just might get what you wish for. get fuckin real…..

    • Rainy

      Yes, I’m sure child abuse is the answer. I feel sorry for your kids, if you have any, with your advocacy of abuse and obvious anger issues.

      • chrismalllory

        A spanking isn’t abuse. I feel sorry for your kids if you have any, with your advocacy of weak to nonexistent parenting.

        • Rainy

          Chrismallory – It is sad that you think spanking is the only form of discipline. And yes, hitting IS abuse. Things like giving choices and positive reinforcement work a million times better and actually help your child’s development and prepare them to be an adult. Maybe you should take some time to read some child development research. Like I responded above, the kids in my preschool class who were hit at home were invariably the kids with behavior problems, they had low self-esteem and they were scared of their parents. You can raise your kids however you want but that’s not the relationship I want with my kids. My kids are VERY well behaved because they know we have high expectations for their behavior and will be rewarded when they are good, not because they’re scared of being hit.

  • We’re Golden

    You know there are yo-yo’s here when all the right comments are voted down.. this WAS cute

  • Megan

    So at first I thought this was going to be about a cute little girl that forgot the dance and just improvised and was theatrical enough to make it showy – but I was wrong. I lost interest when she was getting in other kid’s spaces and looking like she was trying to aggravate them. She just looks like a kid that thinks she can’t do no wrong and being “crazy” is adorable to her family. I have a niece that is very eccentric and will probably become a major theatrical performer one day but she still knows how to hold herself back and not get into other’s spaces because she is disciplined. There is a different between being an artist and just being rude. This child is being a kid yes, no problem there, but her parents are not being parents and I bet you she gets away with a lot. Again not her fault, but I don’t like how her parents display what is wrong with our society – people think they can get away with whatever they want because there is no discipline anymore. I mean look at our government for goodness sake, they can’t go 2 minutes without blaming each other and crying when they don’t get their way.

    • candace6

      Agree Megan. Imagine being the mother of the girls on either side of the “star”. No one, even a child, likes someone in their face. It amazes me that people are actually saying ” a star is born”. There may be a star to emerge from the group but it isn’t her. Arms flailing, pulling up her skirt, making silly faces, crouching down. Bumped up a class-seriously? There are times where it’s fine to do your own thing. This wasn’t one of them. I feel for the instructor.

  • Soph

    It’s very interesting that people on here think the little girl must have some kind of disorder just because she has a lot of energy I actually teach dance to 3-6 yr old girls and I have a student that is the shyest child you could ever meet but when she gets on stage she is the most enthused and has the highest energy and guess what she’s not on meds!! Some of you people should not comment if you’re going to be rude and ignorant!!!

    • Brian

      Translation: it should be illegal for anyone to disagree with me.

  • Rachel C

    I grew up in this environment. There’s always one who steals the show, but she made me giggle like a 3-year-old. FABULOUS!

  • Plebe diver

    This talented little girl gives me renewed hope for the future of our world! Cheers to individualism!

  • Tom Finn

    Am I the only one who thinks the teacher should have removed her from the stage? Really?

  • JD

    And people like this?

  • Momof4

    I do not teach my children to follow others. I want them to hear there own music and dance there own routine. I have a child with ADHD and I love his hyperness, his energy. I encourage him to be himself. This child was not hurting others or being destructive. I wish the leaders of America could be more like her instead of the puppets dancing the same routine and accomplishing nothing. I hope I am alive long enough to vote her into office. This is leader material. GOOD JOB mom and bad.

    • Brian

      So you’re the one with the kid running around the restaurant screaming, and kicking seats on the back of the airplane. Good to know.

    • Nuswanda

      You are a very rude, inconsiderate, and irresponsible person.

    • chrismalllory

      Yes, she was being destructive. Doing your own thing is great, but in this instance that little girl was part of a team. She destroyed the work of her teammates. She isn’t a leader, she is a future sociopath.

  • Susan

    Looks like she has an ADHD!

    • Rainy

      Oh yeah, heaven forbid a young child have extra energy in an exciting environment. Better slap her on drugs!!

      • chrismalllory

        Even better to slap her bottom about 10 times. A good spanking will settler her down rather quickly.

        • Rainy

          We have the benefit today of decades of child development research, all of which says that spanking/smacking is detrimental to a child’s development. I used to teach preschool, and the kids whose parent’s spanked were always the worst-behaved in the class. Conversely, I was able to control a class of 20+ kids without ever laying a hand on them. It’s not easy, it’s a skill I had to learn, but it is possible if you’re not lazy and care about learning a better way to discipline your kids.

          • Brian

            Have you considered the possibility that some kids are just naturally more of a handful than others, and those tend to be the ones who get spanked, because time-outs and treats don’t work with them? You assume a cause and effect relationship, but it may not be going in the direction you think.

          • Rainy

            The preschool in which I worked was an Early Intervention Center. Every kid in there was a handful. In all my years, I only encountered one kid (out of hundreds I taught over the years) who didn’t respond to choices and positive reinforcement (which goes far beyond just “treats” – the most important aspect was to lavish them with attention when they were being good, which was what they wanted more than candy or toys). The ONE kid who didn’t respond to those methods came from a home where mom and dad were addicted to meth and grandma routinely called him a “little a-hole.” They let him stay up until 3am watching movies like “Saw” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” So he had problems beyond what we could correct at school. We had many other kids who came from bad homes, but in the environment we provided they responded very well to positive reinforcement and choices. Many parents expressed frustration that they were so well-behaved at school, but when they went home (where discipline was usually spanking), they would act up again. We found ourselves working with the parents as much as the kids. The parents who really tried to learn better ways to relate to their children had very positive results. Like I said before, it’s not easy. I learned these techniques over years as a teacher. It takes effort. But it is possible and it is important for the kids. The most important thing is consistency. Consistently give them attention when they’re good and refuse to play with them or let them have what they want when they’re bad. I would get down on the floor during play time and play with a group of kids, but if they started fighting or throwing toys I would announce “I am not going to play with you if you are fighting” and I would get up and walk to another group. Sounds benign, but they really got the message because they wanted my attention. That’s what many parents didn’t realize – their kids DIE for their attention, positive or negative. So you have to make sure they’re getting it in a positive way. Spanking reinforces negative attention (so they’ll act out again when they want your attention), as well as affecting their development and self-esteem.

          • Brian

            Thanks for the well-thought-out response. Mine are pretty well-behaved, and of course I use the non-physical approaches 95% of the time. Usually a word or look is enough, or maybe the removal of a toy or privilege, or perhaps a reward. And I’ve never beaten them. But there have been 7-8 times when they’ve gotten paddled as a last resort, when I needed the behavior to stop _right now_, like when they’re tussling in the car and it could be dangerous, or running toward the street, or one time when they were antagonizing a horse at the farm and could have gotten kicked. They’re not always indoors in a classroom. If it’s a situation where continued misbehavior could actually get them hurt or killed, that’s different.

          • Rainy

            Brian – Thanks also for your response. There are definitely different degrees of physical punishment, and at least you use it as a last resort. I have seen so many parents use it as their “go-to” discipline strategy, that I’m a little jaded I guess. I remember once seeing a little girl smack her brother, and the mom turned around and smacked her hard across the face and yelled “don’t hit!” Talk about conflicting messages! At any rate, every parent has to develop their own strategy that works. I just hope that more parents will at least try non-physical strategies most of the time.

          • Brian

            I agree with you that the mom smacking the kid across the face is bad, esp. as a first response, and encourages more hitting from the kids. I don’t think it’s child abuse, but it’s a mixed message and lazy. Stage 1: cease and desist mild verbal warning. 2. Nasty look and more aggressive warning. 3. Stand in the corner, removal of privilege, grounding, turn the car around and go home, etc. 4. If there’s danger from their actions and nothing else works, a controlled, across the knee, bottom paddling, seven times. It rarely gets to that point though because they know the escalation pattern.

  • Brian

    A bunch of kids are trying their best to do what they were taught, and one out-of-control diva is swinging her arms and legs with no concern for hitting anyone, and stealing the attention to make the other kids irrelevant. What’s not to love? I can’t believe you’re encouraging this brat.

  • Yael Webb Parnes

    Now there’s a little girl with a lot of passion! Good for her! Always dance to your own drum in life little lady!!!

  • Nuswanda

    I don’t find this video funny at all. This churlish little girl has no self control and is obviously on her way to a lifetime of disciplinary problems. I was at this program and paid a lot of money for my daughter to participate and learn.

    • Rainy

      Maybe you need to relax and let kids be kids. She could grow up and harness that energy and individuality into a great career. As long as people like you don’t force her into a box and put her on drugs to “control” her energy.

  • Laura

    Those parents paid a lot of money, drove those little girls to practice many times… and the little girls learned and practiced the routine over and over, put on leotards and shoes that weren’t comfortable so they could get better and be ready for their recital. And because hard work pays off, they got to dress up in glitter and make-up and go on stage to show their family what they worked so hard on for months. Then, this little girl who probably missed many practices, and/or didn’t listen to the instructor, didn’t try or work hard, and didn’t care, ruined all the other girls’ big day. There’s a big difference between working hard at want you want whether or not it pleases the status quo (a good thing) and just not working at all and ruining the product of others’ hard work (in my opinion, a bad thing). If she didn’t want to do the ballerina routine, she should’ve stay home or signed up for jazz. Sticking with something you have committed to is a fantastic quality trait, especially for those who choose not to be mainstream.

    • Rainy

      I think your comment applies to older kids, but seriously, how old are these little girls?? I only saw one girl out of the four in the shot who seemed to know the routine. You are assuming she didn’t go to practice or didn’t care? She looked to me like a little kid who was super excited to be up on stage and was having trouble controlling her excitement. Which isn’t exactly a rare thing for kids that age.

    • How many dance recitals have you been to? They’re always a clusterfuck because little kids are little kids. She was actually pretty on top of the moves, she just put her own expressive twist on them. Honestly, no wonder children act out, they’re never given a chance to just be children.

  • Marc

    It hurts my heart to see some of the comments being left here. I went from smiling and watching this little girl enjoy herself on stage; to slightly enraged that people could be so critical of a preschooler claiming she was “out of control.” She wasn’t out of control, she was simply enjoying herself. Some people can live life without being an ass…

    • Brian

      I’m not sure how much simpler this can be made, or how many times it has to be repeated. Those of us who are critical are not blaming a five-year-old. We’re blaming the parents, and the audience who endorsed this behavior, and those of you here who approve of it. But the girl herself is innocent. Laura’s comment below is our position. Self-expression has its place, certainly, but not at the expense of ignoring instruction, stealing the other kids’ thunder and swinging around, risking hitting other kids. Kids have to learn that _other people exist; it’s not just about you doing whatever pops into your head_.

    • Dance

      I agree with you Marc. I love this, I read the comments and this guy Brian and all those who have all of a sudden recieved degrees in child behaviour..they need to first stop being jealous of the little girls awesome performance, by their posts they all seem to actuallys wish they were the little all need to get a tutu and do their own performance and stop HATING! This little girl def felt the song more by expressing the dance in her own feel and way, this can actually happen and happens everyday in a creative persons life, it means she has reached her ZONE, you can tell she was in control of her freedom of creative expression, because she never let go her feeling to express, out of control, it clearly shows she felt the song in her little self by expressing and letting go then knowing to bring down a notch, and she never hurt any of her dancer mates nor create a conflict in the performance. BRAVO!! BRAVO!! to her!!! Such a young age to express her feelings without holding back! #LOVEIT! all of the HATERS! If you have kids I feel sorry for your kids future, hopefully they can put up with your controlling parenting till they reach an older age and show you how wrongly your are bringing them up, by finally leaving your side and be free to express themselves and believe me you will be disappointed. To much control and closure can also create serial killers, keep keeping your kids isolated from laughter, fun and enjoyment and enjoying being KIDS, you will see in the future what type of disaster you as a parent are creating. I will keep all of you in my prayers, especially your kids, because by your awful posts and negative feed you all have created a place in hell, you don’t need praying, you just need to go where you belong..

      • Brian

        this guy Brian and all those who have all of a sudden recieved degrees in child behaviour………To much control and closure can also create serial killers, keep keeping your kids isolated from laughter, fun and enjoyment

        Who’s the child psychologist again? Tell us more about your serial killer profiling expertise, Dr. Dance.

        • Mati

          You contradict yourself. You accuse some of basing their judgments of your character on one comment you made, and yet you extrapolate this one video to future delinquent behavior citing statistics as if this somehow strengthens your argument. Many of the statistics you quote also have been proven to have many confounding factors so don’t show a causal relationship at all. You have no idea how well-behaved this child is on a regular basis, how she’s disciplined by her parents or whether or not she’s from a single parent home. Your brother’s mugging has nothing to do with her behavior in this one clip. And using the name LaQueisha in your argument only weakened it further by drawing attention to something you claim has nothing to do with it: race. At least own up to your prejudice as vehemently as you own up to your disdain for parents who don’t discipline their children effectively. It would add an ounce of integrity to your argument.

          • Brian

            You have no idea how well-behaved this child is on a regular basis, how she’s disciplined by her parents or whether or not she’s from a single parent home.

            Yes, I do have SOME idea. Not a certainty, but an educated guess. Maybe you don’t have any idea. 67% of black American kids are from single-parent homes. This girl is black. Therefore I would estimate, very roughly off the top of my head, _there is a 67% chance she is from a single-parent home_. How hard did you have to goof off in school to be this bad at logic?

            Your brother’s mugging has nothing to do with her behavior in this one clip.

            Nothing has anything to do with anything else…you must be constantly surprised by the world around you. Clouds tell you nothing about the likelihood of rain. A man weaving down the highway tells you nothing about his likely blood-alcohol level. Try to imagine a 14-year-old pulling a gun on a stranger for cash. And then try to imagine what that kid’s behavior was like nine years earlier. You are honestly telling me that the actions and demeanor of ‘LQ’ and ‘Becky’ indicate nothing, not even a hint of possibility, about which kid might be more likely to be in trouble nine years hence?

          • Mati

            Clearly I didn’t have to goof off too much given I’m an internal medicine physician. Stop making baseless petty remarks for effect and try to engage in the actual discussion. I am astounded that you actually think there is logic in 67% of African Americans coming from single parent homes equating to roughly 67% chance that this child comes from a single parent home based soley on the fact that this child in black. Clearly that would only remotely be true if all other confounders were controlled for which they clearly cannot be since you cannot compare her demographic background with that of the studies cited. And in your response to your “nothing has anything to do with anything else” paragraph, that is laughable at best. Singular events with no data driven connection don’t have any relationship, much like your extrapolation here. So no, one clip of the behavior of a chid of any race does not have any connection to anything else until one actually takes the time to show a pattern of behavior and can then tie that to studies that are rigorous and reproducible in similar population sets.

          • Brian

            You don’t know what the results of the other confounding variables are. If I toss a coin and can see the outcome is heads, I judge the odds of heads at 100%. You, not seeing the outcome, would judge the odds at 50%, and correctly so… or perhaps I know the coin is bent so that over the past 100 trials it has come up heads 70% of the time. I judge the odds accordingly. You, not knowing about the bend, would judge at the normal 50%… correctly so. _Your odds are based on the information you have at hand, not what you could possibly have at hand._ This is elementary. One of us here is a member of Mensa, and it isn’t you.

            Singular events with no data driven connection don’t have any relationship

            There is a data driven connection, unless you claim that how a child acts today has no correlation to how she acts tomorrow. Why did you not answer my question about the 5-year-old extrapolated forward nine years? You know, for the sake of actual discussion…

          • Mati

            It’s sad that you had to resort to mensa to validate your position. Especially given you are now admitting you are using an inherenlty flawed algorithm, that is open to much error, to make your assumption. I would have respected your argument much more had it been based concretely on the statistics you used earlier, as opposed to mere odds.

            As far as as the nine year extrapolation, I did answer it. I don’t find the behavior of this one clip to be telling of anything else but the behavior in this one clip, until I have more information to come to a reasonable assumption. The margin of error that could result is not worth slandering the parenting styles of individuals I have never met.

