Something Perfect Happened

And by perfect I mean:


Oprah Selfies. It’s the weird new trend that Starbucks and Teavana (what is Teavana? Do you guys have one of these??) started in order to promote their new “Handcrafted Teavana Oprah Chai Tea Latte.”

First Starbucks got the entire planet to spend $4 on iced coffee without questioning why it costs more than hot coffee even though if ice is involved, there’s technically less coffee in the cup (although I once read a fascinating article on why this was and it’s because ice and plastic cups are more expensive bla bla bla); then they got us to eat cake pops, and now they have cajoled the entire Twitter-verse into posting these strange and wonderful pictures with the hashtag #oprahselfie.


It’s very weird and seems kind of random, but because Oprah’s involved, it’s perfect.

Sort of like that time she gave everyone bees.

[Starbucks Workers Post Bizarre ‘Oprah Selfies’ in Honor of New Chai Latte]

  • hahaha. There is a Teavana near my office. They sell cool tea pots and give away free samples all the time!

  • Thank you for the bees, Oprah! We REALLY need them if we wanna keep enjoying the foodstuffs we always have.

  • Shade of Red Blog

    Oh dear, what would they think of next?

  • Danielle

    Teavana is a tea shop and it was recently bought by Starbucks. So basically Starbucks and Teavana are the same thing now (you can even use your Starbucks gift cards at Teavana).

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Still not over this.

  • pamb

    Teavana is found in malls, and you don’t have malls in NY, so that’s probably why you haven’t heard of them…

    They give out free samples to suck you in, which worked, as both my daughter and I enjoyed the tea. We went in and OMG $20 for tea? And then they want you to buy a special canister to keep it in? And special sugar rocks? I’ll keep it in the bag it comes in (please, I’ll deal with it ‘losing it’s freshness’), thanks. I might have to go back for the strainer, because mine lets tea into the cup.

    The only bright spot was that I could use my Starbucks card to pay ($20 for tea!) and get points. I told my 12 year old she’d better really enjoy that tea… 😉

    • nicole

      Funny, I feel the same! But the tea is SOO good!