On the Topic of Contemporary Labels Creating Expensive Clothes
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Remember the drama that ensued last week after we published Thursday’s Let’s Talk About It on the topic of a (really well made) shirt running for upward of $1000 at J.Crew? Well, this one is just in via Club Monaco and its newsletter to let us know that if we’re looking for a more luxurious gander through our favorite contemporary label shops, one more just hopped on board.

The company has released a fall collection titled, uh, “Collection” which features fancy things like Italian cotton and cashmere, soft leather and suede, charmeuse and all that fancy stuff that makes you wanna go swipe.

The price point falls somewhere between the $100 and $1500 mark and some of the offerings are really pretty bad ass (case in point, that red leather cropped moto-jacket, the burgundy suede leggings), while others are okay but maybe not necessarily worth dipping a bigger buck into. Now, and maybe this is just my own question, where the mens “Collection” at?

[Club Monaco Collection via Club Monaco]

  • arsarca

    “buttery soft leathers” is such a cliché. you pay people money to write these ads, CM! it’s supposed to be art, not cliche!

  • Maria Victoria Abuin

    Now, if almost all the stores I shop at (club Monaco and JCrew) are making collections with more expensive, and amaaazing. Clothes where am I supposed to shop now?