            I don’t support snapshots in time backing generalizations and labels. Both of us may have had much different opportunities in life if adults had done the same thing to us. This child is 3. Furthermore, you seem like a person with enough wherewithal to know that making careless remarks and stereotypes soley because you are frustrated by some people’s lack of parenting, can lead to hurtful, unnecessary and offensive dialogue. You could have easily made a point that was understood, agreed with and learned from had you voiced the same opinions without including LaQuisha (which I’m sure you understand the implications of, despite the literal remarks you’ve given in response to its use). As an African American female from a single parent home, who probably had one or two performances like this during my childhood, I take great offense to many of your comments. I had a mother who emphasized discipline, education and above all, kindness when dealing with others as did many African American children from similar backgrounds. This hit a particularly sore spot because of how often I’ve seen the same done without any regard for how flawed many of the studies that claim causality with prevalence data are. I have not turned out to be a criminal or mugged anyone although appreciate many have from similar backgrounds. My only point is that taking one clip to make that extrapolation is unfair and hurtful.

            I’m sure you’re very purposeful in raising your children. Please don’t make assumptions about the parenting styles of others based on one clip and back it up with prevalence data. You may find less hostile responses to your comments and not spend so much time ridiculing those who merely have a similar, deep-rooted response to mine, and don’t happen to be members of mensa.

          • Brian

            I’m sorry. I was wreckless and insensitive. Point taken

          • Brian

            Nice try sockpuppet. The real Brian knows how ‘reckless’ is spelled.

          • Brian

            It’s sad that you had to resort to mensa to validate your position.
            Especially given you are now admitting you are using an inherenlty flawed algorithm, that is open to much error, to make your assumption. I would have respected your argument much more had it been based concretely on the statistics you used earlier, as opposed to mere odds.

            I resorted to Mensa because you resorted to ‘doctor’. I’m not admitting to any flawed algorithm, and I’m mainly interested in whether my argument is valid. ‘Mere odds’ is valid.

            As far as as the nine year extrapolation, I did answer it. I don’t find the behavior of this one clip to be telling of anything else but the behavior in this one clip, until I have more information to come to a reasonable assumption. The margin of error that could result is not worth slandering the parenting styles of individuals I have never met.

            That’s a fair point. It’s fair of me to point out that the reason you have this view could possibly be bias because of your identification with the similarity of the child’s background to yours.

            Furthermore, you seem like a person with enough wherewithal to know that making careless remarks and stereotypes soley because you are frustrated by some people’s lack of parenting, can lead to hurtful, unnecessary and offensive dialogue.

            I agree some of my comments here have been hurtful, and offensive, definitely. I maintain that this viewpoint of ‘bad behavior that should be corrected instead of encouraged’ is necessary, even at the risk of giving offense.

            As an African American female from a single parent home, who probably had one or two performances like this during my childhood, I take great offense to many of your comments…I have not turned out to be a criminal or mugged anyone although appreciate many have from similar backgrounds.

            Well, your demographic status has no bearing on whether what I’m saying is true or false. And I haven’t claimed any kind of all/nothing situation, where not having a father is a sentence of doom, or that this little girl is guaranteed to turn out bad. I’m just trying to point out risk factors and discourage those who are blowing this off. I’m not doing it to be hateful, but because I want every child to get what they need to succeed. (I admit I have been hateful though, in response to some nasty remarks toward me).

            I am glad though, that you came through difficult circumstances and prevailed to become a doctor. Despite my harshness or bluntness, I sincerely applaud you on that. Well done. Furthermore, I apologize for my earlier tone toward you. I can see now that that was unwarranted.

          • Goo

            If supposedly white children act in a similar manner, then there was no reason to even bring up race in your first response. Clearly, you have different expectations and futures for black children compared to white children who act similarly.

            I am a young black woman in my late 20s, an elementary school teacher. When I was young, around 5, I swam the 25 yd freestyle at a swim meet, literally doing my own “free style;” I did butterfly instead of the preferred front crawl that we normally call freestyle. In another race, I swam the 25 yd backstroke only using my legs, unlike the other kids who did the standard backstroke. And after I finished both races, my mother said I grinned like a Cheshire cat and waved to them. My uncle was doubled over in hysterical laughter. Now, I had practiced both the front crawl “freestyle” and the backstroke many times, but for whatever reason, I changed my mind how I was going to do it. I was only five, who knows what I was thinking! I did however swim just like we did in practice drills, kicking as hard as I could; perhaps that’s how she interpreted the dance.

            No, my name is not Laquiesha or whatever stereotypical name you imagined for me. Even if it was, oh well! No, I’m not nor was I ever a criminal, and I did pretty well in school. I never disrespected my wonderful, married (and still married!) parents or other family members, and I am generally well-respected in my workplace.

            From my perspective, this girl could be me in a tutu 25 years later. Disappointed that you and other people have been so quick to write her off for the rest of her ADULT life as she is just a young child. And we live in a post-racial society? Smh…

          • Brian

            I’m glad you turned out how you did. Believe it or not, I’m not trying to insult you, or say that all people from a group are the same. I’m claiming there are statistically significant outcomes between the two groups, along a host of variables. And I’m claiming that there are certain warning signs in child behavior that need to be addressed before they continue or worsen. There are no guarantees but there are things that modify the odds.

  • Dawn Levesque

    bwhahahhahaa she has no clue shes the star of the show, shes just doing her thing

  • starryskye

    What I see is an undisciplined child with probable ADHD, receiving reward for her antics, and a group of little baffled girls who cannot understand why they are being laughed at.

  • JeromeD

    Very cute : )

    I used to be much the same. I remember acting up (at a slightly older age) and “stealing the show” in a play my class had put on. The audience ate it up. My classmates were angry. I couldn’t figure out why.

    I didn’t realize that I was placing huge stresses on the other people who had worked hard to make the thing work a certain way. I was making MY night, but ruining theirs.

    This is harmless for the child doing it, as it’s all in good fun at that age. But the parents should definitely take care to make sure that at she grows up, she doesn’t remain that child.

    I almost did, and it would have been to my horrible detriment.

  • Emily

    People need to lighten up. They are 5. If they were older and someone acted out, yes it would be interrupting the show. This happens all the time with young girls in dance rehearsals. I remember my little sister stuck out her tongue at the girl next to her and made a face at the audience in hers when she was 4. It was cute and wasn’t done to act out. It’s just what little girls do sometimes. They are at an age where it’s okay to be a little over-active and have fun, rather than being stuck in perfect routine. This age, it’s all about having fun and seeing your cute little girl up on stage for the first time and see all the cute mistakes and quirks that they only have at this age. It’s not about parenting done wrong or anything like that. It’s about these girls being able to be themselves on stage for the first time, when they are too young for it to be anything serious yet. In a couple of years, the dancing will be more disciplined and these kinds of things won’t happen. So enjoy it while they are young and still have that youthfulness about them.

  • taylor H


  • Dynise Basore-Ranfagni

    Holy Christ, people…how many shows have you been to put on by kids this age? They are train wrecks from a performance standpoint. The kids are supposed to be developing a sense of fun and camaraderie, not imitating the Bolshei. If they were 10 years older, factor in performance issues but this is just adorable.

  • Georgy GIrl

    Too hyper or else on drug! Lack of self discipline and disruption of group dynamics. As a Yoga instructor I would have removed her post haste.

    • NewGirl12

      Uhm….she’s 3, but as uptight and wound up as you seem to be, I highly doubt that fazes you much. Wow, man….she’s THREE.

  • Heather

    proof that tiny humans are the best people on the planet.

  • Kap

    hahahahaha…tears in my eyes laughing so hard…what an adorable kid….good for her!!!
    She’s a star!!!

  • Robin Brostovski

    The kid is a born tapper!!

  • Starr Frazier

    Any haters out there who thought she wasn’t the star of the show?

  • Karen

    I love this, I read the comments and this guy Brian and all those who have all of a sudden recieved degrees in child behaviour..they need to first stop being jealous of the little girls awesome performance, by their posts they all seem to actuallys wish they were the little all need to get a tutu and do their own performance and stop HATING! This little girl def felt the song more by expressing the dance in her own feel and way, this can actually happen and happens everyday in a creative persons life, it means she has reached her ZONE, you can tell she was in control of her freedom of creative expression, because she never let go her feeling to express, out of control, it clearly shows she felt the song in her little self by expressing and letting go then knowing to bring down a notch, and she never hurt any of her dancer mates nor create a conflict in the performance. BRAVO!! BRAVO!! to her!!! Such a young age to express her feelings without holding back! #LOVEIT! all of the HATERS! If you have kids I feel sorry for your kids future, hopefully they can put up with your controlling parenting till they reach an older age and show you how wrongly your are bringing them up, by finally leaving your side and be free to express themselves and believe me you will be disappointed. To much control and closure can also create serial killers, keep keeping your kids isolated from laughter, fun and enjoyment and enjoying being KIDS, you will see in the future what type of disaster you as a parent are creating. I will keep all of you in my prayers, especially your kids, because by your awful posts and negative feed you all have created a place in hell, you don’t need praying, you just need to go where you belong..

  • Sarah

    The comments on this video are fascinating and varied. My first reaction to this little girl was that she was just having fun and embracing her own identity and the fullness of self-expression. Many of you seem fixated on calling her out. I think the bigger question is what is going on in the dance class room and at home that the other girls in the recital didn’t feel encouraged and empowered to put their own personal stamp on the routine?

  • Ashley

    My mind automatically jumps to the conclusion that she may have some special needs. Especially since the other young girls don’t seem phased by her. Maybe they are used to her behavior?

  • migmar

    i love her!

  • Jamey

    This girl rocks. Unfortunately I think we to often educate the creativity out of children. I hope she keeps rocking.

  • Sheel

    Wow.. some people on here cannot appreciate spontaneity from a young child – now that is just scary. What’s this rubbish about her parents not disciplining her? She is on stage for goodness sake. You want the parents to run up there and discipline her right there? Enjoy it for what it is – a little girl enjoying herself and proud of it.

  • BTR

    Holy crap, she was really, really cute. She’s got a lot of personality. Based on all the laughter in the background, you could tell most of the other parents thought it was cute, funny, etc. Get over bringing so much into it.

  • yep-yep

    Be careful people. She is a child. She is like four or five. This could be a behavior issue, she could have some delay or disability, she could be carefree. In any instance it is by no means okay that we judge demean or disrespect her or her parents. We were all children. Some of us still are(shout out to some of you and your comments) and we have all done some weird things. Its not that serious.

  • ThatLAGal

    Don’t think it was that funny…

  • iDance

    hilarious during the recital, but trust me, that is the kid in class that makes all us dance teachers want to scream “STAY IN YOUR DAMN PLACE!!!”

  • mike christ

    to the people that support this behavior, stop and think just how entertaining the dance recital would have been if ALL the girls did that, yes thats right it would look like a cluster fuk!

    • Sarah Rowlands

      I’ve stopped. I’ve thought. Since they are only about four it would probably have been MORE entertaining. They weren’t really doing the moves correctly anyway, due to their age. I’d rather see a line of four year olds dancing than a line of four year olds occasionally managing a robotic movement…

  • Appalled dance teacher

    How awful. As a dance teacher, working all year with a group of girls to perform a 2 minute dance on stage, I feel sad for the other girls in the class and parents trying to watch….especially after paying tuition all year. That was note remotely cute.

    • NewGirl12

      Isn’t it fun to be criticized? Carry on….

  • cathy

    Who’s to say that little girl who danced her own dance isn’t a special needs child? And perhaps that is how she perceived the dance! What a bunch of rotten people judging and throwing race into it! If she were a “blonde Becky” and did the same thing I am sure it would be adorable right??? I Personally thought it was adorable anyways!!

  • Ruth Nelson

    Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps this exuberant child is in a home with a loving, devoted parent or parents who feed her talent and passion by exposing her to the greats like Savion Glover and Gregory Hines? I don’t know about you, but I see inspiration behind those moves.

    • NewGirl12

      OMG! You are so right! Sadly, I have not thought about Gregory Hines in forever. What a treat! 🙂

  • alli

    I’m a freshman in college and I’m studying theatre; part of the work that us freshman do is to discover what in our lives has caused us to close off our creativity, emotions, and how that affects us vocally and physically. Basically, what in our lives we have picked up that has cut us off from accessing the purely joyful expression that this little girl is showing. Stuff like “don’t do that,” or “suck it up” or “you’re making a fool of yourself.” There is NOTHING WRONG with her dancing. She’s just having fun, she’s not worried about people judging her or predicting her future or saying she’s off her meds. It’s important that we can let ourselves be open and honest with ourselves, and listen to what our bodies want to do. Sometimes, the mind and the body want different things. This little girl is obviously listening to her body’s impulses, not at all thinking about the possibility that she was being disruptive. And what’s wrong with that? Yes, there’s a time and place for that kind of thing, and yes, that might not have been the time or place. But she’s a LITTLE GIRL, how is she supposed to know that? And besides, no lesson in the respectfulness of performance is going to change her mind about dancing once she gets up there and feels the impulse to HAVE FUN. And as for those of you that think she’s going to become a criminal because of something she’s doing at a preschool dance recital, do you really not think she is going to grow up and be able to maturely make decisions like the rest of us? I don’t think it’s fair at all to make assumptions based on one moment of joy. We all are dealing with our own problems every day, why try to drag her down so early in life? Let her have her fun. I think it’s ridiculous that this even needs to be said.

  • Moonshadow74

    Why must people be so judgmental? This child may be ADHD. She may just be highly creative and outgoing. I thought she was beautiful, as well as the other little girls. Shame on all of you for throwing stones.

  • NYTdancecritic

    We all laugh, but to be perfectly honest, there might have been industry people there that night. As much as I love a little spontaneity, her shenanigans detract from the overall performance and might have destroyed potential job opportunities for the other dancers…

    • JimmyFlim

      Uhhh… they’re 4 years old.

  • Michael

    Why are people over-thinking this video? It’s a little girl having fun, big deal and so what is she’s black. There are far more worst things in this world we should be dealing with. It sad that we live in a kind of society what we feel we can’t express ourselves because too many people judge. If you feel like dancing like no one watch, fuck it and just dance. I’m proud of that little girl.

  • K in PA

    PLEASE. For those of you criticizing the little girl, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO A PRE-SCHOOL OR KINDERGARTEN EVENT? EVER? ‘Cause you sure aren’t acting like it. At least 1/5 have no idea what to do and just stand there. At least 1/5 go totally rogue or ham it up. The rest are somewhere in between. This is my experience with every single one of these types of events ever and with the number of kids I have I have been to a lot. Unless the one kid is hitting the other or pushing totally in front of the other or picking their nose the entire time, who cares! Most parents are so focused on their own kid, they don’t even notice the others unless they are doing what I just mentioned. The girl was adorable – she was moved by the music and couldn’t stop herself. This is not attention-seeking behavior or her being off her meds – this is totally within the normal range of behavior! No wonder our kids are so neurotic these days – we are totally sucking all the creativity, expression and natural childishness right out of their soulssss (dramatic addition for Halloween).

  • Kay & Way

    That child is amazing. I’m laughing my head off in the office right now!!!!

  • Becky

    Having had daughters who did dance routines when small, to me it looks like this little girl doesn’t know the routine and is making it up as she goes along. In any event, she is having a good time, and not really disrupting the other girls, so why spend all this time discussing race and prejudice?

  • Sunshine777

    Brian really doesn’t have a life – poor thang!

  • DreamDrippingSky

    I think this is great! She’s not acting out, or being a brat. She’s obviously having a GREAT time and feeling the music. She’s 5 (or around that age)! Let her have some fun! Bravo!

  • guest

    … No one else thinks this whole video is super racist? (Would the audience be laughing if a white kid did the exact same thing?)

  • Lisa

    OMG, this is so funny. I don’t get the last comment about it being racist. For real? This would be cute no matter what the child’s skin color. This will probably go viral, if it hasn’t already. It’s so charming and fun.

  • Daniel Bam Austin

    Wow that escalated quickly. How did this posting become hateful and racist, some of these comments are sad. Kids have their “moments”. She seems like she is a natural born performer. For the people who say this is a product of bad parenting, you clearly don’t have kids or your kids are lifeless mutes. I think the parents are applying themselves by entering her into a dance school and attempting to harness her energy into something positive. I’m an inner city cop and I’ve seen bad parents and messed up kids, they surely don’t put there kids in a dance school. We need to lighting up and celebrate her youth and stop focusing on the negative aspects of life. Life is to short.

