6 Things to Do This Weekend

Dear people who describe their lack of 4th of July plans as being “stuck in the city,”

I counter your use of the word stuck with the following list of thrilling stuff to do in New York this weekend. We’ve got intriguing (or is it questionable?) dairy products, the promise of endless whiskey, so many sales it’s almost stressful (it’s not) and we even have a way to get our Hamilton fix without selling our firstborns.

Turn that frown around!

1. Get your hair done…IN YOUR APARTMENT.


Abigail and Antonia Opiah, the founders of Un-ruly, have just launched their newest venture, Yeluchi. It’s an at-home hair service currently serving the NY metropolitan area. (At-home as in…the stylist comes to you and YOUR AIR-CONDITIONING. (Or to your friend’s apartment if your AC is non-existent/broken.)

Per their booking website: “We offer women with all hair types protective hairstyling services by a licensed professional. We specialize in braided styles and weave installations,” and from there, you choose from a hair menu.

Where: YOUR COUCH, probably

Cost: $50+ depending on the service

2. Go wild at Creatures of Comfort and Barneys.

Two is better than one, which is why I suggest dialing up your internet connection and clicking over to Creatures of Comfort and Barneys and start wheeling and dealing. Both brands are having sales this weekend, with designer items heading south of 50% off.

Where: In stores and online.

Cost: Creatures of Comfort up to 40% off; Barneys up to 75% off

3. Watch the Beach Boys perform at Coney Island like a cool dad.


Grab your khaki shorts or the nearest dad and make a bee-line for Coney Island on July 4th around 7pm. The Beach Boys will be playing in honor of America’s birthday.

Where: The Amphitheater at Cony Island, 2113 West 21st Street, Brooklyn NY

Cost: $25

4. It’s the Summer of Hamilton! But actually.


It might not be Hamilton the musical, but the New York Historical Society is throwing the 10-dollar founding father a party on July 4th that will continue through August. The “Summer of Hamilton” will be full of Hamilton family trivia, live reenactments and a dueling history tour.

Where: New York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West

Cost: Free with admission ($20)

5. Have your hot dog and eat it, too.

Like most people, when chef Daniel Boulud thought of quintessential summer foods his mind jumped to hot dogs and ice cream. But what sets him apart is he went and combined the two. Which is insane. Or is it? Find out for yourself at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream where they’re selling his latest creation: a hot dog-infused ice cream in a brioche bun.

I want to hate this but I have a feeling I’m going to end up ‘gramming it.

Where: Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, 2 Rivington Street

Cost: $7.50 and your sanity

6. Drink for a good cause.

From 3-10pm on July 4th, King’s County Distillery is hosting a fundraiser to benefit Orlando’s Pulse Community. There will be dunk tanks, drag queens and endless whiskey. A winning combo, if you ask me.

Where: King’s County Distillery, 299 Sands St. Brooklyn

Cost: Whatever your heart desires

Feature photograph by Waring Abbott / Contributor via Getty Images.