You Don’t Have Time to Read 500 Words: The One Sentence Recap ft. Victoria Beckham, Edun and Prabal Gurung

The length is settled: you’ll be in tea dresses and skirts next fall if you haven’t abandoned your mini things yet and if Victoria Beckham can persuade you, those silhouettes will be rendered in multiple forms of plaid, which can be traced back to some thick wool trousers for lobbyists against a lack-of-leg slit. In a metaphor: like Sheryl Holmes (Sherlock’s sister) had an affair with Cate Blanchett’s character in Carol and then cast a spell on her because, surprise!, she’s also a witch as evidenced by her choice in footwear.

Hey, what’s your sign? I ask because Edun’s runway wanted to know and according to it, the stars say blanket coats and buttons — really, everywhere — wide leg pants and matching jackets to plunge you forth. Coolest part of this show, though? The newborn who took a post-show bow. Aw.

And where the coldest day of the year in 2016 ended, Prabal Gurung murdered the dance floor in snap pants that have made every wide leg pair seem dated and there were dresses, too, of the tea variety and in silk, some in velvet, one in fur. If I had to give her a circumstance I’d assume she chooses dry erase markers over chalk every time but almost never uses either in spite of how frequently she’s schooling people on the art of looking great when it’s cold, sleek when stuff is messy and arguably most importantly, strong even while feeling weak. Hallelujah for great clothes.

Photographs via Vogue Runway and


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  • Stephanie

    I love Prabal Gurung collection especially those shoes and the leather! I’m so in love <3

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  • Pleasantly surprised by Victoria Beckham. 🙂