  • Sarel De Kock

    She has a GREAT future ahead of her!!!

  • dancer1980

    I was a non-compliant dancer in my youth and got kicked out of dance class. Now I am a Lawyer. I think this kid is on her way to success. Dance on. I am happy to see that she hit some key moves on time, then soloed it for large spans. It kind of says, “yeah, I know where we are in the song, but look at this other thing i can do. Yeah!”

  • Justin

    Let the racism begin!

    • Brian

      They told me at the voting booth that if I voted for O, I got to do one racist thing a day. Was I misled?

      • Justin

        Yeah, only those who donated to Mr. O’s campaign fund qualified for that deal :/ Sorry

  • Laughable Booger

    The little girl acts like a fool and the reality is people are laughing at her. It wasn’t cute and it did ruin it for the other girls. She will be a rude, pregnant loud mouth teen for sure.

  • Vicki Tidwell

    If the child is autistic, which is a possibility since she was oblivious to the crowd & to the steps she was supposed to have learned at practice, then the little girls next to her are probably used to her behavior. I didn’t find it that hilarious because the performance was intended to be a team effort…but I never once thought to blame her parents. She was just being herself.

  • Tina Hoffman

    Brilliant!!! A Star is Born!!!!

  • pogo46

    A future choreographer. She obviously thought the dance needed a little something extra…=)

  • Jack

    No surprise, shes a ratchet black girl. this is pathetic. as u can see, all the white girls have order and class, and the black one is dancing like shes at some african hexing ritual

  • jetty83

    This girl is so unprofessional.

    • Sarah Rowlands

      I’d like to think you are being sarcastic. I truly hope you are. But I’ve been called unprofessional… and I was six. So possibly you’re not. In which case… yes, she’s unprofessional because she is a little kid NOT a paid performer.

      • jetty83

        Apologies for bubbling up your repressed memories. I’d like to think people would recognize sarcasm. It’s a shame people automatically assume the worst.

        • Sarah Rowlands

          Haha. Hardly repressed memories – I seem to remember I grinned like a little devil when “accused”.

          Written sarcasm does not translate well. If you read the bulk of the comments you’ll see WHY I assume the worst. Or is everybody being sarcastic? 😉

    • Uchenna Osegbu

      You sound like the kind of person that would buy a baby a business suit and loafers for their 1st birthday.

      • jetty83

        That is a terrible investment. The child will grow out of the suit and loafers in less then 3 months.

  • Mandy Rye

    Ha! This is so good. xo @ Waiting on Martha

  • Donna Ferrol

    lol..Our next new star is born!!!!

  • Ross

    I’m gonna put down a FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL for dancing exuberantly! Aren’t I a great person, guys? /end sarcasm

  • Am I the only who actually thought she was more on top of the moves than the other kids who were acting like teeny little robots? Dance is about expression. Talk about breeding creativity out of children.

    They’re five. Let them wave their freak flag high, there’s plenty of time for fitting in boxes for the next 75 years or so.

  • sandibeach

    sooooo adorable, children should always be allowed to express their true self in art, and dancing is art and this beautiful child is very talented in expression. three cheers to being little and having fun…

  • Leslie Smith McGinnis

    She looks like the only one having fun!!!! GO girl!!!

  • TiredofChildrenWhoCantBehave

    I feel sorry for the other little girls that practiced and did what they were supposed to. All their hard work was ignored because of one misbehaving little girl. Never mind the poor instructor who has to try to conduct a class in spite of her.

    • Sarah Rowlands

      Oh for heavens sake… they are about four years old. I remember having “being a professional” hammered home as a kid of about that age. You know what? I stopped dancing. Because a four, or five, or even ten year old is not “a professional” – they are kids, who sometimes have silly moments or act just like this. Lighten up. The other girls won’t be damaged for life…

  • Jon Grimshaw

    No Maniac here….The music and dance just moved her differently…dance on young one

  • patty

    omg i take care part time of a young girl just like this! i thought she was one of a kind!

  • Meredith Malcolm

    what a brat!!!!!

  • Mac Clair

    Loved this! But I warned people where it is posted via this link you:” Do NOT!!!!! I repeat do NOT read the comments that accompanied this post on the blog. People are LOSING THEIR MINDS!!!!! Some didn’t find it funny that one girl “ruined” the routine for the other girls, some made fun of the girl next to her for “not knowing what to do”, some gave HER extra credit for “doing what she’s supposed to” even while a girl seemed out of control next her…. and someone said it’s not funny that a girl was acting so out of control. One woman accused a guy of sexualizing the posting, and I couldn’t even START reading the ones that had the word “stereotype” in it… I’m exhausted. Do I really have to go in there and tell these people to get an effing grip?!? Can one of you guys do it for me? Oh, God. I’ll just copy and paste this rant of MINE. Dweebs. Now they’re holding me up from doing my homework. TTYL :)”i So here I am, asking those who to whom this applies: GET a GRIP! The enthusiastic dancer was DANCING with JOY, and I do not think the others will feel like slitting their wrists over it. Leave these kids alone, and let people viewing it feel the joy that we’re all trying to share. Honestly — talking about guns and knives and socioeconomic assumptions? Really? And insulting each other’s punctuation? I’m a fan of perfect punctuation and grammar, but I choose my battles. This aint the place for it.

  • Uchenna Osegbu

    I love how there are comments berating the girl for not doing the number like everybody else. Thank God there are people like this little girl in the world, or else we may have never gotten out of the Stone Age.

  • Uchenna Osegbu

    Just the fact that people are saying that she is unprofessional, rude, hyperactive, AUTISTIC, and that she’s gonna end up a pregnant, loudmouth teen named LaQueshia. You people are sick conformists. If anything, this kid is going to surpass everyone on this damn page BECAUSE she’s not afraid to step out of society’s expectations and do her own thing. Maybe if you people stopped doing what society tells you to and started thinking out of the fucking box, you could see how absolutely beautiful it is for this girl to do what she did. Ugh.

    • jetty83

      People are all for the outside of the box thinking. However, I think the people are most concerned about the fact that her rhythm was off. Even interpretive dance has rules.

  • Brom

    I bet she just had to pee. I look like this all the time.

  • poop

    looks like shes on crack. as much as i can see how this is cute, i can imagine this as a sick joke too

  • Lucy

    She probably didn’t learn the routine and tried to do what the other little girls had learned. She was a distraction. It was annoying, not funny.

  • B

    OMG i wish i was this awesome when i was younger!!! my old dance recital videos are so boring compared to this hahahaha

  • Christina Wooten

    I don’t think this kid was “out of control”. It’s funny, because she just has more energy, isn’t nervous on stage and she is more into it. As both a kindergarten teacher and a dancer, I can honestly say she had enthusiasm. She’s a kid, so she probably didn’t know the moves the great, and was just trying to do them well, what she thought was good. It’s great she’s not afraid to be on stage or closed in. That’s a huge difficulty with a lot of kids her age. It’s cute, because she was trying to do it, her moving like that was obviously her trying to tap, and honestly, I teach these kinds of things, and they CAN be pretty boring or only semi-cute. When a kid stands out, it’s usually cute, because let’s face it, this isn’t going to be Broadway here folks.

  • Sam King

    It has been proven that children who live in houses where crack and ‘P’ is manufactured, have enough incidental residual intake to render them on a continual high.

    • Cold Fire

      you are full of fucking shit you goddamn liar!!

  • Maggie

    This is nothing but disquisting ! It’s ridiculous that someone says she is a future star, she behaves like a monkey in a circus disrespecting other kids trying to preform what they been thought and rehearsed. The child should be raised for an elegant lady, and this is opposite

  • Audrey

    She’s made up her own routine. She definitely is her own person and knows how to shine. What’s funny also are the other toddlers concentrating so hard to do the routine and she’s like, ” just be free and let’s do our own thing”. I love it!

  • Rou

    I think this little girl is amazing. Watching this has made my day…I would however like to point out that there are other little girls on that stage. We all like to feel as though we’re individuals and special but sometimes it’s better to hold back so that everyone can enjoy the lime light.

  • bnuckols

    How do you not get happy watching this child?



  • Kathy Isaacs

    Kid’s not destined for the chorus line…

  • mark

    This girl needs serious discipline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teabag

    She did make it nearly impossible for the kids on either side to concentrate

  • Chris

    All the greatest modern dancers started out going rogue at their dance recitals. I can see a brilliant future for this little one if she decides to study dance!

  • Detanna

    Too bad you had to ruin a perfectly innocent child doing her thing with your closing underlined comment. Poor taste Amelia!

  • Joyce

    wonderful to see a free spirit!!! this would be wonderful to show at her wedding in many years! lol

  • Lesle Alward Ledden

    I must be the only one, but I don’t find this funny at all. A little of this goes a long way, All those other girls worked hard to learn that routine and they were working hard to show it off to mom and dad and family. But this little girl thought it was all a big joke and jumped around and sometimes looked at the other girls to see what to do next as if she didn’t have a clue.
    I had a daughter in dance throughout her childhood, and I would not have been happy if this had happened to her. Yes, once in a while a little girl is so cute we can help but laugh and enjoy it, but this was different…this was just a case of one child ruining the routine and time on stage for all those other little ones…I found it sad.

    • Um, really?

      Get bent.

      • Nigger killer

        Get fucked

  • joanie

    I saw this video when my daughter sent me the link. My daughter, a dancer who taught dance for quite a few years to children age pre-school to 18, thought it was delightful. She understood the unselfconscious joy and excitement of the little girl.

  • Kristine Heim

    I can

  • Guest

    Someone in her ife decided to postively

  • Rad

    I LOVED THIS! What a drag that so many of the comments are uptight. That little girl had a blast. The other little girls did too. Improv is fabulous. Loosen up!

  • Kenneth Leander Anderson Jr.

    Sold Out arena right there

  • Greenguy

    It’s funnier when you speed it up.

  • anindoorkitty

    I expect to be seeing her on the BIG screen in the next few years. She is a natural born star!

  • dick

    Crack Baby?

  • girlsx2777

    Oh my gosh, I started reading the comments and as I made my way down the list and the discussion went from a young child being just that…a young child having fun to accusations of “bad parenting” “future criminal” “hyperactive off her meds” and I won’t even mention the racists comments ….GOOD LORD PEOPLE get a grip and allow a child to be a child for once. My daughter has danced for YEARS and when I showed her this video she laughed and gave kudos to the little girl for “having her own style”. Whatever happened to raising our children to be individuals…FOLLOW THE RULES OR DIE…EVEN IF YOU ARE ONLY 4! What a bunch of uptight, overbearing, judgmental idiots. Oh don’t bother to respond to this, I won’t be coming back to see all the nasty replies, I’ve read enough of them on here already. I’m off to have some fun with my kids, OH HOW DARE I?!

  • Bethe Cross

    That is freakin’ adorable! Reminds me of my daughter at that age —just pushed the other girls out of the way and and stole the show!
    …and I love how little blondie next to her keeps looking at her like —what ARE you doing? those aren’t the dance steps we were taught. LOL!!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

  • Lainie

    I saw a harp recital once at a local mall and the tiniest girl was doing absolutely the funniest things. I don’t remember another child in the group but I remember her. She wasn’t doing it for anyone’s benefit but her own. This child is like Lucille Ball. The little girl next to her could be Ethel!

  • Guest

    that is just a child that doesn’t know how to be a part of a group and doesn’t mind I don’t see how this is funny at all and she is bullying that little girl next to her, good God ppl cant’ yall see the big picture here??

  • Cyndi Yates

    figures, poor little girl next to her she is almost bullying her

  • Mr. Afterword

    Please don’t give your children crack.

  • Brad

    Hit the zoom like a pro haha no one knew what they were doing and she was owning it!

  • jamie

    I don’t find this cute at all. I find the child to be out of control and if it were my child I would be embarrassed.

    • Kema

      Embarrased by a 4 year old?


    Positively beautiful! Can’t wait to see this young lady dance in 10 years

  • Jessica

    I didn’t think the video was funny. I saw a little black girl seeking to do her own routine instead of following the instructions of the dance instructor. Why it was applauded and stole the show, I don’t get it. It was comical to some, I suppose. I would not have wanted my little girl laughed at during a recital if I was spending money for her to learn dance. Having raised three black children in America, I’m concerned about the little girl’s future livelihood more than having a ton of fun at a dance recital. We need to be people of character and discipline. The other little girls kept their composure, were disciplined and accomplished the routine despite the distraction. I am black and I work in corporate America. Keeping one’s composure and discipline despite the distractions of those with no discipline is worth gold. I feel sorry that the dance instructor doesn’t care enough to have insisted the little black girl either do the routine or not perform. This will hurt her character for years to come. Get real. We don’t have time for such foolishness if we want to beat the odds. You can find pleasure in successfully completing an assignment. It’s not worth the laugh to me. Where will she be in 20 years?

  • Halloween Comment

    Tyler the Creator

  • andrea

    Everyone, get a grip. Of the 4 girls in frame, only the first from the left could be described as competent in the class routine (and if anyone says #2 and #4 from the left might have been thrown off by what was between them, think about why you expect professionalism from #3, but not enough from #2 and #4 to carry on in the face of distraction). The boisterous girl’s style is clearly known to the teacher — notice her shoes.

    All I’m offended by is the school’s lack of effort in securing this girl skin-coloured tights.

  • Skabetti

    What a great, positive outlet for a kid with lots of energy! She may just be falling in love with the stage, the way many actors do early.

  • Michele Collyer-Fitzgerald

    This little girl is adorable! 🙂 Amazing!

  • James

    Laqueshia lol that’s funny shit right there.

    She must be one of Barry’s kids.

  • Nanc

    Props to the girl beside her who didn’t let crazy girl distract her from doing the actual routine they were supposed to!

  • donna

    hilarious x

  • Jim Couch

    Sorry I don’t see cute at all. All I see is a hyperactive kid that can’t follow instructions worth a hoot and has no concept of team effort. Her parents probably encourage the outrageous behavior too. If my kid were in that play I would want my money back for the dance lessons or a redo without miss monkeyshines in it.

  • Linda Barkavenuedoggrooming Mc

    You go girl.

  • Marie Stewart Kern

    That was too cute for words…..

  • Monique John

    Go head chile. Don’t let the haters get you down when you be stylin’

  • StillStacy


  • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

    That wee one has some talent!!!! Just adorable!

  • Deborah Lynne Downs

    The comments on this by adults on both sides are horrible. Calling the little girl on the end a “blond Becky” and other unkind names are as much of a slur as calling any child a name for his or her color…These are children acting like so many children do, and no one commenting knows a thing about any of them other than the content of the video. I have never like, either, when adults arrange these things for children, be it a recital, or a school play, and then laugh at them for being children. I hated that when my children were small, and I never laughed at them because I was exceeding proud of their accomplishments and wanted more than anything for them to know that. I also shushed those around me who did laugh. Those moments, for each child are important to all the children when they take part. I cringe when I think of so many of the things that adults post on the Internet, who seem not to consider that they will follow children all the way to adulthood. It’s like not only does the whole auditorium laugh at them, but now billions people can laugh at them, too, for years to come…

  • Kenya Thicknjuicy Gamble

    black girl got soul she wasent felling that lame routine lets add some soul to dis shit im going in watch me work

  • Deborah Lynne Downs

    The comments on this by adults on both sides are horrible. Calling the little girl on the end a “blond Becky”, and other unkind names, is meant to be as disparaging as is commenting on the character of the other child…These are children acting like so many children do, and no one commenting knows a thing about any of them other than the content of the video. How unkind, too, when adults arrange these things for children, be it a recital, or a school play, and then laugh at them for being children. I hated that when my children were small because I was exceeding proud of their accomplishments and wanted more than anything for them to know that. I also shushed those around me who did laugh. Those moments, for each child are important when they take part. I cringe when I think of so many of the videos of their children that parents post on the Internet, who seem not to consider that they will follow children all the way to adulthood. It’s like not only does the whole auditorium laugh at them, but now billions of people can laugh at them, too, for years to come. Humor is great, but not at the espense of a child. If children did this, put a child up on stage and then laughed at them for doing it, it would be called bullying. Commenters here seem to suggest that the little dancer would not have had an act if the other little girl had not been her straight girl. Children deserve more than for their parents to display them on Youtube hoping to make money off of their childlike-ness. for for every video that does make them a profit, millions don’t and at the expense of the children…

    • proudopal

      1) she wasn’t goofing off to the dance routine…if you watch the video carefully, she knew the routine and knew the words — she just wanted to do her own thing. and let’s keep in mind — SHE’S 3.

