Pinned Down

This afternoon in puns that will make you puke: I think I have finally PINNED THE PERFECT PINSTRIPE COAT. Ba da ba, chhhh!


[Sneezing giraffes]

Anyone? Anyone?

You’re going to feel bad in a second when I show you the world’s best pinstripe, ankle length mens style coat which is not from Zara (and therefore good, but not great in a way that registers as incapable to, hehe, pin down), neither is it from Stella McCartney, which could assume that – hooray! We can still pay rent and eat food this month!


And it’s not dirt cheap, either, which makes investing the proposed $420 dollars kind of, maybe, a little easier to digest because: a. it’s a winter coat, b. it’s cool as frozen ass (of all the things I recycle, I am best at recovering bad jokes), c. it will make you look like a tall, attractive and beautiful man which by default makes you an indispensably cool woman and d. HAM.

So let us join together our pounds, dollars, rubles and so forth to timeshare this Magna Carta Holy jacket Grail.

[Navy Stripe Wool Coat via Topshop]

  • Feel like Fran Lebowitz would wanna timeshare this piece as well. That automatically makes me say “I’m In!” So, uh, every coin counts, right? I’ll chip in my Sacagawea coins from the tooth fairy.