North West Wears Bambi
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Silly me!

I take my eyes off Kim Kardashian’s whereabouts for a mere few days and with the uploading of one seemingly benign Instagram image, just like that, her child officially has more cool running through her veins than I ever will?


The proof of concept is in the #humblebrag that is, “Thank You Riccardo!,” which garnered over 266,000 likes on Instagram. Bambi! For the baby! And a personalized note. This officially puts one more thing on the common denominator list between West and Carine Roitfeld. That rocks. It’s just…

Does anyone want to talk about the elephant in the room? According to Disney, Bambi’s mom dies.

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  • MarioDL

    Hahahaha so sad.

  • I can’t get over the hateful comments on her IG…I don’t get it if you don’t like Kim, why follow here and then insult her so much. It’s kinda crazy that people see someone like kim as a cyber punching bag when they have issues with her.

    • Alex Poirier

      I also don’t understand this. It’s as though cyber bullying is okay if its toward rich/famous people. I personally think Instagram should take a stand against such comments. Younger generations are bound to read those comments and will think cyber bullying is okay.

      • Right…again, don’t follow her if you think she’s famous for no reason. People like this who constantly hate “famous” people for the reasons they do can always find a hobby or not follow that person. I don’t follow people i’m not fans of, and I def fon’t go look at their IG’s, Twitters, or Blogs. Like I don’t know I just don’t get anything out of saying mean things to peopole.

  • My Fashion

    Leandra, you rock girl!!!! Love your comments and the way you express your thoughts about something we all would like to say something. Actually it’s such a good PR job for all the designers that gave their presents to baby North. Including Lanvin and others. But, yeah, you’re right, do we have to use children for personal PR?!!! Baby North is a brand without even knowing she’s alive. Hugs! Your follower 🙂

  • Alex Poirier

    Off topic slightly (okay, a lot), but I think it’s worth noting, after so much talk about the Rick Owens show, that Riccardo Tisci delivered a very diverse model selection for his show. While the majority of the models were still white, there was a much wider variety at Givenchy compared to other runway shows.

  • Ummm, my thoughts exactly-Bambi is a super sad story…poor Kim, once again all inference is lost on her.

  • Guest.

    Such a massive elephant too. Crickeys. What is going on?!! Surely she must know??!

  • Amanda Louise

    HAHAHA you crack me up! Your blog is my newspaper in the morning and my final social media scroll down before I go to bed.

  • arsarca

    “bambino” = “child” in italian. “bambi” is, roughly, “the little one,” not a Disney character.

  • GG