      2) oh, racism. hopefully one day when we’re all dead and gone, the human race will learn NOT to base people’s lives off of a phenotypic difference that only accounts for a 2% difference in human DNA. One day. All of the technology in the world cannot compensate for compassion and common damn sense.

      3) Jim Couch called this little girl “miss monkeyshines”. This three year old girl. A white girl was called “blonde becky”, and although her name may not have been Becky, she sure as hell was blonde. I don’t see any monkeys in that video.

      the human race really, really saddens me.

      • Deborah Lynne Downs

        Point for point, you agreed with me…I think…I pointed out that these are children, that the disparaging remarks made about these little girls were disgraceful. I did not read every single comment as there are hundreds of them and missed the one that you mention, which is meant to be as much of a slur as is “blonde Becky”. Consider that people with red hair certainly do have red hair but calling them “gingers” is not meant to be complimentary. All such language is meant to disparage. I wrote that most of the people commenting here were being unkind…other than that my point is more about respecting children, period. Either you misunderstood me or I am misunderstanding your attack on my comments…Lets hope it is the medium. Peace…

        • proudopal

          Sorry, I didn’t know how to post my own original comment, so I just replied to yours. Sorry for the confusion!! 🙂

          • Deborah Lynne Downs

            There you go…It’s the medium. No problem. It looks like you’ve signed up because you have a screen name. You should be able to see “Leave a message” at the top of comments. You just click in that box and your should be able to type your message…Hope you figure it out. Peace…

      • gabrielamoralesperez

        3? these girls are at least 5 or 6

  • sfgirlbyaby

    some of you sure know how to suck the joy out of life.

  • Gwen Robbana AngelCreations

    She is excellent lmao

  • Frau Holle

    What a wonderful little girl!!! Great moves and very talented!!! Hope the Mom did NOT get angry with her!!! She livened up the whole show! Compared to her the others look a little bit like trained puppies. Sorry.

  • anny

    OH ARE YOU WONDERFUL !!!! and have enough energy and talent for at least two more little girls! God just put too much ‘dance’ in one little body for a white kids ballet ! you are wonderful little one! all of you are sweet but this little one is just a hot pepper in the white sauce! ( and I am a whet grandma by the way)

  • Cretin

    yes sweet! – says my friend – but he is a bit of a pedo.

  • La Zonya

    I wonder how the other girls felt about it? Interviews, please.

  • Gina

    I watched this video with delight and trepidation. Delight because young minds learning is always a beautiful thing. Trepidation because of the criticism that this little black girl would bring as she was enjoying being who she is.

    I got to thinkin’…. How many people would criticize this little girl for her creativity or her unction to do her own thing? How many of us would put her in a category of being undisciplined? Then I read the comments….. (smh)

    I want to commend the other girls (and the dance teacher) for staying on cue and doing the routine as they had rehearsed. They did an awesome job concentrating because I know it could not have been easy for them. They were uniform in their movements and this goes to show that they listened while in class; were not easily swayed or deterred from the task that was at hand….. What an awesome show of discipline.

    Then there was a girl that “danced and sang” to her own beat…. Can I fault her? No. There is such a joy on her face that can not be taken away. She is having such a good time that she doesn’t care what the others are doing or thinking. She is being herself. And to me that is awesome. I didn’t see a girl that cared that she was the only black girl on the line, nor did she care that she was doing a little something different – she was enjoying being who she was and the rhythm of who she is.

    Yes, there is a time and place for everything and maybe that wasn’t the time or place, but how many of us have said something that was uncalled for at the inappropriate time? How many of us have been criticized for being who we are?

    There is nothing wrong with being different it is what makes each of us unique in our own right

  • Jane Martin

    I can’t believe some of the comments, I am a mum and a grandmother, the best thing about children this age is they lose concentration and end up doing what they do, they are young, for goodness sake stop trying to make robots of children this age, they have little enough freedom as it is! I think they were wonderful, and so entertaining. The so called hyper one was just enjoying herself and who know she could end up on stage in the West End when she’s older she certainly has enthusiasm. Remember they are only toddlers. Grrrrr

  • Pfreeth

    I totally enjoyed the video until I read people arguing about it and debating about the child’s behavior. The whole audience loved it I think the majority have voted thumbs up.

  • Yvonne Haldane-smith

    I am amazed. She sure took the show to task. Good luck to her !

  • Ryan Kappmeyer

    Kinda silly that people can’t watch this and just enjoy it. How old is she, 4? She’s a little kid, how could one surmise that she’s a problem child? Maybe she just had a little more intensity than the other kids. Stop over thinking it and just enjoy the innocence of childhood.

  • athena11

    I want her to become a great dancer and go on a show like so you think you can dance when she’s 18 just so they can show this exact recital and be like “such an improvement since then” type thing.

  • Scarlett

    I think I am the only one who didn’t think it was funny at all and that she screwed it up for the other kids.

  • Raul (@ilivetotravel)

    Simply awesome!

  • Ruth Michaelis

    She is not going rouge, she is completely engaged in the moment. She is absorbed in the music and she knows all her movements . She just wants to tap those tap shoes. I think she is divine.

  • Sadday

    Oh how the internet brings out the best in people.

  • glenda

    love it!!!

  • Beth

    This is a tap recital (see the shoes?), not ballet. That said, tap needs enthusiasm. This cutie has her fair share and then some. Yes, the other parents were probably a bit annoyed at the little attention hog. That’s THEIR issue….the little girl still did nothing wrong.

  • zhinka

    she ruined the work of all the other little girls with her talentless antics, poor girls

  • Tashanna Arline

    FIRST… She’s a child.

    Second… As a dancer of almost 20yrs, it wasnt disrespectful or anything like that. I thought it was funny and distracting but koo that the audience was laughing along and found it to be exactly what dance is meant to be in most circumstances… entertaining!!

    And LASTLY… I teach children that are exactly this age ranging from 2 year olds to adults. No one, including the teachers and parents, expects them to learn a dance… get on stage… and perform it perfectly. The only expectation there SHOULD be is that they have a blast!!! Parents arent worried about pointed toes and things of that nature, they just wanna see their little angels up there smiling and having a good time. I mean lets be real, which is more distracting/annoying… the kid who gets up there and loses it having a great time dancing… or the kid that stands there doing nothing and starts crying…. I rather the first , as a teacher and viewer… at least I know this kids is having fun and is happy!!!

    Just saying… put your own selfish feelings aside and only consider those of the child. She wasn’t shy, scared, sad or anything of that nature…. does she honestly deserve to be critisized for being different?!

  • Sandy Potter

    I’ve seen this posted,
    here and there, over the last week, again and again,… You nailed the description!!! I hope she got a standing ovation! She deserved it!

  • jaffer

    I think that we should also applaud the dance instructor. She/he had to know this little girl would dance to the beat of her own drum and let her in the recital anyway. Many would not.

  • Mike

    She must have known the routine during practices. She must have learned it prior to doing the actual show, so I imagine she just got excited around all the people and the star within her did what her heart told her to and she changed what looked like a boring routine, into something exciting, entertaining, cute and funny. She is a true performer. The thing is, she probably didn’t even plan to do it. It just took over her. That’s what separates greatness from average. In the moment. People are more interested in unique individuals. The idea of conforming to an idea or rules bores people. “Do it like this, how we taught you.”

    Little girl: “Well, i’m actually just gonna do it my way.”

    In my opinion, her family is probably very supportive of her. They push her to be herself, and she probably loves music and dancing more than any of these other girls. Although that’s just a random guess and I could be wrong. It’s a confidence she gained by family support, which will go a long way for her in the future.

    To be upset because a child is a child is completely uncalled for. This was not a big deal. This was a moment that belonged to her. Your child will have a lot of opportunities to prove themselves too in this life. No matter what they want to do. We all have our moments. I’d suggest, if these girls want to be successful performers one day, they should take note of this girl rather than be jealous of her. Then, when the time comes for their moment, look inside themselves and find that fire within.

    This was simply her moment. And it brought a smile to a lot of peoples faces. It brightened a lot of peoples days when life is sometimes difficult and dark. Her “need for attention” as some of you called it, deserved my attention because I thought it was pretty awesome.

    • meemee

      For the win!

  • pj

    Great video, ruined by the maker’s URL right over the kid’s face.

  • Tony Murphy

    It’s amazing how “out of control” repressed and bigoted people can be

  • Bob

    This is pathetic. Undisciplined, out-of-control-ADHD kid.

  • logic

    I applaud the little girl on the end who stayed strong and didn’t get rattled while wild thing had no respect for anyone else. Probably not her fault as Mom forgot to give her, her daily does Ritilin.

  • C. Etch


  • Internet Commentary

    My mind is blown by how negative some of the comments here are. I know some of you are trolling, but some of you are serious.
    For the trolls, *Rolls Eyes*
    For those of you who actually got a bad feeling watching a little girl dance, take a deep breath, calm down, and punch yourself in the face. Some kids have more energy than others. As a kid gets older, like, older than six, they’ll start to be better socialized. At the age she’s at now, there’s no way you could begin to teach her to ‘dance perfectly’ unless you beat it out of her.
    What I do see is a kid who loves to dance. As a piano teacher of young kids, I crave kids like this. The more hyperactive the better. Because all they know is that they love the music. I can work with that.
    What I can’t work with is the ten year old who hates everything because their parents yelled at them for five years to shut up, behave, and pay attention.
    I know some parents would rather have the teacher who beats them into a form that they find pleasing, that the parents find acceptable. But then who am I teaching for? The kids, to love music, or the parents, to have something to brag about?
    Anyways, jesus fucking christ some of you people are evil. Hating on fucking little kids… you almost ruined my day. Good thing I’m going to get recharged tomorrow teaching some of those ‘out of control ADHD monsters’ who do nothing but smile and love music all day.

  • sigh

    Seriously – shame on all of you who are talking about race. This is a video recorded at a dance recital. I’m sick and tired of hearing “black person” and “white person”. We all have the same internal organs, but I suspect a lot of the commenters are missing a BRAIN! You are the people in which I have concern.

    • criticalconscousness

      shame on those who ignore race. the way we experience race impacts how we make sense of this video.

  • Elsi Ferris

    i’m still not over this.

  • Monique

    Hell, that escalated quickly. How about this for a hypothesis, she wont grow up to be a “criminal”, and
    she wont grow up to be “great.” Based on the (only) evidence of this child
    being silly, exuberant, joyful, confused, and yes, attention seeking, I
    hypothesize that she will grow up. That is all

    • David Guess

      Too all that think this behavior was just fine and Dandy, would you want a disruptive kid acting out ln your childs classroom?,, church, wedding, I doubt it, We know nothing about this girl so we all are speculating on the outcome of her life!!

  • Greg

    What about ALL of the other girls that worked weeks to choreograph their moves TOGETHER like a TEAM!

  • sparrow

    Ok. So this is JUST a preschool tap dance recital. So the kids are only three or four. Kids meltdown. Kids act crazy. Kids do inappropriate things. They’re kids. (I have four of them.)

    What has me saying “Ew!” however, is how this video is being manipulated on the “Man
    Repeller” site. It’s not being presented JUST a preschool tap dance recital. It’s being used to make a social statement.

    The blogger “loves nothing more than a maniac” and presents this little child as some sort of iconic hero as she “goes rogue” and says “‘F*ck This!’ to Her Preschool Tap Routine.” She even likens her to Miley Cyrus. Again, I say “Ew!”

    As to the video itself, this child does not appear to be having such a great time. She looks as though she truly CANNOT control herself. Not even for a short dance in front of an auditorium full of people. She’s not just dancing in a more enthusiastic and outgoing way.

    She seems barely able to follow the routine. She appears unable to keep from making strange facial grimaces or from waving her hands in the face of a nearby dancer. She does not appear to be smiling and “playing to the audience”; she seems scarcely aware of them. In fact, she gives the appearance of being–not just an energetic child–but a hyperactive little girl.

    Whether this is owing to an underlying physiological cause (one of my girls has a
    chromosomal disorder) or because of some other factor, this video didn’t strike me as being as adorable or as hilarious as many seem to think it is. I certainly wouldn’t feel any impulse, as the blogger seems to, to weirdly impute some sort of weighty, cosmic significance or creative genius to this child’s antics. And while this little girl deserves all the love in the world, I probably wouldn’t hold her behavior up to my kids as “magical” or inspirational.

    Again: Kids meltdown. Kids act crazy. Kids do inappropriate things. They’re kids, and I have four of them.

    But what is it with people who seem unable to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate? Enrolling a child in a dance program means consenting to SOME structure, instruction, conformity, and self-discipline. I’m sure the blogger would protest–in impeccable and creative prose gained from learning to write correctly–that such things are arcane and oppressive.

    But, in fact, I do know children who behave as though “they can’t stop; they won’t stop”; their parents think it’s hilarious and cute. (And, for the record, these kids are about as white and as blonde as they come.) They’re some of the most miserable children I know. They’re miserable to be around. But mostly they’re miserable to themselves. They’re chronically unhappy.

    Frankly, I don’t know who to feel sorriest for: The parents/adults who believe the lie that kids are somehow damaged by reasonable discipline and conformity. The folks
    who have grown to view misbehavior as normal, funny, or admirable. The children themselves who have been victimized by this foolish thinking.

    Or the poor teacher and students of this dance class who had to put up with this “Shirley Temple hopped up on sugar from her own eponymous drink” every Tuesday afternoon for the past nine months. Ew!

  • pcone2

    Well she’s adorable. But she did kind of mess up the kids dancing next to her.

  • another guest

    So some people think she is awesome and put her own spin on what she may have thought was a boring routine or she just wanted to dance more than the routine called for, and some people think she ruined it for the others who stuck to the routine and should do a solo if she can’t stick to a routine or she didn’t really know the routine so made it up or perhaps she is hyperactive… big deal. We all have our opinions. Do you really need to start attacking one another for having an opinion? If you love the video, good for you. If you don’t like it, fine. Don’t attack each other. What is the point in that? Stop hating!!!! If you really want to know what the motive was behind the girl dancing that way, ask HER. Stop making assumptions and stop accusing people of being jerks if they don’t like the video. Not all people were brought up the same way. Some love to go against the norm and some love to follow routines and have coordination with the group. Respect each other and stop hating because we have different opinions. See both sides. See OTHER sides. It is not all about YOU.

  • Khrish

    I bet her mom gave her a good talking once she got her home. But she definitely has done her own thing. LOL

  • Mark

    A highly respected child therapist I know tells me this child appears to be suffering from neurological problems.

  • kahlen

    Dance as if no one’s watching, sing as if no one’s listening,
    and live every day as if it were your last.” I think she’s beautiful !!!!

  • llamos

    She went up in the zone…and reveled in it!

  • criticalconsciousness

    I don’t find anything funny and much less “maniac” with her performance. Clearly, race contributes to what folks find amusing. Unfortunately, images and bodies of people of color and specifically black people continue to be used as entertainment in the year 2013.

  • whateva

    This same kid, that later in life-when unable to follow directions will be scorned by the likes of you all that think it is funny. If it was ‘free dance time’ then, absolutely but as cute as she is, she ruined the routine. I dont think its that serious, but I dont think its funny that she is obviously desperate for attention.

    • Synthia Fagen

      What routine? Show where any of those kids had a clue what they were doing? Come one people. Lighten up. They’re kids. Nobody ruined anything.

  • carolinagirl

    I laughed until I almost cried. This little girl is beautiful, and will grow up to be just fine. I am shocked at the critical nature of the comments below. Relax people.

  • Annalea

    She is wonderful!!! She’s a natural talent! Welcome back on earth, JOSEPHINE BAKER!!! Hope you will continue to amaze us….☺

  • Valorie MacDonald

    The little girl, along with her befuddled little friends? Perfection! As for whoever wrote the copy… I”m sure there are other expressive words to put in her mouth besides the F word.

  • Bella

    Its honestly not funny at all. She’s ruining the whole show! All the other girls were fantastic except for that one hyper active little one.

    • Oh, The Temerity!!

