President Obama Shows Us What a Feminist Looks Like

If this year’s election coverage is making your head feel like it’s about to spin right off your neck, then take a deep breath, do some neck glides and give me the reins; I’ve dredged through the cacophony that is the 24-hour news cycle so you wouldn’t have to. Because I love you. Here are five election-related things to know today. Feel free to drop some knowledge over happy hour tonight.

1. Obama wrote an essay about feminism.


President Obama wrote a moving essay for Glamour about what it means to be a 21st-century feminist and the father of two daughters and wisely posited that, “[W]hen everybody is equal, we are all more free.”


2. Speaking of Obama, he just denounced Donald Trump.


President Obama denounced Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying he was “unfit to serve” as president, and urged Republican leaders to withdraw their endorsements.

“The president said he would have been disappointed to lose in 2008 or 2012, but added that he had never doubted whether his Republican rivals in those races, John McCain and Mitt Romney, could function as president or had the knowledge to make government work. ‘That’s not the situation here,’ Mr. Obama said.”

[New York Times]

3. …Which has a few Republican officials starting to wonder what happens if Trump vacates the election.

Senior officials in the Republican party have begun to explore what would happen if Donald Trump dropped out of the presidential race.

[ABC News]

4. Meanwhile the Simpsons are grappling with the same decisions Americans all over the country are going to have to make.

The teaser for The Simpsons’ new season, which begins in September, spoofed Hillary Clinton’s “3am” ad from the 2008 elections.

[LA Times]

5. Hear them now: Muslim women around the U.S. are speaking up against Trump’s view of their religion

After Trump’s allegations that Ghazala Khan “wasn’t allowed” to speak during her husband’s speech at the DNC, muslim women took to Twitter in outrage, using the hashtag #CanYouHearUsNow.

[New York Magazine]

Feature image by Alex Wong via Getty.