Get Your MR x Outdoor Voices Kit Before It Sells Out!

Raise your hand if you have long been thinking that the problem with fitness-wear is that it doesn’t repel quite enough, discounting the oversized bright orange tee-shirt from your college’s freshman orientation?


I said hand, but leg will do, Jane.

We were sort of thinking the same thing — which is why, when Outdoor Voices called us on the banana phone to ask if we wanted to procreate in a creative yet non-sexual manner, we replied, “Hell yes we do!”

And then they were like, “Guys, use your outdoor voices, please. We’re on a banana phone, remember? We can’t hear you very well.”

So after a fruit salad shouting session and lots of montages wherein we ran up and down stairs as though life was the Rocky movie that inspired Miley Cyrus to sing, “It’s the climb,” the following OV x MR kit came to smoo-ition:

(Oh. Smoo-ition = blended fruition, sometimes with juice, sometimes with yogurt, sometimes with dairy alternatives such as almond or cashew milk.)

To repeat, the following OV x MR Kit came to smoo-ition. It includes:

Outdoor Voices x MR 1_1024x1024

– 1 jump rope
– 1 bar of insanely good, extremely niche, banana cayenne chocolate
– A pair of color-blocked leggings that will make your butt look more fine than summer wine
– A sports bra crop top that you can wear as a top-top
– A white, retro-y tee with red piping on the neck-n-arms
– A leather popsicle
– All packed into 1 OV x MR tote bag that says, one on side, DOING THINGS. And on the other? IN IT FOR THE SMOOTHIE.

Aren’t we all?

Only 150 kits were made which is ten more than Twitter would have allowed, so get yours now, then get out there into the real world and lift that butt.


Get the Outdoor Voices x Man Repeller gear here. Remember: only 150 kits are being made, so get yours now before that girl in your cheese-infused yoga class does! Hopefully it makes you want to get your shit together and workout. Drink that fitness Kool-Aid. If not, that’s ok. I’m extremely lazy, too

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  • Ryann

    obsessed. what a good combo. love Outdoor Voices.

    • George Dixon

      Keep it up with manrepeller … MORE DETAIL

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    You guys look amazing in these photos. Wow. Love the collab.

  • Great photos!

  • That retro-y shirt kills me! It’s so good. <3

  • Esther Levy

    Jeez. jumprope chokers are so fetch.

  • Catalina

    next up, seasonal wear por flavor.

  • stephanie

    this is so amazing! #initforthekit

  • tanya

    heck yes! i need that crop top

  • tanya

    heck ya i’ll go to the gym (finally) if i get to wear this. shopping spree commence

    • Amelia Diamond

      i like to put this stuff on, LOOK like i’m going to the gym, and then you know, not go to the gym

  • carly

    i want one!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      do it!

  • samantha

    where can i buy??? any discounts?

  • now that is one great T

  • This is all sorts of amazing. Especially the gif of Leandra at the bottom haha Want Want Want this kit.

    | Lauren Jade |
    Lauren Jade Lately
    ‘Simplify Life, Maximize Happiness’

  • Anika Yael Natori

    Awesome collaboration ladies! I want those pants, and that bag, AND the leather Popsicle, etc. Basically I’m in love with this kit.

    • Amelia Diamond

      do it get it be twins w us!!

  • Allie Fasanella

    ugh you cute little workout kids. amelia’s hair + leandra’s brows = everything i want in life tbh. that and that retro shirt. i’ve had bad experiences with jump ropes though; long story man.

  • Emilia Petrarca


  • Kiara

    what if i’m different sizes in the top and bottoms!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I kind of am too so I got the size to fit my chest since leggings are stretchy and fit no matter what

  • Fat Amy is my fitness idol.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Yayyy two of my favorite things. I’m wearing my OV steeplechase bra right now! Unless that’s TMI. In which case I am NOT wearing my OV steeplechase bra. Right now.

  • Bella Charlwood

    I’ve bought the kit… now where can i buy the shoes!!?

    • Bella Charlwood

      ps. both of you have amazing hair!

  • Julie

    Tell med about the shoes… Pretty please?

  • Clair

    This video is so freaking hilarious

  • Sarah T

    Ladies! When are you bringing this back!? X