Poolside Radio

You know when you’re outside by the pool and just about to fall asleep — your arms get heavy, your head sinks into the towel and your butt finds that perfect little pocket that makes your back say, “Ahhhhhh” — when suddenly THE WORST SONG EVER comes on and ruins it?

Then you’re awake. And you’re mad. You’re awake and mad and flip whatever chair you were lounging in over like Teresa Giudice at the mention of a prostitution whore.

Now consider a different scenario that also strikes in the presence of pools. (We’re all going to wind up at the same solution, but bear with me.) You’re hosting a little get-together, maybe we’ll call it a shindig. And you want the vibe to be Dolce & Cabana meets low-fi surf vibes (which hopefully you didn’t explicitly state on the Paperless Post, because that might stress your guests out re: dress code), but you’re not the most adept at creating hyper-niche playlists.

Well lucky for you/us/your guests/Teresa Guidice/our ears, there’s a website called Poolside Radio! (exclamation point and all) that plays the kind of music you’d expect to hear at a Miami Vice reunion, in a good way. It’s just a consistent loop of chill, which means you can nap to it uninterrupted or casually party to it in a way that says, “I’m a really relaxed and awesome host with fantastic yet unplaceable taste in background tunes.”

AND, if you are one of those people who knows how to connect your laptop to your computer (aka, you’re skilled in black magic), Poolside Radio also streams vignettes from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Saved By the Bell, weird 1980s fast food commercials, rollerblading competitions, and more.

Talk about ambience.

Now plz pass the sunscreen.

[Poolside FM]

Image shot by Jason Schmidt via Harper’s Bazaar