      I know! I’d much prefer watch a bunch of barely-coordinated toddlers slowly but jerkily move their limbs about to a ballad from a forty-year-old musical about murder and journalistic sensationalism. That sudden burst of energy against the other soporific robots is wholly unwelcome.

  • colbster

    She’s not very good. FAIL

    • David Guess

      Hyper kids don’t stick with one thing very long , a I doubt if she’s even in the class now,,It would be very interesting if the dance teacher of these children were involved in this Blog . I wonder what, he or she thought of it . I myself would have been pulling my hair out,,,especially if the girl showed no sign of her actions during the weeks of practice…

  • A concerned mom

    Unfortunate. Uncomfortable. Looks like a caffeine overdose or worse. Not funny.

  • Proud G-Ma

    I have 2 grand daughters (sisters) one who performed exactly as “Babygurl Gone Rogue” at her recitals and the other who would dance her routine as close to as taught as she could. Both grown women..”BG Gone Rogue” performs in Broadway musicals, her sister is a teacher. Both are doing great things BUT the family seems to live vicariously (including the teacher) through the life of Babygurl Gone Rogue”. We never forced her to conform, nor did we attempt to make her sister more of an extrovert.

  • Candi Sims

    I want to meet that lil star!!!

    • David Guess

      I’ve seen several NFL Cheerleader’s go rogue ,that’s why they got picked for the squad…..haha……shocks me to see folks calling her a star!!! first of all this wasn’t a competition or a talent contest ,where place’s are awarded ,it was a line dance,,,,they were all supposed to be Star’s

  • steve

    This just shows how the IDIOTS who choose to have children will lower the social standards of life. I would venture to guess that her parent (YES ONE) was in the audience cheering her for her great job on stage. Making a mockery of the entire performance.

    • steve

      Just to clarify. IDIOTS did not mean “If you have a child, you are an idiot.” “IDIOTS” was meant for the stupid people who think that acting like that was funny or cute.

      • Blues Clues

        IDIOT means you.

  • Capsaxian

    Saizon Glover needs to sign her up. She has the passion necessary to be one of the greats

  • Melhendra

    Why so many negative comments about a little girl who simply got lost in music. You all should try it sometime…might make you a little less uptight.

  • lollybee

    What do you mean- “they missed their own kid’s performance”? This was obviously filmed by the parent! Adorable- but just like any other preschool dance recital!

  • ConcernedCitizen2321

    She can’t follow the rules now. Doubt she will be able to follow them later. Since the mom thought this was ‘cute’ and didn’t realize she was ruining the show for others, I doubt the child has a parent smart enough to break her of her bad habits.

    FUTURE STRIPPER, right there.

    “Gentlemen, everyone please welcome to the stage, DESTINY!”

    • Ummmmmmmmmmm

      You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.


    I am a personal stylist and this is COMPLETELY relevant to a style blog! What a wonderful reminder that the best way to sport any new look is just to EMBRACE IT AND ROCK IT with full confidence! This was awesome! I love that little girl and we could all learn something from her! 🙂

  • terri

    Wow. My first thought was, “oh my gosh she’s having a seizure.” When I realized this wasn’t the case, my next two thoughts were, “Who feeds their toddler pixie six and get this girl some hip hop lessons.” This was followed closely by, “if they were looking for an outlet for their hyperactive child, perhaps soccer would take care of the excessive unchanneled energy.” Lol. Still, too funny!

  • Dianne Renusch

    This was great she’s really having a good time on stage and that’s what it is all about.

  • Jeff Missinne

    So, you might ask yourself, where’s the next show-biz diva coming from? Does this answer your question??

  • Eileen

    I agree with Steve, she spoilt it for the other children.

  • Me

    Not cute or funny at all…She was obviously told to act like that…I feel sorry for the other little girls who worked hard to learn the routine and then got ignored because of this little girl’s “dancing”…It really shouldn’t surprise me though…hmmm

  • Alfred

    Dance like no one’s watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt.

  • Leiah Rubin Bowden

    What a beautiful little girl expressing her total joy. She’s a real performer, though I’d hate to have to be her director in any production she’s in! She’s clearly got a strong sense of inner direction and isn’t afraid to show it. Yay for her!!! A diva takes the stage.

  • older white bitch

    White bitch dunno what to do with herself! hahahaha

  • take a closer look

    As a former dance teacher to small children…there is much entertainment in that profession. Especially if you let them talk every now and then. However, with something like this I would need to know more of the story before applying words like ‘rebel’ ‘awesome’ ‘cute’ ‘funny’ ‘hilarious’ etc. I have never seen anything like this before as far as her body movements and mannerisms and you don’t know anything about her. She could be autistic or something. She could be frightened or just cheeky. Sometimes the kids act differently on stage because they have a different awareness about hundreds of people looking at them. I don’t think that putting children on the internet is ok and I doubt all the parents of those kids gave consent. This is perpetuating a selfish and potentially destructive trend in parenting.

  • Ray Kunkle

    “little girl says f*ck this to her preschool tap routine and goes rogue” and this is applauded in the year 2013…is it to early to be giving up on humanity.

  • ahh hold on a minute

    Because Black girls are divas…Why can’t she be quirky or cute or dorky? And honestly this looked like she might have autism. Is no one else going to say it. Dancing is one thing but this looked like a struggle to understand the concepts of any of the moves. There was no rhythm or personality to her movements it looked like outbursts. My four year old Black cousins and nephews know how to get down but this was something strange. Did she act like this all year or just on the night of the show? Her facial expressions look like spasms. Maybe people should confirm she does not have a mental difference before calling her a diva. Geesh.

  • Sarah

    Although cute I would be upset as a parent and dance instructor, since she is also ruining the recital for the other little girl that is by her. It’s not her shinning moment it’s all of theirs. As she is just a little girl she needs to learn to be a team player when it’s a team event thus this would be a case in point.

  • jp everyman

    If ANYONE encompasses “Broadway Baby” it’s here. That final note, hands outstretched, eyes wide and voice booming makes me so ridiculously happy.

  • SWulf

    I love it. To see a beautiful creative self confident little girl is a blessing. Our over controlled society kills this in most kids by the time they are out of Preschool. Sit down and shut up be like all the other little brain washed kids. I hope her parents protect her from the morons that would quiche this exuberant little girl.

  • Kellly

    To all you that were negative about this …
    Oh my god! I’m seriously questioning if a lot of you have ever been to a pre-school aged dance recital before. This sorta thing happens at a lot of them and it’s not in anyway disrespectful to the other girls. I guarantee you, had we had a view of the entire stage there may have been a couple others putting their own spin on it and a couple that probably stood there doing nothing and maybe even a few that were standing there crying.

    That’s pretty much typical for kids of this age when on stage in front of a crowd..

    Just because the little girl put her own spin on the dance does not in any way mean she’ll be out of control later on in her life or that she’s a bad or disrespectful kid or that she has crap parents. She’s just a little kid. Kids, especially that age, do silly and crazy things and they do act out sometimes, whether it’s appropriate or not.

    I might feel differently had she been older, but the fact is, she’s still practically a baby. She couldn’t be more than four.

  • Jacob Trowbridge

    I’m a man, and yet, I’m not repelled by this in the slightest. Way to live up to your name, silly website!

    No, but seriously, this is terrific. I don’t know which amazes me more, though: That the little girl completely spazzes out for the entire duration of the dance, or that ALL OF THE OTHER 4-YEAR-OLDS DON’T LOSE THEIR SH*T AND FOLLOW HER LEAD!

  • Vernelle Massey

    This is delightful!

  • Fresh & Funky Int

    Too damn cute!

  • De K Rich

    I’ve taught dance for….13 years? Some of these comments are laughable. There is ALWAYS one 3-5 year old up there, EVERY single year doing this or similar….or some other *crazy* behavior. It’s expected. We put them on stage KNOWING something like this will happen. the 3-5 year old range is not going to be perfect in their dance. That’s ok 🙂

  • Heather Diesing

    Cracked me up with her jazz hands!

  • Love this…oh to be a kid again…she stole the show

  • Seatlle-native

    I’m a grown-up version of this little “maniac”. I’m 36, a Southern Italian expat, and an entrepreneur. I hold several academic degrees and continue to challenge myself professionally. My optimism is unshakable and the people closest to me are artists, homemakers, and fellow entrepreneurs. I don’t fit in with mainstream American culture, it’s true. I don’t take medication or have substance abuse issues, either. I’m a ridiculously optimistic, over-enthusiastic person that is occasionally oblivious to societal norms. Don’t project a negative future for this little one. She’ll be fine! By the way, if you look at her face during the performance, she is not acting out or trying to be overly silly. She looks as though she were giving the performance of a lifetime. Her interaction with blonde girl seems more like a teamwork celebration moment, than anything else. I’m sorry if this passionate explosion offends you. This little girl didn’t invent it. Thank you media for this and for this

  • H

    shes AWESOME xxxxx

  • Imad Itani

    Unbelievable , So nice and so adorable

  • Agnes


  • dinah

    this little kid has clearly got ADHD or similar… not nice to mock the aflicted

  • Zara Ring

    This made my day…..thank you! I hope the little girl keeps this spirit, it will help her in life 🙂

  • hollyality

    She’s four…..enough said! What horrible lives you must have had as a child to not see the humor of a four year old on stage having a great time and being FOUR. I guarantee you the other four year olds were not destroyed by her doing the routine her way and they will live to see another recital. So much hate towards a toddler. Amazing!

  • Pahtrisha

    Not cute. Stupid, spoilt little brat. There is a time and place for going out on a limb. If I were the parent of one of the other children I would be furious.

    • Lolee

      Why do you carry so much hate in your heart, I would give you a hug if I could you definitely need one!

      • Pahtrisha

        How sweet of you. I will take a hug and give one back. But, rest assured, it is years of experience in the creative arts, directing, teaching, production and as a purveyor of talent, not hate. Arohanui. (peace and love)

      • Pahtrisha

        I should not have included the word ‘stupid’ in that comment. It was part of the thread and I should have not used it. The rest stays, however.

  • Pahtrisha

    I am sure I will get some thumbs down for my comment. That people really would endorse this behavior is rather sad although I understand why there are those who do like it. She is a performer, this little one, so let her perform alone. She may become famous one day and her independence is to be applauded. However, this was a rehearsed piece and even as a pre schooler she needs to learn some self discipline. Surely that is why she attends dance classes in the first place. As an actor, director and teacher, I have to say when something is rehearsed, no matter the performers are 1, 3 or 95, the end product depends upon everyone playing their role to the very best of their ability. So, thumb me down, deride me, chastise me 😀 if you will… I hope this child is not included in future recitals unless she is solo. Why should she upstage the others? They are all just preschoolers, they are all only 4 and the lesson for them is that they don’t matter.

    • A

      She’s FOUR. How much self-discipline is she supposed to have? She’s not scared and she’s letting our her creative side. That dance class was probably more of a playtime to music, and the dancing was just learning the steps and routine and then marching them on and off stage. I took dance when I was little, and it was all just spoon-fed to me. Have you considered that maybe she’s just really excited? That maybe this was her first time on stage and she was full of nervous energy? Do you expect her to have the self-discipline of a more experienced performer? She’s just a little kid, she doesn’t understand that it’s deemed “wrong” yet. Let her have some fun, jeez.
      And I’m an actor, too. I agree that people shouldn’t upstage others, but where do we learn that? When we’re older. I never remember being told at 4 about anything of that sort. I just remember learning the dance and marching on and off stage for the show.

      • Pahtrisha

        Did you even read my comment? She is cute, she is adorable but this was not the time and place for her solo performance. If you really are an actor, I mean a serious, experienced, qualified actor, you would understand what I am saying.

  • Tash Rich

    lol I find it incredibly hilarious that so many of you are angry, sadden and outraged because the “selfish, out of control” 4 yr old stole the show! Get a grip! Your green with envy faces are showing and its not cute! lol It looked stuffy anyway and needed to be lightened up! lol

  • Bianca Moura

    OMg i couldn’t even stand to see the picture behind you,poor laila this monster mother deserved all the suffering existing in this world and i wish that for her,god saves this angel LAILA omg i am shocked

  • Julie

    Damn, YES YES YES ! You stole the dang show gurl

  • Natalie Gelman

    Loved this!!

  • Mairead Ryan

    What a wonderful image of the utter enjoyment of a young girl being her unique self, amusing and exuberant.

  • Megan C

    It’s cool to watch a bunch of 4-year-olds do the same dance at the same time. However, it’s hilarious to watch 6 four-year-olds attempt to do the same dance at the same time, while one just does an interpretive dance in the thick of it. Were this a high school graduation, it would have been a bit sad. But its a recital for tiny children.. The audience clearly enjoyed it. The other girls didn’t even seem to realize what she was pulling off. No harm, no foul. Great distraction from real life!

  • Sally Long

    I absolutely loved this little girl. I have watched this video several times. And, each time I do, I get tickled with joy all over again. This little girl moves to each beat of the song as if she choreographed it herself. I can’t wait to see her on Broadway someday!

  • Eva

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Some like it some don’t. Its not my kid. The end

  • Milo Minderbinder

    Nice to see that the special kid was allowed to dance with the rest of the group. She could use some meds, though.

  • sillygoose

    This girl is going to end up being respected artist. Just watch!

  • Krissy

    Why are people so negative about a 4 year old? Everyone thought it was funny and cute. She is 4! Get over it!

  • Lynne Underwood

    Love it ,she’s got the moves.. Fanny Brice reincarnation

  • suzanne

    Her enthusiasm is heart warming and makes you smile! If only we all could be a bit more like her…in everything we do!

  • Barbara’s Political Rantings

    I actually think she needed to pee. BUT, I think this is exactly how they act at home. Very feisty and unbridled glee. She was allot happier than most the girls up there. Nothing wrong with having a little fun, shes only 4.

  • steve

    future criminal

  • sgibaldi12

    So cute!! That little girl had the time of her life!! Love it!!

  • JB

    I like her dance soooo much better


    She’s TALENTED and SURE OF HERSELF. Sometimes the best energy comes in packages that make others feel uncomfortable. i.e.: Steve Jobs, Opera Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Alvin Aliey and many others who forever remain unafraid to follow their heart and Live their truest frequency.

    Keep on keepi on you beautiful lady. Someday those other girls will be WORKING FOR YOU.

    May God bless everyone here In Love and Light. 🙂

  • Pahtrisha
  • Nice78

    All smiles here! I would rather watch a kid be themselves and be silly then uptight and no imagination. Great video

  • Mother of a fun little kid

    Wow…way to ruin something innocent with a bunch of negativity. All you negative people out there is the reason the world is the way it is. Can’t you just see something cute and be happy? These are children! Why take away their innocence at 4 years old?! Kids are growing up way to fast these days, let them be little kids!!!

  • kladinvt

    A star is born!

  • kladinvt

    Some of the comments, by supposed adults, about this 4 year old’s performance verge on the lunatic fringe. Aren’t you people able to experience a little bit of joy & have some fun, without being jealous of which child is getting the most or least attention?

    I’d hate to be your kids!

  • Charisse Furlongue

    Nailed it! I hope I have a kid just like her!

  • Lolee

    Speaking as someone who grew up in ballet, and gymnastics I thought this was absolutely cute, it’s unfortunate that we now live in an age where we don’t allow our children to be children and expect them to grow up as soon as they step out of the womb, yes we should teach our children discipline and respect but we should also teach them that self expression and having fun is important too. And developmental for a four year old is where they start exercising their independence and imagination which is exactly what this girl was doing. Sure afterward a conversation about how she could have exercised better self-control during the recital can be had, but for people to be in outrage and calling her stupid is completely ridiculous either you had a really sad upbringing or can’t remember what it was like to be a child..

  • Medusa Stone

    What if all the kids had performed in a more enthusiastic manner? Then presumably it would be okay? Do you think the teachers told them to stand there and barely do anything? That could also be deemed as “ruining” the recital, but surely you wouldn’t castigate a child that had been shy. Yes, you teach dancers that if dancing in a group we should match up and be a cohesive team, and not try to take the spotlight, but again, I have a feeling they were encouraged to be a little more lively than most of them were. She may be the one that actually rehearsed the most, or at least was the most emotionally connected with the performance, and there is something to be said for that as well. And again, they are 4. What they do when they get on stage can never be fully predicted. The ones that seemed quiet, shy or not as capable may pull off an amazing performance, while the one that seemed most prepared and talented will stand there crying or frozen, and the rest bop around at different levels. Some stun us with their ability for their age and others barely manage to do more than a turn or two, while looking at everyone else to see what they should be doing.

