Swept up in the wake of Daria Werbowy’s Isabel Marant x H&M ad campaign and the effortless cool-girl vibe she emits, we can’t help but try and emulate her by way of nostril jewelry.

We sat here mustering up the courage to pierce our own noses — Parent-Trap-style with an ice cube and sewing needle — and just as Amelia was sterilizing the needle with a match I cried out dramatically, “It doesn’t have to be like this!”

Piercing a body part is a commitment, one I have only taken part in once. I was 19 when I got my ears pierced and then subsequently let them close back up, so I’m now a major advocator of fake jewelry that allows you to evade the commitment aspect while still enjoy the perks of changing up your look.

These packages of ear/nose/lip cuffs from ASOS are an easy, inexpensive way to change up your face and ears.  You can double up with simple gold and silver ones, go for embellishment by way of gems, and experiment with spikes and chains if that’s your thing.  Or maybe you prefer one large ear-statement piece, in which case this Annelise Michelson one rocks.

What are your thoughts? Would you try this look if it meant your face could remain un-punctured? Or should we all just leave this look to Daria?

  • I quite like my “fake ear piercings” aka ear cuffs ( a dragon!), even though my ears are also happy owners of real holes (6) to put real earrings through 🙂 Don’t feel the need to do my nose, though …

  • marki_sta

    It really depends on the nose… Perhaps it should depend on the ears as well for that matter. Although with ears you have long hair with which you can create a curtain or veil of illusion as to their shape and size, with a nose that is highly unlikely!

    If you are one of those people with a perfectly shape little button of a nose, or at least one with good proportion to the rest of your face and a hint of ‘character’ then of course piercing it and drawing attention to it is not too big a feat.

    Of course we are all free to do as we like and show off any body part, good looking or not, in the spirit of showing oneself in the best of light, it should all come down to a) if you can pull off that look and attached attitude b) if you have no fear of getting a piercing to begin with c) if you have no attached negative preconceptions of a facial piercing and d) if you have the genetical heritage of a good center piece… On that note, I should probably add that a good percentage of the world’s cosmetic surgery procedures are those of rhinoplasty. So there you are: one problem down and just 3 to go!