Post Fashion Week Feet

It’s almost time to throw in the chartreuse towel which officially makes it Nike season again. Hooray! Actually, I should be clear. It’s always Nike season but what with my recent fixation of bell leg, flared pants, flats won’t do it.

Lately, I have found that I realy like the new Flyknits and therefore hereby submit that I’ll be wearing them until my feet recover from having been sexually abused by the torture chambers of beautiful, beautiful footwear I’ve wittingly plagued them with over the course of the past week.

You know what they say, beauty is pain bla bla bla. But the sneakers aren’t half bad looking either. And it’s kind of like they’re more comfortable than no shoes at all.

LIGHTBULB! I totally get what Empire of The Sun meant when they sang, “Walking on a Dream.”

[Nike Flyknits, $100 via Zappos]

  • I was tempted to get them and now they’re Man Repeller-approved. Rejoice!

  • I really should use them for running, which I do for the most part. But I LOVE just wearing them around when I’m not working out…it makes people think I’m athletic (I’m NOT.)

    Your Friend, Jess

  • rhodawong

    they look amazing! want them!

  • Cel

    I honestly love runners with everything, which is probably blasphemous but whatevs haha

  • love them! want them!

    psst… don’t miss your change to win a beautiful silver and leather bracelet.

    best of luck, darling! xx

  • Love these!

  • Chic Trends

    I can’t imagine wearing anything else after the torture your feet endured. They do look quite comfy so walk in them until your feet are tired of walking on a dream and feel like walking back to reality! x

    Best regards,

  • Candorable

    I want to go to there.

  • I saw these and then decided not to get them since I just bought new trainers. I am sincerely regretting this now..