    You do the best you can in class to get them performing at the best level they can , and as a unit, so certainly there is a time and place for corrections and teaching dance discipline, but you don’t “ruin the recital” for any of them by criticizing them immediately after the performance. Especially for actually dancing! Yes, the parents who spent money on costumes, tickets and classes may be disappointed when their child stands there and doesn’t dance, but that is not the fault of the ones that did. I’ve seen many recitals where I was awed by the level of choreography young kids were able to pull off, and as a whole they were more enthusiastic and animated, as they had been taught. My son is a very good singer and knows all the words to several songs, but when invited to sing in front of others he refuses. I’m sure he’ll grow out of that but meanwhile if another little boy comes along and belts out a song I’d love it.

    Also, I commend all the parents for having their children make it to the performance. There are plenty who agree to have the child there and then at the last minute with no notice don’t show up at all, not only disappointing their child, but possibly causing a much bigger problem for the others performing, if the choreography were any more intricate and depended on each child being in a particular spot. They are the ones that need a talking to.

  • Guest

    Guest • a minute ago −
    Lighten up people. It’s a CHILD at a dance recital, not the The New York City ballet or a solo choreographed by Savion Glover. This is gold! Parents should be proud of having such a unique child. If anything, blame the dance instructor for boring choreography and a stupid music choice. I’d make that face too someone made me dance to that.

  • catie

    Speaking of four year olds, I am reading a few comments that seem like they are from four year olds. I think the video is cute – – because she is four years old. I certainly wouldn’t want to stifle her enthusiasm but if she was my child, in the future I would stress the importance of being a team player. I hope this little girl grows up to do great things.

  • Matto Gravy

    I like to celebrate non-conformity. It’s the only way brilliant new things are developed. Should this girl be encouraged to behave like this every time? no. but that’s between her and her dance instructor. Our job is just to understand that she’s a cute, outgoing little girl who put her own silly spin on the “routine.”

  • ary0728

    THIS was adorable! This little girl was feeling the music. Which, incidentally, is what most good dance teachers want. Performances suck if you don’t feel them.

  • Vicspeaksthetruth

    It is certainly ok for kids to dance, but this isn’t cute, it’s obvious the kid has a form of mental delay or autism and needs help to ensure she has a productive future. Adults need to recognize this and it is a disservice to applaud this display, I hope the parent is aware and is fully supporting this child’s needs.

    • So, what I hear you saying is that disabled children (I don’t think this girl has a disability) shouldn’t be allowed to dance in public if they can’t be like all the other kids. The two girls on either side of her didn’t know the routine either. The difference is that this girl decided to just go for it.
      There is nowhere near enough information for you to be passing down a diagnosis on some stranger’s child, and then passing judgement on whether or not she should be allowed to perform and if people should be allowed to enjoy it or not. If it turns out that she does have a disability, of which there is no proof in this video, then I’d say her parents, teachers, and community are doing an excellent job of supporting her needs.
      Your comment is so out of line and inappropriate.

  • Chelsey

    Well this was ADORABLE! I hope my future kids have that much spunk 🙂

  • tapdanceteach

    I am dance teacher, mainly tap. I would love to have had her in my class!!! IF you have sat through as many little ballet classes and and such, you would understand. This was great!

  • karmasai

    if it’s all just cuteness and whatnot, what’s with the intense perspective on just her? all those girls are cute, even though this one was tainted crazy by stage freight (it seems)

  • abby

    think about how many adults you know who are terrified of, say, speaking publicly. intelligent adults with strong opinions who will not speak up or give presentations because they’re afraid of drawing attention to themselves.

    now watch this girl.

    she clearly knows the choreography. she spent many hours memorizing it, same as the other girls. but it didn’t feel right to her, and she wasn’t afraid to let it show.

    she was not disrespectful to either the choreographer nor her fellow performers. she was merely improvising to suit her personality. and i would bet money it wasn’t the first time she had done so. if the teacher had had any reservations prior to the recital, he or she could have easily voiced them to the girl’s parents. but i’m guessing there was no concern raised.

    this girl should be praised for having the confidence to be herself and do what felt natural for her. they’re 4-year-olds, after all. if you want perfection and uniformity, go watch any professional dance performance performed by adults.

  • Golie

    I think she ruined the show…it’s not cute at all it looks like she is going into fits…I would have spanked my child after that show

  • Pahtrisha

    It is a sad commentary that anyone here who suggested that this was not appropriate behavior for the occasion has been shot down, sometimes with vitriol. I could have left the discussion but I had time and responded to some comments. None of you know my background, my race, my culture nor whether my comment was driven by professional qualification. With a couple of exceptions, the responses were shortsighted and impolite. I am just thankful that there are many intelligent and thoughtful comments.

    • Bizzy

      Who gives such a shit about you? Seriously you’re worse then this little girl with your attention whoring. She didnt run up and down the stage stabbing the other girls, she had high energy and the slow pace (Notice she kept to the routine for the most part) made her act out. I spent 1 minute watching this video and like 10 minutes reading comments. 50% of the which where from you, about how this effects you and means 4 year olds should be beaten in public, how mean everyone is, and how people are being rude and racist. Of course you add to that with a “You’re American, so- (Random Cliche Insult From Shitty Foreigners)”. Nobody gives a shit about you, who you are, the fact that you’re clearly older then America itself, and have the biggest sense of entitlement on the internet. My favorite part is the inevitable “My opinion is of a professional caliber” snobbish attitude, like your 4 year old tap dance recital degree from Devry Online is finally paying off.

  • A Dancer’s Mom

    They probably missed their own child’s performance? I’m so sick of this video being praised. I sure hope that was her parent taping and not the one for the entire group. I’m really curious what the other parents thought of it. Yes, it’s cute, and yes, it’s funny and entertaining. But there were a lot of other little girls in that class who were performing in their own way for their parents and family and friends. And the audience is laughing – some of those girls probably did not understand why.

    The point of a dance class and learning a routine, even at this age, is that there are some steps to LEARN and show your family what you’ve learned at recital. If this is so fantastic, then give the girl a solo and let all of the others have their own chance to shine – trying to do what they learned in class. The little one by her is really making an effort to perform what she was taught. That’s not nothin’, people.

    I think it’s shame that the other kids’ spotlight was stolen. I wonder if this girl learned anything in that class. And I bet all of those other girls would be able to do the same thing she did – at an appropriate time for fun and play.

    • rade

      woman, relax
      you should probably get crazy like her or you’ll have a breakdown of being so straight

  • A Dancer’s Mom

    Wow, I just read some of the comments. Do some of you think that there is no JOY in accomplishment? In paying attention in class and being able to achieve something? As I said, the little girl’s enthusiasm and energy is great – but not in that scenario. It’s a terrible distraction from everyone else. Learning to perform a series of steps is great – and at this age, unison is expecting too much. Of course some of the kids will be out of step or not quite be able to perform it. But this was zero effort at performing what she supposedly learned in her class. No focus on the task. Whatever – let her do her own thing. I sure wouldn’t pay for dance classes for her. And let her have her solo, her spotlight, but not when it’s the others’ time, too.

  • Moreyn Kamenir

    Would have loved to watch it but it’s gone ‘private’ …sad

  • Mary

    I am so sorry that I can no longer access this video. It was a beautiful and delightful expression of a child with passion and energy. I have 7 children and have been to many, many recitals and have enjoyed the innocence and uninhibited nature of children. Unfortunately as adults we lose that ability and become judgmental and bitter. To the child’s mother…she is beautiful… enjoy her spirit!

  • ZenCathy

    The video seems to no longer be available to view. Set to private I think…

  • ZenCathy

    Read some of the reviews and it reminded me of this quote:”Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do” ~Steve Jobs

    • Pahtrisha

      Best comment on this thread ZenCathy. Made me smile. It applies as much to the video as to those of us who did not condone this wee girl’s antics and expressed our opinions. 🙂 That is a very cool quote.

  • T

    Just Hilarious!!!!…..That’s All!!!!….She is just a child….I read some of the comments below and this is just a innocent child ..who goes all out….Simply Funny!!!…That’s All!!!

  • trubby75

    What I see is a future brat that thinks the rules don’t apply to her. Laugh now, it won’t be funny at 16, 18 or 21 yrs old

    • A

      You really think the restraint a person has at 4 won’t mature by the time they’re 16? Human beings all start with that wild creativity, it’s learning to use it while being respectful that’s key. But she’s FOUR, her understanding of the world isn’t that large yet. Give her a break.

    • Brea Plum

      What the rest of us see is that trubby75 STILL hasn’t gotten over the fact that they always came in second to rulebreakers in school.

  • Misty

    Typically I don’t like to comment on, well, anything but I felt like I did in this case. I have been in dance class, along with with other performing arts such as theatre and music since I was two and I understand the views of both sides. I understand why people say this girl should be ashamed of herself for not showing “restraint”. I know that there are dance classes, and even music class that are very strict especially with performances. And you should also remember it’s a group dance so in theory it should be in unison. But…

    One of the issues I have with many of the comments here is that some of you are ignoring the fact that people (including kids) are all different. Yes, she is four. No, she isn’t like your kid or grandkid who can “restrain” him/herself. No, she isn’t like the shy blonde next to her who is barely smiling while dancing, or the other girls who are “perfectly” and confidently doing their choreography. She is herself.

    Another issue I have is that these people who are belittling this little girl, aren’t even considering the events prior to the performance. You don’t know how the specific dance studio works, or how prestigious it is. It could be a small town studio that nobody as even heard of. What about the instructor? Maybe they gave a pep talk before the performance and the child took it to heart. Or it could be her mother. Maybe she has a “crazy” stage mom; who whispers in her daughter’s ear about how she is special she is or a star, and she needs to show the world. Or maybe she looks into mirror and watches herself practice; pretending she is a famous dancer. I don’t know.

    Seeing this girl I didn’t think her as a self-centered, undisciplined, disrespectful brat. I saw her as an excited child who loves to dance. I think with time and learning she could grow into a star actually. I’m not saying she’s guaranteed to become something big; but if she maintains her big personality, learns to be discipline and humble, she’ll be unstoppable.

    And while I admit I only found this video funny and adorable for 20 seconds; I do understand the parents who want to only focus solely on watching their child. I find though when it comes to watching your children (even with distractions) they are fixed on their kids. Isn’t that what matters? So while you can think this video is stupid and the child is bad. What does saying harsh criticism about a 4 year old, or her parents say about yourself? Also does it even matter?

  • Brandon Jones

    My daughter performed at this recital. They do it every year and most of the people there are easy going. For that age group its common that half of their shoes go flying into the crowd during tap routines, falls, impromptu solos, and crying. This little girl just got some shine and now a whole bunch of adults are rushing to judge her, dissect her psyche, call her parents bad..etc

    This is the same recital where every year a group of dads get on the stage and embarrass themselves to Justin Bieber or some other inappropriately teen music. Disabled children, moms and grand moms perform at this recital too. This was the perfect venue because weird, spontaneous, awkward, cute stuff happens there every year. After sitting through that show 2-3 nights in a row after all of those hours of practice and performance, it was still appreciated like a good curve ball.

  • The Dancin’ Fool

    I am totally blown away by the lack of humor that so many readers lack. This is a toddler – accused of being a victim of a crack mom, Pahtrisha, are you from a country where children are not allowed to be themselves? i.e., North Korea, China or other? I didn’t hear anything from the audience except laughter. This little princess was being herself – expressing herself and her own dance style. Get a life.

    • Pahtrisha

      Where did I mention anything about a ‘crack mom’. That is an expression which has never entered my vernacular. You also have failed to comprehend any of my comments. Please, get your facts straight next time.

  • Moses

    What the hell is wrong with Pahtrisha or whatever her name is?! The problem is, she is comparing herself with those kids. Who knows, she could even have messed up more when she was at that age. The people obviously had fun watching her and most folks commenting are not critics on kids like you are. What would you have said if it were your grandchild that “committed such a crime”? Yeah!, I know, you would just say, Man, its was fun watching those kids. Just shut your negativity, enjoy the show and thank that kid for the fun that you had watching her. In short get a life!!Hmmm!!

    • Pahtrisha

      Am I not doing exactly what that little girl was doing? You need to read the contents of those posts which do not condone the little girl’s going ‘off track’ so to speak. It is not ‘hating’ and that is an immature way of viewing a critique. I speak for the other little girls who did what was expected of them. Imagine if the NFL players went ‘rogue’? That is not ‘teamwork’. Let this pretty child do a solo performance next time. Children go to dance ‘classes’ to learn self discipline and part of performing with a troupe is to learn team work.

  • Asa

    So funny! How cute. I must say the music sounds a little bit too grown up but she is
    hillarious. Saved that routine. Thank you.

  • emjay

    w.e that baby stole that show. ppl just madd . dare to be an individual!

  • Hogan Cemper

    She will be a star, she def stood out from the bunch haha!

  • Jace Porter

    all you uptight parents whining about a 4 year old need to stop! shes expressing her self and i loved every minute of it. TRUE CONFIDENCE

    • Pahtrisha

      Everyone here is expressing themselves too and should not be criticized for doing so.

  • Jace Porter


    • Pahtrisha

      Actually, no, I was commenting on the behaviour, not ‘trashing’ anyone. ‘Trashing’ is simply not a term which exists in my vocabulary. It is highly amusing that people have descended upon me like a hoard of rabid animals simply because I approached this from the perspective of choreographer, teacher and director. I had not seen many of these comments from the ignorant and uneducated but it has provided me with substantial light relief. I know why I am old, because youth is wasted on the young. 😉 Of course, I imagine most of you are American. But that actually excuses nothing.

      • Laughing Hard

        Hahaha, this is hilarious you (“I imagine most of you are American”)- I guarantee you (though you may deny it) live here in “America” though of a different culture, which is what America is made of, your sad arguments are exactly that, you are no choreographer, teacher director. What you are is delusional and lonely. If you were any of the above you wouldn’t have any time to be on here spending god knows how much arguing about a 4 yr. old dance video, which is great actually it’s very entertaining and I thank you for all the laughs. But you are delusional “oh trashing is not a term which exists in my vocabulary” HA!! Great stuff! No you are no dance instructor what you are is a Comedian.

  • Pahtrisha

    *rofl* It is pleasing to see how successful my comments have been.

  • BK Irons

    That is a star in the making.

  • genann59

    Bless that baby’s heart she had a blast.

  • Liz_Wilson

    what a great dancer. This little girl has so much raw talent. I hope that she continues to love to dance and love to perform. You go girl.

  • Lynette Jones Murphy

    I hope and pray my 3 beautiful talented boys can live out loud just like this sweet girl. I applaud the audience, her fellow classmates, the dance teacher & her parents. She is beautiful just the way God made her. People who judge and are critical of others are hurting deep inside themselves. Their actions and behaviors are a coping mechanism so they can blindly live out in a silence of anger and bitterness. Live loudly beautiful child of God live loudly!

  • Shantal Sequeira

    How can people talk shit on this post? On small innocent little children? They are babies! There’s a reason the camera zoomed in on her, she’s entertaining and god damn it I hope she becomes president one day.

  • Celeste Demby

    this little girl is my favorite person. She wins the internet forever!

  • Jaime

    adorable! kids are amazing, they can put a smile on your face in a second

  • Brianna

    Honestly… this little girl made this performance wonderful. The rest of the girls look bored and confused. Haha..

    • Pahtrisha

      But they were trying so hard and should be commended for that.

  • mct

    I posted that on facebook 3 times because it’s just so funny. I wonder if it was her dad that you could hear laughing as he video’d it. I hope that he got as huge a kick watching her as I did. That was pee in your pants funny.

  • Yoni Mayeri

    A serious case of ADHD, or she’s on drugs.

  • Boo

    If you notice, she’s the only kid in a different set of shoes. That, mixed with her lacking any idea what’s going on makes me think maybe her parents didn’t really give too much of a **** about bringing her to practice.
    Nonetheless, it’s cute.

