Phillip Lim Denim Capsule

When MTV made the executive decision to turn True Life: I’m a Jersey Shore Girl into a full blown television show called, erm, The Jersey Shore, the universal reaction was, “but of course! Why didn’t this happen sooner!?!?”

When Phillip Lim launched a capsule collection of twelve signature Lim-silhouettes yesterday on his namesake website, my reaction erred more or less on the same side of that Shore-infiltrated coin. Why hadn’t the denim conoisseur (does anyone else remember the vest-cum-backpack of Spring 2012?) done something like this earlier?

I understand there are a handful of other examples I could have used to illustrate this point — the first time peanut butter and jelly got together, the first time someone (Jenna Lyons?) thought to make a shirt in chambray, when Christian Dior finally left Lucien Lelong to start his eponymous label and so forth, but I’m standing behind the Jersey Shore.

And I digress.

The point is, Phillip Lim has finally dedicated a selection of his most well-received to silhouettes to appearing in denim for our consuming pleasure. The price point is, $195 (for a 90s style bra-top) to $895 (for a break-away trench coat which offers the luxury of versatility: wear it as a vest, wear it as a cropped coat or wear it as a trench) which isn’t cheap but what are birthdays for, AM I RIGHT?

[3.1 Phillip Lim Launches Denim Capsule via 3.1 Phillip Lim]

Images courtesy of Phillip Lim

  • zhanna

    Very beautifully tailored, loved it!

  • Isabelle

    This collection is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!! Especially the clean minimalist cut combined with denim and just a few black accessories. It´s one of the best things I´ve seen the last past months, I´m totally blown away!

  • lavieenliz
  • Samy

    Love head-to-toe jeans outfit!

    Pls visit

  • Avenue K

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Yes you are right! Love this post~~~

  • Quinn Halman

    wow I miss True Life
    what would your true life episode be called?

  • Shit! This is good stuff!

  • Oliver Lips

    Such an amazing collection! Denim is definitively one of the most versatile fabrics.

  • Wow, that’s really great! Mmmm … Should you get any of it, please let us know/see 🙂

  • Oh god, denim… my weakness!