Old Loves Tumblr

We interrupt your important office work to take you on a long ass stroll down memory lane. By stroll I mean scroll, and by lane I actually mean Tumblr, and by memory I mean a collective unconscious filled with celebrity couples that could have been, but you know, same thing.

I’m not sure what genius invented the Old Loves Tumblr, but let me express my gratitude to him or her nonetheless. The site catalogs celebrity couples you may have forgotten about, running the gamut of Kylie Minogue and Lenny Kravitz to Sharon Stone and…that guy.


Good ol’ reliables make appearances too, like Rachel and Ryan, or a certain Kardashian B.K. (before Kanye) and Nick Cannon pre-Mariah.





[via Old Loves Tumblr]

  • Quinn Halman

    I hope this includes cartoons like Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable because THAT was a great romance

    • Charlotte Fassler

      There are 256 pages to click through so sky’s the limit!

  • The VMA’s used to be SOOO much better. Although, I am still scarred by the Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley tongue fest of ’94.

  • I heard about this via Lena Dunham’s interview on the BS Report or whatever it’s called. So funny how she saw a photo of Jack w/ Scarlett.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      hahah I just looked that up. Imagine finding out your boyfriend had once dated Scarlett?? And Via the web nonetheless!

  • latoasty

    yes yes yes, I was literally stalking the archives of this tumblr last night when they went on a Zoe Kravitz posting spree. I didn’t know she dated so many people.

  • Stefanie

    Oh thank god I am not famous… how embarrassing/hilarious!

  • Sarah Hale

    Who is the boy in the last photo?