  • Julia Hernandez

    I can’t believe there are negative comments for this video. It was the cutest thing ever. This little 4-year old just got carried away in the moment. You could tell how excited she was! It had nothing to do with her parenting or whether she has or doesn’t have ADHD. I think some of you need to sign off the internet and go meditate, instead of spreading your unhappiness and negative energy for no reason!

  • Joyous

    That was great! LOVE it!

  • MrsReed

    This is not cute. This shows a lack of discipline and it starts at home. It’s cute when its not your kid huh?

  • Layla

    gosh, why are so many people hating on this little girl? lol she’s just a LITTLE girl, actions like these are expected. if she was older, then things would be different. i understand from a parent’s view, i would be upset a little bit, but if i was really there for MY daughter’s recital, i would be looking and focusing on her, not worrying myself over another child that is being simply that, a child (and having fun!)

  • ash

    jesus christ. SHE IS 4 YEARS OLD. she’s not hurting anyone. all you adults are seriously a 4 year old..for having fun. 1. none of you should be parents and i hope youre not because the way you bring up your children are the children we dont want in our future society. and 2. get over yourselves and calm down. there are much more pertinent matters happening within the world than for you people to be upset over a child having fun at her own recital.

  • Zoe

    What is funny, that she can’t behave or learn a dance?

  • Yes2success

    So awesome!! She just made my whole day and yes, I was having a pretty ishtty day. She’s going to be dope as long as they don’t kill her energy.

  • Debbie

    You have to be joking, whats wrong with you lot, ITS A CHILD, a little girl who was enjoying herself, it was funny and cute, good on her, she may be something big one day, this is what it takes to be a star, go get a life, your the ones who need it

  • janS

    this little girl will go far. Stop bein haters…she’s four!! 🙂 Kudos to her parents…

  • Kupkakee

    I just can’t help but laugh at all of the a-holes on this comment list. #1, if you actually watch, she’s just feeling the music and letting her feet take it away; #2, If you can’t watch this and see the innocence of a child who is having a heck of a time, I feel sorry for you. The audience found it hysterical, she had a blast, and those of you who are so negative that you can find something in this to b*tch about…are a bunch of idiots. Find joy. Leave the crappy stuff in the toilet, where it belongs.

  • Guest B

    When I started watching it was cute and funny for the first 10-20 seconds, and then it just bothered me. There is a reason why there is soooo much debating on this thread. It is because while this is a cute little girl dancing her heart out and having a fantastic time doing so … She also was a huge distraction to the other girls. It would have been harmless fun if the way she was being a distraction didn’t seem so ‘in your face’ like she was getting in the other girls face. All I could think about is things I’ve seen and experienced from girls like this. she may be harmless and cute at 4, but when she’s a teenager and all this outgoing energy turns into ‘up in your face’ attitude, it is not cute. And I ended up feeling bad for the other little girls, who did not get the experience they should have. Yeah, they probably still had fun, but it could have been better. And all the praise and attention went into this one girl instead of the other little girls who practiced and tried hard, is just rewarding this kind of behaviour and teaching the other girls the only way to get noticed or attention is to act out. How could any of the them concentrate on the dance with such distraction. I don’t understand when people use the ‘age card’. There are thousands of examples of kids as young as 2 doing extraordinary things, let alone stick to a recited dance as a team. Kids are more then capable of having logical thoughts and actions. This girl is doing just what the headline is suggesting, doing it her way, with attitude. Also some people have said it’s just a kids boring recital and not important and should be fun. so …why bother putting on recitals then, why pay money to put your kids into it, why do crowds of people pay to attend their kids recital … pay for costumes, and the teachers who spend the time to teach a routine … Why not just let the kids get up on stage and put on some music and say have fun! Probably so they can watch their kid dance and to teach them how to work together. Not to watch some other kid take the spotlight to act silly. Which is what it looked like to me, we could have watched a video of that girl acting goofy in her living room.
    I asked my bf to watch, and he said, “what about it? the girl that looks scared or the girl dancing way too much?”

    Now before everyone responds to my OPINION like I’m an evil hater of a 4 year old, or come to conclusions about who I am or whether or not I have kids etc. This is my opinion. And this behaviour did rub me the wrong way, and apparently quite a few other people. lets stop being so harsh to one another …

  • A Teacher

    As a forwarning, my perspective stems from my job as school teacher in the US, not as a parent (I am in my mid-20s). So with that understanding, I can understand why people are displeased with the little girl’s actions. I agree that the little girl was adorable (as all the little girls were) and I am very glad she had a good time. I believe, what Pahtrisha and a few others are trying to say is that if the behavior continues as the child gets older, then the child would become a detriment to a group. However, the child is four years and at that age children should be learning (please note I said “learning”, not “learned”) how to interact with peers, as well as, motor control, spatial reasoning, etc. If we are considering the child’s performance from an emotional point of view, then as long as all of the children had a good time, everything is as it should be. If we are considering the child’s performance from an scientific point of view, then we can observe that the child is still working towards some developmental milestones, but had exceeded some milestones that many adults never achieve (ie. being comfortable in front of an audience). Personally, I have no issues with the child’s performance and am happy she enjoyed her moment wearing the pretty dress and dancing under the bright lights. However, I would have had an issue with the performance had the child hit another child during the performance, which she didn’t.

  • Marcie

    I adore that little, delicious future superstar who is undoubtedly headed for Broadway. I have to remind myself not to read the comments below videos like this. Bottom feeders are so painfully idiotic and tiresome and they’re simply everywhere, you can’t escape the stench. Reading the inarticulate rantings is like trying to make sense of the oozing trails a slug leaves behind. Little girl, you are going places. Nobody, especially these empty shelled losers, can stop you.

  • Animal

    i thought it was funny… anyone want to try and bully me?

  • Faith

    Did anyone think that she might be developmentally challenged. Not mentally just developmentally which will in turn affect this child’s future. This dance was adorable and made me laugh but the dysfunctional structures of a family can cause this disruptive behavior. She is only a child, adorable, and having fun but I fear about the developmental stages that this child has missed. Stop arguing with eachother and figure out how you can help children from dysfunctional families grow and improve. I am not saying she is from a dysfunctional family but the behavior is not right. Reach out to your communities’ families and children. The education and love you can provide help children progress and grow through proper stages of development.

    • tobexpected

      excellent, add ableism to the list of absolutely disgusting comments on this write-up.

  • It is what is known as “Chimping Out”


    Love her! The other girls will have a moment, hopefully a few, in their lives…this moment belonged to her! It was honest, pure and natural. To all those who criticize, I can’t say it better than this:

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
    ― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

    She shined, plain and simple. I am sorry if shrinking or playing small would have made you feel better. Personally I love that she shined and by doing so I hope she inspired others, maybe you secretly? 😉

  • Looking at society

    We aren’t against the girl shining we are upset because she didn’t do so at an approriate venue. Her behavior was upsetting the children around her. A group recital is about ALL children shining, not just one. Yes, she is a child and yes, we want her to have fun, BUT we want the same for all of the children.

  • DannyJane

    I’ve read the comments pro and con in the matter of this little girl’s behavior/misbehavior at the dance recital. I’ve been that kid, in dance lessons at least a year before she and the others are either physically or emotionally ready, and as far as I can see you are ALL equally correct and incorrect in your opinions. Really. We don’t know the child, the class, the teacher or the other students, so comments and speculations about them are pretty much meaningless.
    For most kids four years old is really too early for serious dance study. A few can handle it, the majority are like the rest of the lineup–confused, frightened and really not able to do more than stand in place, take a few steps and make some basic arm movements. The idea of working in concert is too advanced for them as yet.
    Comparing the little dancers to the Korean child musicians is irrelevant. The cultural difference is too vast. The Korean children are most likely the best, most mature, most talented and the brightest in the country. Possibly they all come from musical families. Very likely they have been drilled daily on their one musical number (Those guitars look like CELLOS on the tiny laps, don’t they?) The American children go to dance class once or twice a week and maybe Mommy rehearses them at home. Unlike the Korean children, they are not professionals.
    As for our young individualist, another explanation for her unusual interpretation of the dance number is that she’s just as terrified as her sister dancers–but expressing it differently. Once she begins she gets adult approval (hear the laughter?) as feedback so she continues and expands. This is a double edged sword because the other children see not only their classmate’s parents but also their own reacting positively to the rebel in their midst. After being told repeatedly to ‘be good’, to ‘do what teacher tells you’ these little girls are even MORE confused than they would have been without the disruption.
    For myself, I am glad the parents took it in stride and enjoyed their kids’ performance. I’m glad nobody jumped up and started ranting that HIS/HER kid was being overshadowed and what did HE/SHE pay all that money for when someone else’s kid as stealing the spotlight. We all know THAT parent and none of us wants to be him/her. I am hoping that none of those little girls got chewed out for doing what was her own personal best. I hope her own mother told her something on the order of “I think your dance was very pretty. Next time though, I think you should try to do what Mrs. Teacher teaches you since you and your classmates all worked so hard together.”

  • Dusty Murray

    Don’t overthink any of this. It’s cute, the girl was having fun and it’s a preschool recital. I wish all of us adults could take a few minutes in our week to go to a secluded area and just go crazy lol. Love when kids show us that the little things in life make the biggest impact.

  • Mary

    I think she is protesting having her beautiful black skin forced into beautiful white-girl skin tights. What year is this, America? Why does this girl look literally half black and half white? It’s disturbing and shameful. I’d dance my heart away too if my own dance troupe couldn’t recognize how humiliating that is.

  • Kari

    I think the child may have had to go to the bathroom, amazing she held it together. And to those debating the description as being “manic”, well maybe the author doesn’t have kids because in the case all preschoolers are manic. lol

  • Fred

    shes black

  • Andrew Obenreder

    Life; the girl just gets it.

  • MobileApps

    Shirley Temple she’s NOT. Most unattractive in every way.

  • Lauren Richmond

    I am happy she had a good time and so did everyone else but with that being said I would be upset with my own child since this was a group dance. I am happy she had fun though and it takes a lot of courage to get out on stage in front of everyone

  • jv

    I was having a tough night and watching this made me smile. I spent many years dancing and have many friends who are professional dancers and choreographers and I can speak for them when I say this little girl is awesome! I wish more children would have that enthusiam and individuality.

  • Ella206

    This made my day! You go girl, dance like nobody is watching life is to short to miss out on great memories like this one..if I was your parent I would be proud..

  • libertypole1

    omg … what a beautiful kid! <3

  • MaryEllen Petti

    Somebody sign that kid up!

  • Clotee_Allochuku

    They were all very, very cute!

  • Clotee_Allochuku

    Okay, let’s set the record straight. The little African American girl stole the spotlight. Some people don’t like that idea at all. This is a fact that does not require rudeness and disrespect. She was giving her own interpretation of the dance and being completely natural. That is all.

  • Ruby

    HAHA I have twins and one of them is very extrovert and makes us all laugh. Portraying similar behavior to that little girl. However, I do agree with what Yoni says, i think my other daughter would have been very intimidated by the girl next to her. For the other girls, they have rehearsed and had to probably control their nerves and they wanna make their friends, parents grandparents proud – it’s not a small thing to the other girls. The dance crazy kid kinda made a fool our of the kid standing besides her. Just because she’s an extrovert downs’t mean the the girl next to her who wants to give this a good go has to have this experience spoiled. Did they not rehearse this for a reason? What reasons was that for kate? So that all the kids can let loose and do whatever they want. Don’t worry Yoni, if anything it will teach the other girls how to make friends and who to make friends with. Little kids learn big lessons. The crazy dancing kid dances and draws debatable attention to not only herself but the kid next to her as well My other little girl would not have liked that at all and i probably too would have related to her. I would be advocating for my quieter more competitive girl to have moved away from her even in mid performance and stood with the girls who were following the proper dance. If my loud kid was doing that – yeah i’d probably get a little worried lol change her diet or something, but not to make her feel bad. I’d probably just not enter her into that kinda dance class.

  • Iam_Enlightened

    zi think its funny, because white people always want to make things racial! Why is she incompetant Or is it because she is a nubian queen getting more shine than her counterparts is it a problem?

    • Mike Laste

      Your generalization about white people was racial in itself. Regardless, I know you meant racist but your comment in itself was “racial”.Where did the “incompetant” comment come from?

      Also, “Nubian Queen”… about a child acting out of order to show off because she wanted attention? nah.

      • tobexpected

        it’s interesting that you don’t condemn the white people who are making racist comments, but immediately jump to paint yourself as a victim because someone “generalised white people.”

        • Mike Laste

          You assumed far too much. I reply to comments mostly on a whim not taking an extended time to read every bit or writing posted. You may or may not have seen me at a time where I spent little time reading comment. Regardless, don’t try and personalize this about me when your idea of me alone has almost no probability of being accurate.

  • notolaf

    Don’t fail to discipline a child at three or four and expect them to take (or show) discipline when they’re twelve. That being said, she was adorable. Just…please…don’t put her in my classroom! 😀

    • Laura Smith

      Oh my goodness. I said the EXACT same thing. I don’t want her parents laughing again when she shouts out funny things within the classroom.

  • Jagger

    I can see why a lot of adults are saying it’s so great that she’s just being a kid and being adorable. I love kids, I am a teacher, mother, aunty etc . A lil reminder tho… for the children beside her… it’s probably not a great thing that adults are promoting and encouragine her to disengage from what is supposed to be team work… and disrupt. I’m all for kids being kids… but right time and right place… send good and responsible messages out there please ADULTS…. soe of these comments are from people who have questionable values :/ hmmmmm

  • Drea

    To me it looked like she was still doing some of the moves, it’s just that everything she did was over exaggerated. She did a lot of extra stomping but i don’t think she should be punished…this is recital for four year olds…it’s not that serious

  • DannyVisseralle

    MANIAC…? your
    gas lighting a damn child. Might I add all the other problematic terms that
    were repeatedly used in this description. “The music begins and this girl
    leaps out of the starting gate like it’s the Kentucky Derby” shes not a
    damn horse she is one of the only visible people of color on that stage.“Sorry, Maisie, I wasn’t able to film you
    because your classmate Sandra was reenacting the opening scene of STOMP.”)
    I bet you use the pejorative rachet all the time because it makes you feel cool
    to say something from the streets. Oh yeah the stupid Miley reference and
    Krumping and two stepping? really I have to be honest she continues to run back
    into the routine but ads a little flare and well flare is what get noticed. And
    I’m plenty fine with a child stepping out of the hegemonic heard and putting a
    little stank on some drab tap routine. I know this girl is going places and it’s
    not jail like your I can only assume by of the coded racist remarks you made.
    Now everyone enjoy this wonderful improv tap performance because the foot work
    is way ahead of their time. By the way Man repeller what the hell is this sight
    about that also sound problematic, kind of sexist don’t you think?

  • Tandrea Spain

    I don’t think she intentionally meant to steal the spotlight… she was in the moment, enjoying herself. A reminder of how we all should be. Enjoy life…

  • westie

    Too much red cordial…hahaha

  • Sharon

    She’s in preschool let her express herself, she was not hurting anyone she was doing her performance it might not have been the same as the others but it was GREAT

  • Vesna

    To all of you who think that “She is out of control.”, I have to say “Get a life!”. She is great and she knows it!!! And, Steve you are an IDIOT!

  • s

    too cute! i always love the kids that march to their own beat. conformity seems to be engrained in us the second we’re out of the womb


  • Jeremy

    I cannot believe there are people here talking negatively about this.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Get a fu*king life the lot of you!

  • MJ

    Um for all of you tearing apart this girl’s behavior,
    She is four years old! Four year olds need time to be silly and goof around. That’s what being four is all about–being spontaneous! It’s a children’s dance recital, not The Nutcracker performance in front of the Queen of England. Children like attention and being crazy, are you going to shut down a child because they are having fun? She’s not hurting anyone. Get your knickers out of a knot and leave the child alone.

  • justbecause

    hahaha!!! so cutee! for all we know she was the only one doing the dance right!!!

  • Maymi562

    She was the hit of the show. there is no bad behavior , she was so happy just to express herself, She look like she the one singing the song, I give her a five Star! heard that sound

  • Bri Rose

    Can someone please show the other kids so assholes can stop talking about this little girl. And if it bothers you so much, then don’t watch it.

  • Rosemary Stone

    I enjoyed it nothing better than watching little kids sure made me smile

  • lola

    Awesome, this girl sure knows how to have a good time and be herself. I did this when I was younger than I was so bored with it and it seems this girl was too so she added her own flavor to the routine. Maybe this is not fit for her anymore but it could lead her into so many other things. This should have no negativity what so ever, its a young girl showering her true unique crazy colors.

  • Na_na99

    She’s having too much fun. I want to take a dance class now.

  • Sara

    Simply awesome, may she never lose that spirit!!!

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    Isn’t total innocence absolutely wonderful? Yes, if she sees this video in years to come….she will be embarrassed…but that night it was all about the audience and the wonder of being onstage…She is a classic extrovert!

  • James Prince

    This is so unfortunate. A lack of discipline is NEVER cute, and if that was me, my mother would have snatched me of the stage. I am disgusted… Not because this child disrespected everyone’s hard work on the stage, but because many people who posted on the thread fail to realize the plight of this child AND the fact that it is a microcosm for many larger issues.

    • Pahtrisha

      Well said, James. Sadly, when I spoke out about the situation (not the child) it brought forth all manner of horrid responses. I have been called a ‘hater’ , ‘nuts’, ‘insane’, crazy’ et al, in addition to being roundly bullied by people who do not know me. I hope this is not your fate and I thank you for your honesty. I am concerned about the other children who learned a poor lesson that day.

    • Jaeda Laurez

      The “plight” of this child? Stop. She’s all of about 4, it was a dance, and she looked adorable. And if your mother would have “snatched” you off stage, that would have been more disruptive than anything she was doing.

  • William

    This is sad that most of the post on here are debating whether this child was wrong or right. We society is so awful we think everything has to be categorized as wrong or right. Sometimes things in this world can just be fine. Also, don’t you think the best part is knowing this girl has a positive activity in her life?

  • Michael J. Ox

    she has to go potty?

  • Leiah Luz

    this girl has so much potential ! what a cutie

  • beebee den

    go little princess..who cares what others think

  • BothSidesofastory

    I don’t think this video warrants the negativity and rude words being said on either side. Is there anyone incapable of seeing both sides? I think there is validity in both sides of the argument… Was she adorable and having a good time? Absolutely! But I also think that something needs to be said in how she may have made the other girls feel, and honestly, we don’t know those answers. I COMPLETELY understand she’s a little girl, but isn’t there some sort of acknowledgement that must be made that all of the little girls seemed very focused and interested, and she was more of a solo act. There is nothing wrong with that, but as incredibly adorable as that little girl is, I do somewhat feel for the other little ones!

  • Rojer Ramjet

    She needs to lay off the crack…

    Her parents too.

    • tobexpected

      i’m just going to go around pointing out all the racist comments and hoping that none of you ever have children to pass along your microaggressive anti-black behaviours to.

  • anastasia

    her tights are CAUCASIAN you can see she’s self concious about it!

  • Gennene

    OMG…I am in tears, this is hilarilous, now that is what being
    free is all about! I love it and the written description before viewing the video was funny also!

  • Devion Santo Contreras

    I’m sorry but for those who are clearly lost in their adult ways, this is purely fun and innocent! How dare you tell a child (via internet) that their actions ruined a whole play! SO WHAT!? At a young age such as those little babies, you honestly are worried about their performance being ruined because one of them went on and did her thing? IT’S CALLED HAVING FUN!!! Oh wait I’m sorry did you all forget what it was like to just be a kid, be wild (in her case it was very controlled), and live? You guys are the kid of people who get mad that their kids’ life was ruined because of one person, WHAT LIFE!? These are little toddlers and one just basically had fun, get off your self given high horses! The crowd loved it and I don’t care who zoomed in on the girl, they knew that was the highlight of the night. Be happy that she had more fun that you all are while you sit behind a screen and judge her!

  • Alex Don V Cruz

    she was like, “Bitch please, this my show now! fuk deez lil kids, ima rigin star bitches!!!!”

  • MontanaDude911

    Hooray for this little girl -she rocks! Her mom should give lessons to people on “Keeping your Child’s Magic Alive!”

  • Patricia

    I absolutely love it…..she shows a huge spirit and I would love to see who she becomes… what a gorgeous little girl

  • Patricia

    I just think she was so over excited that she let loose and “did it HER way”…spectacular and hilarious and makes me smile every time i watch it….. sooooo cute… let’s not try to stifle children’s feelings and abilities…. do we really want to create a bunch of sheep who “do everything right”….. nahhhhh

  • blackjack

    Witnessed a kid once going crazy (dancin and spinnin) after drinking water out of her mom’s empty medicine container. I’ll be glad as long as this is not one such case of child neglect/abuse. If it’s her natural way of having fun, I’m cool with that.

  • mstopka

    Sums up what America has become, doesn’t it? I truly feel for the girls being attentive and trying their best to participate in the whole. I feel for them now and I feel for them later in life when, as a result of this same ‘learning curve’, they are degraded and frowned upon, pimped and abused as their sensitive hearts and considerate natures are exploited and taken advantage of by the lawlessness of impulse and instinct . Its so heartbreaking I can barely type this. Do not praise that little girl – if in her family she is received, that is a family we should not receive. I could cry when I think about this being carried over into High School and college, when the polite, loving and caring are violated, belittled and made toys of over the “savages” along side of them – each trying their best to run and rule this nation. So, I ask you today, which will it be? Or will you dismiss this post and say I’m thinking too much over what I basically see day and day out within the walls of the U.S. which was once a real, real home. And I MISS IT. I MISS IT SORELY.

    • tobexpected

      a+ disguised racism there.

  • Avram Cohen

    Cute,, I don’t think so? This kid ruined it for those other girls that trained for this.. sure their suppose to be having fun, but this one kid seems to have truly a mental disorder!

  • Lex

    Put that little girl in hip hop! Please!

  • lenilou

    There is actually only one girl that has any rhythm and was nice watching. I felt pity for all girls in a show like that for small children

  • Happygirl

    What is wrong with the world? How could anyone say anything bad about this video? It isn’t about race or anything else but little girls being cute. They are 4 years old!! They are babies! It was funny! She didn’t hit anyone or scream obscenities! The person filming was the parent of the little girl on the end and they were laughing! As a parent, I would have cracked up.

  • William Blane

    Reading some of the comments on this feed appalls me. To sit back as an adult and judge a 4yr old simply over a recital ? You cant be serious right now. Yes she performed more dramatically then the rest of the children. Does that make her Rogue or the other children less interesting or more professional ? NO it simply means their 4yr olds. It’s a recital not a vote for congress. For those of you passing judgement as if her behavior proves of bad parenting etc. Think about this, the majority of the everyday simplicities we all use and see day to day is a result of a rogue mind. People going outside of the box and finding themselves to bring much more to the world then being average. Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Pablo Picasso, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Savion Glover and many others were all visionaries bringing in a new era of innovation. I feel for some of you, the nerve to even pass judgement on and even to suppress the imagination of a child.

  • Alan Batterman

    Adorable little girls.

  • kristin

    As a Broadway performer and also a teacher, this little one is a natural comedienne. Yes she must’ve had a lot of sugar, but she didn’t touch anyone else. She didn’t hurt anyone. She basically stayed in her dance space. The kids to the left and right of her did their own things. That is what they do at 4 years old and you hope they never lose that uninhibited aspect.

    But they do. And then, as teachers and trainers we have to teach them to “let go” all over again and it’s a chore! So I hope no one ever tells this one she can’t express herself this way. If you ever want to see wonderfully expressive performances, just watch this age group. They are imaginative and free. I think more creative problem-solving could come from embracing this. Plus, if her parents just keep her in dance, acting and voice lessons she will even out.
    Kristin Huffman- Broadway show “Company” 2007 Tony award winning show.

    • tobexpected

      thank you for this amazing comment in a sea of terrible duds.

  • Sue

    I got thrown out of ballet school for being too “creative” at a similar age ..and I loved it .. But I do remember feeling a bit suffocated … Go figure ….
    People just want other people to conform because they are scared of standing out or of their own shining light! I’d pick her for my team any day!
    I’m a jazz singer, architect and manager now …. So my advice is let the girl express herself every time and love her for it! Celebrate difference!

  • Kimberh513

    She’s freaking adorable!

  • Tanya McAnear

    I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!!! She is totally amazing and really shows spirit! Big name performers like Beyonce and Lady Gaga of the world look out! This girl has a career in performing and will be a super star… just don’t listen to “nay-sayers” like Steve! She’s 4 and stole the show!

  • kevin w…

    I honestly think had this child been white who was dancing the same way it wouldn’t have been a problem I think because she’s a little African American you are implying that she’s out of control.when in all actuality she was just being a kid having fun

    • tobexpected

      not only are people implying that she’s out of control, they’re implying that her parents are/she is on crack. if that isn’t racial, i don’t know what is. i feel sick reading through some of this stuff. even a 4 year old black girl expressing herself can’t escape this sort of judgement. what the heck is wrong with people?

  • EW

    I think she needs faster music

  • kendrala

    I would go “rogue” too, if I was forced to wear light tights when my skin isn’t light.

  • Debra

    It brought joy to my heart watching that free spirited little girl express herself so naturally, I would love to feel that freedom

  • RNick

    That was great! There’s nothing wrong with finding your own beat. If you can do that at four, even better. I hope no one try’s to tell her to just be like everyone else and follow the pack. There’s enough time for that when you’re older. At four, just have fun and dance!

  • Artis the Spoonman

    This thread of comments is predominantly rude, crude and socially irresponsible at best. These are children, performing for (I imagine) other children and adult parents, friends, etc. I challenge any parent of this thread, regardless of your ‘position’ regarding an innocent child’s behavior, read any 10 of these 1100+ comments, to a 4 or 5 year-old child. The misbehaving in regard to this performance is right here in this thread. Period, comma
    That girl was me at 4 and I have become the most successful/famous entertainer in my foolish field of playing spoons – by the way . . . You Tube me playing for and teaching children to play spoons. Artis the Spoonman

  • tobexpected

    i think it’s safe to say that the worst of humanity has commented on this page. i can’t even make it through the comments, which is a nice reminder never to read the comments. i hope those of you being racist, ableist, sexist, and doing the most to demonise a four year old child never ever have children. it’s truly sickening to read all the negative and bigoted comments and i just hope that whatever god some of you believe in have mercy on your souls or whatever karma you sow will be returned tenfold.

  • tobexpected

    i also wonder if people here have ever seen tap dancing performed btw. it’s not exactly a subdued dance form. tap dancing has its origins in african (the juba) and irish dance styles. some of you disparaging a little girl performing a dance that arose in her culture and was popularised by people from her racial group need to educate yourselves on so many things.

  • Goin Rouge

    I love this video! Simply amazing watching a child be their normal selves and put their own big splash on things. This little doll made this routine her own and I applaud her and her parents for it! She knew the routine clearly and I loved how she owned it! We could learn a lot from her. I know I could. I’m tired of living all wrapped tight inside of a box, I’d rather go rogue myself! Way to go little lady!

  • Tim

    So nobody was reminded of “The LIttle Rascals”? LMAO…

  • Ms. Bolden

    Many of the other girls did not know the dance either. She simply continued dancing and had some fun with it. She’s a four year old child, your unnecessary pre-judgments of an individuals mental, professional, and social capacities are ridiculous. Children do these types of things all the time.

  • Boomba

    The little girl seems slow or something it was cute but perhaps her parents need to get her evaluated. poor baby.

  • JJRaccoon

    This was so cute. This peanut was in her own world and having a blast. All of you who make judgments about her having to be evaluated or her parents need to control her better, etc., etc., etc., …apparently you were never four years old or never knew a four-year-old. This was pure innocence and more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!

  • WBPenn

    It looks like someone had a great time! Was she playing folks or whatever instead of practicing..,maybe, but she covered for it. She even turned into the star of the show. Is this a ” principle of life moment”? Well…it depends o. How you look at it. At 4 years old, yes. She has an amazing home video and exhibited that she gas the potential to “wing it”. You can’t teach that. However, it must be balanced with discipline. For all the posts that say she’s a four year-old girl and no thought provoking comments are warranted, you are idiots. For anyone chastising this four year-old for anything are just as stupid. She is an unmolded piece of clay. The question is whether she is harnessing a natural talent, or using a general talent to overcome discipline.

  • Beth Exline Rising

    I’m Sorry but anyone who has a problem with this little one’s dancing has bigger problems then the instructor or the other students. After raising 4 biological children and 32 foster children I understand that a little one like this will handle anything this world has to through at her, with ease. It’s the children who are afraid of their own shadows that I worry about. So >>> unless you have raised or spent time around lots of children, just stay quiet and hide your ignorance rather then show the world your stupidity !!

  • Carrie

    Imagine being four years old. Would you be terrified of her? No! All this talk about her being a “spotlight hog” is ridiculous. Just a kid having a good time. Calm yo selves.

  • Alejandra

    I know I’ve reached the peak of procrastination when I’m on this blog post watching this video on repeat… Also I find it very strange I’ve never left a comment on this post!

    • Alejandra

      And I love to read the comments and wonder what humanity has come to

  • Spirits

    That little girl is me on steroids. She is going to be a winner for sure. Oh yeah, the tap dancers that she has probably seen dance like her and the audience loved her.

  • kadydid

    For those you who think this adorable angel has poor behavior – check this video out!

  • Debra Obinna

    This little girl is amazing! She has talent and does not have stage fright. The other girls just sat there like lumps an a log instead of doing the number. After all, they are just babies still so who should even be judging? That one lively child will most likely go on to theater while the others choose a different career. Who knows? Just let the parents enjoy their little precious gems. lol

  • hi

    As a dancer who has been performing ˜for 17 years, I would do anything to have that much confidence to dance like that at only 4 years old. Technique isn’t important at that age, but their confidence is a predictor about how the will perform in the future. Also, even in competition, I would not get angry if dancers made mistakes on stage; it happens (we are human, being perfect is impossible). She wasn’t being paid to dance on stage, and parents understand that this isn’t broadway: it’s a dance recital. Furthermore, as a psychology student who focuses on adolescents/development, this behavior is far from abnormal. She reacted to the audience who was laughing and wanted to seek their approval by continuing the behavior (which is awesome!).
    On another, the color of her tights probably wasn’t even a thought. The mother or father of the child would have complained before the recital as most studios make sure the costume is completely put together at least 2 months in advance. If the parent(s) were ok with the situation, then it’s fine with me.
    I truthfully loved her performance, and want to know what becomes of her dance career!

  • 617Loves314

    Why do so many people have such a nasty opinion about a 4 year old? She is so cute and just being 4. LOL! I think everyone who posted negatively should make like a 4 year old, relax, and shove a chocolate chip cookie in their mouths. It’s a funny video.

  • Anna Savage

    she’s the only one who looks like she’s dancing… what are the others doing?

  • fights

    The next Beyonce! 🙂

  • Julie Blake

    She’s the only one with any talent!

  • I just feel sorry for the other girls who’s parents instead of looking at her were looking at this other girl. Its funny yet a bit selfish

  • ben

    It’s amazing how not conforming or not being “normal” very quickly makes adults very uncomfortable, what’s the problem? You want to shut her up? She scares you? Her parents aren’t conditioning her properly? Do we have to live in a world with an army of perfectly “normal” brainwashed robots before people being scared? Some of the comments here scare me to the bone.

  • stacey

    this was fantastic. This little girl has a big personality and why not celebrate it for Lord’s sake! I can’t believe some of these comments. These are little kids; they have imaginations and they don’t take themselves too seriously….it’s called childhood~ remember that? She was having the time of her life; let her enjoy the time on stage. I would love to see her in a solo performance; she’s really fun to watch!

  • disqus_9HmfSLuBjV

    A truly talented taper in the making…

  • disqus_9HmfSLuBjV

    Some of you need to lighten up…

  • kimberleynicole

    Guys, she just expanded on the steps that were taught to her. I say she belongs in a more advanced class! She’s got the moves!

  • Brenda Coleman

    i think the little girl was indeed trying to steal the spotlight and she succeeded at it. kids know how to get the attention even at this age. it was comical and did make me laugh but she must eventually be taught to share the stage with others and not steal the show.

  • Donald E. Stevens

    Crack baby, ADD, parents are incarcerated and grandparents can’t raise her because they’re shitheads themselves. 500 point to whoever runs the little niglett over in the parking lot.